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Chat log from R18 of 2022: Essendon vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Essendon vs Gold Coast, R18 of 2022

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duckky: Why the fuck does Essendon persist with Ham as the medisub. He is not only useless, he has more cllangers than Quasimodo
m0nty: Quasimodo a noted clanger merchant, ’tis true
Torz: Can?t fault Quasimodo?s effort though, really bends his back for the team
m0nty: Quasimodo did poorly at the Combine, more of a footballer than an athlete
DrSeuss: Finally traded out Martin this week. Expect 130 ffs
cmperrfect: Would love to see Hooker and the Zurk in a foot race.
cmperrfect: They’d both need a rest before the 100m mark.
amigaman: Umpiring is farcical
Napper: Why did Merrett lose points for that handball?
duckky: Why does jones have a chook beside his name?
Baldfrog: He’s a good lookin rooster duckky
cmperrfect: Get in the game Stringer.
duckky: That was unexpected Baldfrog… And funny
circle52: Umps definitely favouring bombers on 50/50 calls
banta: Lol Bowes so overrated
duckky: I hate that, because the umps will even it up in the second half.
circle52: TRhat was not in the back by Miller.
circle52: Snelling tackled drops ball no free common umps ump both ways
Napper: Merrett is bderscored
circle52: And another incorrect disposal missed.
circle52: and that was as deliberate as the Bowes ine not paid.
Stikman35: Anyone still got daicos in team or upgraded him to a premium
twinpeaks: Stikman, he is still in my AF team
MrWalrus: Approximately 45% have him which means likely well more than half of the people that had him still do
MrWalrus: You can work this out from the basic game stats
TheOnyas: Onya Shiely
MrWalrus: I however sacrificed an alpaca to Zuul & got the info via ritual magic
pcaman2003: Captain Touk going just great. Matches the rest of my poxy round.
pcaman2003: Stikman. Had Daicos from start and not letting go.
beerent11: Nice ghostbusters reference walrus
Napper: How does Merrett have negative DT to SC but hardly messed up a kick
pcaman2003: Napper. I think cos of mostly low scoring HB’s and only 4 CP’S
Torz: Give Rowell the snail, so slow
mattmac24: Need 160 from Touk to win 🙁
Fatbar5tad: Zerrett you sexy beast! Saved me from relegation!
pcaman2003: Mattmac. Not liking our chances much. I need 275 from him.Lol!
Wahab_18: swapped the C from Touk to Zerrett before the bounce working out well so far
pcaman2003: This is suspicious. Testing kits please.
Manowar: very suspicious, something is not right here!
BigChief: James Hird was at Ess a few weeks ago to drop off some brown paper bags.
ado88: Essendon review ?need Dank back?
m0nty: Touk fighting for junk time points, good lad
BigChief: Shiel looks scared to kick at goal. Just kick it son.
cmperrfect: Imagine is Shiel could actually kick. Sheesh.
Wahab_18: someone score a goal need bowes back on the ground ffs
Wahab_18: finally
MrWalrus: There is no Walrus, only Zuul.
pcaman2003: I only need about 190 now Touk. You can do it champ. Get moving!
pcaman2003: My suspicions now confirmed after that goal.
Wahab_18: wow draper hahahaa
SwaggyP: Goal of the year
mattpanag: that was an iconic moment people
mattpanag: johnno’s GPS commentary the cherry on top
pcaman2003: Bombers 500+ more SC points than GC. Mmm!
banta: Fu Bowes cost me a 500 multi. Couldn?t even get 15 touches you spud
beerent11: Wow just came back from chopping firewood.touk must have had a big last qtr.
Wahab_18: banta same he’s my last leg had him for 15 too
beerent11: Another nice score from zerret too. Been great value.
frenzy: how long to go
Wahab_18: zerrett did a calf in the last 10 seconds oh no

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