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Chat log from R10 of 2022: Carlton vs Sydney

Chat log for Carlton vs Sydney, R10 of 2022

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frenzy: howdy
navy_blues: finally evening all
pcaman2003: Brought Millsy in this week for Steele. Applogies if he underperforms.
Ash777: crap forgot to take the captaincy off cripps 🙁
Stu7: Evening gents
zadolinnyj: Gents
Stu7: Good call pca
pcaman2003: ASH. For your sake,let’s hope he performs okay.
Stu7: Ash777 so did my opponent
Wahab_18: Looks like Cripps gonna keep up his not letting me have any if his good scores this Year
pcaman2003: Thanks Stu. Let’s hope it pays off. Hoping to improve my ranking of 1509.
Social: evening
Stu7: Cripps not a good start
ajconodie: I was going to VC Hewett on accouint of the old team and wanting to perform. Went Cripps instead such is my year.
Stu7: Nice ranking pca
pcaman2003: Blues underdogs but I think they will take this. Have the talent to do do.
Migz: 7 players tonight. MAke or break for my weekend. im scared
Baldfrog: Carlton fans booing already feck me
DANGERous: past ur bed time wahab
Dogs5416: 1445 for me stu, hoping Cripps debut for me helps
navy_blues: depends if we play 4qtrs pca
Gotigres: McCartin to Parker and goal is what I love to hear
Vintage: Cripps sitting down somewhere???
Stu7: Wow Dogs5416 – impressive
pcaman2003: Dogs5146. Well done!Hoping I may go past you this week.:)
Hazza09: Docherty continues to get shafted by CD
cherry9: Can?t VC, no non-players
beerent11: P Mac always starts well
ajconodie: Ladhams following Cripps lol
Migz: is cripps afk
pcaman2003: Migz. Don’t know,but he’s MIA
Ash777: Mills has a run on role on cripps
beerent11: Cripps will be fine.
ajconodie: There he is!
beerent11: Good man
pcaman2003: Nd here cometh Crippy.
Number 8: Two tackles only recorded so far … anyone watching able to confirm this is right?
Hazza09: Why is Doch on 4? What?s he done?
beerent11: Don?t think so ash
mattmac24: Doch getting shafted? Has had 3 touches and 2 turnovers..
ajconodie: @Number 8 – Yeah probably right. It’s been free-flowing.
beerent11: Motlop concussed then
Migz: yeah the game has been very open
Ash777: yeah nvm
Number 8: Cheers AJ
Number 8: And Migz and Ash!
BigChief: Blues butchering the ball early.
navy_blues: blues gotta take their chances
ajconodie: The ruck strategy is interesting.
Number 8: Blues 2x tackles in 20mins. Not good signs. Running one way only
pcaman2003: C’mon Millsy. Got you in and put the VC on you. Don’t let me down champ.
Migz: eh. its coming. theres been over 50 marks already. it will change
BigChief: No Number 8. Swans kicking short to open men.
beerent11: Top dollar pcaman hope it works out
zadolinnyj: Same pc
pcaman2003: So do I beer.
beerent11: I bought in parish and McRae for Steele and daicos
beerent11: McRae only 620k
Ash777: I bought in 3 dusty, libba, thompson
BigChief: Thompson never been a good SC scorer Ash.
beerent11: Almost bought in libba but am waiting for bont or baz dpp
Ash777: I mean rory thompson as bench rookie
beerent11: Great job security big chief. Much better than buku
pcaman2003: Libba could be a good POD Ash. Like your thinking1
BigChief: Didn’t think of Cleary Ash. Looked good last week for you guys.
beerent11: Did cogs go ash?
zadolinnyj: Bugger all points but job security not necessarily good
Ash777: yes I got rid of cogs, ward, & steele
Torz: The VC on Walsh is looking promising
mattmac24: Cleary only played 1 games, no point bringing him in this week
beerent11: Walsh building into the season.
zadolinnyj: Guess it?s better then a zero if desperate
happytimes: Daisy Pearse makes Richo sound like a brain sergion
Hazza09: Parish or Laird? Can?t decide
Ash777: cleary is still very raw and will only take 1 bad game
circle52: I brought in Laird, Clark and Rory Thompson. THompson guaranteed to stay in team so happy to sit at D8 for cover.
pjw1234: went for the cash this week with Clark and Hately
oc16: 3 tackles for 1 quarter seems pretty low
BigChief: I have SDK on bench for cover so was happy to pick up Cleary.
zadolinnyj: Laird a good pick
zadolinnyj: Kick, mark game means no tackles
Social: A Brayshaw seems good value this week
Catatafish: Thank fuck I have the cash and trades to get rid of Lloyd and Ridley after discarding Shitfield
circle52: @Hazza depending on bye set up but would go Laird with R13 bye over Parish who has Rd 12 bye.
Bluebagg11: Boys. How good is Sam Walsh. Honestly he?s a bloody gun
DANGERous: besides H&S whats ridley doing?
BigChief: Rozee is better @BlueBagg LOL
navy_blues: nice durdin
TheLegend6: Ridley was my D6 – been good lately. Didn’t want to move but helps R12 byes
Ash777: lol @ rozee better than walsh
BigChief: Ash just ask K. Cornes hehehe
beerent11: Ahh rozee is not even half as good as Walsh in my humble.
BigChief: Walsh could play with both arms tied behind back and 1 leg hurt and be better
original: Fogarty playing well
pcaman2003: Get in there Mills and get the hard ball. Don’t just wait for it.
zadolinnyj: Walsh could take a shower better then rozee. The shower would also be smarter then cornes
beerent11: Wait. Did cockhead Cornes say that?
Hazza09: Durdin looks on tonight
dipstick: didnt walsh get like 30 brownlow votes and not even win
Social: go you bloody crippa
original: Rattled
sMiles: I enjoyed that disent call – the fucker ran too far
Gotigres: Durdin already looped for MRJ
TheLegend6: Warner having a mare
BigChief: Yes beer Flog Cornes did say Rozee is better than Walsh.
beerent11: Ahh I see what you did there Monty. Been busy this week.
sMiles: oh Cripps – you going back to 2021?
Social: SA tool
BigChief: yep dipstick he did.
Gotigres: Blues on fire
sMiles: Motlop can find the goal, hey?
Pavs: mOnty a happy man with Curnow.
sMiles: I brought Curnow in to my draft team… on the bench. lol
Migz: wow quick goal against the tide. amazing what happens when you kick quickly into a forward line…
Hazza09: Anyone looping McCartin?
Gandhi: From a neutral perspective, umps have been awful
pcaman2003: Unless Covid strikes down Carlton during the game,they’ll win easily.
dipstick: time to de-flog my team. and that includes you ladhams
ajconodie: Ohhhh Erroll.
Ash777: swans can turn things on pretty quickly
BigChief: Ladhams was never going to be that effective with Hickey back.
pcaman2003: Who kept Curnow?
Harambe: Witches hat for Tom McCartin?
frenzy: lol warner
ajconodie: How can the umpire call not 15, the ball is kicked straight back to where it came from, and pays that a mark?
BigChief: Blues trying to be too cute there and it cost them.
yeah_nah: Yep umps been shocking
navy_blues: do it all the time chief
Ash777: This is why dogs didn’t keep young. horrible kicking.
zadolinnyj: Wow that was soft
BigChief: OMG what a kick from TDK
pcaman2003: I know Mills is good,but a proj. score of 152 seems to be a stretch CD.
beerent11: Crippa no worries . On for a decent vc
Ash777: papley playing midfield
Migz: great tackle durdin leading to that goal
BigChief: Is BT that stupid? Just asked what happens if anothe 666 warning.
beerent11: Parker, crippa, Hewitt all highly owned all going well.
Ash777: He’s not that stupid but his mouth runs before he thinks lol
beerent11: Bhg no show?
BigChief: Oh no Doc.
navy_blues: sydney hasnt been opened up like this often been said bout 4 times already
Ash777: carnage
Migz: sorry boys. i just brought in doch this week
beerent11: Bt is much better on triple m.
Gotigres: Docherty probably concussion test
TheLegend6: Blues ignoring Doc all half then sit that on his head ffs
original: Unlucky jpk
navy_blues: kennedy fair player no malice there id say
ajconodie: I reckon Doc is done.
pcaman2003: Doc will be fine.
Migz: did you guys sydney have been opened up. like a can of tomatoes
Migz: get it. cause they are red
oc16: he got him very high though
Gotigres: JPK did a hammy while giving Docharty a forearm to the face
Hazza09: Ffs doc
BigChief: JPK will get a week even though he will miss anyway.
ajconodie: @pcaman – After they review the footage they will see the contact rocked him and then he was a bit wobbly. I hope youre
pcaman2003: Get going Mills. You’ve done SFA so far.
mattmac24: Could be a broken nose for Doc
dipstick: droppin like flies…all over the field
Gotigres: Now McCartin down
ajconodie: No. Not McCartin.
BRAZZERS: everyone getting smashed! lmao
BigChief: Swans going down like 9 pins
Ash777: swans players going down like flies atm
Gotigres: His back up and walking now
pcaman2003: ajcondoie. . I don’t have him,but hope he’ll be fine for his SC owners.
Wahab_18: Was looking like a good night and now everyone’s dropping like ten pins
arbel: Everyone going down no one left to play soon
dabombers: Dropping like flies. Swans. Also can Kayo buy a new router. Cuts out too often.
ajconodie: Thank f l o w e r for that!
Migz: thats like nic nac into sandilands.
pcaman2003: Swans going down like Linda Lovelace.
mattmac24: Paddy Mac is all good, just a knee to the back
original: I wouldn?t wanna play carlton either so wouldn?t mind an injury excuse
BigChief: Only 38 points and Carlton have blown bigger leads.
beerent11: How good George hewitt this season
hinsch: big chief agree don’t know if Carlton are far enough if front another 20 point might be good
mattmac24: Bloody brilliant Beer. Sydney would be hating themselves for letting him go
m0nty: hands up all the Tyler Durdin HODLers
bhg26: Yeah we are mattmac, I never wanted hewett to go
navy_blues: chief u really hate carlton dont ya never positive
bhg26: It?s Logan take on at the moment
Hazza09: He?s my E @monty
navy_blues: but in a realist and carlton do stop which isa
navy_blues: a worry
beerent11: Massive disparity in sc points between the teams
dipstick: @m0nty HODLer…LOL… nice time too pick up some BTC in the next few months
BigChief: Just stating facts navy. And it my Fitzroy colours coming through in regards to Carlton 🙂
zadolinnyj: When I don?t have mills he gets a million possesions
navy_blues: so u dont follow bris now chief?
BigChief: No navy, I am a 1 club supporter.
arbel: @monty … yep glad i held him
dabombers: Durdins score is a mirage right. Im just imagining it.
navy_blues: ok lets see what 3rd qtr holds….
TheLegend6: Doc all good?
Hazza09: He?s on, but doubt he goes 70
navy_blues: most selfish player in afl papley
wadaramus: Man up and lift Ladhams you hack!
beerent11: Campbell should be playing all the time. Great user both sides.
BigChief: Swans have lifted.
pcaman2003: Doc looks fine.
pcaman2003: That’s a good start for the qtr Mills, so keep it going champ.
wadaramus: Appears that ruck is not required in this game?
BigChief: Ummm how was that a free against Cripps? Heyward knocked it out and no tackle.
Hazza09: Piss off Mills
The39Steps: Good observation @wada. Thinking the same thing. Hit out to advantage rucks a luxury.
beerent11: Mills needs to average 130 to justify his price. Can?t see it.
dabombers: Mills, Touk, Oliver and Macrae the few players who can knock out 60plus SC quarters.
sMiles: Cripps, grrrr
pcaman2003: beer. He’s only 5 off it now so not too far off.
TheLegend6: What does Lloyd do these days
Migz: lloyds chips are in the bin.
wadaramus: Lloyd is on a pension this year?
beerent11: Maybe
Silz90: Stay low doc
Ash777: Lloyd finds his chips on the these days it seems
Hazza09: Horror show Docherty, ffs
Ash777: oops on the bench
BRAZZERS: lloyd just having a mare, was avergaing 95 before this game
mattmac24: Doch isn’t gonna do much other than taking kick ins for the rest of the night
navy_blues: cerra quiet tonight
sfenda1: Walsh is back me thinks
pcaman2003: Keep it up Doc. Need you to stay low. Sorry Hazza!
beerent11: Crippa may not work out for vc. McRae, touk, parish, Neale for c?
mattmac24: Was Walsh ever gone?
Silz90: Our smalls looking good tonight navy. Durds will be a star
Catatafish: Lloyd was useless now he can’t even get the ball and Blakey takes all kick ins
BigChief: Petracca or Oliver beer?
Silz90: Agree navy having an off night.
mattmac24: Macrae has a brilliant average against Gold Coast and also while playing at Mars stadium
beerent11: Have trac no clarry. Not mad on trac for c.
beerent11: Yeah probably McRae Matt
Napper: How does docherty get no points for that 50 meter kick to a contest. Sydney didn?t tak a intercrot mark. Thanks
dipstick: durdin Fight Club
Hazza09: been the story of my year pcaman
beerent11: Witts? No English.
Moona: WOW – Carlton fans booing Parker because what he did against bombers – unheard of
beerent11: Neale vs hawks?
BigChief: I like that Witts option.
mattmac24: Are Bulldogs running Sweet as a sole ruck?
pcaman2003: beerent. That was my thought too. He won’t get tagged against us.
beerent11: Cmon swannies make it interesting
Ash777: Sweet and cordy are dogs rucks
Social: This oughtta make Doc a nice affordable option after the byes
beerent11: This is set up for heeney to tear apart the last quarter.
pcaman2003: More points please Mills, more points.
BigChief: Not looking good Blues fans.
yeah_nah: Whoa buddy!!
Ash777: game on
beerent11: Are you lurking bhg?
hinsch: Carltons lead disappearing here, can they hang on.
DrSeuss: Just logged in – what has Cripps been doing – other than seemingly not much?
Grimes Jr: go swannies
bhg26: At the game beer
beerent11: Not much Seuss
pcaman2003: Seuss. Cleaning up the toe jam mainly.
Social: just watched the JPK hit, not like him but he sure did raise that forearm
pjw1234: what do we think about Hately given he is getting 70% CBA post Crouch getting the heave ho
Fatbar5tad: Come on Durdin. 80 please.
Hazza09: Shit house Docherty, great start to another shit week
beerent11: Good luck in the last bhg.
Social: @suess he got through 3/4 of an orange at half time
frenzy: watch the seagull bring it home
dipstick: hopefully all the scoring is done at one end
DrSeuss: Thanks all – seemed like the most obvious suggestion. Sweet FA from Cripps
Ash777: looks like cripps is sacrificing his game so the other mids can get the ball
Silz90: Get involved Christmas . Need you to start mooing
mattmac24: Will Rioli Jr. Do better than Carroll?
Silz90: Wow delibrate much.
DrSeuss: Wasn’t Mills on like 36 at half time FFS – Cripps hasn’t moved but Mills is flying
zadolinnyj: Got caught in legs Silz. No deliberate
yeah_nah: Yeah think mills is finally the real deal. Just finds the ball.
mattmac24: The De Koning boys both have a great pair of hands! Amazing marks
Ash777: lloyd getting those junktime chips
Silz90: Don’t they have 7 or 8 siblings Matt. Agree great dukes
DANGERous: wake up crippa seriously man
pcaman2003: yeah-nah. Has a 5 round average of 139. Not too shabby.
wadaramus: Looks like a good game, watching an Anathema concert instead.
wadaramus: Ladhams you spud!
TheLegend6: Doc done well to get to here
navy_blues: aerhsdgfn
pcaman2003: Wowee! Paps handballed to a team mate instead of going for goal. Miracles do happen.
Social: crippa can’t be right
wadaramus: How hard is it to get involved?!
Wahab_18: I’ve had cripps for 3 rounds this year.. 39, last week and this week.. ffs
BigChief: Blues are cooked.
Hazza09: Ffs Durdin
beerent11: Uh oh
yeah_nah: Mills was 616k before this game. I need to get him in.
beerent11: Put your phone away wada. Watch the concert
Ash777: only blues can choke a lead like this
Silz90: Wahab r u serious or what lol
Fatbar5tad: Blues bricking it
Wahab_18: Yepp serious, I traded him in the week he did his hammy and traded out straight away and got him again last week..
pcaman2003: Ash. We do it pretty good too.
BRAZZERS: wahab thats because youre a spud
Grimes Jr: no way carlton challenge this year. cant play 4 quarters
dipstick: lloyds just dropped off like a fart in the wind
Silz90: I hate watching footy sometimes. We need to hit the score board ffd
navy_blues: kennedy was held
beerent11: That?s so good wahab
Social: it’s a real ding dong battle
wadaramus: Roger that beer 🙂
wadaramus: Mills VC fail though 🙁
pcaman2003: How is Mills still only 100?. Have the scores stopped?
navy_blues: at last
zadolinnyj: Do it once more wahab and it should work
colin wood: Nick Blakey kicking out.. lol
beerent11: Yep crippa too wada
wadaramus: Traded Mcinernery, should have traded Ladhams.
weca: 4 goals from blakely
dipstick: i mean who who has sydney beatin this year? nobodies
Pav300: great game.
Grimes Jr: jeez they get a good go from the umps the baggers
Oddsy5: heeney muppet lol just handball over top. i know he didnt hear whistle tho
Stu7: Mills paid off pca
Silz90: How didn’t heeney hear play on lol must be pretty noisy
TheLegend6: Carlton not beaten much either though
wadaramus: Nice to have Hewett back 🙂
beerent11: Swans can play so fast when they have to
pcaman2003: Stu. Failed experiment. Have to go Neale or Macca now.
navy_blues: we beat richmond lol
Ash777: yeah sydney are shocking this season. ill disciplined and inaccurate in front of goal.
BigChief: Great fightback Swans. Well held on by Carlton.
Grimes Jr: looking forward to beatings these pretenders in a month
TheLegend6: @navy if that’s your best win then my point stands
Wahab_18: Cripps had enough so he’s tackling his own team mates now lmao
Silz90: Grimes cheer up bud. U have beaten us 10 years in row and still giving us a hard time
wadaramus: Bloody hell, Sam Walsh is a little powerhouse, very underrated.
mattmac24: People still saying Carlton haven’t beaten anyone? Not sure what else you expect from them,
dipstick: first blues had His Name was Robert Pulsen from Fight Club. Now we have Durdin
Napper: Doch better get scaled hard. DT went up 13 and SC only went up 3
blonde0na: carlton can only beat who they play lads, done well to be 8-2 so far
navy_blues: ging to pies game next week
BigChief: Grimes who have Richmond beaten?
dipstick: @wada 30 brownlows in his 2nd year. not really underated
zadolinnyj: Good Friday night game
beerent11: What kind of lizard is Blakey? Frill neck?
TheLegend6: This was a response to someone saying Sydney haven’t beaten anyone haha lay off lads
wadaramus: How many have him in their team?
Hazza09: He better Napper
st_steve: Paddy getting 80+ is a great outcome
frenzy: gecko beer
Oddsy5: walsh not underrated, maybe by cornes! best player in that draft
BigChief: Enjoy it @navy. Should be a good game.
pcaman2003: Good win.
Social: good win blues
Fatbar5tad: Salty tiggers wtf?
wadaramus: I think he’s in 3.7% teams, that’s underrated 🙂
Hazza09: Think you have to take 80+ as a loop for McCartin
wadaramus: Anyway, back to the Anathema concert 🙂
navy_blues: never been to blues v pies so looking frwd to it

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