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Chat log from SF of 2022: Collingwood vs Fremantle

Chat log for Collingwood vs Fremantle, SF of 2022

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TheFlagger: go dockers
navy_blues: ok freo heres your chance to shine
Pies20: Go you pies!!!
navy_blues: hi all
hinsch: Get in first what is with Brodies TOG
Pies20: And hi all, hopefully we get nervous i te
Yelse: here at game crowd gonna be nuts
Pies20: Tbh very nervous about tonight hopefully get the job done, not bad what ever happens 17th to tonight in a year great eff
circle52: Ho everyone
circle52: @ Hinsch reckon we appeal the Berry suspension
Pies20: Not many of us but hi navy, 17th to semi finals in a year jealous?
Pies20: Chat not working?
DANGERous: go the dockers
circle52: Good coach Pies
bhg26: Siuuu
hinsch: Circle appeal everything, nothing to lose from it.
Pies20: Great coach circle
DANGERous: get a contested ball ginnivan, no good
m0nty: Cox standing on Cox, excellent
navy_blues: ginnivan dropped the ball no 50m
TheFlagger: freo need to control the pace
Pies20: Intensity huge
navy_blues: advantage rule is stupid play needs to be continuous every one stops for whistle
original: Anyone else get redirected to another site when they first open fanfooty?
bhg26: Wow, collingwood fans are booing something. Unusual behaviour
Yelse: whats the free kick count
MrWalrus: Noisy
Pies20: Wtf?? Umps already
Pies20: Go you pies!!!
bhg26: if you scroll down a bit yelse you should find it 🙂
MrWalrus: You’ve been getting away with heaps
Pies20: You watching the game walrus??
Gandhi: Indeed Walrus, no reason to complain
bhg26: Listen to ghandi
pcaman2003: Dees started well last night and what happened? Same could happen, you never know
MrWalrus: Umm, yes, are you? It’s almost like 2 sets of rules, pies allowed to drop the ball consistently
bhg26: No team that was in front at the end of the first has won a final this year pcaman
Social: Similar start to last week for Collingwood, wonder what sort of running capacity the dockers have
pcaman2003: bhg26. Correct! Will the trend continue tonight?
bhg26: Also similar start last week for dockers
Pies20: You must be watching the wfl mate
Pies20: Yeah bhg pca surely they don’t again keep going pies
MrWalrus: How was that not 50 then against Ginnivan, ump hadn’t called play on, came into protected area
TheFlagger: boo
wadaramus: Good job Raiders, carn the Cowboys!
MrWalrus: I dislike that stupid rule by why stop paying it now?
pcaman2003: Pies20. If they give Brodie more TOG, you could be in huge trouble.:)
navy_blues: cards falling geelongs way social basically got gf berth now hopefully swans get thru as well that will be best gf
thesilentl: @mrwalrus continue spudding it up champ
DANGERous: ginnivan shoulda been penalised
MrWalrus: Go back to about 44 seconds to go, was blatant, stupid rule but he almost smothered the ball!
TheFlagger: vic bias is clear with the umps
thesilentl: Ginnivan is following a player thru, play on is called and he goes towards the ball
Pies20: Maybe navy gave them a huge scare last week not home by any means
wadaramus: Go Cowboys!
TheFlagger: mccreery fends off, tackled, balls drops and not htb. rubbish
navy_blues: yes pies cant deny collingwoods pressure
MrWalrus: Go watch it silent, has been 50 all year
Pies20: Has gone freos way tha
TheFlagger: freos kicking i50 not doing themselves any favours
thesilentl: You’re so blinded by anti pies hysteria walrus, it’s so sad
MrWalrus: Freo bombing has been awful
bhg26: How hasnt silent got the spud yet? Was sure he was next in line
Pies20: 9-5 wa way yeah definitely vic bias that quarter flagger 🤔
bigpens: Brodie TOG low
MrWalrus: Yeah that must be it
bhg26: Youre right pies, freo should have more
navy_blues: ginnivan never needs his guernsey washed never does anyrhing to get dirty
Pies20: There you go and that’s questionable
MrWalrus: Boohoo, pies not winning free count, the umpires hate us!
Pies20: Haha navy like k
MrWalrus: Questionable!? That was super HTB!
MrWalrus: Pies have the best positive free kick differential over the last 6 years easily
Pies20: He can’t miss Elliot yeeew
beerent11: Missed a few games. Is that a spud you?re sporting walrus? Why so?
thesilentl: @mrwalrus , 3rd actually, but dont let facts ruin another spud take by you
Pies20: If only lynch could kick from 10m out hey walrus
Pies20: What could have been keep going pies!!!
beerent11: Dockers got em right where they want em
Pies20: I’m hoping it’s not like last week beer we should bury them
MrWalrus: 3rd this year, 2nd just to dogs 5-6 years
thesilentl: Why lie then of you knew it wasn’t true @mrwalrus?
bhg26: thats bloody harsh, fell on top of the ball. Couldnt have done anything
Yelse: crowd is loud this is what the perth teams do to all teams in perth
zadolinnyj: Lads
MrWalrus: Prefered Cameron’s skillful drop punt over Johnson’s sketchy chequies
bhg26: Silent would be a great bloke to have a beer with, definitely wouldnt be annoying at all
beerent11: Very good player is lachie Schultz
Pies20: Deliberate not called last week all over ot
Social: hehe sucked in ump
arbel: Ginnivan first act every time player is near is to drop feet and look for high
pcaman2003: I’ll never understand why players can be 20 to 30 metres from an opponent.
bhg26: Walker has been awful
piro: walker having an all timer
TheFlagger: bianco also having a shocker but his team playing well makes it not so bad
Yelse: pies wasteful should be 50 points up
MrWalrus: Agree there Yelse
thesilentl: Wouldn’t have a beer with you @bbg26, all you’d do is sook about the pies
navy_blues: if swans v coll next week will be interesting in here lol
MrWalrus: Did you know Pendlebury has a basketball background?
bhg26: I have said 1 maybe 2 negative things about the pies tonight silent, you spend your time having a go at everyone else
amigaman: Sheesh the umpires hate Sean Darcy
LuvIt74: Will be a Geelong vs Swans GF
TheFlagger: go dockers
beerent11: Forward pressure of freo is elite
Yelse: pies 9 behinds in a row
original: How can the umpire fall for that trick and pay the free. Shocking
Pies20: Surley a goal soon yelse
Pies20: There it is
Catatafish: Get on the ground Sidearse
TheLegend6: Pies are the only team that could beat geelong
frenzy: and don’t call me Surley, Lol
beerent11: Can?t give good teams a start. Dorkers were fortunate they were playing dogs last week.
Ash777: what about sydney?
TheLegend6: Sydney won’t be able to beat geelong in melbourne
beerent11: Ff chat is so much more pleasant when SuperCoach is finished.
bhg26: We beat Melbourne in Melbourne twice and beat Geelong this year
Ash777: Sydney have played their best at mcg
MrWalrus: Brodie TOG low, FFS Brayshaw, never again!
TheLegend6: Melbourne also beat Brisbane 3 weeks ago by 10 goals. Finals is a different ball game.
Pies20: Holding???
MrWalrus: You mean when degoey flattened a bloke without the ball?
Pies20: Pretty sure rule book page 16 the ginivan free never pay
bhg26: Which is why we won a finals game away legend against the reigning premiers
pcaman2003: Freo is playing crap. Too many silly turnovers
TheLegend6: Good luck then bhg, you’re going to need it (if you get past collingwood)
MrWalrus: It says he was a blatant ducker and player for frees so now he gets no benefit of the doubt
bhg26: You also underestimate how many swans fans turn up to Melbourne games
Pies20: If he plays for your team you guys would be ropeable
pcaman2003: bhg26. I think it will be you guys and Cats in the GF.
MrWalrus: Nope, can’t stand full blown floppers, Ginnivan is in a class of his own
Manowar: Looks like Sydney get a free pass into the GF
MrWalrus: Freo have been bad tonight, worst game of the finals so far comfortably
Pies20: Haha manowar been to a finals game lately???
Yelse: Don’t think pies have allowed free to play walrus
fruity: can see why the cats let Clarke go…useless..
Tangent: Collingwood will get gifted a GF if Brisbane beat Geelong. AFL need a VIC team in the GF.
beerent11: Nah
beerent11: That stuff doesn?t really happen
Pies20: Tangent really?? Muppet call that 1 remember syd v eagles gfs.??
MrWalrus: True Yelse but on top of that they’ve been subjectively & objectively bad
frenzy: 4 goals in 3 Qtrs aint gunna win many finals
Ash777: and lions vs port
beerent11: And philosophically walrus
bhg26: Yeah 16 and 17 years ago pies
thesilentl: @mrwalrus r u ok mate? How sad is your life you spend every weekend spewing anti pies nonsense?
beerent11: Hypothetically and comparatively
thesilentl: It’s relentless, maybe go outside and have a week off
beerent11: Spiritually, practically.
Pies20: Ok bhg it’s rigged for a Melbourne team has to make the gf no matter what hahha jeez conspiracy 🙄
original: Freo killed in the middle and Brodie least game time
bhg26: I?m just saying your example isn?t very good if you are bringing up grand finals 17 years ago lol
Yelse: how about we take one game at a time peeps
Pies20: Would be more focusing on that stupid comment from tangent than my example mate
navy_blues: i think noble is under rated footballer very creative
bhg26: Ooh youre fun pies
Yelse: my worry is the SCG small ground pies can’t use their speed
Pies20: Do you want to organise a play date bhg?
beerent11: As unlikeable as big mason can be. His teammates love him.
Ash777: swans licking their lips
bhg26: Whose house would we be going to hypothetically?
Yelse: ash pretty sure the swans would have preferred to play freo
Pies20: Dogs licking there wounds still ash??
navy_blues: at leaast u know pies has no teeth bhg lol
Yelse: maynard been unsighted most of game
beerent11: Game on!
LuvIt74: The only Pies that will show us GF day will be four & Twenty
beerent11: Licking their balls pies?
Ash777: swans are best against attacking sides
beerent11: Game off
Social: licking their great northern tinnies, who tf drinks that sheet
Pies20: 17th to a prelim in a year unheard of well done pies, 🤣beer
pcaman2003: Freo performing like Jetstar tonight. Very flowering ordinary.
beerent11: Saw that. Million dollar a year player with great northern on his shoulder.
fruity: Pack your bags Logue…North awaits..
navy_blues: and acres to us
Pies20: Exciting destination fruity 🙄
MrWalrus: Buckley must have been just a woefully bad coach
Social: I think it says more about your old coach Pies
fruity: Yes now that we have Clarko…
frenzy: we are cashed up to the eyeballs pies2
Pies20: Is he playing coach fruity??
Yelse: honestly speaking pies defence build from bucks and mcrae has added flare and attack and speed
thesilentl: @mrwalrus still going? Get a life
Pies20: Prelim next year maybe fruity??
fruity: Only if he was needed…lol
frenzy: we can pay millions to very ordinary players
fruity: Pies20… if the pies can do it from 17th anything is achievable.
MrWalrus: Oh, hi silent my special guy x
Pies20: Absolutely but unfortunately you guys won’t
bhg26: Again, how did walrus get a spud before silent
Pies20: Pies home bring on next week nothing to lose
fruity: hahaha
navy_blues: was just gonna ask monty when silent gets his spud
Pies20: Thiuugjt
thesilentl: @bhg26 based on your chat you’d be odds on for next spud
Pies20: Bhg i nomi
beerent11: Cheers mr Mundy. Fantastic career.
bhg26: What have I said tonight that would get me a spud silent
Grimes Jr: Well done pies. Worst side to make a prelim in years. Hats off to fly macrae
MrWalrus: Indeed beer, a real freo & afl legend.
bhg26: You okay Pies?
Pies20: Bhg thought you would have definitely qualified for spud this season with ya syd umpire comments during gae
MrWalrus: Well bhg you have said a few mean but true things about the pies, apparently that’s enough
Pies20: Games
Yelse: @ grimes what makes them the worst side ?
NickyD: Who would’ve thought, from 17th to a preliminaryship
Social: Pies get to plat at the MCG again next week right?
thesilentl: @mrwalrus it’d be fine if it wasn’t 100 times a game every game if the year. Get a life
Grimes Jr: Just look at the players on the team sheet pies
pcaman2003: Gr8 career D Mundy. one of the nicest players and a champion. Good luck!
MrWalrus: Statistics Yelse, and the eye test
thesilentl: Imagine thinking that’s an insult Grimes jnr, you shoukd have walruses spud just for that
bhg26: Type with your fingers pies, not your face
Pies20: Grimes muppet
Amare: Pies don’t win a flag…good as 17th still
NickyD: Freo no good at the MCG in finals. Much better at Kardinia Park.
Grimes Jr: I back u bhg. To be expected with pies fans
beerent11: Nope swans in Sydney I think social.
MrWalrus: Lol silent, I do so love your lack of self awareness
frenzy: front row seat for next week , Lol
TheFlagger: boo
Grimes Jr: Up the swans
Pies20: Go you pies!!!
TheFlagger: average side going pretty well ay haha
navy_blues: lol frenzy
beerent11: And with that I ask.. why is Brodie?s tog so low?
NickyD: GrimesJr’s team lost again tonight.
pcaman2003: Pies only by 20 in the finish. Doesn’t impress me much with Freo being so terrible.
Social: Thanks beer, but I’m pretty sure that’s unfair to pies so against AFL policy
beerent11: Just for you bhg
Grimes Jr: Haha pies probs miss 8 next year lol
bhg26: Don?t know what the deal is with that beer
Pies20: Haha grimes you
Yelse: teams have won premiership and missed finals next year grimes
Pies20: Muppet
Pies20: Can’t wait for your play by play commentary next week 🙄
Pies20: Bhf

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