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Chat log from R15 of 2022: Collingwood vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Collingwood vs Western Sydney, R15 of 2022

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DropCox: Need to change my name. The big guy is in stellar form!
Stu7: Afternoon all
pcaman2003: My last 2 POD’s for the round in Crisp, Kelly and Wehr
pcaman2003: I can’t count. Make that 3
TheLegend6: Desperate for a good show from Wehr today
Gelly: himmelberg turning into a really good defender, glad they kept him down there
pcaman2003: Wehr has been okay so far. Would be nice to build his price up.
Stu7: Stay real low Taranto
pcaman2003: How would Crisp have a CP and CL without a possie.
Tangent: Hope everyone got on Whitfield, best defence option in SC since the new position change/coach.
pcaman2003: Tangent. Back line full and no room for him.
Tangent: Should make room for him then lol, for that price it’s a steal.
pcaman2003: Lol! Then following week scores a 60.
pcaman2003: FGS Kelly. What’s wrong with you?
pcaman2003: C’mon Wehr!
Torz: Wehr going to pass Parnell pretty quickly. Got that choice fairly wrong.
Ash777: at least whitfield is back
Stu7: Tangent got him
Stu7: Conigilo and Green
pcaman2003: Stop the clangers Kelly
amigaman: Ducker!
Ash777: quack quack
arbel: Ginnivan with his standard lead with the head. Bad look for first year player
thesilentl: Players just sniping ginnivan now, hadn’t even stood up before he got coathangered
Ash777: no silent he dropped his weight as he was about to be tackled
thesilentl: No he didn’t, watch it back. Hadn’t actually stood up
TheLegend6: He’s still a ducker
thesilentl: Sick of this everyone is ducking rhetoric, no matter what a player does if you coat-hanger them its a free
pcaman2003: Good thing Stewart not playing. Ginnivans head would be over the fence by now.
Social: Wahab would love to see that
original: Cmon crisp
Tangent: Imagine trading Naicos out
Ash777: I didn’t say he stood up but he still dropped his weight so he was leaning into the tackle
Stu7: Taranto is not.right
pcaman2003: Tangent. He’s my M8 and my last upgrade to a prem.
Ash777: taranto looking out for his new team
Tangent: Yeah same just had him over for dinner last night
Pokerface: imagine not upgrading Naicos to an actual premium
pcaman2003: Wehr nearly passing you Kelly. Smarten up and earn your money
Social: Pasta Tangent?
arbel: @silent. He leads with his head all the time and lifts his arm to slip the high. His a ducking little kid and he maybe i
Tangent: Yeah got the carbs in him, also got some juice in too
Tangent: wait that’s essendon my bad
thesilentl: Yeah ok @arbel, him and 200 other players
Social: whatever it takes
Pokerface: im in shock. despite all video evidence to the contrary, silentl backs the ducking pie. shock i tells ya!
arbel: @ silent players do it yes but he does it every time. He’s a skilled player so why do it. That’s the disappointing thing
thesilentl: @pokerface, who let you out if your mums basement
TheLegend6: Going well Wehr!
Ash777: This is well umpired for once
Pokerface: shock i tells ya!
Tangent: Umpire is my best mate
banta: Sidebottom absolute wanker
DrSeuss: How do GWS keep letting Cumming take kick ins
pcaman2003: Don’t give me 2 shockers in a row Kelly ya peanut.
Ash777: Tigers going to end on 9th this round if pies win
pcaman2003: Ash77. That’s okay cos they’re used to that spot.
Stu7: Anyone seeen bhg – still partying over the last last
thesilentl: Pies are still a few years from being a contender, this gamestyle is working though
Stu7: Night win
Ash777: lol the ginnivan training footage
pcaman2003: Ash77. Just saw it. That puts the argument to rest. The new Duckwood.
thesilentl: Every single club practices that @ash, because they know umps will pay it
TheLegend6: If Wehr can pull out a 75+, would be massive!
pcaman2003: Keep going strong young Jacob.
Social: can onri have some points please?
DANGERous: lift big mason
original: Cmon crispy boy
pcaman2003: What’s going on Kelly? 65 last week and shower this week. NGE
DEESareSAD: Himmel just got 6 for a intercept mark and kick to opposition leading to goal lol
pcaman2003: Kelly you lazy twat. Another clanger as well. Time to trade your lazy alps.
DANGERous: please kick a goal colossus
vamos77: Taranto, you disgust me
TheLegend6: Push out a 65 Wehr!
Jukes82: thats what she said
TheLegend6: That is an absolutely horrible call
thesilentl: There’s the worst call of the season
DrSeuss: Terrible decision.
DANGERous: get a goal big mason
pjw1234: if the defender puts it through from outside square its a free against
DrSeuss: Why would you put Himmelberg in the ruck?
tor01doc: Cameron been so good
thesilentl: Considering he made contact 3cm from the goal line ymthat rule doesn’t apply @pjw
robbieg: like the umpire knows that haha
pcaman2003: C’mon Nick and get 3 consecutive tons .
RooBoyStu: One thing in Victoria worse than Dan Andrews is the skunks
arbel: @silent initial contact was from outside the goal square which is insufficient intent. Another touch is irrelevant
arbel: By your rue I could kick it from 25m away towards goal as long as I then fumble it on the line??
thesilentl: Imagine being so anti collungwood you think that Moore free kick against was a good call, absolute battlers in here
RooBoyStu: Go QLD tonight
arbel: @silent … not anti Collingwood you’re just so one eyed that you think a ‘rule’ doesn’t apply to your team
thesilentl: And so anti collingwood you want to make rules up, you’re king battler arbel
arbel: Seriously? The rule is beyond the goal square have to make attempt to keep it in. He soccered straight for the line?
pcaman2003: Time for the choc top and popcorn.
arbel: You could argue he was under pressure and a bit stiff yes. Cos another umpire wouldn’t pay it
pjw1234: Agree it its touched that rule does not apply but then he gets done for no pressure rushed.
thesilentl: Yeah ok @arbel, Scott paying you to defend woeful decisions?
pjw1234: He new he was in trouble that is why he dived
TheLegend6: Cogs is a gun
TheLegend6: Wehr nowhere to be seen
Tangent: No Wehr to be seen 😉
TheLegend6: More like no-Wehr to be seen ha ha
pcaman2003: Pull ya finger out again Kelly. No one said to rest up.
DrSeuss: Himmelberg moved forward – no doubt that will go well
TheLegend6: Good content Tangent
Tangent: Hahaha great minds think alike.
thesilentl: Another awful call, umpires having a howler in this qtr
Number 8: Lord, how dumb is Adams
TheLegend6: Cmon Giants
Tangent: I hear a big big sound from the east of town
Tangent: its the sound of giants giving us false hope
arbel: @silent. Semi agree here. I hate the stand rule cos it’s stupid. Unfortunately he said stand 3 times and he kept moving
BigChief: Can I have some popcorn pcaman?
arbel: But that is the worst rule cos it affects nothin
pcaman2003: Kick the winning goal Wehr, or Kelly,or Cogs
arbel: @pca … would be happy with Kelly kicking sealer
BigChief: arbel worst rule is having to nominate ruck like auskick.
pcaman2003: Sure Chief. Plenty to go around.Cheers!
Silz90: How long to go? Go giants
pcaman2003: arbel. Nice comeback from Kelly this qtr. My roast must have motivated him
arbel: @chief yeah that one 2 is a bit weird. Then if no one does no one can go up
Tangent: 1:26 pies have won
Social: Cox, Cumming, Brown and Sidebottom walk into a bar
BigChief: Game over Pies hold on.
TheLegend6: Ginnivan is so so unlikeable
thesilentl: They had issues with 3rd man up injuring opposition rucks, massive overreact by the afl with the nom rule
DANGERous: gee ginnivan is soft
Raspel31: All of Collingwood are unlkeable TheLegend.
thesilentl: @raspel31 you still watch afl? Big ups sticking with your mob thru the past 20 years
pcaman2003: Raspel. Lol! Wondered where you were. In hiding!?

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