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Chat log from R23 of 2022: North Melbourne vs Gold Coast

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Gold Coast, R23 of 2022

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original: For the first time this year real happy if miller is low
bhg26: Bloody fast moving game this one
bhg26: Touk? tf is this?
original: Witts bro wtf
Dredd: stay low miller.. lions already ruined my weekend, dont make supercoach ruin it more..
Hazza09: Ffs Touk
Yelse: the way touk C going should have taken ollie last night 115 ffs
hinsch: I will need 180 plus Touk old mate.
bhg26: wouldnt mind that either hinsch
Hazza09: Ofcourse Touk was going to do this today
DrSeuss: I would be happy with 100 from Touk at this rate.
DrSeuss: Touk back to not tackling again it seems?
Hazza09: Absolute disaster Suess
DrSeuss: Yep – now outscored by Rowell who has 4 less possessions. What a week for it
Hazza09: Just handed my opponent a GF
original: Thanks Witt?s for destroying my sc year
bhg26: Can touk have that game where he scored 160 in 3 quarters?
bhg26: Imagine fucking tagging this game, they?re taking the piss now
Hazza09: Can?t believe this Touk
DrSeuss: Where have all these douchebag taggers come from in the last 4 weeks ffs
Urbs: Touk been unsighted enough where the Taylor tag wasn’t very obvious heh
Dredd: 100% Seuss.. back to this aids
DrSeuss: First gamer with more possessions than you Touk – weak af
pcaman2003: This season has been full of uncertainties. Might be tough again next year too. Good luck!
MrWalrus: Geez LDU is good, has a game compatible with winning brownlows
original: Ggf miller stay low
Catatafish: Piss off Witts
Pavs: First Brayshaw now Witts stop scoring now
Manowar: Clarkson having second thoughts?
original: Stop touk
Pavs: If Clarko is having second thoughts he need only watch the GWS game. The right decision was made
Ash777: Stay low witts lol.
Catatafish: Take the rest of the game off Wittsy
Ash777: what are they counting down in the crowd lol
pcaman2003: Catafish. Lol! I thought he took it off at the beginning of the game.
MrWalrus: Nice work ruining Goater for next year, had the ingredients for being a favourite rook, good game great name
Catatafish: Need all the help I can get pcaman
navy_blues: love to see ess win tonight and hawks tomorrow
pcaman2003: Catafish. How are you going so far?
thommoae: What’sat mean, Pavs? He didn’t want live in beautiful Sinney, so said he.
Ash777: Looks like Macrae is going to be captain
Catatafish: Gawn didn’t help and Spud Adams dropping Hall means I have Hinge. Going average. You?
MrWalrus: Roos are going to be good, Clarkson gets some fair talent to coach.
pcaman2003: navy. Love the sentiments for tomorrow,but Hawks uphill against WB. Might be a job for the Voodoo doll. Hehe!
thommoae: Why was Hall dropped? Run over the coach’s cat?
navy_blues: in tassie hard to beat
Catatafish: No idea thommo
original: Swallow had a great second half of the year
pcaman2003: Catafish. I was out after last week.
Ash777: Got Goldy & McDonald as POD’s
DrSeuss: I had the same question Thommoae – strange decision.
navy_blues: why ash? wheres bont?
DrSeuss: Ellis stuck to the bench or injured?
MrWalrus: Thom I expect he is not the future & will be delisted, games in kids is the plan from here
Ash777: Never got him.
original: Witts hit to advantages not as high scoring as other rucks..
navy_blues: ok sry thought u were talking bout dogs not your sc team
thommoae: Hall de-listed? Now that would be a gold-plated own goal, MrW. Can’t see it – but … he was dropped.
Catatafish: Always next year pca, I doubt I’ll get get up this week
MrWalrus: He’s too old for next flag tilt & doesn’t add leadership like Cunners/Goldy

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