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Chat log from R17 of 2022: Collingwood vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Collingwood vs North Melbourne, R17 of 2022

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Gelly: hoping for an upset today
frenzy: 20 goal margin
CuzzysCrew: carn norf
navy_blues: prob last game for noble
frenzy: if he was coach of the blues it would be
pcaman2003: Afternoon all! Crisp to get to 140. 🙂
navy_blues: if thery get flogged again today frenzy unfortunately he will go always same in afl
circle52: Feel sorry for Noble as coaches always get the blame rather than the players
navy_blues: cretaker coach til end of season then make choice from there
Gelly: dont replace noble yet, i want richmond to play them first
navy_blues: agree circle
Social: teams always win the week after their coach is sacked
Yelse: pies liftttt ffs
bhg26: Kanga Kanga Kanga
navy_blues: roos got tigers next week lol
Yelse: i don’t think they should sack him till end of season not a fan of it
bhg26: Wow Ginnivans been caught high
Yelse: bhg26 you don’t think thats a free?
navy_blues: yep drop the knees they practice it lol
pcaman2003: Anyone know why Crisp had a CP and kick b4,but not showing?
Grimes Jr: Carn boners
bhg26: It definitely was a free yelse
Hazza09: Get moving Crisp, you are a unique this week
Yelse: this game is worrying me reminding me of the west coast game
_Wang_: Pca yep one kick not recorded
m0nty: Powell CBAs and CCs
pcaman2003: Wang. I don’t know how they could possibly miss it.
DrSeuss: Crisp – Naicos – Game has started gents
Dredd: Crispy can sleep like this all day thanks.. need Naicos to start going though
bhg26: Carn the roos
Rebuild: Go norf!
Yelse: peddles and crisp wtf is going on
pcaman2003: Yelse. Crisp actually had a kick earlier,but not recorded. But shower overall.
DrSeuss: Crisp is a unique in 4 of my leagues this week. WTAF
Hazza09: Useless Crisp, absolute joke
beerent11: Did I hear somewhere that xerri is gone for the season?
Yelse: trust cameron and crisps be uniques in my teams
DrSeuss: Cameron and Crisp off the bench ffs
banta: crisp lol
Hazza09: Crisp a unique in many league games too Seuss
bhg26: Round 1 Crisp is back
pcaman2003: Hey Beer. Xerri going for shoulder surgery I believe.
beerent11: Cheers pca. Bad news for him, good news for us goldy owners.
Social: Plenty of double entendres out there today
pcaman2003: beerent. How very true.
Stikman35: Ginnivan is brilliant
pcaman2003: Love it when you speak French Social.:)
pcaman2003: Be interesting to see in the break if CD give Crisp his other kick they missed
banta: Ginnivan is such a little cheat. Dog
Yelse: missing that kick could also affect betting if they don’t rectify it
Grimes Jr: Agreed. Ginnivan suits Collingwood to a tee
Manowar: Noble trying to help his Papi keep his job?
DropCox: LOL love the Ginnivan hate. Keep crying! 🙂
Hazza09: Garbage first qtr Crisp
navy_blues: ginnivan hate and your name is DropCox lol to funny
Manowar: yeh, Manowar is really sooking it up over Ginnivan !
Stikman35: Ginnivan makes footy better
Grimes Jr: Carn boners
bhg26: These collingwood fans worship Ginnivan but hate when any other small forward gets a high free
thesilentl: Umpires having a shocker
pcaman2003: I don’t believe what I’m seeing. How is North winning so easily?
Yelse: pathetic pies pathetic
Gelly: go norf
Torz: Why is Crisp playing HF?
Yelse: is crsp playing fwd?
navy_blues: hope the roos can keep this up lol
Grimes Jr: Carn Roos. Beat these flogs
navy_blues: without daicos bros doubt collingwood be in the 8
Hazza09: Don?t even think Crisp himself knows where he?s playing
pcaman2003: Crisp another clanger to help his score stay low.
TheGoffy: Oh I do like a good comedy.
Grimes Jr: Hahaha u flog Mihocek
Yelse: wtf ump thats pathetic
Gelly: haha, yes!! collingwood salty tears taste so good
pcaman2003: Gelly. You!
TheGoffy: There’s a fine line between comedy and tragedy, and the umpires seem deeply aware of this.
Dredd: Surely colliwobbles can?t lose to both eagles and norf lol
Yelse: hope that lifts crips and cameron along with the pies
Stikman35: Enter the Bottom
DrSeuss: Crisp and Cameron – not really helping lads. Bit of involvement?
Yelse: that chat gold had with the umps before the 2nd qrt has gifted him frees
Grimes Jr: Hahaha pies blaming umps when they are losing to norm. Lol
navy_blues: goldy flogging them around ground
thesilentl: Wordt umpired game I’ve ever seen, crowds going ballistic here
bhg26: Lace out Crispy
navy_blues: lol and i thought this game would be boring
Gelly: crispy cream having a shocker
Hazza09: Unbelievable Crisp, Clanger after Clanger
Yelse: goldy having another chat to the umps i see
thesilentl: These umps won’t get a gig next week, ridiculous
Dredd: ?Worst umpired game? yet leads the free kick count.. there?s been games with 60+ btw, only on track for 40 odd
Gelly: might need to put ginni on the ball to try win some frees
navy_blues: that woman ump is shocking i agree should do aflw games only
Grimes Jr: Sooky sooky pies #hotpies
navy_blues: lol ginni scared of hard ball get needs to drop knees to get kicks
mattmac24: Nothing new here I guess, silent still doesn’t have their dinner
Gelly: is this the female umpires first game back after being dropped?
thesilentl: @dredd if you are watching this game and happy with the umpiring you don’t know footy
Grimes Jr: Have a bath silent lol
pcaman2003: Is Crisp still playing midfield? If so, then 9 possies doesn’t cut it too well
navy_blues: not sure but if u richmond boys get her in a game im sure we all will hear about it but id be agreeing with you lol
bhg26: There have been a few bad decisions, but far from the “worst umpired game” silent, pies just not good enough today
circle52: As a Neutral far from the worst umpired game of the season. A few questionable calls though both ways.
Dredd: @thesilentl looks like the chat have spoken for me.. definitely know footy 🙂
Grimes Jr: #shinbonerfooty #hotpies
navy_blues: wish we could get a shot of eddy if he is there lol
Social: He’ll be at the Daniel’s Donuts stall
duckky: I need to buy some Kogan and Harvey Norman shares.
duckky: There will be so many broken televisions to replace next week.
DrSeuss: FFS Cameron is getting towelled up – as are Collingwood
PAFC4eva: what do the roo boys think of eddies idea of sending them to tassie?
duckky: Larkie gets a goal and a Howe
pharace: Cameron must have got a rocket at half time
Gelly: big hit!
Stikman35: Love Murphy
pcaman2003: Crisp’s scores last 2 weeks plus this week isn’t giving me much confidence for SC finals.
Social: I’m freeing up cash to drop him for Stewart
pcaman2003: Social. I may follow suit at this rate.
DrSeuss: Not good that the 1st gamer is playing on the ball more than Crisp
Grimes Jr: Here come the scum pies
navy_blues: lololol finally ginnivan gets caught
bhg26: Cop that Ginni you cheat
arbel: Ginnivan going for his standard high again.
pcaman2003: Ginnivan. lol! He’ll lose his head literally one day doing that.
MrWalrus: I am 100% comfortable with that call
navy_blues: great goal
arbel: Yep great call
pcaman2003: If pies lose this, then kiss finals goodbye for this year. Very unimpressive!
Dredd: Give Naicos more of the ball ffs.. kid makes things happen
Gelly: pies will still make finals, they have a very easy draw for the remainder
Gelly: but atleast my mob dont have to play a club with a new coach
Grimes Jr: Pies aren?t a great side tho Gelly. Reckon they could get found out in next month
pcaman2003: Gelly. But if they lose to North , then their draw becomes harder. lol!
oc16: pies are seriously missing roughead
navy_blues: they woulda thought norf was easy too
Gelly: thats said, final 3 games look a bit tough
Social: roos on faaaah
Yelse: We really need to find a tagger
Stikman35: No joke oc16. And a midfielder whom we don?t have any of.
NewFreoFan: Pies playing finals depends on Saints, only team outside the 8 a chance to get in
pharace: Collingwood finals bound apparently, hahahahahahahaha
Yelse: Hope we go for a mid not Mcstay in offseason
Social: Get in some 30+ year olds, it really works
DrSeuss: No use having Naicos and Crisp back if you aren?t going to use them
Grimes Jr: So many pies players play for frees
Yelse: ndaicos will win our b&f
pcaman2003: Crisp another clanger. Useless twat!
Stikman35: We need Nathan Buckley in the centre
Hazza09: You?re a joke Crisp
Yelse: Literally pies should have had 3-4 free kicks in f50
mattmac24: Crisp is gonna be the death of me
NewFreoFan: You need Peter to have 20 more boys Stikman
Social: and Len Thompson in the ruck
Stikman35: Carry nobes on the ground to do final gee up
MrWalrus: Make no mistake, Roos are playing excellent footy today, LDU is a beast
pcaman2003: 3 consecutive scores well under 100pts. Who else will trade out Crisp next week.
Stikman35: And Sam Newman running the umpire establishment
Stikman35: Pies don?t have a clearance midfielder playing. We only have one. He has a sore thigh.
MrWalrus: Not I pca
thesilentl: @yelse I’m at the game and its probably more than that, been half a dozen directly in front of me that have been missed
NewFreoFan: And a Stephen Dank supplement program
LuvIt74: Cant believe this, pies are just not up to the team who are holding up the ladder. North r just playing gr8 footy today
pcaman2003: Walrus. Keep in mind his price dropping and BE is skyrocketing.
oc16: Yelse, i would have thought Cameron would?
Grimes Jr: Have a sook silent lol
bhg26: Im stingy with my trades pcaman, only making trades for injuries
hinsch: WCE should be watching this, might be getting a bit worried.
navy_blues: at least your not crying by yourself silent lol
MrWalrus: Haha silent, once again you are wrong
thesilentl: @grimes fuck off mate, you’re clearly a moron
pcaman2003: bhg26. Trying to be the same, but not sure I can afford to keep Crisp
MrWalrus: Back your premos pca, besides who to? I’d wait one extra for Stewart if you have trades to burn
Grimes Jr: Haha silent, have a long walk, champion
oc16: get on the field jed
pcaman2003: Walrus. After this his ave. will be under 100,so no longer a premo. Badly out of form too.
Tangent: Wtf… afternoon all. I did not expect this
bhg26: Nick Daicos is a star
pcaman2003: Take out the Daicos boys and the Pies are in huge trouble.
Stikman35: Wha last week said everyone should have traded daics out
Social: Speaking of porn names, do Phoenix Spicer, Flynn Perez and Aiden Bonar really need one?
mattmac24: C’mon Crispy. Kick a couple of goals to win the game would be nice!
cherry9: I originally held N Daicos for bye cover and then he started pushing out premium numbers. Amazing stuff. Such composure
MrWalrus: Naicos overrated, people going on like he’s already the GOAT
pcaman2003: Yep! With a 5 round average of 104 plus today, must be overrated Walrus.ated
Grimes Jr: Don?t here pies complaining about 7mpring now!
_Wang_: Def not over rated it his first year
navy_blues: will win rising star easily
MrWalrus: pca, you know SC 5 round average doesn’t mean anything in real life
navy_blues: ginnivan done nothin since 1st qtr
pcaman2003: Walrus. Really?
pcaman2003: People rated him as great up and comer. He is proving that,so how is he over rated?
MrWalrus: Walsh was much better I reckon, don’t get me wrong, he’s a good player but people carrying on like he’s gonna win the Br
Social: Wowee, free count has changed a bit
Stikman35: Where was the goal review
Raspel31: Phew Cameron- left it a tad late. And Daicos a gun- his unerring accuracy.
thommoae: Nice line-dangle, Walrus.
NewFreoFan: Overrated? It’s his first season, he’s earned any rate so far
Grimes Jr: Such a shame norf. How Collingwood have 11 wins is beyond me
oc16: i still think Walsh had a better first season
bhg26: Ffs norf you had one job
MrWalrus: Yep, 100% overrated
pharace: Do Nth want to win and lose 1st pick – Goldy to bench CCJ rucking last mins
pcaman2003: Walrus. Walsh had lower average than Daicos in first year. Just saying!
hinsch: How many got the C on LDU this week
Gelly: can you drop a coach over this game?
NewFreoFan: Feel for Norf fans, what a tease
thesilentl: Stay safe @grimes
Stikman35: Not over yet
MrWalrus: Average? pca you actually have no idea, Walsh carried a midfield, Daicos is a Lloyd style halfback
cmperrfect: Fat lady is warming up.
NewFreoFan: May as well be 80 points for a team that lacks self belief like North
pcaman2003: I think you’re the one with no idea Walrus.
Stikman35: Not with Larkey free baring his all
Grimes Jr: Haha ur a flog silent
Stikman35: Good win to pies considering the match
MrWalrus: Fantasy average isn’t how you judge a player’s real world performance
thesilentl: Have a cry Grimes
Tangent: Why are Collingwood acting like they’ve just won the GF?
Dredd: Silent and Walrus gotta be the 2 most annoying blokes in ff chat
navy_blues: lol wouldnt be saying that stikman u shoulda buried norf play 1 qtr of footy and escape just
PAFC4eva: daicos is good but walsh against best mids first year in
Stikman35: Am I annoying Dredd?
pcaman2003: Walrus. So you’re saying Daicos is an over rated performer? Lol!
Stikman35: Tangent. Because last year we home in bed losing with Covid to cuddle
Stikman35: Yes. Walsh is good. Daics still building though.
MrWalrus: No pca, just a good player, not the football god some seem to think he already is, overrated
Gelly: collingwood supporters underwear bill must be very expensive atm
Stikman35: Yes navy. I agree with you. That?s why it?s a good win. Found a way.
Stikman35: None on gelly
Stikman35: Spa filter on overdrive lol.
Gelly: lol true, must be streaking down the road by now
SwaggyP: Full credit to North for taking it up a seasoned and veteran team like the pies. They’ll be okay
wadaramus: On to the next game people!
navy_blues: without daicos boys collingwood prob wouldnt be in 8 so got to give credit where its due
Social: that’s a famous victory
Stikman35: Lol. Social.

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