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Chat log from R2 of 2023: Carlton vs Geelong

Chat log for Carlton vs Geelong, R2 of 2023

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bhg26: Last chance for Tanner to pull his finger out
Nurfed: Evening all, expecting doc to go massive again thanks
zadolinnyj: Gents
frenzy: howdy
Bazza2023: evening peptides
bhg26: What a roost
BigChief: Blues decision making not great so far.
BustrGonad: How are we guys
Nurfed: anyone else tip carlton or am i crazy
coburgk: Surely noone held bruhn
DrSeuss: Cerra looking for a contract with Geelong? Terrible decisions so far
Bazza2023: Harry kicking as well as last week
wadaramus: Doch slow start!
Ilunga : Hey guys long time lurker first time poster
BigChief: Harry is the new Trav Cloke.
wadaramus: Welcome to the jungle mate 🙂
bhg26: Axed him in fantasy coburg, couldnt turn him into anything in sc. Probably a three trade round next week
Nurfed: doc stuck on the bench! get on!
Ilunga : Cheers Wada feel like I know you guys
bhg26: Bruhn robbed of tackle
Wends: Evening all, VC Doc still on the tram?
Jaypa: Hawkins proper eye gouge there, sick of the stuff he just seems to get away with
wadaramus: Tomahawk you dog.
Napper: Bruhn unrewarded tackle
DrSeuss: How many times can the Blues miss Hollands on his wing – the guy runs all day
bhg26: Bowes wow
BustrGonad: First time poster. how are we guys
wadaramus: How good is making your AFL debut…
wadaramus: Only to sit on the bench with a green vest on…
wadaramus: Another debutant? Two in one night? Hi mate 🙂
Napper: Shouldn’t count as an AFL debut
bhg26: At least hes 100 percent going to play wada, unlike some debutant medi subs last year
Ilunga : Not as good as making your fan fantasy debut Wada
coburgk: Tuohy done for the day?
Wends: Evening Bustr
wadaramus: Still shit bhg.
bhg26: Ever so slightly less shower wada
BRAZZERS: good start by cowan hopefully doesnt get subbed out
zadolinnyj: Quality not good
thommoae: Welcome to the madhouse Bustr, Ilunga.
Ilunga : Pretty scrappy game
bhg26: Bruhn so hopeless when not in the middle. Good when hes in it, but Chris Scott doesnt put him in there
BigChief: I would if Carlton can hit a target in F50.
zadolinnyj: That?s not high
Ilunga : Cheers think
bhg26: Blues should be way further in front
Jaypa: role is bad for Bruhn, I missed on Sheez so it was an easy swap
Ilunga : Cheers thommo
DrSeuss: Terrible free – Ump called that from 50m away
Wends: Noice recovery Doc
bhg26: His role was good for 1 half last game Jaypa
Jaypa: yeah but immediately went to shower when Stewart went off and he moved onto a wing
BRAZZERS: burhn has never been able to find the pill his whole career, this is what you get
BustrGonad: Bruhn to bowes
wadaramus: Holy shit, just noticed Bowes!
bhg26: Exactly Jaypa, would have liked to have axed him, but couldnt do anything
wadaramus: Had him in my drafts but he wasn’t named to start.
BigChief: Bowes only scoring well because he is taking kick ins
Ilunga : I had Bowes in mynorip
wadaramus: So what BC, good scoring is good scoring!
Ilunga : I had Bowes in my original team but dropped him when he wasn’t named in round 1 team
BigChief: Yeah but Touhy only 20% TOG and he yakes them normally
mattmac24: Are people at this game really booing Henry?
bhg26: Might as well be fielding 21, ffs Bruhn you spud
DrSeuss: Only issue with Bowes is that kick-ins will potentially stop when Stewart is back
Ilunga : Good point Doc
Wends: Opponent (in a FF league) has Saad 😐
MrWalrus: Anyone else consider Bowes for Stewart then do something different?
BRAZZERS: hey spud
MrWalrus: Pornhub
Jaypa: Yeah, I always trade my injured premiums for mid pricers who havent played a game yet
Que Cerra: Evening all. I’m ready to be disappointed again
zadolinnyj: To be fair Bowes is mid price due to injury but scores very well traditionally
MrWalrus: What about when the midpricer has history & is likely to fill the premo’s role?
Jaypa: hard to say when you dont know his role at a new club
MrWalrus: Who are you Jaypa anyway?
Jaypa: your dad
MrWalrus: Also they literally said they wanted him for the half back distributor role.
JohnHoward: im already sick of docherty, he goes out for bowes next week
BigChief: Isn’t it obvious? He is Jaypa who supports GWS. DUH
zadolinnyj: Bowes will be premium
Jaypa: I hear its the smart move John
DrSeuss: How was that not holding the ball?
zadolinnyj: Kick pinpoint
Bazza2023: bruhn truckin along ok. bahaha
beerent11: A swallow doesn?t make a summer
Hazza09: Where is Bruhn playing?
wadaramus: Well, not the highest of quality this game, might flick to the NRL for a bit.
zadolinnyj: The commentators, players and umps all having shockers tonight
wadaramus: Left right out Hazza.
Ilunga : 9 points and Geelong has a stranglehold Bradshaw lol
Jaypa: in the seconds in a couple of weeks I’d say Hazza
DrSeuss: Carlton win the first quarter keeping possession – 2nd qtr just bombing it long to Geelong
Hazza09: Lol
Hazza09: Just saw Bruhn get a handball
BigChief: Doc having a bad night. Fumbling everything.
wadaramus: Doc being unfairly crucified in SC.
wadaramus: 9 poss, 3 marks, only 3 muppets at 77% DE?
Wends: Bowes slows
Raspel31: Well, apart from Doch we are just rookie watching surely?
MrWalrus: The CD person’s opponent tonight has Doc v his Bowes perhaps?
wadaramus: Slowes Wends?
beerent11: That we are rasp
beerent11: Plus an actual game of footy
wadaramus: I have Ratagoulea on the bench with the E Raspel.
bhg26: I dont even see bruhn
Wends: Lol, nearly went there wada
Baldfrog: Weitering here is going ok
Nurfed: Big CD out to get doc walrus i agree, definite conspiracy.
wadaramus: Yes, I have the VC on Doc.
Raspel31: Good point beer- actually watching with the music of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg in the background.
beerent11: Got a few draft players in this too
Raspel31: Me too wada.
DrSeuss: Ok off the bench now Mr Hollands – gone backwards this qtr
Ilunga : I have cerra in a few of my draft teams Rasp
BigChief: Is Bruhn on the wing? Done SFA
zadolinnyj: Dirty hit on de konig from mackay
bhg26: Dont even know if hes out there chief
Raspel31: Rat a good buy for us cheapies.
Nurfed: playing close to the bench where he belongs chief
Bazza2023: it was motlop who hit him
zadolinnyj: Sorry motlop
wadaramus: Not much happening.
BigChief: McKay didn’t touch him. Motlop did
Yelse: Bruhn such a disappointment
bhg26: Looks like Bruhn Hopper and Jones to Bowes JHF and Callaghan next week
Wends: Charlie gun show. Not that I’m looking 😉
Bazza2023: rat agolea is cooked already wont have the tank to follow charlie
Raspel31: Struggling with the loop- picked too many good rookies.
Bazza2023: they keep lining up to kick goals on rat
beerent11: Docs going better
BigChief: Love how Charlie plays.
bhg26: Now thats a snap
wadaramus: Rotten problem to have Raspel 🙂
Wends: Whitfield was going to be my loop if Hollands kept it up. And good evening to you Rasp.
BigChief: I have B. Laurie as loop
wadaramus: Get involved Esava, or next week you’re mince meat!
Raspel31: Wends- as always a pleasure.
Bazza2023: Ratagolea summoning Zac Dawson
BigChief: You are tough on O’brien Monty. He is the sub
beerent11: Jezza!!
coburgk: Looong range hooker
MrWalrus: Now, that’s a snap
Wends: Wow, the Crimean War with the goal.
bhg26: Stop giving o’brien excuses bigchief
wadaramus: Parra v Penrith boring too…
thommoae: Yeah Chief he hasn’t had a man on him all night.
wadaramus: OK, half time discussion.
wadaramus: Buddy bump vs Picket bump vs McAdam bump,
Ilunga : Doc 50 with a quiteish half guy still pulls his weight in our teams
MrWalrus: Geelong look old and slow, wonder how the blues will manage to not win?
yeah_nah: Where’s that petition to silence BT.
BigChief: All deserved holidays wada
wadaramus: Which bump is worse?
Jaypa: to be fair to O’Brien he’s looked just as good as Bruhn at times tonight
BigChief: Oh we wish @yeah_nah
bhg26: Whoever Wombats is in the draft league, please accept my trade for Chad Warner
Ilunga : Go the eels Wada can’t stand looking at Cleary jaw
MrWalrus: From least to most bad, McAdam, Buddy, then Pickett worst by a mile
beerent11: Hey walrus, how?s you earn the spud?
wadaramus: Right on BC!
beerent11: Don?t do it Wombats
wadaramus: Fukn word up MrWalrus, that spud is totally unwarranted.
beerent11: Who are you offering bhg?
MrWalrus: Said that Naicos may not be the greatest footballer of all time beer
Bazza2023: dont you mean wahab , beerent?
wadaramus: It’s a big one alright Ilunga!
bhg26: Serong and Bolton for Chad and Sloane
beerent11: Seems a bit harsh
Ilunga : Eels up 8 zip woohoo
BigChief: I wouldn’t do that trade ever.
wadaramus: Watching the blog, the AFL says McAdam should have realised his chest bump could have caused injury.
MrWalrus: Seriously, said he was very good but over the long run someone else like Rachele may prove a better xfactor type star
beerent11: Nah don?t do it Wombats.
wadaramus: And the Crows are focusing too much on the head injury.
beerent11: Bhg has special feelings for chad.
Raspel31: We are gentlemen and gentlewomen- either football or rugby union!
bhg26: More than special feelings beerent
BigChief: Buddy and McAdam ho;idays right. Pickett very luck not to get more.
beerent11: I?ll trade you dom sheed and Ryan Byrnes for them bhg
wadaramus: Fuck the AFL, sorry VFL, completely amateurish.
MrWalrus: Good trade for both BHG but you can do better for your special guy surely?
Bazza2023: think mcadam shouldve got 4, Kosi 4, franklin 2, he’s done that same shit since he was at the hawks, never learns
Ilunga : I nearly picked Warner however still think He has a season or 2 to jump to elite
wadaramus: Pickett bump was something I’ve not seen before.
BigChief: With the appeal still going, it’s looking beter and better for McAdam.
Bazza2023: one week for franklin is a little rehab rest
Jaypa: I’m with you Bazza
bhg26: No dice beer
BigChief: So true about Buddy Bazza.
MrWalrus: McAdam hit his chest when he had possession, Cripps last year was worse, got nothing
bhg26: Well im trying to negotiate but ive got no response walrus
wadaramus: Buddy was the only one to collect the head and on purpose and he gets 1 week?
bhg26: Buddy needed the rest anyway
Bazza2023: i believe frankling hasnt been done for striking if he has was only once, the rest have been bumps to the head
wadaramus: What a fukn ridiculous joke.
Raspel31: Pickett should have been banned for a year- imtent- not injury.
MrWalrus: If it’s going to be based on potential to injure Robinson should have got 10 weeks for rupturing Dusty’s kidney
Bazza2023: GWS fella got major whiplash, fair chance he comes out with a neck brace on
Jaypa: a year? deary me…
wadaramus: So fucking 100% true Raspel, that was sinister and vindictive at minimum surely?
bhg26: Yeah Buddy should have got probs 2, but if Pickett only gets two then buddy gets 1. Tribunal is a joke
wadaramus: I hear that Bazza, but the focus is concussion and that is why they’re coming down so heavy.
bhg26: Pickett tried to kill Bailey Smith, luckily that isnt the biggest hit Bailey Smiths had in his career
Raspel31: Exactly wada.
BigChief: MRO is the joke bhg. He has no clue sorry to say.
wadaramus: I don’t think I have ever seen a spear bump like Pickett, so malicious.
MrWalrus: Motlop should get 3 for splitting open de koning if the AFL are going with this stupidity
Bazza2023: and i believe they were all unders, 4,4,and 2 shouldve been its a joke season again
wadaramus: Ha fucking ha bhg!
Bazza2023: i heard bailey smith has had bigger hits from his dealer
Raspel31: Lol Bazza
MrWalrus: Beat me Bazza, I was going to say in a nightclub toilet
BigChief: Only 1 I can remember was Byron Pickett v Hawks wada.
bhg26: yes the drugs were what i was alluding to as well
wadaramus: B Picket was an assassin!
wadaramus: Fuck me he had the deadliest bump timing.
frenzy: Bailey Smith= Elvis
MrWalrus: And every hit pre 1990 Chiey
Bazza2023: pickett killed a sydney player one day and killed krummels career if he had one at the hawks
Raspel31: wada- you talk sense. It was dangerous- intent to hurt- purely malicious- no redeeming qualities.
BigChief: Imagine if Harry could kick straight.
Gotigres: omg. Just realised I didn’t trade out Stewart
Bazza2023: gotigres. OMG rookie mistake
BigChief: ooof @GoTigres. Hope you have a good E
Bazza2023: geelong midfield wouldnt beat hawks midfield at this stage
wadaramus: Pickett poleaxed Biglands in the 2005 Semi Final right in front of me.
Jaypa: where is Hollands, was involved in everything early
Gotigres: Cowan Bigchief
Bazza2023: i traded stewart out on Sunday night lol
wadaramus: Crows kicked 15 goals in the second half 🙂
Bazza2023: yeah straight down the middle off rhett had the bleach blonde going
wadaramus: Good times.
Ilunga : Did you watch the game Bazza ? We were pathetic
wadaramus: Not like 2018 onwards…
Gotigres: I traded him out Bazza, but reversed trades about an hour before the game and then forgot
bhg26: Curnow killing it in draft for me
Bazza2023: hawks were straight outa 2005
BigChief: Not bad so far GoTigres.
Raspel31: An interesting question- Geelong favourites- that’s a larff. Who has a Geelong player- no stand outs/
DrSeuss: Pick it up Hollands – 2 handballs since the 1st quarter
wadaramus: Are you coming out as a Power fan Ilunga?!
Bazza2023: i have max holmes, under duress
BigChief: I do in draft Raspel.
Ilunga : No brother hawks since 1971 when we beat the saints and his kicked 152 for the season
zadolinnyj: Atkinson in draft raspel
Gotigres: Hopefully Cowan won’t be subbed out and can get to 70 BigChief
Raspel31: Rat on the bench as ruck cover- not looking pretty otherwise.
MrWalrus: Geez Cameron is good.
Bazza2023: ive seen the 71 GF but tad young for me, i saw 78.
Ilunga : Hudson kicked 152
bhg26: Hooray Bruhns in the middle
Bazza2023: lives down the road from me in berriedale for a while HUddo did
wadaramus: Roger that Ilunga 🙂
BigChief: Unfortunately I never got to see my Roys play in a GF
Jaypa: I did, we won’t go there 🙂
bhg26: McAdam still 3 weeks
Ilunga : My local team monbulk are the hawks however I be trac
Bazza2023: chief, deadset chance in 83 u had, but met the hawks in the qualy and bombers then took care of u
Ilunga : My lo
Raspel31: Let’s share our ages- I’m 17.
beerent11: Top 5 in the comp walrus
wadaramus: 24 Raspel.
Ilunga : Supporte
beerent11: Me too rasp
zadolinnyj: Lol raspel.
wadaramus: Absolute fukn joke bhg.
Baldfrog: +60 rasp
BigChief: You saw Fitzroy play a GF @Jaypa?
bhg26: And Bruhn taken out the middle, yippee
Ilunga : Having problems with my tablet I am 59 Rasp
wadaramus: You have internet problems Ilunga 🙂
Bazza2023: im just shy of 19,000
BigChief: Yeah Bazza. Damn Hawks and Bombers 🙁
zadolinnyj: 46 years young for me
wadaramus: Trading Rat for whoever the fuck I can get Raspel.
bhg26: Ive got you by a year bazza
Jaypa: No the Giants Chief, hence why I’m not going there hahaha
Ilunga : Hawks have rewarded me well
BigChief: 48 for me
Pav300: Rasp you forgot to take ur tablets – 71 right?
zadolinnyj: I saw you on the titanic survivor list@Raspel
BigChief: hahaha @Jaypa. I don’t blame you
wadaramus: Born in the year of Pink Floyd’s Meddle.
Ilunga : No just fat fingers keep pushing go button by mistake
Raspel31: I didn’t expect honest replies- Im actually 19.
Baldfrog: Sad day that Zad
Bazza2023: im happy with being a HAwks member for 30 years and the flags we’ve won in my time.
BigChief: Fair goal from Durdin
Bazza2023: you did the math BHG, im happy with that, i doff my cap
zadolinnyj: Not for Raspel @Baldy. He survived with a nude painting and blue jewel
bhg26: Wtf Doc
Gotigres: I was born the month after the Beatles broke up.
Ilunga : Happy for Carlton they deserve this after last year
wadaramus: One of these days, I’m going to cut you into little pieces.
Bazza2023: blues havent beaten a premier for 13 years, and hawks beat the eventual premiers last year. 😛
Raspel31: Lol zado
zadolinnyj: U have been on here as long as me Raspel making you 3 when you joined
BigChief: How slow do the Cats look tonight?
Bazza2023: bruhn thinks he’s still playing TAC footy
wadaramus: Dad’s Army finally breaking down?
Baldfrog: Haha Zad
Bazza2023: ive been on fan footy since 2010
bhg26: Flower me i swear i have a better tank than bruhn
zadolinnyj: Maybe Bruhn not getting the ball because he is running faster then his whole team
Raspel31: Sadly we are aware of that Bazza.
DANGERous: get Tanner onball permanently
bhg26: Think its 4 years for me now
zadolinnyj: I was first year when the purple name reigned. Think in
beerent11: Why is Bruhns tog so low bhg?
zadolinnyj: Think it was 08 or 04.Monty will correct. Love what Monty created
GJayBee: Loving being able to comment again. I’m going to start slow.
Jaypa: I love watching Geelong lose, it warms my heart
beerent11: Premium Bowes 8 points since quarter time
bhg26: Brodie has an even lower TOG tonight beer, why is that?
Bazza2023: awww Raspel. i love u too
blonde0na: seems like adelaide are missing a consistent good key FWD
Raspel31: I think 8 for me- but warming up.
blonde0na: dw cat fans, look forward to the standard carlton 5 goal swing
Ilunga : Big time respect for Monty and what he has done for fantasy football
BigChief: Yep Beer. Zuohy back on and Bowes went where Bruhn is.
Bazza2023: GJAYBEE, arent you a jumper?
zadolinnyj: Sc balancing beer as Carlton loading in the points
blonde0na: that’s not what I wrote…
Bazza2023: danger could be the cats worst captain
zadolinnyj: Mackay almost lost his head there
Raspel31: At least I didn’t have Laird. Who did?
Pav300: needs to learn how to duck Baz
beerent11: I reckon danger is going through the same thing as Fyfe.
Bazza2023: fair call PAV
Jaypa: yeah with the C Raspel
zadolinnyj: I did raspel. Worth a trade out due to a massive price drop coming
Bazza2023: this games cooked, notbook must be on a channel somewhere
beerent11: They put their bodies on the line for years and it?s caught up
Ilunga : Aka selwood Pav ?
wadaramus: Not me Raspel.
BigChief: Was that really 15?
wadaramus: Stick a fork in it Bazza.
Raspel31: Sigh Jaypa.
Jaypa: if he doesnt 120+ this week he’s Clayton Oliver
MrWalrus: Struggling for 10 chief
beerent11: Same with Voss and Judd etc.
zadolinnyj: You would buy land off that umpire BigCheif
Jaypa: looked about 7 Chief, don’t know why everybody just accepted it was the full 15, nobody looked interested
Bazza2023: i love it how Bristle trys to amp the game up when its done, for ratings
BigChief: Oh hell no Zado.
Bazza2023: was about 12
DANGERous: please sub whyte on
Bazza2023: hollands, go lil fella
beerent11: That defence is floundering sans Stewart
Bazza2023: got a bit of a miers kick hollands has,
BigChief: Bruhn for Whyte?
MrWalrus: Umps are terrible at the not 15, miss heaps of obvious ones then ping 20m kicks occasionally
beerent11: 23 points hardly done
Bazza2023: i hate isaac smith now, was at a cancer function with him and he didnt know what 1902 meant on the hawks guernesy
bhg26: Wouldnt surprise me chief
Bazza2023: blues will kick 6 goals this qtr. tell me otherwise
beerent11: Me neither bazza
Raspel31: Not a great deal of Super Coach honey here chaps. Thank god I’m under invested.
beerent11: I?m guessing the club was formed?
MrWalrus: Agree beer, also a free kick count that needs an even up, I’d be worried
beerent11: No they won?t bazza
Bazza2023: club was founded in 1902, didnt start VFL until 1925, that should be a need to know when you play, get the handbook etc
BigChief: Isn’t that when Hawks were formed?
yeah_nah: Cam guthrie needs to grow his hair back ffs
Bazza2023: Frees got nothing to do with this game Wahab.
MrWalrus: 1902… Michael Tuck’s first game?
Jaypa: was just thinking that Rasp, only Hollands and Doch for me
beerent11: Great show that succession
Bazza2023: nah he played in the VFA Wahab in 1914
Ilunga : Tucky and Matthews our best playw
Wahab_18: Who are u guys calling Wahab?
Ilunga : Players
Raspel31: Succession is superb- sent the new series on drop box by an actor mate in La- you’lll wait months.
Bazza2023: Matthews deserves every honor he ever receives, even when he was booked for breaking bruns nose
ballbag: @walrus i was gonna say. didnt tuck play his 100th in 1902
Pav300: From your Porn days Rasp?
Ilunga : Revenge for his brother Bazza
feralmong: So is it no Selwood no Cats?
BigChief: This game far from over.
beerent11: Nope starts on binge on Monday rasp.
Raspel31: And Jaypa- we share the same 2.
Grimes Jr: blues to choke #shockme
MrWalrus: Matthews couldn’t play now, would be permanently suspended, skills but dirty, even for the time.
Bazza2023: i believe so ilunga so the rumour goes
Raspel31: Not if you have it already beer.
DANGERous: get in there Tanner
Jaypa: Blues choking
beerent11: But not months either raspel.
Bazza2023: dirty = hard back in the day up until probably 1996 +
BigChief: Can the Blues win this or will they choke again?
Badgerbadg: Neither of these teams doing much this year
beerent11: Lessgo jezza!
Ilunga : Freakin Carlton giving this game to the cats
Depressed: How’s the game. I’m at a bar. Anything interesting
DrSeuss: Why is McGovern taking kick-ins at a critical time in the game
Bulky: “The little man in the head. He’s doing laps up and down.” Classic BT commentary.
ballbag: Carlton was in top 8 ALL of last year until the final minute of the season. and you think we can win this?
beerent11: Getting that way depressed
Raspel31: beer- I have the new series- all episodes- it’s my industry. Back to the footy. Can share.
BRAZZERS: lol in the bar but on your phone in ff chat?? sure buddy.
MrWalrus: No, Matthews was dirty, tough too, great player but dirty as hell
Bazza2023: well tahts a thursday Pinot done
Migz: gov takes terrible kicks atleast once a game for the eagles as well suess.
beerent11: Whoop didoo rasp
ballbag: @rasp lol i
Badgerbadg: braz- priorities
Bazza2023: is cameron worthy of picking up these days, anyone got him? apart from that bump thats flattened him
beerent11: Back to the footy rasp
Bazza2023: aww no mark de koning?
ballbag: @rasp its only been out for a month on p2p networks. you talking season 4. ever heard of the net?
Badgerbadg: Can’t see blues winning this i’m afraid
Jaypa: looked a mark Baz
Bazza2023: i have a net, haul my salmon in with it
Gotigres: No points to Rat for a contested handball to team mate
Bazza2023: i agree jaypa, seen less paid
beerent11: I?ve just got the new season of Happy Days delivered.
Bazza2023: rohan goes missing when it gets tough
Jaypa: Acres just quietly having a decent game here
BigChief: Remember SC goes slow in last 1/4
Nurfed: agreed baz rohan a massive downhill skiier
coburgk: Apart from quater final against pies Bazza…
Raspel31: Ballbag as ever you talk crap and try to discombukate. Back to footy indeed.
bhg26: Tanner youre awful
Bazza2023: his only game coburg, such a waste of talent
MrWalrus: That was lucky, blind kick right on the tit
bhg26: Hes on the bench again!
Bazza2023: wowee HOLLANDS is a player, and a keeper
thommoae: bhg Bruhn is 2nd year, young and TOG is the Cats’ lowest. Suspect you’re harbouring anti-GWS feelings. 🙂
Jaypa: Hollands won’t tackle, anyone else picked up on that? sidesteps away every time
beerent11: Stop discombukating ballbag
Jaypa: 3rd year Thommo
Raspel31: Discombulating is very unsttling
bhg26: He just has a terrible tank
wadaramus: Cleary drop goal WTF!
Ilunga : Just watched that Wada
beerent11: Wrong forum wada
Jaypa: complained at the Dubs because he wasnt getting the mid time, and from these first 2 games you can see why he wasnt
thommoae: True. My bad. But he’s new into a Preniership side. When the pressure’s on, Scott turns to his tried and trusted.
ballbag: @beer thanks. words that dont even exist can put one in a state of confusion. surprised didnt use the word hubris also
Ilunga : Stupid high tackle with 30 seconds to go
wadaramus: Clear coathanger Ilunga!
Grimes Jr: they get a good run with the umps, the baggers
TheLegend6: Cya Bruhn
Raspel31: Brian Cox is actually a dear pal- and have the whole series of Succcession. But go Carlton.
Ilunga : Yes but stupid time to do it brother
Badgerbadg: hawkins is smelly
wadaramus: Doch took the 2nd half off?
Bazza2023: and thats why Bowes got traded from GC?
Nurfed: oh nowes
sMiles: B-n-owes
wadaramus: Fuck, Bowes tons up!
DANGERous: tanner goes very unrewarded with his run
wadaramus: Parra wins in GP!
beerent11: So good
Gotigres: I can see why Rat is 175k
Bazza2023: cameron down to 11 pairs of working ribs
wadaramus: 800K for DOch and he can’t scratch a point in H2.
MrWalrus: It’s hard to imagine getting umpiring like this that’s not against you Grimes
Raspel31: Hang in Blues!
Crave: Atlas for Cameron
beerent11: Got going again wada
bhg26: Tanner burned that whole play
Harambe: Jezza deserves the atlas if Cats lose
Jaypa: Cripps a passenger this quarter
Badgerbadg: That’s it, just throw de koning up forward on his brother and let the best de koning win
BigChief: Cats look home.
Grimes Jr: has a team ever started the year with two draws?
Gotigres: No point to Rat for a spoiled mark defensive punch
Raspel31: Cameron aside- not much there.
TheLegend6: Oh Bruhn
Jaypa: Tanner looked so good there, until he kicked the ball….
bhg26: Bruhn you absolute spaz
Grimes Jr: jeez they r scum, the blues
wadaramus: Stop it Gotigres, Rat’s a hack!
Gotigres: Another defensive punch by Rat.
MrWalrus: Too long to be burning time
Gotigres: That’s how bad my team is wada
beerent11: Hope no one vcd doc
Jaypa: guy I’m playing did beer hehehe
wadaramus: Yes beer, I did.
beerent11: God might have vcd jezza
Harambe: LMAO Bruhn on the bench again
bhg26: And benched again for the icing on the cake. What a spud
Hazza09: Not good enough Doch
beerent11: Jaypa meet wada, wada.
Ilunga : Thanks guys for a great first night on this forum see ya tomoz night
Raspel31: We stick with Doch obviously- bad day in the office. Cameron- not fior me.
Wahab_18: why pick someone in the best 22 to sit them on the pine ffs
Harambe: BigChief with the big miss
wadaramus: Until next time you bunch of misfits…
BRAZZERS: because he’s a spud nackers, i said in the preseason dont pick the muppet. you’re welcome.
bhg26: I blame chris scott
bhg26: Youre welcome for what, i still picked him and had to suffer for 2 weeks

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