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Chat log from R14 of 2022: St Kilda vs Essendon

Chat log for St Kilda vs Essendon, R14 of 2022

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Ash777: greg clark omitted 🙁
circle52: Gambling on Sincvlair as VC
bushranger: D’Ambrosio good luck tonight
Tangent: Mills good C pick?
zadolinnyj: lads
Stu7: Should do well circle
Yelse: thinking cogs into miller
Gotigres: Go Ambrosio
StuL: Timmy lives in Stkilda.
upweydons: Well said Burke and Watson
DANGERous: lets go parish
frenzy: howdy
StuL: Nice crossover but yea don’t kill yourself. God has you well covered
pcaman2003: Evening! Look out! I just brought in Sinclair. 🙂
navy_blues: m0nty on holiday?
navy_blues: lol ok got scores now
navy_blues: parish not in lol
tommy10: Nice touch with the Spuds
zadolinnyj: liking the spuds
Stu7: Pca good choice mate he?s a fun
Stu7: Gun
Malaka: Two Moida Poida!
pcaman2003: Stu7. Fingers crosse and hoping I haven’t put the moz on him
MrWalrus: Shhh Stu, that’s just inviting a hammy
pcaman2003: Only Gresh and Sinclair this game.
Stu7: Lol
Hazza09: How is Gresham on 20? Turned it over for a goal
Stu7: Sinhair, Gresh & Martin
damoj88: Wtf
oc16: spud would be proud Monty! 🙂
damoj88: Why the spuds?
damoj88: Ohhhh spuddd – fitting
tommy10: Speaking of spuds?eh Ham!
pcaman2003: Go Gresh!
Raspel31: Send In The Clowns- terrible game. Come on the least useless.
damoj88: Are Gresham’s eyebrows painted on?
Gotigres: Where’s wahab when you need a spud?
HolyNorf: Gresham on fire
Stu7: Nice work Battle
Stu7: True that Rasp
original: What?s a free against in terms of points lads
pcaman2003: Damo88. Don’t know but sure his Moustache is painted on.
original: Greshams eyebrows painted on too
damoj88: Haha @pcaman2003
damoj88: He plucks his eyebrows 100%
damoj88: -4 FA @original
original: Heppel 27. Free against. Down to 25 now scaled up to 26 grr
DrSeuss: Sinclair, Hill, Martin and Ambrosio – what a start.
original: We got many saints fans? What?s missing from kings game in your opinion? He?s that bloody tall and good in the air.
original: Is he good on the lead? What?s his engine like
Stu7: Not helpful Dr
pcaman2003: Sinclair probably won’t ton up now I got him in. I miay be jinxed.:(
Tangent: Set shot accuracy
Stu7: Tangent ditto
damoj88: Yeah, in-game scaling is so dumb @original. Should always be post-quarter.
circle52: I maybe jinxed him pcaman as I made him VC
beerent11: Hunter Clark may affect Sinclair
pcaman2003: circle52. I screwed up last night and had VC on Crippa for a change. Fail!
Tangent: King can go 5.0 or 0.5, he can flush one from 55 or can miss from 10 out
Fatbar5tad: Thanks for jinxing Sinkers Kentys 🙂
Stu7: Max King 34 goals 24 points this year
pcaman2003: beerent11. Maybe Sinclair should wander over to Clark and put him back on the injury list.
StuL: The McCain of c whisky tonight Mr Best Coast. Chivas extra, nothing special
2Ph0nes: thats a dumb comment
DrSeuss: Looks like Guelfi tagging Sinclair
Gotigres: I fell Ambrosio should have got a point or 2 for shuffling the ball to a team mate. Yes, I’m that desperate for points
TheLegend6: What happened to Ridley
Fatbar5tad: sinkers with some late junk,
Tangent: Wtf Sinclair gets points so easy
Ash777: Ridley is playing against King legend
arbel: Any chance Ridley wants to get involved
Raspel31: Keep it up Ridley-sigh. My only player in this battle of the gonzos.
Hazza09: How did Massimo go backwards?
Ash777: In other words Nicks is making him play main KPP and it’s killed his scoring
TheLegend6: Ash it was more about what’s happened in general. Was a premo now never goes near it anymore.
TheLegend6: I haven’t watched much Bombers this year but Riddles is a gun 3rd man up defender
Ash777: same thing
amigaman: Umpire inventing new rules now
Fatbar5tad: Byrnes makes a meal out of Hams.
pjw1234: Reid out meand ridley has to play key position v 3rd man up
original: Shiel having a great few weeks
beerent11: Just watched game 6 replay
oc16: stringer is so selfish
Raspel31: Ridley- you inspire me.
Gotigres: That was not a clanger by Ambrosio, the bombers got the ball
Fatbar5tad: Great stuff Archie
Stu7: Saints are pretenders
DrSeuss: Someone smash Guelfi – useless tagging flog
Raspel31: Only 100 to go Ridley- loving your work. Yep, Saints a few years short.
Fatbar5tad: zerrett. 7 possessions. Fmd.
DANGERous: earth to ridley? funny how thats a saved comment smh
wadaramus: Evening All 🙂
wadaramus: Go Gresham 🙂
DrSeuss: Martin running with Hill as well – not ideal
pcaman2003: Bloody Gresham. Stop doing clangers you goose.
Gotigres: Only 7 points to Ambrosio for an intercept mark and effective kick while Sinclair gets 5 points for a handball
Yelse: what the hell is merret doing
Fatbar5tad: zerrett on the gench. Knackered from doing fuck all.
navy_blues: what are the saints doing??
Napper: Why is Ambrosio getting no points for effective possessions. None of them have been turnovers give him points
Fatbar5tad: Bench lol
StuL: I was looking at Pogba but he costs half a million per week
beerent11: Fuck me, massive whinge feat in here tonight. Even by fan footy standards.
missmagic: BT is actually nailing it,saints not invested
Hazza09: Dambrosio getting shafted by CD
original: I need Wilkie and heppell to score low. Wilkie was on 4sc after 4 touches. Don?t tell me his work since then warrants 25
beerent11: *whinge fest
DrSeuss: Bombers have taken out Sinclair and Hill – two best Saints users
2Ph0nes: no his not, sc score is fair. unkes you have him and you think he should be on 150
StuL: Saints are the perennial “it looks like Bart’s stupid again”
damoj88: bee-rent (As in a bee paying rent) or beer-ent?
TheLegend6: Slow slow game
Tangent: Is Butler okay?
Catatafish: Well, Hill and Sinclair clearly responded there!
Raspel31: As exciting as my great aunt playing tiddly winks with my gran. I’m absorbed.
Catatafish: Is that 9 possessions in two minutes between them
pcaman2003: Tangent. Very un Butler like passing off a ball. Looked desperate to get his own goal.
Ash777: only saints can lose against bombers
pcaman2003: Sinclair nice comeback,but Gresh hardly added to his 40pts at qtr time. Typical though I guess.
Stu7: Ash777 true that – not worthy of the 8
damoj88: Gresham a one way runner
TheLegend6: Merrett not even starting at centre bounces
dipstick: wheres Hobbs score? My eyes cant even see that far down
DrSeuss: Does Wanganeen Milera hate Brad Hill? Always ignores him in space and then turns over the ball ffs.
Fatbar5tad: Zerrett ya killing me mate.
Stu7: Marshal
Stu7: Marshal you are sh1t
beerent11: Neither damo
Stu7: You are sh1t
beerent11: On a positive note, Steph curry bought a tear to my eye today.
damoj88: What is it @beerent11? Intrigue.
damoj88: brent, I take it?
beerent11: If you guess I?ll tell you
pcaman2003: Beerent11. Is he related to Massaman Curry?
beerent11: Maybe pcaman. Maybe.
beerent11: Bingo
wadaramus: Cowboys beat the Bondi Boys, yeah baby!
DOOM123: Come on Zerrett you dingbat
Fatbar5tad: Manly isn’t Bondi wada.
Raspel31: Sounds very bondage orientated wada?
Ash777: everyone wants freo to win the flag this year correct? other their own team
Spifflicat: We had a bloke at work called Bondi
thommoae: Lol wada – spot the crow eater!
Spifflicat: Coz it?s pretty far from Manly
Fatbar5tad: I’ve got a Bondi chest…
Fatbar5tad: See ya Bombres
Raspel31: Not with Ridley on fire in defence Fatbar.
pcaman2003: Loving your work Gresh and Sinclair. Now,let’s go big.
Ash777: only bombers can lose a lead that quickly lol
Fatbar5tad: Zerrett actively avoiding the ball. Soft as fuck.
pcaman2003: Saints ramping up the pressure finally
TheLegend6: Umpiring is poor
amigaman: Umps have arrived, game over
upweydons: Thanks ump for last 2 goals
DrSeuss: Terrible decision
Wahab_18: umps must’ve had a good dinner and realised their doing their job wrong -_-
navy_blues: htb is so inconsistent
Fatbar5tad: Koala on his back ha ha
Oddsy5: couldnt tell if i was super one eyed or not, good to see others know umps no good! ruined a good game
Tangent: Came back just now wtf happened
Wahab_18: ball was touched before stringer marked it but who cares we deserved that one
pcaman2003: Raspel. You better go and check to see if Ridley still has a pulse.
Raspel31: I am a mere outsider with no interest in winners or losers. Carn Dins and step up Ridley.
damoj88: Is there a full chat log of each game lads?
original: Heppell sc ggf
pcaman2003: damoj88. I think they’re in the archive section
wadaramus: Carn Sinclair, ton up mate!
amigaman: No frees in Bombers goals. Funny thing that!
Yelse: whats wrong with merret lately
damoj88: Hepps scores have been overinflated something shocking. Was worst on last week, and scored well.
DrSeuss: Nick Martin with an amazing -3 for the qtr
Fatbar5tad: Ball USA Mile out….free kick Saints.
amigaman: Another free. Unbelievable
Wahab_18: That was out of bounds
Raspel31: After losing the best of the best- BestCoast last year- anyone heard from Zado? Gone missing in the league and here.
beerent11: I bought him in lately yelse
wadaramus: Zado has been about hasn’t he?
Crave: Perkins gonna be a gun
Fatbar5tad: Umpires have work to do again…
DrSeuss: W-Milera – ignores Hill again, turns it over, Bombers up the ground for a goal.
Fatbar5tad: Ball in dispute….Zerrett waits. Ack!
Wahab_18: come on boys!!!
DrSeuss: Great qtr Nick Martin – sit on the bench and think about your zero possession, 1 free against
SwaggyP: Perkins is an absolute jet.
navy_blues: all over now
Raspel31: Put Ridley on the bench as his score might go up?
beerent11: That?s his game fatbar. Outside handball receiver. Always has been.
damoj88: Heppell cooked?
Fatbar5tad: He’s going ok, but my opponent has Gresh so I’m spooking it up lol.
pcaman2003: Saints look flowered
Fatbar5tad: As Ratts does a Fatbar in the coaches box….
Stu7: Saints are sh1t
Catatafish: My Ridley to Doc trade looks good, for once.
beerent11: Reckon he might pass him by game?s end fatbar
Fatbar5tad: The power of the sook mate! Very effective one day with Touk Touk
Wahab_18: Greshyyy <3
amigaman: Another free, another goal
pcaman2003: Onya Gresh! Now let’s ton up quickly.
hinsch: VC on Sinclair is looking suspect, Miller or Laird I suppose for C
Raspel31: All looking up- Ridley got a handball. Doubled his 2nd half score.
Fatbar5tad: Go away Gresham.
DrSeuss: How is that not a push in the back?
pcaman2003: Raspel. Might be time for you to rage trade. He’s having a mare.
Catatafish: That is the good thing about Ridley and doesn’t even need to hit a team mate for effective disposal
Raspel31: I’m a mature man pcaman. Let me enjoy my anger for 2 days and then rage trade.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Sounds like a plan. Enjoy the rage.
Catatafish: Ridley getting involved now
_Wang_: Ridley tuned to shit this year
pcaman2003: C’mon Sinclair and get going
Catatafish: Lol Ridley
Wahab_18: Greshhhhhh
Tangent: Gresham is dancing on the dancefloor!
Social: Looks like the bombers put an extra sugar in their coffee this morning
beerent11: Oh no fatbar
pcaman2003: Oh! Gresh! You little champ.
Fatbar5tad: Gresham smashing Zerrett. Another loss ffs.
TheLegend6: Gresh a keeper?
Raspel31: No- Gresh not at all a keeper.
pcaman2003: I’ve had Gresh since rnd 1. I’m happy enough with him so far.
TheLegend6: Not many forward options demanding selection
Fatbar5tad: Nice get pacman.
Catatafish: Same @pca
navy_blues: some of these reviews are very suspect camera shots arent that clear
mattmac24: Gresh might be too inconsistent, especially once Steele comes back
Tangent: Why does AFL have bye rounds? just have 1 week off for all teams and do the mid season draft in that time
Hazza09: Piss off gresham
Social: revenue – spread the games, keep people in front of their telly
Catatafish: @mattmac probably, I’ve stil got Bont, Smith, Libba, Treloar, Heeney as potential options
duckky: Rumor is they are selling off the Thursday night games as a separate package to a streaming service
pcaman2003: Anyone know what’s happened with Highmore of StKilda?
Tangent: Yeah but they get 20K at the G with the tigers who have the most members in the league
upweydons: Thanks Tim Watson for the rev up
Fatbar5tad: St Kilda never did fire up to Watson speeches…
amigaman: Bad luck umps
frenzy: Ridley’s a keeper, Lol
Wahab_18: Ambrosio SC score kinda deflated he looked so good

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