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Chat log from R16 of 2022: Essendon vs Sydney

Chat log for Essendon vs Sydney, R16 of 2022

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frenzy: Arvo
Hazza09: Could get ugly today
Pavs: Afternoon all
pcaman2003: Afternoon. I’ve calmed down now after raging over Gresham’s pathetic score. Go Mills.
Grimes Jr: Do something heeney
Pavs: um Hickey to to advantage please
zadolinnyj: Lads
Yelse: very annoyed kept stephen all this time till last week traded him for clarke but comes in and does this last 2 weeks
Raspel31: Zado and all.
pcaman2003: Get the ball Millsy. That oval red thing.
Grimes Jr: heeney so uselss
Yelse: mills where you playing haven’t seen you all game
pcaman2003: Yelse. Hasn’t touched it in 10 mins. Not even a tackle. Got a bad feeling here.
SwaggyP: Jake Kelly is a really average footballer
zadolinnyj: Sydney young kids are looking good for the furture
Gelly: what do we think, is this trucks last game?
Hazza09: Typical Heeney and his 50 metre penalty goals
zadolinnyj: Crows had a hard season but losing Kelly was a win
Raspel31: Ridley- that was a brilliant possession but 20 mins ago.
navy_blues: papley biggest goal hog in the game def not a team player
Grimes Jr: Dons such an average club lol
Gelly: bombers look slow i ndefence
Gelly: shiel just jogging in the mid, no effort
Hazza09: Dambrosio the only bloke showing something so far today
DrSeuss: Zorko on field, DAmbrosio as emergency, gotta love it. Go young fella.
navy_blues: redman i might consider in def next year very consistent scorer for sc
SwaggyP: if you’re essendon I think you shop Parish around the league, surely some currency and relieve the logjam in the mids
navy_blues: lol swaggy
zadolinnyj: Agree swaggy
pcaman2003: The way Mills is playing he’ll be lucky to reach 50
SwaggyP: Caldwell, Perkins and Hobbs all looking for mid mins and the same type of player. Shop Parish, get a FWD or DEF maybe
SwaggyP: can’t shop shiel. He’s not even worth an expired bus ticket at this point.
Hazza09: Shiel to Gold Coast or North maybe
Grimes Jr: heeney lower leg concern, not concussion concern
duckky: A “whack across the chops” on Heeney? This technical jargon confuses me
Gelly: wasnt a head knock, was a corky
Pavs: Parish to the Tigers Swaggyp Iagree
Grimes Jr: lift heeney
Hazza09: Shiel in trouble
pcaman2003: As a midfielder, Mills may as well be a backman again. The new guys have taken over the mid.
Hazza09: Does Wahab have Mills? Havnt heard from him so far today lol
Gelly: papley i think we can put the butcher on him
pcaman2003: Hazza. Just wait! He’ll turn up I’m!
Fatbar5tad: Another stellar effort by Mills
pcaman2003: Hazza. He’ll turn up before Mills does.
Dogs5416: Was tempted to sideways Jackson for a score. Butttt
Grimes Jr: heeney sucks. such a shame the butters injury forced me to trade him in
Dogs5416: If heeney and mills flop I won’t bother. Trying to stay top 1%
sfenda1: if mills doesnt ton today hes laird next week
pcaman2003: My opponent has D’Ambrosia and me Mills as POD’s. Typical!
Grimes Jr: merrett, heeney, do something
Jukes82: lol you muppet
Torz: What is Mills doing today, besides nothing?
Danstar: I think it?s time to side ways trade Ridley
Gelly: sydney lose and the top 8 is wide open
Grimes Jr: fuck u heeney
Yelse: wheres is mills actually playing?
SwaggyP: Shiel has lifted this qtr
pcaman2003: Yelse. Who knows! They seem to have 20 different mids today rotating. Mills rarely near the ball.
SwaggyP: lol nope maybe not
Yelse: seriously horse this is pathetic
Yelse: mills ignored 3 times wtf
Grimes Jr: heeney on the never again list
Stikman35: Ridley, mills and heeney are all putting their hands up for a boot out next week
navy_blues: poor heeney owners lmao
Badgerbadg: what is the point of ridley? killing me
pcaman2003: Yelse. Apparently he’s floating down back again,so forget a decent score now
Raspel31: Yep. got em all too Stikman, sigh.
Stikman35: Anyone hear the umpire call Sam Reid, Ben. Fairdimkum
pcaman2003: With cash in bank,looks like Mills becomes Laird next week, regrettably
bhg26: Good lord
vamos77: Mills, what a flop
Tangent: Hi all.
Yelse: did merret touch the ball that quarter? between mills and Merrett they will lose me my games
sMiles: Good Work Mills. All I need now id a 60 odd form Oliver and a 210 from Touk. Now that would give me a boost
pcaman2003: So, in 1? qtrs, Mills added a whole 11 points.
Tangent: So happy with bringing in D’Ambrosio
TheOnyas: Onya Wrighty
Social: Due Metro Petro doing the ruck job nicely
pjw1234: only savior for mills is all my opponents have heeney
frenzy: cos Draper is useless
mattmac24: Let’s go Paddy Mac and Stephens. An 80 each would be nice
pcaman2003: Top spot in my league for many weeks just dropped to 2nd. My mids killing me.
Hazza09: Well I need one of Parker or Libba to finish off F6, who to pick
sMiles: Parker
Danstar: Libba
Grimes Jr: Heeney such a joke
sMiles: Parker in supercoach at least. Reason? Bulldog magnets flipping around. B Smith to return.
Ash777: Libba isn’t affected by smith at all
Badgerbadg: If Heeney can snag 2-3 goals it might turn into an okay afternoon for him
MrWalrus: Parker is a genuine premo mid at best, libba close but not quite on the same level
Jukes82: libba is their preferred extractor, he will not be affected at all
navy_blues: very happy with libba
navy_blues: got parker as well
Grimes Jr: Heeney to get sub 50
navy_blues: hope so lol
pcaman2003: FGS Mills,get to the ball and get involved.
MrWalrus: Down to 2 trades, eating a doughnut this week, last 5 weeks have been absolute carnage
original: So glad I avoided mills. When he is on he is on, but need consistent 110sc scores
tor01doc: Ridley might just earn his place
pcaman2003: Walrus. Ouch! With 3 more rounds plus finals. Good luck!
MrWalrus: I know pca, ouch indeed, very nice team when all fit though so here’s hoping
arbel: gee sydney shooting themselves in the foot with all these behinds
pcaman2003: With Gresham and Mills this week, I think I’m a goner. Stupid underperforming mids.
Stikman35: Cannonball
Yelse: this game is shocking even merret and parish with low disposals
Stikman35: Sleepfest Yelse
Grimes Jr: I?ll take 75 isaac
original: Blakey averaging 95 when he isn?t in my draft team, on track to average 62 when he is
bhg26: Will Hayward been superb, the only one applying pressure in the forward line
pcaman2003: D’Ambrosia looks impressive. Pity I don’t have him.
Grimes Jr: Might even loop dambrosio for short
Danstar: I put the trade speak on Ridley and he?s turned his game into an ok one. My spray worked D
pcaman2003: Mills starting on the wing now?
wadaramus: Mills and Heeney killing my league match up 🙁
Torz: Of all the weeks I have Mills captain?
Grimes Jr: Heeney merrett Parker for me. If heeney gets 75 it?s a good day
pcaman2003: Wada. Mills goes this week to Laird. He’s not even in the midfield much.
mattmac24: That’s rough Torz
wadaramus: That would be a massive luxury trade for me!
Social: Leave it alone Mills
SwaggyP: did mills legit just get 30SC in like 2 minutes?
JohnHoward: mills score just shows how fraudulent the chamoion data scoring system is
Yelse: cmon mills a couple more please
pcaman2003: Go Mills. One more goal and you’ll ton up.
Vintage: Is Parker injured?
wadaramus: Wow, freakish goal that one!
Raspel31: Is Parker coming back wtf?
Social: Come on the bomboneiri
Grimes Jr: One more goal heeney
pcaman2003: Raspel. Parker is on ground
Stu7: Come on Blakey Lloyd Heeney
original: Needed Stephens to get to 15, dang it
Yelse: merret on the pine too long
Stu7: Good boy Lloyd
Vintage: Glad you could join us Parker
navy_blues: go dons
Stu7: Off your a55 Heeney
Danstar: I got 7 trades left. Have Jackson, predicted to get 2800. Should I go for it or save trade
Danstar: My comp. Has prize money for highest score
mattmac24: If you are otherwise full premo Danstar, you may as well. No guarantee Jackson is back next week
Grimes Jr: Piss weak heeney
navy_blues: lol buddy
Hazza09: What did Mills do for 30+ lol
Silz90: let it go grimes
Social: Pedro de dos metros for the winner
pcaman2003: C’mon Mills and ton up
Danstar: Yeh full premo team and am 1st on ladder
LuvIt74: Can someone please tell me how long to go?
SwaggyP: BZT has been immense this game
Silz90: 2:21 mins to go
Silz90: stringer muppet
Grimes Jr: Only the dons could lose from here
Manowar: Heeney ya Goose!
Danstar: 15k short for Obrien!
Tangent: 2:14 left, centre bounce
MrWalrus: 100% trade Danstar, whoever you don’t have from Darcy witts or if you want something a little different Nank i reckon
pcaman2003: Welcome aboard Laird and bye bye Mills.
Yelse: that second 50 for what warner bumping bombers player not looking at ball
Gelly: guelfi muppet, stop looking at the umpire
Social: Hmm
Danstar: Best I can afford is blicavs
Stu7: Useless pr1ck
Manowar: Did the injectors win?
Stu7: Useless pr1ck Heeney
boges11: Save it for next week and get Max Danstar
Grimes Jr: Great result for us. Baggers suck so won?t be a problem for top 4
pcaman2003: Game over. Well played Dons.
Danstar: I want to get top score this week though
Gelly: ty bombers, appreciate opening up the top 8
Silz90: love how mills gets points for nothing
Yelse: this is unreal for the pies these result!!
Yelse: mills disapointing
Manowar: Carlton top 4, done deal now!
bhg26: Absolutely fucking disgusting performance. Just fucking gutless
upweydons: Kiss my a$& Parker enjoy your 250
SwaggyP: Yelse you should know GC will roll the pies
Silz90: grimers stfu ur such a drainer… ur more annoying than wahab
Gelly: mills should be scalled back 30 points, surely a mistake
Tangent: Relax champ, you lost to the saints.
Grimes Jr: Suns will beat the pies – who r very overrated
Gelly: bhg, bad kicking in front of goal, should of killed them off in 2nd qtr
Manowar: yep
Napper: How is Parker sub ton that?s absurd
JohnHoward: mill score will stay becuase his clearly in champion datas team, imagine if his name was moles, he would be on 36 points
bhg26: Did not man up anyone, just no pressure and let them walk to their forward 50
StuL: The South Melbourne jumpers should be every other week. The Opera house one has always been lame
arbel: yeah how is parker 97 and mills gets to 86 on that game?
pcaman2003: Gelly. I agree. Too many points very a piss poor effort.
StuL: Yay heeney
bhg26: And the kicking didn?t help, no skills. I know what the players are doing at training this week Gelly
Napper: Mills over scores like crazy
Gelly: think papley missed 3 shots in 2nd qtr, really killed momentum
bhg26: Everyone else missing killed it too
Dogs5416: How TF did mills get that score
Napper: Compare Parker and mills stats and you will see Parker should be at least 30 points higher
SilverLion: more like mills should be 30 points lower

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