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Chat log from P2 of 2022: Adelaide vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Adelaide vs Port Adelaide, P2 of 2022

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DEESareSAD: I think you are missing rachelle
PAFC4eva: and sinn
exatekk: Hi all
PAFC4eva: both in now
hinsch: No Skinner for Port today, my SC rookies are looking sick so far
PAFC4eva: butts on the board monty
m0nty: Dorsal on Butts, a biological matchup
PowerBug: skinner was never going to play AFL. He’s a long way back in the pecking order
hinsch: why didn’t Mitchell play for Hawks today
m0nty: Seedsman concussion means Hinge is a serious option
PAFC4eva: mitchell rested
m0nty: Mitchell and JOM both sore from last week according to the coach
PAFC4eva: looks like rozees turn to tempt us
exatekk: never again PAFC
PAFC4eva: brilliant 1 week missing next 4
navy_blues: u would ti k ports mids would dominate this game but not happening
navy_blues: think
PAFC4eva: thought you were on tik tok then navy
Ash777: I dont like the look of sinn getting into that backline
navy_blues: never lol
DEESareSAD: Isn?t Murray #28
NewFreoFan: what windy hole is this game being played at
PAFC4eva: richmond oval west adelaides home ground
Fatbar5tad: Richmond Oval. Great ground. Westies barbie is brilliant and youre close enough to feel the hits.
PAFC4eva: great bar to watch footy
NewFreoFan: yeah I think the bar sounds better than those concrete steps, my back aches looking at them
Fatbar5tad: One of my favourite SANFL Grounds. Used to live in Albert Street right behind it.
exatekk: LOL i was just thinking the same New
PAFC4eva: barrack for the bloods fatbar?
navy_blues: ROB working into this
Ash777: ROB has been my r2 lock from the beginning.
Fatbar5tad: No mate im Leggies. Know a few Westies blokes.
PAFC4eva: hate the legs ever since 82 gf
Fatbar5tad: You can keep ROB Ash. Youll hit your head on that low ceiling.
Fatbar5tad: Why do you hate us for beating Glenelg!
PAFC4eva: sorry 84 choose to forget
Ooost: Crouch 😀
PAFC4eva: crouch must have afl fantasy not so sure sc
Ash777: Sinn playing forward.
Fatbar5tad: Rachelle looks the goods
navy_blues: 7 tackles and 2 goals
StuL: Well, you’ve made a long journey from Milan to Minsk Rachele Rachele
2Ph0nes: Hayes looks like a spud
Gandhi: 18 hitouts from 41% TOG isn’t at all spud for a ruck that hasn’t even played a game yet
don key: whos the better option do you think rozee or butters?
TheFlagger: butters for sure
PAFC4eva: think butters a bit more reliable
TheFlagger: will sinn or mead play rd 1? and is hinge a good replacement for coleman
don key: hard to see sinn play ft lots of stars in their backline
StuL: It’s fickle and cuthroat flagger. No Sinn or Mead for me.
don key: thought jase burgoyne may have played today is he injured?
TheFlagger: o’driscoll not named for tomorrows game. rookie defenders are so thin.might go 4 premo def + hewett and hinge

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