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Chat log from R3 of 2023: Port Adelaide vs Adelaide

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Adelaide, R3 of 2023

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Bazza2023: JHF looks good behind bars
PAFC4eva: time for showdown in slow town go the pear
wadaramus: Jetty pylons.
wadaramus: Poor goal line defending!
PAFC4eva: wharf wada
Bazza2023: JHF awaiting his one call being inside the clink
MrWalrus: Rozee needs to harden up a bit
BRAZZERS: says the guy who picks potatoes all day
wadaramus: This looks like SANFL, Port need to get over this desire to wear the jetty pylons, it’s not AFL.
MrWalrus: What are you even talking about Pornhub? You’re not right in the head are you?
wadaramus: We are Port Adelaide, how do I insert a vomit emoji.
MrWalrus: Crows looking good so far wada
Bazza2023: Port waiting their conjugal visit
StuL: I’m going for Rozee, Butters and Laird.
navy_blues: wow red hot
Spifflicat: That?s as bad as the One against GWS
PAFC4eva: its wharf pylons wada carn the pear
wadaramus: That’s fucking bullshit.
MrWalrus: That should be 50 not HTB, atrocious decision
Sheezus: Standard of umpiring = all time low
MrWalrus: He hadn’t even called play on, it’s not play on until it’s called, you can’t do it in your head ump
GOD: Horney-Francis c’mon man! u that bad?
Grimes Jr: Lift laird
Troglodyte: Been watching the other game, did I miss any Butts jokes?
wadaramus: The umps sure know how to chang e the flow of a game with shit calls.
wadaramus: m0nty hasn’t mentioned Butts yet 🙂
Troglodyte: Port going to lose, Clurey is back
Troglodyte: Not even for the free for Butts block?
MrWalrus: wada I think you should have a free pass on complaining about this umpiring until at least half time
MrWalrus: Even if that kick was only 7 metres
Grimes Jr: Is rozee ok?
MrWalrus: Cut on his cheek, hurt feelings, he’s fine.
Fatbar5tad: Laird on the fucking bench again.
MrWalrus: Play on again, called after he’d been tackled and everything
Troglodyte: Did I see Duursma’s younger brother is in frame for top draft pick this year?
MrWalrus: Yeah, potential top 10 anyway, goes ok apparently
Social: It’s a Rozee Butters Butts Fantasia!
Troglodyte: Hopefully that silly archer celebration doesn’t run in the family
Grimes Jr: Laird is a liability for owners
StuL: Laird VC not looking good
Social: Dixon Butts hehe
Social: Dixon Butts hehe… not that there’s anything wrong with that
bhg26: Laird C looking even worse StuL
StuL: JHF going for the Jack Watts award for most overated no.1. .
Bazza2023: happy for Laird to go lowww
Grimes Jr: Fuck you laird
StuL: Rubish year for C options bhg. We need a Haaland. We don’t have one.
bhg26: I?m not Bazza
StuL: I almost put the C on him. Looping to Clarry.
Cottees: literally cannot pick 1 good captain this year. Actually rigged
Troglodyte: Oliver is the new No.1
StuL: Should have looped English. Didn’t even think of a ruck VC.
ausgooner: He’s on the bench again?!
Troglodyte: Dawson is seriouly trying to be the saviour again
Grimes Jr: To the bench again lol pathetic
StuL: The Crows have nothing to play for but to beat Port. Thought they would go big.
bhg26: Boourns Laird
bhg26: But also boo laird
MrWalrus: Umps owe crows a momentum change here
wadaramus: The stand rule is a fucking joke.
Social: He’s had another plateful of dodgy chipolatas at the breakfast buffet
wadaramus: Just run off and do what you want uncontested.
Troglodyte: Defence – Butts, Butts, Butts. Defence – Butts, Butts, Butts
ausgooner: 68% gametime for a “premier” midfielder is a joke
TimT14: Is Brodie Smith the sub?
Troglodyte: Daylight savings ending has messed with his milking schedule
wadaramus: Tex totally HTB,,,
MrWalrus: Unless the umpire calls play on in his head and pings you for HTB wada
Bazza2023: can i have an icicle on laird please m0nty
Grimes Jr: Laird costing me my year
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake Laird 66 tog
PigeonPies: laird is my c… was having a good week until now
Social: it’s ok, I rage traded Laird out for Setters 🙂
MrWalrus: Laird should be fine
wadaramus: How is that a free kick against Pedlar?
MrWalrus: Not a dangerous tackle, that was HTB and Houston knew it! FFS umpires!
Fatbar5tad: Useless fucking Marshmallow. Surely its not too hot tonight for the soft kent.
PigeonPies: they’ve been calling some weak dangerous tackles this round
Kekkington: Laird just jumped up 15points in the blink of an eye
wadaramus: This game is not the game I grew up with.
MrWalrus: Laird is 45 half way through the second quarter, what’s wrong with that?
wadaramus: I still have a ticket to the game but I don’t go.
Fatbar5tad: too many umpires wada
wadaramus: Fucked if I know what to do.
PigeonPies: there was one in the giants blues game that was the most standard, good tackle possible and it got called dangerous
StuL: Nothing is the same as what we grew up with. I wish I could get the pizza from my local. It’s gone forever.
Social: you played some soccer wada?
PigeonPies: turned it off after that
MrWalrus: This game is not the game I was watching a year or 2 ago.
bhg26: He was on much less 5 minutes ago walrus
wadaramus: I know StuL, it’s fucking frustrating.
Fatbar5tad: 69 tog walrus. Im like Barassi. Give me possessions and ill shut up.
PigeonPies: pedlar and soligo are going to be very good players for the crows
wadaramus: Yuo bet I did Social.
Cottees: I do not care if Laird actually goes huuge now. It is making my heart worse. STOP
Bulky: Laird getting SC points just for breathing.
MrWalrus: He was 30, still not shocking half way through the second
wadaramus: Seaford Schoolboys and Saint Vinnys Indoor.
StuL: Fatbar5tad: LOL. I remember when coaches start to nor be shouty and it seemed like they weren’t doing their job.
Fatbar5tad: cottees in a jam,…
Cottees: Let me tilt off please Fatbar haha
Kekkington: Laird Contested ball king which is needed given he has 0 tackles
Fatbar5tad: too much red cordial cottees ha ha
PigeonPies: this is a great game
MrWalrus: Agree pigeon, Rachele too
StuL: Laird is almost back.
bhg26: For a 700k mid it is
Cottees: Actually Portello cordial 😉 lol
Social: Some dreadful mispronunciation of Silsorpe in the commentary box
Bazza2023: if laird didnt have a nose to seperate his eyes, he would be a cyclops
MrWalrus: No it’s not because you can rely on $700k mids to do just this,
navy_blues: great chase down
Fatbar5tad: come on Blackbirds
Sheezus: Laird’s dad manning the CD booth tonight?
DrSeuss: Fair comeback from Laird my goodness
PigeonPies: ok i know i said i had laird c, but how did he get 40 points in 10 minutes?
MrWalrus: Score part way through the 2nd quarter means nothing
Collywoble: Captain Rozzee thank you
Cottees: I expect 200 from here Laird
Fatbar5tad: lots of chat. My Laird rant is now offscreen.
bhg26: I know laird could do it, but 40 points in 10 minutes is beyond absurd
MrWalrus: He had a rest then came out fresh and been in and under
Fatbar5tad: Laird off again. Fu nicks ya plonker.
navy_blues: ROB working his butt off
bhg26: So youd be happy if your captain who had 65% TOG was on 30 over halfway through the second quarter
MrWalrus: Lol fat
bhg26: You wouldnt even be slightly concerned?
StuL: OK. JHF is back. Good for him. I hope he works out but you know. Laird is back.
Cottees: Laird can have a lot of bench time if he keeps getting these 40+ surges
MrWalrus: I’d be confident that he’d turn it around yes, especially since unlike r1 he looked pretty good
Fatbar5tad: bhg the answer is a gritty in your face no.
MrWalrus: My time to worry is less than 50 over halfway through the 3rd
bhg26: ok, sure
MrWalrus: See so much sooking over premo scores early only for them to more often than not go 130+
PigeonPies: less sooking, more just having a conversation
PAFC4eva: could this be another last kick decider should not have given tickets away
bhg26: Oh boy! im so happy that my captain is on 30 halfway through the second whilst spending a third of the game on the bench
bhg26: Thats not even mildly concerning!
StuL: Rozee! go boy
PigeonPies: bhg please dont talk about player’s scores in this chat. cheers
bhg26: Im sorry pigeonpies, will do better
MrWalrus: It’s not ideal but given most captain options are capable of 100 point halves hardly concerning
bhg26: Im talking to a brick wall
bhg26: And im about to beat my head against it
MrWalrus: Talk about scores all you want, just expect to have it pointed out your concern was unwarranted
PigeonPies: its not unwarranted if its literally part of playing supercoach, get off your high horse hahah
MrWalrus: When you’re guy is 66 at half time
bhg26: I think im going insane
MrWalrus: I dunno, given the current situation I’d say it was probably a little unwarranted
Slugus: Hate when people talk about scores on a website designed for watching scores…
bhg26: But thats the thing, i cannot see into the future, i cannot know that laird will score 40 points in 10 minutes
bhg26: So at that time, a score of 30 from my captain is concerning
PigeonPies: walrus using hindsight to its full affect… unreal
MrWalrus: If you didn’t think he could sxore like that why captain him then? He’s a gun and does it almost every week
bhg26: Captain Hindsight to the rescue!
PigeonPies: this guy… wowee
MrWalrus: Actually when he was on 27 and on the bench I said he’d be fine, and what do you know…
TheLegend6: Walrus gotta be a troll
PigeonPies: you knew he’d go up 40 points for breathing? why are you not #1 every year??
PigeonPies: im convinced hes only on here to troll
bhg26: He has to be trolling
Social: that spud is hard earned
Troglodyte: Smash him Rozee, just smash him
MrWalrus: Honestly how am I the bad guy in this? The #1 player in the comp 2 years running was on 30 half way through the 2nd quar
BRAZZERS: fair dinkum, monty give this guy a double spud next to his name
MrWalrus: I said at the time he’d be fine, he was but somehow I’m the fool?
Grimes Jr: Do something laird
MrWalrus: You guys are cooked
PigeonPies: youre just causing issues for no reason. which, mind you is unwarranted
bhg26: And believe it or not, sometimes players have bad games! I picked laird because he is a gun
bhg26: But that doesnt mean that he cant have a bad game
TigerTime1: walrus u did nothing wrong lol
Social: * munches popcorn *
PigeonPies: yes it does bhg. fool
Pavs: Been on the other game is everyone having fun here?
MrWalrus: How am I causing issues, I am right but you are trying to suggest otherwise
Pav300: esp when Lairdy is suffering from leather poisioning from last week lol
MrWalrus: He can have a bad game but usually you judge that after the final siren not part way through the second quarter
Troglodyte: zzzz. Change the subject ladies
Bazza2023: what did i miss???
PAFC4eva: 3 goals bhg 1 free
MrWalrus: Thought Dixon was cooked but all fine now, must have had a good run b
bhg26: Unheard of PAFC
Pav300: cracker game
PigeonPies: very good game
Raspel31: Disappear for 3 hours and theres MrWalrus.
navy_blues: martin played well really helped keep ess in it
Social: You been in the cellar Rasp?
navy_blues: oops wrong tab lol,
BRAZZERS: get off the piss navy, wrong game
Social: all tied up at 70 apiece each of two
Raspel31: The crypt Social- lol
bhg26: I thought port were about 241 on the pressure gauge
Troglodyte: JHF a quality young player. Wonder if Sheezel wants to come play for Port too
Social: Come on Butts
Ash777: butts getting reamed by dixon
Grimes Jr: Hopeless laird
m0nty: Butts off the ground Roo
wadaramus: Umpiring is a fucking joke.
MrWalrus: Great game, reckon the crows have been particularly good too but getting the rough end of the umpiring stick
wadaramus: A tough tackle is now a free kick.
Grimes Jr: Lift laird spud
MrWalrus: Great game, high pressure from the first bounce
Grimes Jr: Laird to get 90
BRAZZERS: laird cooked
Ash777: crows going to be scary in another year.
Fatbar5tad: Laird 15 that quarter. For 700k thats fucked.
TheLegend6: Laird preserving energy, will come home strong for 110+
Grimes Jr: Laird a joke
Fatbar5tad: 73 tog and moving like Keith Richards wtf
dezlav: Cmon Hinge, Ton up son
Grimes Jr: Seriously laird, ur hopeless wtf
bhg26: Get a move on laird
Fatbar5tad: Getting outscored by Pedlar
Fatbar5tad: my oppo has Clarry as skip. Laird has gone in dry.
m0nty: hope the streakers don’t run into Butts
Troglodyte: Whats the hold up?
dezlav: Carn the Bombers! Oops, wrong game.
MrWalrus: Some kids running around on the field, Ken was pleased with the timing
Yelse: i though walker had more behinds
bigpens: Brodie TOG low. Oops, wrong game
Grimes Jr: Called it. Laird 90 . Pathetic
Troglodyte: We upto the Dawson quarter. Cue hero mode
dezlav: @bigpens. Nice.
bhg26: Flower me laird what is this shit
MrWalrus: 2 high tackles in a row paid HTB, crows getting rorted here
Grimes Jr: Fuck toy laird u do
Ash777: round 3 showdowns forever pls
Fatbar5tad: Eat a masive bag Laird you witches hat
MrWalrus: Now is the time to be concerned bhg, 120 about the best you could hope for now
dezlav: Go you good thing Minge
Fatbar5tad: Go walrus your goal!
bhg26: There we go that helps
Grimes Jr: Keep the laird abuse going
bhg26: Cheers walrus
Lodgy: Clowns in chat, great goal Laird
MrWalrus: 100% effort with impeccable timing is my style Fat
bhg26: Get a move on laird
Cottees: Abusing Laird seems work lol
Grimes Jr: Need more laird lift
Slugus: Just turned the game on, wow are they the jumpers they’re fighting to be able to wear?!
MrWalrus: Drew hard tag on Laird will help Laird get those sweet contested points
bhg26: Flowering do something laird!
DrSeuss: Rozee has stopped
Grimes Jr: Fuck off laird touch the ball
Fatbar5tad: Laird you 5hittruck
Cottees: Laird get the ball mate. Do something
MrWalrus: Laird contested hb to Rankin 1pt? Be better CD!
Ash777: sloane has been playing inside mid. probably stealing points off laird.
MrWalrus: Even the umps can’t stop the crows now
bhg26: Laird need another 30 ya donkey
Grimes Jr: Cmon laird another clearance ffs
frenzy: rapt with my new recruit Hinge
MrWalrus: Contested clearance 3pts, intercept + contested hb ending in goal 3pts. Cmon CD!
BRAZZERS: hinkley cooked
Roksta: Alir score seems off
Grimes Jr: How tf was that a free against laird. Scum umps
Lodgy: Laird has had a decent qtr here, hard matchup in the showdown
MrWalrus: Ooops, Rachele has pooped himself
zadolinnyj: Yes baby
wadaramus: Time to retire Kenny.
Ash777: 10+ years and no flags.
beerent11: Ding dong battle bhg
Lodgy: How one dropped mark can sink a ship? what a moment when rioli dropped the undroppable
Grimes Jr: One more touch laird
BRAZZERS: lol ash u taking the piss
bhg26: Game on beer
Ash777: not even a GF appearance
wadaramus: Prison bars? Blah blah blah.
dezlav: That’ll do Hinge, That’ll do.
BRAZZERS: lol your boys have one flag in 68 years, they have 58 more years to equal that
MrWalrus: As a neutral I do love a showdown
Ash777: dawson does it again!

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