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Chat log from R23 of 2022: Port Adelaide vs Adelaide

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Adelaide, R23 of 2022

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wadaramus: Arrogant and entitled, yes sir!
wadaramus: Never tear up our tarps
wadaramus: Never tear up your tarps!
Gotigres: 150 please capt Laird
wadaramus: McHenry you absolute hack.
Gotigres: Hi wada. Looks like just you and me
Pavs: Great start Reilly O
Ash777: got ROB & Wines as uniques
wadaramus: Yeah, not many in for the showdown Gotigres.
frenzy: Im always here, Lol
wadaramus: G’day frenzy.
pcaman2003: I’m lurking in the background.
original: always
original: was too scared to go laird capt
bushranger: Laird vice for me. Hi everyone
Dredd: 62% TOG!! Wtf.. get Laird back on the fkn ground
Gotigres: Get going Dawson
pcaman2003: Put the Cn on Dawson. Why not I say.
frenzy: fortune favours the brave original
Ash777: should of captained ROB
original: frenzy my match up playing it safe is the right option atm, im ahead so might be able to simply take the safe 118 oli
Gotigres: 3 more qtrs like that please Laird
frenzy: good luck original
wadaramus: How good is AFL umpiring…
Tangent: I’m willing to bet my life that Fogarty will win multiple coleman medals
sfenda1: would you bet laird being snubbed for all australian Tangent?
original: Going to miss you Tangent
Baldfrog: R.I.P Tangent gone before his time
pcaman2003: Poor Tangent. I knew him well.
Raspel31: Earth to Houston?
frenzy: why is Keays so showerhouse now
Baldfrog: Been moved to HF Frenzy
beerent11: Hopefully Houston gets a rocket at ht
beerent11: Get it? Rocket?
frenzy: 15 tons ,9 in a row and pear shaped, Baldfrog
thommoae: Oh, I get it. Thanks, beer.
Baldfrog: Slow night in Denmark Beer?
beerent11: Always baldy
original: i come for the sc scores but stay for the jokes, thanks beerent
Ash777: the country or the town?
beerent11: The town in this country
Baldfrog: I know Frenzy I have him as well
Grimes Jr: Rory laird is a sneak Brownlow bet at 34$
Ash777: lol I live in albs
Baldfrog: I live in Iron Knob
Catatafish: I need Merrett to fuck off and Laird to go 150+
beerent11: Well howdy neighbouroony
original: laird into 26 with SB
pcaman2003: Dawson off to a good start,now having a mare. Just one more struggling premo.
beerent11: Reckon 2023 will be the year of rozee
frenzy: cmon Rory get a touch
Spifflicat: Pca he?s had 19 possies, hardly a mare
pcaman2003: 5 clangers 57DE and on 56 pts is a mare for a premo in my book. Just my opinion only.
Ash777: where amon off to?
Pavs: Thought I heard the Bulldogs were interested Ash
Catatafish: Someone KO Willem Deflog
Ash777: Heard nothing about Amon to dogs.
Jukes82: calm down you muppet
m0nty: Amon to Hawks
Pavs: Nope Carlton, Melbourne, StKilda, Hawthorn interested. Soz
bigpens: We say Amon to St Kilda
Spifflicat: Amon to Giants, for Taranto and 1st round pick
Ash777: Probably go to hawks with wingard there.
Ash777: amon is a RFA spliff
Pavs: One more quarter the same Reilly O. Would be unstoppable if he could mark a few.
Dredd: Pls hit your proj. Laird.. pls
Spifflicat: I was taking the piss
Ash777: lol streaker and they just show the bench
wadaramus: Pathetic effort Adelaide…
wadaramus: Totally outplayed.
pcaman2003: Wake Dawson up Wada. He was on 52 at half time and done SFA since.
PAFC4eva: to arrogant and entitled wada
wadaramus: Blame th coach for playing him too deep the dumb cunt.
pcaman2003: I thought Dawson would kill it against PA. How wrong I was. Disappointing game from him.
wadaramus: Fuck the shit umpiring.
wadaramus: In the back is deplorable.
wadaramus: Umpiring has far to big an impact on the game.
beerent11: Butters and rozee giving me a nice lead in my draft gf. Go boys!
pcaman2003: Go Beer! It’s rare for both go bananas together like this.
beerent11: Great career for Robbie gray. Champion.
pcaman2003: Be nice to see him go out scoring a ton.
frenzy: could you find any more junk Wines
LuvIt74: Adelaide sure are a very ordinary side.. Once Laird goes they have big shoes to fill.
pcaman2003: Dawson spuds it in his last game. 24pt 2nd half not good enough. Score flatters him from terrible disposals.
PAFC4eva: fantastic career robbie enjoy your retirement ledgend
Ash777: hope O’Brien wins things for me
PAFC4eva: legend
pcaman2003: Well done Robbie. A real champion player.

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