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Chat log from R11 of 2022: Port Adelaide vs Essendon

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Essendon, R11 of 2022

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wadaramus: I can’t wait to trade you Spudders.
original: Today not today butters, not again
Ooost: Butters 100 looming
Raspel31: Basically me with Butters V Rozee- not sure which side the toast will land,
beerent11: Lots of us will have Hayes on ground this week I guess
wadaramus: Peanut “butter” side down.
wadaramus: Bombers kicking like the Crows at the Cattery, bad kicking is bad footy!
Oddsy5: man i traded in boak 2 weeks ago. soooo bad
Fatbar5tad: 20 points a quarter is fine from Hayes
beerent11: I agree fatbar. Wasn?t complaining at all.
beerent11: Footys a funny game wada
Raspel31: Vale Nick Martin you little gun. Sold but not forgotten.t
wadaramus: I’m not laughing beer 😐
SwaggyP: We are so bad
beerent11: Had to hold him raspel. Too many issues to fix elsewhere
oc16: rutten really is under a lot of pressure
Ooost: Martin paid for most of my Sinclair trade in. Excellent cash cow
Baldfrog: Rains here game will look ugly after 1/2 time
Baldfrog: Uglier*
beerent11: What?s Martin?s breakeven? Don?t have sc gold.
frenzy: 116 beer
navy_blues: finished on 2492
Baldfrog: No blues there Navy
Baldfrog: Good Score
navy_blues: hewett cripps doc and walsh
navy_blues: oops just jumped up to 2505
navy_blues: boak low again
DrSeuss: Ollie doing great for SC not so great in my AF team
pcaman2003: Have Hayes on for Preuss this week so 2497 plus whatever else Hayes scores.
navy_blues: nice pca
navy_blues: rains helping ess
pcaman2003: navy. Thanks,but there’ll be plenty better than me. Expect some high scores
beerent11: Cheers frenzy. Knew a fellow shinner would help me out.
bhg26: Im 2398 with Butters and Hobbs still going, which is okay considering i had a 30 and two 50s
beerent11: I?d prefer not to talk about my score.
wadaramus: Got to get me some English and Parish.
DEESareSAD: On 2530 with butters still playing. 2 50s from premos didn?t help and C Witts
pcaman2003: Beer. With Carroll on the field, I understand.:)
hinsch: I have 10 players that have svored more than my C and I loose by four points
pharace: Geez Hayes -9 for frees – Points are hard to get mate! Don’t givem away
beerent11: Think parish has taken over from zerret as the highest scoring sc player with the least effect on the game.
MrWalrus: C Brayshaw, tracc & Heeney combined for just over 100, gonna go 2500
pcaman2003: DEESare. Gr8 score. A good Ranking booster.
beerent11: Draft player this year pcaman. Going heaps better.
MrWalrus: Still going to lose 2 of 5 match ups, stupid game.
Oddsy5: nice dees, just short of 2500 for me
DrSeuss: Great 1 possession quarter for Wines. I didn?t trade you in for 1 possession qtrs
bhg26: Hobbs seriously clutching it up for me right now
MercAm: currently on 2490 with boak & hayes in play
oc16: cd missed a wines hb before 3qt
DEESareSAD: I?m ranked top 200 tho lads so do ya reckon I?ll go up?
bhg26: Remind me never to pick PODs, zorko killed me this week
Oddsy5: probs hover dees, lots of ppl will have similar teams to u i guess
pharace: Some games Draper looks the future, then you realise it’s a mirage
pharace: Know your pain @ bhg – Zorko and Tracca cheated me of 100+ easily
navy_blues: ill have to go to a port game over there 1 day just for the crowd value lol
bhg26: If Zorko, Heeney and Trac got their projections id be well over 2600, but no they had to wahab it up
wadaramus: Fair dinkum, the umps pay stupid deliberates, and not legitimate high shots.
navy_blues: we could all say that too
wadaramus: Plus HTB’s that are ridiculous.
navy_blues: to many rules = over umpiring of the game
wadaramus: Have you put the cue in the rack Spudders?
Malaka: Idea for new AFL rule in 2023. Umpires to pay a 50 metre penalty for dissent from anyone in the crowd.
beerent11: Bhg seems to have a very good team every year. Really knows his stuff.
wadaramus: Love it Malaka, lock it in and rip the know off.
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Darcy Byrne-Jones to draw a free on Martin, but he misses.
wadaramus: Rip the knob off!
Hazza09: Ofcourse Martin going big
bhg26: Not going to rank well this year beer at this rate
beerent11: Depends on what you call well bhg. You?re probably about 3500 better than me.
bhg26: I?m 7k which is a far cry from last couple years
Social: That’s a bit bobbit wada
beerent11: I meant 35000 by the way too
bhg26: Hobbs still playing?
bhg26: Lol beer
wadaramus: Haha Social, funny man!
wadaramus: It refers to the time when we had radio dials.
Social: aaah ok, you had me wincing
beerent11: Just to make it more interesting I went a bit more poddy this year. Not working out as I had hoped.
Pies20: 2400 par this week?
bhg26: Did you also bring in Zorko beer?
Oddsy5: round about there pies. maybe touch higher
Ninty: SPP with a groin injury, hopefully he didn?t rip the knob off
beerent11: Martin is softening the cash loss nicely.
beerent11: No dodged that one bhg.
Social: Thank you for going there Ninty, beat me to it
pcaman2003: Back from dinner and see Hayes hasn’t added much. At least got past 2500
bhg26: At least I still have Martin in fantasy. But no one cares about fantasy
beerent11: It?s all a fantasy bhg
Social: Well that was a game of footy
beerent11: Hobbs has turned a good rookie. Must be why I don?t have him
bhg26: So true beer
wadaramus: You’ve got to lock it in, before you rip the knob off 🙂
Dogs5416: 2530 for me. Hopefully climb from 1400 to closer to top 1000
Social: That’s what she said

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