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Chat log from R19 of 2022: Port Adelaide vs Geelong

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Geelong, R19 of 2022

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bc__: Inxs thing Still embarrassing
zadolinnyj: Correct
wadaramus: Holding scarves above your head and singing is for English Football.
frenzy: its about incest yeah, never tell us apart
zadolinnyj: Lol Frenzy
Pantsman: Amon muppet
navy_blues: never tear us apart thought it was
wadaramus: Never tear up our tarps?
zadolinnyj: Yep tarps but Finn of the incest call
zadolinnyj: Fan
wadaramus: Danger having a real impact on the game, he knows how to play this ground well.
SadBlueBoi: Butters please keep going, repay my faith in keeping you
Ninty: Still obsessed about the ex wada
royboy16: yep Ninty, when she does that thing, just like that, and all the memories come flooding back
navy_blues: omg you muppet cameron
wadaramus: OK, I admit still a tad bitter…
Ninty: Not a bad passage of play on cue
zadolinnyj: I think danger left the right way. Wanting to have a kid and be close to parents. Disappointed but not bitter
Hazza09: Keep going Burgoyne
wadaramus: I still booed him zado.
DrSeuss: Of course my league opponent has Burgoyne
Dredd: Might play Burgoyne instead of Cripps at this rate.. good start
Ninty: A lot more would have had Burgoyne if he wasn?t sub last week 😩
original: Cmon butter boy
Hazza09: Clarry, Neale or Touk C tonight? Can?t decide
Raspel31: Hard Hazza- Clarry for mine.
wadaramus: I’m toying with Miller VC, not sure though.
wadaramus: If choosing C, i would most likely go Oliver.
pcaman2003: Nice first half Burgers. Do it all again in the 2nd. 🙂
Hazza09: Burgoyne covering for Hewitt at the moment
TheOnyas: Onya Closey
duckky: What a coincidence. Stanley gets a knock to the knee and the medi-sub just happens to be a ruck
thommoae: What are you saying, duckky? That Stanley was having a mare and they ‘managed’ him out?
frenzy: on top of their game Duckky
Stu7: Off the bench wines & Boak
duckky: Just sick of the medi-sub being abused. IMO, any player subbed out shouldn’t be allowed to play the week after.
thommoae: Knee injury.’Abused’ is when a player is not up to it; hardly Stanley tonight!
wadaramus: Splutters looking groggy.
royboy16: like ythe Tiges last night – sub the big backman who has cramps (not an injury) and put on some pace in the last bit
wadaramus: Supposed to be 12 days duckky.
duckky: I’ll run nude around my suburban block if Stanley doesn’t play next week thommoae
duckky: 12 days only for confirmed concussion. Over 60% of players subbed out play the next week.
wadaramus: The medisub has been a farce since the AFL introduced it. How many bench players do you really need?
thommoae: You’re on. (But tell me, don’t show me.)
pcaman2003: You still there Burgers? Stop hiding!
wadaramus: How often do you see gun players waiting to get back on but can’t?
wadaramus: If yhey rest forward they can get back in the middle fast, that’s how it used to be done!
Hazza09: Burgoyne has gone home, that was enough for him
navy_blues: dont tell me cats gonna choke
wadaramus: Modern rotations are counter productive.
bc__: Cant pick butters till his body matures. He”s bamby out there each week. Joke
pcaman2003: Hazza09. Think you’re right. Don’t think he’s seen it this qtr.
Baldfrog: Ninty must have a twitchy sphincty by now
wadaramus: Dangerspud.
Raspel31: Thanks for taking Houston out Burgoyne- sheesh.
pcaman2003: SDK has no clue against big Dix.
beerent11: Resting forward isn?t like the old days. They don?t rest. They?re expected to pressure the defence and work hard.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Burgoyne may as well have taken himself off. Hasn’t had any stats this qtr.
Baldfrog: In the old days you had a beer behind the point post
Raspel31: Nor has Houston pcaman.
Baldfrog: They are much fitter these days tho
mattmac24: Who would have thought Stanley being subbed off would make us worse.. awful quarter Geelong 🙁
beerent11: With a pie and a dart bald
Baldfrog: Haha yeah the dart
Mcswains: Lift Blicavs :/
Hazza09: Cheers for the 50 odd Burgoyne
beerent11: Struggle town this week. Seven played with laird the only ton so far.
Raspel31: Ditto beer. And think Houston gawn.
Baldfrog: That’s why i don’t look Beer less disappointment
beerent11: At least had the vc on Rory.
pcaman2003: Houston! We have a problem.
beerent11: Great goal
pcaman2003: See if you can improve on your minus 4 for this half so far Burgoyne. Sheesh!
Hazza09: Geez Burgoyne not even a touch in a half, wtf
beerent11: Lay off the rookie fellas. If you?re relying on him that says more about you than him
pcaman2003: Was Danger once a premium? Really?
Hazza09: He?s covering Hewitt beer, but looks like Hewitt has to go now
beerent11: One of the best ever pcaman.
pcaman2003: beerent. If you didn’t rely on rookies, then you wouldn’t get them. They’re called back up.
original: Cmon butters
thommoae: Asking him for a touch is hardly ‘laying on the rookie’ beer.
original: Huge from SPP then
Hazza09: 1 touch in a half of footy pcaman
Rebuild: Cracking game
pcaman2003: Hazza. Yep! Not good enough at this standard of footy.
royboy16: it has opened right up now
Ash777: wtf is wrong with wines
pcaman2003: Plenty of tension and desperation shown. Very tight!
frenzy: next goal wins, Lol
pcaman2003: Ash77. Brownlow hangover!
wadaramus: Well played Geelong 🙂
wadaramus: Suffer in your jocks Port.

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