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Chat log from R18 of 2022: Hawthorn vs West Coast

Chat log for Hawthorn vs West Coast, R18 of 2022

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original: Titch starting on field, surely this is a joke. Next he will be playing midfield
pcaman2003: Looking a bit lonely there original. I’ll keep you company.:)
hinsch: WCE playing to keep their finals hopes alive
StuL: This games a bit of a “who cares?” Cup
m0nty: it’s the Eagles grand final, really
StuL: Go Vic country
Pavs: Afternoon all original,pcaman2003,hinsch & StuL
Pavs: And m0nty of cause
original: I?m just here for the half time purple name game comp. I?m due
StuL: Good to see a Vic blue and white tram winning the u18s
StuL: Our cats are looking alright Pavs.
Pavs: Shh StuL keeping a lid on it. Flying under the Radar. Just taking it one game at a
banta: Missed scrimshaw mark and kick
pjw1234: banta they gave it to sicily not complaining
Pavs: Put in Culley this week so as I could use Paul Curtis’s score for Ollie. He goes alright
pcaman2003: I’m surprised more than a 100 people turned up for the game.
pcaman2003: Hi Pavs. Didn’t see your earlier greeting until now.
thommoae: Titch … 0 marks, 0 tackles. Sigh. ‘Pig’ days are over … foraging for hb these days.
bc__: Put Culley on ffs
pcaman2003: thommoae. Unfortunately a shadow of former self and not SC relevant these days
Pavs: I think there was talk of trading him away thommoae
pcaman2003: Pavs. Certainly wouldn’t hurt as he has little impact on games. Our new young guys going well.
thommoae: Apart from headsmarts, wonder who’s in the market for an expert outside mid handballer?
Pavs: Agree pca not sure if he is trade relative though. Who would want him.
banta: Ryan more of a cheat than Ginnivan
banta: Plying for free kicks is worse than its ever been
pcaman2003: Pavs. North?
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Liam Ryan to draw a cheap free on Morrison for a goal.
pcaman2003: Go Breuster!
Pavs: Simpkin greenwood stephenson and horne francis not sure they would take him
pjw1234: anyone looking for inside mid depth would look at titch. WCE as example
Pavs: Probably best option pjw.
Pavs: Biggest problem is the young players coming in through the draft these days are neally ready to go.
thesilentl: Pies would take titch in a heartbeat as they have very limited inside options
Pavs: Probably go alright there Silent. Is he still inside mid or more outside these days?
Pavs: Get Dane Swan back Silent he had 40 touches the other day. Thats the type you need. We all need. Superstar
navy_blues: no j kelly or menagola next week both out with concussion
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Luke Shuey to get a cheap free on Day.
pcaman2003: So much HB is ruining the look of this game. Very scrappy.
PAFC4eva: kelly out next week navy could be avenue to laird
pcaman2003: navy. No J Kelly! And I thought he had a sore back. Ouch for my SC next week.!
navy_blues: was concussed in last 5mins of game
hinsch: Culley looking OK for a downgrade to get some cash for the finals
pcaman2003: navy. Just more bad news for my side. Team is crumbling right near the finals. Poo!
TheOnyas: Onya Barrassy
navy_blues: only just found out at half time
Gelly: wait till covid starts kicking in, sure most will run out of trades
hinsch: Gelly a lot have run out of trades I still have 6 just incase of injury covid
Gelly: yeh im holding my 4 hope thats enough
pcaman2003: That’s pretty good Hinsch. I was planning same, but plans changed. I’m down to 3 left
DrSeuss: What?s happening with Sicily? Given a defensive role today?
Pavs: Right in the middle got 5 left. Hoping to go straight through in the finals.
Pavs: He was 60 at half time Seuss. Just a crap Qtr I think.
Grimes Jr: piss weak sicily
DrSeuss: Cheers Pavs. Freaking Culley killing it from my bench 🙁
Pavs: Agree Seuss with Culley traded out Hough for him and a nice chunk of cash
banta: Skimmed the post?
banta: McEvoy needed a few games in the twos surely?
pcaman2003: So many HB errors. Stop already FGS
LuvIt74: For those that traded Culley well done as a 1st gamer, everyone will downgrade to him next week or in R20
banta: redden on the wing. interesting. such a good inside player
bc__: Culley on please. Let him get the ton
hinsch: Culley will probably get dropped next week out shines most of the WCE making them look bad.
Hutto: AFL app saying Culley is injured
Raspel31: Hough covering for Olly has not been my biggest success of the year.
pcaman2003: McDonald! What a finishing goal. Well done Hawks.

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