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Chat log from R2 of 2023: West Coast vs Western Sydney

Chat log for West Coast vs Western Sydney, R2 of 2023

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Wends: AFLF suggestion for 2024: ‘reverse captain’ button
beerent11: Why wends?
daniel87: think that would make it to easy
BRAZZERS: anyone giving wce a chance today?
beerent11: Yep. At home.
daniel87: a chance to make me money in a multi dont think they win though
BRAZZERS: no kelly and whitfield should help
frenzy: Lol who was the let down Wends
beerent11: Gws might struggle to run the game out llike the crows yesty
DrSeuss: When TF did Coniglio start tackling? 5 tackles already
Wends: Just moping Beer… lost my league bc bad capt choice!
beerent11: Always next week wends
circle52: I reckon change should be if you switch an e onto field the player replaced gets the e. Switched Madden and Witts
circle52: and had no e on Witts, Lesson check after chaniging,
Cottees: Cogs! Stop omg please
DrSeuss: I need Cumming to beat Cogs Cottees – guarantee that Cogs goes massive
Cottees: Yeah I need Green to go better than Cogs 🙁
Wends: Cheers Beer
navy_blues: go Capt Green
DrSeuss: Callaghan and Cumming – feel free to get involved some time soon
RooBoyStu: Should be no loophole option, make people use brain more
beerent11: Bought McGovern in for Stewart. Nice start.
Hazza09: Ffs Finn get involved
beerent11: The blue tsunami
duckky: WoW – brave call from the umps
Spifflicat: I know where all the hot dogs went
pcaman2003: Love it when WC fans blow up. And, get going Callaghan
beerent11: That fat eagles supporter that Mickey o scared the shit out of is still there I see
Cottees: Eagles please tag Cogs 🙁
DrSeuss: WTF – Cogs with 6 tackles in a quarter. Of course he tackles when I don’t have him
Badgerbadg: Lets go ElCapitano Cogs!
beerent11: Why the muppet on jez?
RooBoyStu: Brrad Scott and Essendon acting like they won a Final and broken the 20 year hoodoo lol
mattmac24: What’s that got to do with this game.. Rooboy?
Badgerbadg: Cogs is a tackling machine, unbelievable workrate
pcaman2003: Not Callaghan! FMD!
duckky: OMG – Now Callaghan facing a LTI. that would make 4 in 2 rounds! n 2
LuvIt74: Nice first qrt Cogs, bloody beautiful…
Cottees: Was looking at 2250-2350. Now Callaghan gone :/
DrSeuss: GWS with 14 tackles – Cogs has half of them and now Callaghan injured – Hate this game
RooBoyStu: Wrong page sorry
beerent11: Finn ished
Badgerbadg: Callaghan looks alright
Wends: They made up Beer… they were both on a Front Bar ep
Pavs: Callaghan need you on the ground please
DrSeuss: Green, Callaghan and Cumming – Thanks a bunch – get involved FFS
beerent11: That all cottees?
Badgerbadg: Callaghan back on field
Wahab_18: Callaghan good to go!
navy_blues: seems like you cant complain then cottees had a fgood run by the sound of it
Jaypa: At the game boys, whats the word on Callaghan?
Cottees: Yeah I have been lucky with injuries. But so frustrating when its the last gaming potentially ruining your score
navy_blues: i understand that for sure
Pavs: Reckon he is ok but im not convinced Jaypa
Hazza09: Lost Steele to a shoulder now all I need is Finn to go down
frenzy: c’mon Isaac extract the digit
beerent11: Jezza did even taking kick ins.
beerent11: *is
TheLegend6: Rowston looking good
DrSeuss: Exactly the same Cottees – was going fine until Cumming and Callaghan decided to take the afternoon off
navy_blues: giants are not looking good at all
Pavs: Wouldn’t be disappointed if they turned Dermies mic off
MrWalrus: If Wehr didn’t have a stupid stache id feel sorry for him right now.
BRAZZERS: callaghan is very sore, he’ll have no impact, lucky to double his score
RooBoyStu: Go Green lift flower you
MrWalrus: Dermie is neck and neck with Bucks as worst commentator I reckon, no one else close to as terrible
BRAZZERS: mate you’re a spud farmer, i dont think he cares if you feel sorry for him nackers
Wends: Who dis Hamilton fella?
clay007: Walrus-Is it because Bucks likes to use the word capacity in every sentence?
RooBoyStu: Callaghan as soft as the former tiger named callaghan
Pavs: Time for some younger commentators maybe
navy_blues: bucks shouldnt do colingwood games for sure so 1 eyed comments
MrWalrus: That’s part of it clay, also basically cheers the pies on, which is fine unless you’re a commentator
clay007: Calaghan-good tackle-shoulder must be okay. Now lift son!
navy_blues: saying that tho i dont mind bucks commentary in neutral games
MrWalrus: He also shows that good players don’t necessarily make good analysts/coaches
MrWalrus: Thanks pornhub, your name you gave yourself is fitting you self manipulator.
RooBoyStu: Wehr subbed reckon last week still had something to do with it re McAdam bump
DrSeuss: Why did I choose Cumming over Naicos
Cottees: Eagles destroying Giants now
beerent11: You must really like naicos Seuss
Wends: Don’t be so hard on yourself Dr
MrWalrus: I don’t mind gim in neutral games either navy, of course he basically doesn’t say a thing in those
RooBoyStu: Ginbey renamed Gumby
Wends: Also: Dermie… not so fab in Swans games
DrSeuss: Haha thanks for understanding Wends
clay007: Ginbey should be renamed The Gimp!
DrSeuss: So turns out the coach maybe isn’t the issue at GWS?
navy_blues: if you were listening to bucks on the radio you wouldnt know who pies were playing cos he only talks bout pies lol
beerent11: Interesting choice of words Seuss
clay007: How is Ginnivan allowed to play at the Giants?
GOD: no self control, your are a Dr there are pills for this problem!
pcaman2003: Callaghan and Gawn stitched me up good. Won’t lose by much,but will lose
navy_blues: playing robbo this week good to beat him lol
DrSeuss: Haha you gentlemen have sick minds
beerent11: You know it?s easy when sheed is getting a kick
navy_blues: wow that wasnt a free
clay007: Waterman should be called Mulletman. Worst haircut in the AFL and possibly Australia
DrSeuss: My goodness – GWS are absolutely terrible
beerent11: Wait. Does this mean norf are good?
LuvIt74: Cogs died in the ass
BigChief: So an AC joint injury is from last week? You’re quite brilliant RooBoy.
pcaman2003: Anyone know where Callaghan playing? Can’t see him on ground
LuvIt74: @pca that hurts mate…
DrSeuss: Cogs is tired from carrying his whole team LuvIt
Pavs: Back pocket pcaman
pcaman2003: Luvit74. Got a donut from Gawn,but still had chance until Callaghan injury.
pcaman2003: Thanks Pav. I’m definitely done then.
beerent11: Hey pcaman, how?s your team going this weekend?
Pavs: Me to mate only 22 ahead and he has Tom Greene
beerent11: Can?t see cheddar getting a game next week
Pavs: Might come in handy beer for a loophole
AuroraBore: what is par looking like this rd?
navy_blues: about the same as ma lol
wadaramus: Broad sent to the tribunal, what a joke!
beerent11: 2150-2200ish in my leagues aurora
navy_blues: what did u expect wada?
wadaramus: It’s a rough tackle, can’t the MRO sort it out?
Pavs: Straight up 3 weeks Wada
MrWalrus: No kidding, it’s 1 or 2 weeks, not hard, apply the broken matrix FFS
BigChief: Michael Christian is a dud wada. He has no clue.
wadaramus: Just penalise him and move on, but no, I can’t work it out, let the judge decide.
navy_blues: if goes to tribunal its 3+ weeks but why have mro and tribunal?
wadaramus: Why is there such a dearth of intelligent logical people to take care of this?
Pavs: Cogs struggling now as well
wadaramus: Anyway, back on the game please 🙂
MrWalrus: Telly’s game matching his paycheck today
TheLegend6: witherden not interested
navy_blues: looks like wc have extra players out there loose everywhere
Pavs: We are all stunned by the use of the word death wada. Nice
navy_blues: gee green on bench already just got back from half time
Pavs: dearth soz
TheLegend6: Finn getting involved, cmon grind out a reasonable score!
BigChief: Would take 50 from Finn today.
TimT14: Need 70 from him
TheLegend6: I need 83 to win my game from Finn, won’t happen but not his fault Ridley let me down today
Dogs5416: Wada – out of curiosity, do you watch the league? O my people I’ve known to use dearth watch it.
Raspel31: Rage trading Clarry- left it too late1
BigChief: Raspel are you trading Relton Roberts and Josh Bootsma in next week?
BRAZZERS: rebecca ginbey a little quiet this 1/4
Raspel31: Lol Brazzers
BigChief: And Finn back to the bench
TheLegend6: Finn been on all quarter tbf, balls been on the other side most of it
pcaman2003: Good that Finn is looking after his shoulder by staying away from the ball.
TheLegend6: Looking forward to the Bruhn and Flanders trade tonight
Pavs: How can Himmelberg only have 3 posessions. Thats ordinary
Raspel31: But Gibney fired up- I’ll tell her Brazzers- know her quite well.
Hazza09: At this rate I?m considering trading Callinghan
beerent11: He?s pretty sore obviously fellas. Lucky to get anything out of him.
DrSeuss: Tom Green – make a tackle ffs – been falling off tackles all game
bhg26: Gonna crack 1500 in the draft league with 2 30s
TimT14: Stats frozen did anyone?
4_Dots: cogs was on 53 at the end of Q1 what happened
beerent11: Big ton comin up for my man jezza
beerent11: 30?s are part of the game in draft bhg. Get used to them
clay007: Who went off for Hewett?
RuffLeader: Chesser out clay
clay007: Thanks Ruff, Monty yet to put the red jacket on him.
Legix: cogs spent all his tickets first qtr. Dont think he has touched it in the fourth
DrSeuss: Tom Green and Cogs having a sleep this quarter
beerent11: Got you in draft next week bhg. Grudge match.
Fatbar5tad: Cumming a bit limp so far.
bhg26: Its a blockbuster beer
BigChief: I am tipping beer in a close 1.
bhg26: Id be nervous
bhg26: My team is essentially mid price madness
beerent11: Dragons laird scored 1590
Raspel31: I wasn’t invited- snd beating you all – nyar
bhg26: That will be tough to beat, im 80 off that
TheLegend6: ffs Finn just hit the target
Social: I see where you’re going fatbar and I like it
Hazza09: Chesser will be dropped this week
runners47: Get off the pine, Conig!
DrSeuss: Good to see Himmelberg still wasted up forward
Monfries96: Finn nearly deserves a heart for getting to 61!
clay007: Did they put McGovern on ice? Been on bench for ages.
Social: Idun Long Green Duggans this morning, made my eyes water man
Legix: if Ginbey even cops a fine for that, i’d be flabbergasted
Spifflicat: Nothing in it
J.Worrall: Get flamin’ Callaghan off the pine!
runners47: Just ten more, Cogs
Pavs: Lost by 2 typical
BigChief: Game is over Worrell.
Social: Thank you and good night

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