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Chat log from P2 of 2022: Fremantle vs West Coast

Chat log for Fremantle vs West Coast, P2 of 2022

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PJ39301965: This will be interesting with the amount of eagles injured players
kascadev8: few to look at here
2Ph0nes: brodie, serong only
2Ph0nes: and Darcy
NewFreoFan: And maybe Chapmna
m0nty: Darcy monstering Williams
TheLegend6: I like Serong but he’s gonna have games where he’ll be out early with bigger cuts than this
NewFreoFan: Serong another year or two I think for consistent scoring
PJ39301965: Nic nays tog will be interesting to see if it?s improved
TheLegend6: @newfreofan why isn’t Tucker playing?
NewFreoFan: Not sure but I’m not unhappy, bit of a downhill skiier. Think they’re keen to see how Crowden goes with the role change
DrSeuss: Eyes on Brodie, Ryan and Serong?
NewFreoFan: Luke Ryan another possibility, with Pearce Logue and Hamling he can stop trying to play as a key defender
kascadev8: ryan owernership ready to rocket
cmperrfect: Brodie gotta be a lock for Rnd1
original: Walters was a speculative pick in draft..
beerent11: Big on chapman this year
NewFreoFan: Sonny’s best is long behind him sadly
rupertmarn: Get Patrick Naish on
original: Bench option for fwdline is a real struggle in draft. Might have to go SOS
NewFreoFan: Only doubt on Chapman is his shoulder, kept him out a bit last year
beerent11: Slow down Chapman. Low profile preferred.
NewFreoFan: well, a lot, not a bit
mattmac24: Fyfe and Tucker coming back will hurt Brodie
beerent11: Only need him to get to about rnd 8 new freo.
2Ph0nes: darcy taking the piss
beerent11: Gotta take this freo side with a grain of salt. Played Claremont the last two weeks.
bhg26: Anyone still taking Darcy? powertake
m0nty: Cox on Dixon
NewFreoFan: Pretty bruise free footy, not many stoppages for either ruck to score
Ash777: Tom Joyce? same one delisted from gc. not named in SC for some reason.
Ash777: nevermind he’s a ex-lion
beerent11: Banfield a sneaky mid priced fwd.
mattmac24: I don’t believe Tom Joyce is actually on their list, currently only training with them in hopes to gain a list spot.
Hazza09: Brodie ownership going to sky rocket
Ash777: witherden gone
dabombers: Brodie will fit nicely at F6/F7. Now how do I get both Jelly and Telly in??
mattmac24: Will Brodie even play with Fyfe and Tucker back in?
kascadev8: here we go, time to look at naish
Torz: Brodie was always a lock
beerent11: Bit of recency bias there dabombers
sfenda1: sps tearing it up in new colours
dabombers: @beerent11.. I’m pretty sure form is the definition of recency bias, not 5 years ago or unknown future..
beerent11: Yep

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