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Chat log from R19 of 2022: Carlton vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Carlton vs Western Sydney, R19 of 2022

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navy_blues: hi all
bhg26: navy
Pavs: Afternoon all
navy_blues: that was mark to young
PAFC4eva: watch preuss go huge now everybody got rid of him except me:)
navy_blues: omg
Social: Go Sammy my little POD
pcaman2003: Wehr is going to tackle his way to a good score.
Napper: Wehr underscored. 4 tackles haven?t been added to his SuperCoach score only DT score
pcaman2003: Napper. They’re showing on my page. A clanger dropped his score back to 14pts.
PAFC4eva: cmon blues beat this rabble
Social: Mackay’s matched last week’s effort already
Pavs: Cripps need to work on his skills
a1trader: good game to watch so far
Social: Cripps should have gone the banana
bc__: Cripps no points.for his tackle and contested hb
damoj88: What are the logos next to Lloyd? Boomerang?
Pavs: Wasn’t really a tackle bc arms up and handballed away instantly
Pavs: Brackets damo playing on Mitch McGovern
damoj88: Thanks Pavs
DrSeuss: The one week that I have an opponent with Saad.
circle52: Off the pine Docherty
Pavs: Saad looking good Seuss, Unfortunately for you
bhg26: Not loving this game so far doc, chop chop
DrSeuss: Haven?t played an opponent with Saad all year – just the way it goes.
circle52: I have Doc and opponnent Saad so will drop further in the contest
DrSeuss: Yes – Docherty and Saad seem to have switched fantasy averages for the week
Catatafish: Yep, Doc is my unique also – of course.
m0nty: my fault, I brought Doch in this week
DrSeuss: Hopefully GWS move a tag onto Saad if he is giving them all that run out of defense
Urbs: Damn it monty
pcaman2003: Was looking at getting Doc or Stewart next week. Might stay with Stewart now.
bhg26: Damnit m0nty why would you do that to us
bhg26: Good that means theyll both suck pcaman good thinking
DrSeuss: Too much run from Saad will also mean not enough setting up play via Docherty I imagine
pcaman2003: byg26. Lol! Stewart nice and fresh will kill it hopefully.
feralmong: Bruhn, Hopper and Taranto will look great in Yellow and Black.
navy_blues: ump calls advantage then recalls it lol
pcaman2003: Nice goal young Jacob.
feralmong: some important games for the blues navy, cannot drop one like the Tiges
navy_blues: true feral i love my blues but a realist also carlton still arent winning enough qtrs go to sleep for half a game
bhg26: Would like more from captain walsh
MrWalrus: I think I saw tiges 2nd most quarters won & blues like 14th, it’s the end result that counts though
feralmong: still a good year for the blues by their own standards plus injuries
feralmong: and you can probably count on the Tiges to mess it up so you stay in the 8 lol
Catatafish: Thanks Doc.. and piss off Wehr
navy_blues: sure i agree but next step is mixing it and beating melb gee and bris think this year will learn a lot
nbartos: freo in that boat too navy
navy_blues: good for the comp too if 10-12 teams genuinely going for 8 spots
MrWalrus: Agree navy, there’s not a team, even norf, I can’t see potentially being in the mix in a couple years time
bhg26: Oh fuck me walsh
Pavs: Inside ankle thats not great
bc__: No Robin now. No excuses for Batman
beerent11: Looked like the outside of the ankle on the replay. May not be too bad
bhg26: Im sorry for going different with my captaincy but fuck me
MrWalrus: Hehe, brackets,, one of the best nicknames ever.
Wahab_18: Go away Taranto 🙁
dipstick: cross for wlsh. he is smoked for the next month it looks
Wahab_18: And you too cogs ffs
dipstick: *walsh
pcaman2003: Where ,oh where R U Wehr?
beerent11: Outside ankle, fine
MrWalrus: How unlucky for Walsh, I don’t even have him in my team
mattmac24: Walsh all good or no?
Pavs: About time Doc
Catatafish: Come on Doc, just 20 more effective kicks..
beerent11: Good mattmac. Back on
MrWalrus: Doc could post something respectable yet, especially if blues stay a few in front
nbartos: walsh important
Pavs: Bit of seagulling at the end Walrus
MrWalrus: Lloyd is the seagull but only Doc can go full albatross, best since Bowden
nbartos: joel bowden haha blast from the past
Torz: Walsh? new titanium ankle goes alright
DrSeuss: Himmelberg not getting many touches lately but SC still climbing.
dipstick: cmon pitrick crapps. nice big ton please
Pavs: All that kicking in the backline where is Doc playing these days
DrSeuss: Saad taking all of Doc?s kicks it seems.
Pavs: Cripps never again
pcaman2003: Wehr got given a clanger, yet couldn’t see one committed. Come on CD. Get your act together.
beerent11: Himmel is helping make up for my forgetting to put wehr on field for Hewitt.
pcaman2003: beerent. Himmelberg having a huge year. Unfortunately don’t have him
nbartos: ol Rocklobster wasnt a bad seagull either Walrus
beerent11: Got on him early pcaman. About the only thing I got right this year.
Catatafish: Himmel is scoring insanely well in defence. I’ll give you a heads up beer if I bring him in haha
pcaman2003: I won’t bring Himmel in cos I’ll break him for everyone else.
Catatafish: Same here pca. Nearly every defender this year has screwed me one way or another. Touch of death.
mattmac24: Carlton’s biggest weakness is how much they love kicking around the corner for set shots.
thommoae: Wietringf and Saad popping up everywhere Doc usually is. Can’t even see him at present.
pcaman2003: Catafish. Still scratching my head I’m still 2nd in my league. Feels like I did a lot worse.
Pavs: On the bench thommoae
bhg26: Of course as soon as i get rid of cripps, fuck off
DrSeuss: Docherty needs to go back for some kick to kick for 20 minutes
pcaman2003: F me! Wehr was 54 at half time. Now he spuds it!
beerent11: Bhg I downgraded Cripps to danger two weeks ago after danger went 95, 115 to free up cash.
beerent11: Now danger is 60% tog and scoring 30?s. Serves me right.
Catatafish: Yeah pca, about the same here. Defenders have cost me dearly this year.
DrSeuss: Himmelberg a bit of kick to kick for you as well lad – big finish please
bhg26: I mean i brought in chad who got 110, but kinda wanted crippa to keep his shower form hes had the last month
Catatafish: Although Doc has likely lost me this week. Always the defenders
pcaman2003: GWS have lost the plot and fallen apart.
Torz: Doc has put the cape on
MrWalrus: Doc gone nuts in AF, SC not so much
bhg26: Come on walsh do something
LuvIt74: Catfish ya cant get rid of Docherty mate… He may still score 75 or 80
pcaman2003: Ctafish. Hoping Hewett back next week to strengthen backline
Catatafish: Luvit, I didn’t say getting rid of him. Just said he may have cost me this week.
MrWalrus: Doc must be 40+AF &15SC, is he just kicking footys into the crowd for laughs?
Catatafish: Yep pca. Come on Doc, seagull more
pcaman2003: Wehr has 1 touch this half. My bench players this year have been very unpredictable. More than usual.
DrSeuss: Piss off Saad – get off the bench Cripps
Fizzy343: doc did nothing all game then junked hows his score surprising, hows his score
bhg26: No why are you on the bench again, you were on for 5 minutes
pcaman2003: Damn you Wehr. Just got a touch and HB straight to opposition. Go away!
amigaman: De Koning shat himself
MrWalrus: Because you still get to score in the 4th quarter if you get you touches then junk or not
bhg26: oh well, its more fun owning chad than cripps anyway
Pavs: Vossy needs to talk to Crippa No Kicking ever just handball
dipstick: cmon blues. top 4 here we come. and stillain playing our best yet by far
MrWalrus: As w Docherty owner I feel ripped off by that last quarter’s SC scoring, well done bloos

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