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Chat log from R10 of 2023: Port Adelaide vs Melbourne

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Melbourne, R10 of 2023

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J.Worrall: Go Dees!
Yelse: good ebening!! VC ollie tonight?
Pavs: I am Yelse probably doesn’t help though.
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
bhg26: Highly considering errol vc yelse cause of olivers last score against port
bhg26: But i dont think i have the bollocks
Pavs: Also bought in Butters this week. Sorry all that has him.
a1trader: Brought in Bergman for a unique
J.Worrall: How about using the indiginous names for the teams, m0nty?
Yelse: Hows this game not a sell out
Baldfrog: One is the only number u need ever see
Baldfrog: Got rid of chandler cause his huge BE now look
lana2146: Great start chandler pity we all traded u out
circle52: My VC is already stuffed with Trac playing forward
Yelse: thats bull u blocked him from running to the square lol
J.Worrall: Two can be as ba as one, Baldy
original: wtf free weird replay
BigChief: No helmet for Brayshaw.
clay007: Hi all-why no supercoach scores?
Baldfrog: Goal ump must be a demons fan or needs specsavers
J.Worrall: Peaal harer, m0nty!
Harambe: I’m still speechless about that 50m against Houston
lana2146: On strike clay007
sc_god: no one here works for champion data, we can’t answer that mate
original: sc season has been cancelled clay
DrSeuss: Not sure what that goal ump was looking at. Gawn blocking free a little interesting as well
karens: minty not paid for sc premium
sheezel420: do we need the opposite of a “kermit”? like when someone does something truly miraculous like SPP
Harambe: It’s not even a rule outside of marking contests Seuss
beerent11: Brayshaw lid back on
original: free kick melbourne tonight
clay007: This is a big SC round for me, so I might have to get the ombudsman involved. Outrageous!
Harambe: If putting up the bumper bars to impede a player’s run is 50, there will be 300 50s paid tonight
DrSeuss: Throw call on Rozee with a clear handball as well…
Yelse: AFL not paying SC money been on news all week. its a stand off
clay007: You guys are being facetious about supercoach…yeah?
karens: Allir is hot
Cottees: Rozee has been so unlucky so far. 2 touches lost when free against port and he had ball. throw that wasn’t there ooof
Yelse: are the possessions right seems very low
Reexys: From my vision it looked like a throw, tough to tell.
oc16: butters really has turned into an elite footballer
Harambe: Now now Karens, don’t objectify the athletes
sheezel420: Traded in Gulden this week over Butters… no pressure Errol
original: i love butters as player
beerent11: Errol couldn?t give 2 shits sheezel420
bhg26: cd is very harsh tonight
Reexys: SC scores broken for anyone else?
suns4ever: supercoach website also not working
Pavs: Agree bhg.
sheezel420: Cheers beer, not far away from a spud icon yourself
Manowar: Oliver on 1, do something
beerent11: m0nty is conspicuously silent on the matter.
sheezel420: @Reexys it’s not a FF thing, scores aren’t working on SC app as well
clay007: I agree Beerent! C’mon Monty lift! lol
sMiles: Oliver is on 34 Sc Butter on 43 … nah – Jokes – I don’t have a psychic connections
Ranga2: Petracca for VC started well FFS
Harambe: Who plays SC anyway
Baldfrog: Monty’s monkey is off multiplying so wont change soon
sc_god: oliver will get 200, dominates in these conditions
bhg26: Little bit of blood there
Ash777: that’s a lot of blood
BigChief: Evans didn’t go through interchange correctly.
Reexys: prefer sc over dt
Harambe: Butters loves the wet too
PigeonPies: they barely do anymore chief
beerent11: No worries newb
m0nty: the Supercoach went on sabbatical this week it seems
sc_god: not getting dylan williams one of my biggest regrets
original: not getting samson ryan mine
LuvIt74: m0nty will the SC points be up soon
Harambe: Trading out Jayden Hunt after round 1 mine
sc_god: yea that too
Ash777: I traded out chandler this week. So probably going to score well
Social: mOnty will the Ukraine war end soon?
bhg26: I brought in matty roberts and johnson instead of dyl williams
Raspel31: Don’t think I want to see Tracca’s points.
Baldfrog: I got Roberts to lasted 20 mins lol
LuvIt74: When theres an advert its showing “Yar & Nar” with the scores WTF does “Yar & Nar” mean?
TheLegend6: SC points not updating on their site either
LuvIt74: Enlighten me please
TorturedSC: I may be late to this, but is that a magpie I see?
original: same bhg. still have both of them
bhg26: I also brought Touk Miller in that week flower me
navy_blues: jhf been watching ginni
Social: Yartapuulti v Narrm
sc_god: both ryan and williams i considered amd backed out last minute. arrghh
Reexys: cant tell if the duck actually contributed to the high contact. looked like either way he gets taken high
Baldfrog: Just hope the SC scores are back by tomorrow as have Oli as VC
BigChief: YARTAPUULTI hosts Narrm at the Adelaide Oval LuvIt
Cottees: 50/50 free. Definitely getting ball but definitely went for the high
TorturedSC: Biggest regret, excluding rookies, that can go either way, is starting Andy Brayshaw
suns4ever: pull your finger out supercoach
Ash777: My biggest is grabbing LDU after in rnd 3
clay007: Are Fantasy footy scores similar to Supercoach? Af scores are in and I think they are like SC.
navy_blues: drew 7 tackles already
LuvIt74: @BigChief thanks mate but i need a compass as im still lost…
Pavs: 7 Tackles Drew impressive.
Baldfrog: My biggest regret was starting Mc Luuggage
sc_god: lol clay
LuvIt74: Never heard of Yartapuulti and Narm
sMiles: Shouldn’t we play a guessing game?
BigChief: LuvIt it’s aboriginal names for the teams.
Baldfrog: Smiles ok I guess your a brissy sup?
Social: Do you happen to be a blue voter LuvIt?
Catfood: where are my supercoach scores
clay007: I’m not being funny @ Sc-what are the scores they show on Channel 7? They are like SC…no?
bhg26: everyones just shower catfood
Baldfrog: Think luvit would need someone to hold his hand to the voting booth or he’d get lost
Ash777: will we see another loss to this narrm team
Harambe: If Port lose they will be having flashbacks of the Naarm
LuvIt74: @BigChief ok that makes sence now appreciate it
Zutroy: Should’ve put the vc on clarry
wadaramus: Dees looking fairly average.
navy_blues: so close to bringing in tracca week might of been great move not to
Social: These players are shower, Naicos would be on 80 by now
LuvIt74: Now now fella’s no need to get nasty… lol But you’re right Baldfrog as i have no sense of direction…
original: watching footy without sc scores not as good
Harambe: Houston, he had a problem
a1trader: Petracca should change his name to Naarn
Zutroy: First year I haven’t taken Gawn and Grundy. Very happy
Harambe: LuvIt, did you fight in Naarm?
Ash777: I had trouble finding the kayo stream because they had those names
Reexys: Who’s down from port?
Social: dog act Viney
Harambe: Travis Woke
DrSeuss: Boak – got smashed in the back by Viney
circle52: Boak is down
a1trader: Only Port get SC scores
clay007: My team has a SC score but the players are still on zero
Yelse: geez petracca been off for a while
Harambe: Wow yeah Port dominating the game in SC
Zutroy: Loving the SC scores
Zutroy: Rozelle 57 Clarry 1
original: mlbourne free kick for running in front of gawn. this is ridiculous
Pavs: Blocking again topical this week.
pcaman2003: Oliver’s clangers will kill his score in the end.
Harambe: Looks like there’s a special blocking rule for Gawn
Ash777: what a brain fade
Baldfrog: It’s protect a victorian week
bhg26: gee umps on fire!
Hazza09: What do we think Clarry is on?
Troglodyte: That’s every week Baldy
navy_blues: sc for port
clay007: Salem straight back into form.
TorturedSC: 40 odd
TheLegend6: about 40
Harambe: 37 I reckon
clay007: I reckon 37
Pavs: Geez my opponent gone all out traded in Oliver and put the captaincy on him. Go low Ollie
suns4ever: goodness me glad i brought in butters
Baldfrog: Lol Oli complaing about that free
clay007: That was stupid by Oliver!
bhg26: Dont know what oliver is complaining about there lmao
pcaman2003: Pavs. Don’t worry about Ollie. He’ll clanger his way to a low score.
runners47: Same here, suns4ever – sacrificed Chandler to do it. Now ANB needs to get a big move on
DrSeuss: WTF are Melbourne doing? Playing stupid football
original: bhg agreed real weird to agrue that
original: butters is amazing to watch. great vision and skill
thesilentl: throws and off the ball blocking….at least we know the rules of the week
TimT14: Clarry finally getting pinged for his throws
Badgerbadg: Commentary team riding port so damn hard, you?d think they?re 50 points up..
clay007: Port giving Melb a lesson in midfield craft
Soups07: make sure not to shepard or handpass this week
Baldfrog: Na silent they do this on a friday tomorrow b ack to normal
pcaman2003: Wasn’t Gawn and Grundy meant to be formidable together? LOL!
wadaramus: What a total waste of my time watching this game is.
navy_blues: sa umps tonight?
suns4ever: grundy is a bit stiff so far tonight lol
wadaramus: High quality Australia wide Friday night game this one.
navy_blues: grundy held in last ruck contest no free
Baldfrog: What drugs u on Navy?
Vultures: um it’s wet
Harambe: He’s just high on life Baldy
Zutroy: Stop with the Satan warnings and just give the free
navy_blues: hehe baldy
Vultures: wow, wealth of intellectuals here lmao
Baldfrog: Na Navy has young kids no way he’s high on life
Zutroy: Clarry on 54. Imagine if he could actually handball
Badgerbadg: Lol imagine if port could kick straight
Baldfrog: Mr Intellectual has entered the room
navy_blues: young? 22 and 24 baldy empty nest now wooohoo
original: oliver should be 40sc
Baldfrog: Thought you said you were havin a kid 2 years ago?
Cottees: Oliver lucky to be on 54 with how he has played. so bad
Harambe: Never know Baldy, might have those parental hormones that convince people babies are cute and not a crying poopy potato
Fromage: I?ve muted the TV to come into this chat for insightful commentary
Pavs: That was 22 years ago. Time flies Baldy
Baldfrog: They are cute Harambe then they grow up
navy_blues: lol that was pafc?
Harambe: Humans have the ugliest babies in the animal kingdom and I stand by that
Baldfrog: Haha Pavs does it what
Badgerbadg: Melbourne playing like a bunch of ugly babies
Hazza09: How is Oliver on 54
Baldfrog: $hit Navy soz m8 oh well mind goes when u get older
Zooo: I accidently put C on clarry, and not VC rip
navy_blues: no probs baldy
frenzy: very similar to willem drew Hazza
Pavs: Jack Viney on 7. Think he had close to 150 last week?
Social: Trying to find this game on Kayo, is it Punjab v Rajasthan?
Baldfrog: Yeah Social thats it
Baldfrog: Walrus must have been lost at sea haven’t seen him around
Pavs: He’s watching Baldy always watching the big Rus.
navy_blues: omg dangerous tackle
TheLegend6: Weird umpiring tonight
Social: Probly still out celebrating the win over Box Hill last week
original: not a dang tackle
BigChief: No way that is a dangerous tackle.
FlaggersXD: what a disgrace the umps are
Baldfrog: Agree chief but very unecessary
Vultures: cheif’s whining again
navy_blues: sa umps again lol
Cottees: Port gonna get the umps this half haha. not a dangerous and 10metre kick
Hawkthornz: nice 10m kick
DrSeuss: Melbourne should have been up the other end – how that is a dangerous tackle or a 15m kick?
Harambe: Nanny state umpiring
PigeonPies: many people here bring in gawn?
zadolinnyj: Hope tonight is not a sign of umpiring all weekend
Cottees: why would I bring in Gawn when I am English, Marshall set and forget hopefully lol
ballbag: anyone know if you can have more than DPP?
Baldfrog: Zad it’s like this every weekend
Harambe: No Ballbag, 2 positions max
PigeonPies: people have been getting gawn planning to move him fwd, and to free up cash, was just curious
sc_god: gawn a liablity in these conditions, needs to be subbed
Pavs: The ton is up Butters love your work. Be better in a Geelong jumper though.
Harambe: Rozee stuck on the pine this half
PigeonPies: butters has been incredible
DrSeuss: Yeah need Rozee on to take some of these possessions from Butters
Cottees: Butters huuuuge
Baldfrog: Not a bad kick in the wet there Butters
Social: mmm buttery goodness
DANGERous: give butters the star already
Baldfrog: 10 years too young Pavs
suns4ever: wish i vc’d you butters
PigeonPies: i didnt trust him because of last year, but fair play to whoever has him
oc16: in some ridiculous form
DrSeuss: Melbourne need to get Jordon on to give them some more run
Social: the Big V on that jumper suits him
ballbag: @harambe that shoud be BS. JHF needs to get BENCH added to his position. MID/FWD/BENCH
Harambe: If it rained every week Butters would be a Brownlow lock
Ash777: Last year butters copped a fair bit of small injuries
beerent11: Rozee is hird like in the wet conditions
Pavs: Last 5 games last year over 100 Pigeon, something just clicked with him.
PigeonPies: yeah ash, very unlucky contact injuries
PigeonPies: yep pavs, his scoring is there it was his injuries that burnt everyone
DrSeuss: If Butters can stay injury-free and un-concussed with his game-style – will be a great pick up
Stu7: Rgg
circle52: Boak subbed
Harambe: Did they end up freeing the flag? Seen it being displayed a lot tonight
suns4ever: jeez melbourne only 8 points down and theyve been smashed – this team is flowering good
Baldfrog: Oli to Tracca thats noice
beerent11: He?ll be upwards of 580k after this.
PigeonPies: mids seem to do well against the dees ive noticed
Social: why would they say Viney is tough putting a shoulder into the middle a blokes back
TheLegend6: Viney killing my multi tonight, super fumbly
Harambe: Rare to see Butters higher TOG than Rozee
suns4ever: this is 21 grand final esk
Pavs: Port looking tired now
original: that free to oliver is shocking
PigeonPies: oliver’s tog is pretty high for an inside bull
Harambe: Is this proof that Boak carries the team?
suns4ever: Clarry been tough this quarter
Baldfrog: that was a throw lol
Fromage: Oliver VC
Rynnie: How to lose; let Oliver loose.
Cottees: butters held thanks ump
TheLegend6: hows the rain hahaha
BigChief: You could also say he just dropped the ball Cottees.
suns4ever: Pettracca has been flowering massive this quarter wow
Harambe: God I miss playing in those conditions
hmmmm: can anyone else hear rain or have i just got bad internet
Cottees: Chief, literally barely touched the ball. So slippery and had no control
Harambe: General wet weather footy is a slog but torrential rain is super fun to play in
Gotigres: Jules Jordan on the ground
Badgerbadg: Go dees!
sc_god: dees just flipped the switch
BigChief: Lycett is a tool. 2 ruck contests in a row.
suns4ever: lycett muppett
frenzy: great another injury
original: ruck frees are bs grundy blocking and holding too tho, both arms
Baldfrog: Chief that one with Gawn go look again Gawn drags him to the ground
Harambe: He’s got head lyce
suns4ever: who was mocking Gawn and Grundy before? Theyve been huge this quarter lol
sc_god: clayton with a 51sc quarter 🙂
Badgerbadg: Is there any team in the comp that are bigger pretenders than Port? Lol
Harambe: Rozee looking woozee
navy_blues: think hunter had position 1st there stupid report
BigChief: Is Hunter in trouble?
Pavs: Surely nothing in that report.
Harambe: Hunter tried to knock him into Row Z
Soups07: he couldnt have done anything else
Soups07: he will be fine cheif
Cottees: Butters is an aboslute star
Badgerbadg: Rozee milked that, not a lot in it
bhg26: Butters is pretty good at footy
navy_blues: lol harambe have another look
Social: godam butters
zadolinnyj: Hard to fault how hunter approached but the wet made rose slide low
Soups07: butters is the best in the comp when it rains
Pavs: Worth my 3 trades this week Butters. Huge
Harambe: It’s the best play on words I could think of Navy
beerent11: All depends on whether rozee has a positive hia
navy_blues: ok i see that now harambr
beerent11: He?ll be tested during the break
suns4ever: rozee suspended for headbutting
beerent11: Too expensive for me pavs. Considered it though.
Zutroy: Rozee gone the Peter Caven you think suns
Pavs: Was 3 Grand off making it in 2 trades but had to get rid of Mckenna from Brisbane he was doing my head in beer.
sheezel420: If Butters doesn’t score 200 from this, nobody will this year
TheLegend6: VC Butters, good decision that
DrSeuss: Fair dive there Butters
biggs2dujj: what a week to bring Butters in. I am usually a Margarine guy
DrSeuss: 5 more possessions please Oliver
Manowar: now tell the truth!
Zutroy: Ton up Horne dog
Baldfrog: Look at all the butters guys suddenly appearing they are like tigers supporters lol
biggs2dujj: u jelly baldy?
Pavs: haha
Tangent: Finlayson is a loser
Loggy17: Maybe Sheezel; he’s on record pace
Manowar: Van idiot!
FlaggersXD: can they ruin this game any more?
Baldfrog: lol no just pathetic u need to come on the internet to tell everyone
Harambe: Go easy on the bloke Tangent, he’s had a tough run
BigChief: Lycett yet another muppet.
TheLegend6: who hurt you baldy
Manowar: Umpires love Port
FlaggersXD: Crows haven’t said much since 2017
Tangent: Yeah he’s been through alot, bloke is 27 years old lol looks 40+
Ash777: salty crows fans
beerent11: Anyone got butters?
Troglodyte: Shud up Richo ya flog
original: butters hurt him
zadolinnyj: High scoring considering the rain
Troglodyte: Couldn’t be further from the truth Manowart
TheLegend6: ease up tangent
Harambe: Great vision there by Butters
BigChief: Tangent obviously doesn’t know about Finlayson’s wife.
ballbag: butters is usually super soft but not tonight it seems
zadolinnyj: I took Eric cartman and mr hanky instead beerent
DrSeuss: Oliver with 1 whole possession – get involved rednut
Harambe: Either that or trolling Chief but I’ll give the benefit of the doubt
Gotigres: Another failed vc it seems
Tangent: I watch footy for the game don’t really look into players’ personal life
bhg26: What a play from Dyl Williams
BigChief: Yep just being a troll.
Harambe: O Lord they comin
Ash777: Buttters is captain chaos tonight
Baldfrog: Seems demons unflipped the switch
Social: pretty good game
Cottees: Williams obv meant that lmao
beerent11: Love wet weather footy.
Social: pink pig has gone missing so far, look out
thommoae: You’re not helping yourself, tangent. Shhh.
TheLegend6: cmon trac
Jolles: God these Vic whingers (commentators) go on and on.
Gotigres: If only I had Butters and then made him vc, I would be a much happier person
Harambe: If Tangent didn’t know then ease up on them. No need for cancel culture Thommo
Troglodyte: You should have heard them during Gather Round Jolles
BigChief: JHF been big this 1/4
Tangent: Genuinely didn’t know, poor guy.
Tangent: Wouldn’t make a comment like that if i knew
Manowar: suck it Port
Baldfrog: Really Tangent? been in the news and everything
suns4ever: do port fans know the rules
Gotigres: Oliver might not ton up
clay007: Oliver’s score continues to go down. He was 107 in 3rd qtr
ballbag: what happened? what was in the news?
Harambe: Some people aren’t online much Baldy, not a bad way to live either
Pavs: All good Tangent, There is a few on here that know everything refreshing to hear an apology well done.
DrSeuss: Oliver with 2 whole possessions in the 4th – not doing much for his SC
Tangent: Not that sort of a bloke to comment about something like that
Troglodyte: JVR really wants a week off lol
The Ogre: Butters the new DuckWood
beerent11: I?ll take 120 clarry.
naicosfan: Sc lads we taking clarry vc or gamble Bont?
Harambe: Who we tipping from here?
original: lol ogre free is there
TheLegend6: yes port!
Cottees: OMG Rozeeeeee!
Social: wowee
bhg26: How is this game so good when the weather is so shit
Tangent: Well done JHF
BigChief: Cmon Port (Yartapuulti)
DrSeuss: Oliver 2 more possessions please – that’s all I ask
suns4ever: naicos – crows might tag only worry
naicosfan: What I was thinking suns?
TorturedSC: Lock in Keays on Naicos
BigChief: What about Errol @naicos?
Manowar: Pepper Power trying hard tonight
ballbag: @suns crlton doesnt really tag and wont tag naicos. he’ll go 140+
beerent11: Be tough for the crows to tag naicos this week.
biggs2dujj: Rozee, Butters and Oliver. All downhill from here
naicosfan: True that bc, might be an option
TheLegend6: yellow card for viney
bhg26: Brilliant sliding tackle from viney
BigChief: naicos asked the question about Bont and Suns replied saying Crows might tag him.
bhg26: Sunday League type of vibes
Baldfrog: BT trying to help the umps lol
TheLegend6: Find the ball clarry
biggs2dujj: BigChief, i have Bont VC, so pencil him in for 73
Tangent: Umps?
beerent11: Very un clarry to fade out
BigChief: biggs I have Clarry vc and Gulden C.
kano: where’s badgerbadg gone ? spanker.
Hazza09: Well done JVR you plonk
bhg26: What a horrible boundary throw in
PigeonPies: boundary umpire had money on port with that throw in
Tangent: That boundary throw in hahaha
Social: hows the boundary throw in, sa umps
blashtroko: Butters needs a special comment or two on his icon… one of the better games you will ever see
DrSeuss: Huge 3 possession last qtr from Oliver – there goes that multi – ahh well
Troglodyte: Yartapuulti undefeated
Cottees: Butters didn’t get 200, actually rigged lmao. That a 250 is bont
biggs2dujj: Chief, go the Gulden
Troglodyte: He’s hiding kano, good call
PigeonPies: clarry did fuck all that quarter, but trac ran in front of him every stoppage and banged it wherever
beerent11: Romar vs the giants has to be a good shout
sc_god: lol kano, you didnt say anything all night until the game was over lmao

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