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Chat log from EF of 2022: Melbourne vs Sydney

Chat log for Melbourne vs Sydney, EF of 2022

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ReggieOz: Go Dees!
navy_blues: watched rest of last nights game today well done lions!!!!!! great effort
navy_blues: poor grimes getting beat by a “average” team as he would say lol
thommoae: 8thmond.
J.Worrall: Go Dees Indeedsy, Reggie
thommoae: ARC aside, Lynch knew he’d blown that last ‘goal’; body language.
frenzy: howdy
J.Worrall: Inclined to agree. Thommo
TheFlagger: wouldnt say that any evidence was conclusive enough to overturn
PAFC4eva: monyts twitter feed clearly shows a point
PAFC4eva: monty
m0nty: indeed
SALAH: Let’s go Swans!
J.Worrall: actually … m0nty …
FinlaySON: How good is this lads, nice and peaceful without the Richmond sooks!
MrWalrus: Really?
MrWalrus: Look at the lip from the relegation club
FinlaySON: watch them all come out of the woodwork if the pies lose lol
FinlaySON: blow in fans so pathetic
MrWalrus: and previous clubhouse leader in being the laughing stock of the AFL
thesilentl: @mrwalrus tough luck last night, just beaten by a better side on the night
pcaman2003: Evening all! Go Swannies! Hope this is as good as last nights cracker.
TheFlagger: always next year
FinlaySON: bit touchy walrus, just pretend lynch could manage to kick a goal from 2m out lol
TheFlagger: why arent they tagging oliver
thesilentl: I’d be touchy
navy_blues: had to laugh at dimma wants to get rid of review system now but likes it when it worked in their favour
Bart Man: tiges shouldnt have been in finals to start with, cant even beat norf
MrWalrus: Nah I’m fine, Just looking forward to some good finals footy and a non Victorian team premiership
Tig_Bitty: Daniherrrrrrr
MrWalrus: Also really confused why blues fans haven’t just ended themselves
Bart Man: seeing richmond get embarrassed last night gave a new lease on life
navy_blues: at least walrus fronts up not like the rest that only turn up when winning
pcaman2003: Still gobsmacked Neale not tagged.H
MrWalrus: I mean it’s Tigers fans that are supposed to be the worst but it seems we can’t claim that one anymore either
FinlaySON: might be another 35 years of irrelevance for you boys walrus, maybe ask them for some tips?
Catatafish: Piss of Rowarse
Tig_Bitty: good point navy, where is the rest of the inbreds?
TheFlagger: parker has been huge
MrWalrus: Perhaps you have some tips Finny? A Melbourne supporter ought to know of long periods of irrelevance
FinlaySON: Would be a good point if I was a Melbourne supporter 😉
MrWalrus: Parker is a beast, if he played for a big Melbourne team the media wouldn’t stop talking about him
SALAH: Parker > Cripps for sure
MrWalrus: Sad finny, just sad.
circle52: Which Non Melbourne are you supporting now MrWalrus
Yelse: not a good start for my multi with brayshaw need most disposals
FinlaySON: Do we think clarke gives up number 4 for dusty next year?
SALAH: We’re not signing Dusty
MrWalrus: I really like how the swans go about it actually, they play some great footy
Social: Bud up to his old hawthorn tricks, not honest footy
MrWalrus: I mean not right now obviously….
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Steven May, what were you thinking!
TheFlagger: gotta love papley
FinlaySON: Social would have thought 2008 was pretty honest footy
Torz: Get a kick Brayshaw
Social: Haha exactly FinlaySON
pcaman2003: FinlaySON. Absolutely!
pcaman2003: Keep it up Swans. Nice goal Millsy.
Hazza09: What?s happened to Trac?
pcaman2003: Geez! There’s some super soft frees happening here.
Badgerbadg: just let them play umpires? ffs
Social: Trac is shot
pcaman2003: Social. He’s on the ground
TheFlagger: petty unreal tonight
Social: Watch him try to run though
Catatafish: Seriously, try to be more of a spectator Heeney
pcaman2003: May is flogging Buddy good and proper.
pcaman2003: If Heeney, Franklin and Warner started playing,then Swans would be much better than this.
navy_blues: like the way dylan stephens is playing
duckky: Oliver doing it all by himself
navy_blues: lucky free there tho
Catatafish: Swans done very well considering their kick it to May strategy. Bold move, Cotton
navy_blues: gulden took 2 steps
poolboybob: Kind of shocking that a player as bad as Melksham gets so many games for a very good team
duckky: It is a different standard of umpiring for the finals…
pcaman2003: Another game of ping pong just like last night. Lots of lead changes.
duckky: May seems to be having a bad one
duckky: But the umpires are having a worse one
Ash777: wtf game you watching? May in the next best after piggy
MrWalrus: C’mon swans
pcaman2003: Keep it going Swans.
Social: woah how do you get cans to drink from at the G?
Social: Does anyone understand the deal about Swans wearing South guernseys in Vicco?
pcaman2003: poolboybob. Maybe Melksham will get delisted. He’s useless as TOAB.
TheFlagger: warner needs to step up
beerent11: Melksham is obviously playing a defensive forward role. Some players have to sacrifice for the team.
Social: clearly not
Catatafish: Does Heeney have temporary blindness?
Social: Swans definitely more composed right now
Social: Get some tetts ya ‘kwit
navy_blues: harmes took eyes off the ball holiday time
pcaman2003: Swans pressure acts are enormous.
Social: VAR right again
poolboybob: Melksham is so bad
Social: he’s a bomber alright
poolboybob: Potato icon time
TheFlagger: stephens has been really good
navy_blues: hickey very important 2nd half
beerent11: Tough side the swans
pcaman2003: Melksham! What a muppet. Lol!
Social: love love love Melksham
Yelse: cmon dees what are you doing u stuffed it up
beerent11: Been great navy
poolboybob: Oliver having to do too much himself
sfenda1: oliver one man show
Social: imahine the end of season trip with May and Melksham
Badgerbadg: i?d rather Hasbulla in the forward line than Jake Mellsham?
pcaman2003: Think that might be game over. Hearing fat lady in the distance.
TheFlagger: who do sydney play next?
beerent11: If they win they get a week off
Social: dogs or freo or collingwood or geelong flagger
beerent11: Week one of the finals always the best weekend of footy for the year
TheFlagger: yea the week after the week off i mean.
navy_blues: melb will beat bris next week
TheFlagger: ah got it
pcaman2003: Is Franklin playing? May getting everything.
Social: Bud does not like the hard ball
Crave: Oliver gawn and may vs Sydney
Social: Swans prelim should be at the MCG, it holds more people
frenzy: go swans
navy_blues: gee heeney has fumbled the ball a lot tonight
beerent11: Nice trolling social. Cats finals should all be there too.
m0nty: too early for that kind of salt Social
Crave: Don’t have a terrible oval maybe then you might have a point
beerent11: Bit worrying for the other sides that swans win in Melbourne wit a quit buddy and heeney.
Social: round = cricket, oval = footy
beerent11: *quiet
bhg26: Up the bloods

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