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Chat log from R8 of 2022: Essendon vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Essendon vs Hawthorn, R8 of 2022

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BRAZZERS: whos the hawks sub lads?
BRAZZERS: forget it, got it
m0nty: this game should be entertaining, even if only as a car wreck
Migz: ridley out late has left me with a donut. Cheers boys
pcaman2003: What a stuff up.Swapped Martin for McDonald thinking Martin was out. Couldn’t swap back. Pooh!
Catatafish: Same Migz, and could’ve used SDK. Thanks Ridley, finding new ways to fuck me
bones351: Merrett could have spoiler that. Players need to be willing to do the dirty work.
bones351: If the ball isn’t perfect for you at least spoil. Affect the contest.
hinsch: Got Moore in this week hopfully he decides to get moving soon
bones351: Wright is giving good effort
original: Blessed to have Titch in classic and draft. Fml
pcaman2003: original. Titch having a mare year. Just not himself.
biggerz: Titch cooked
BRAZZERS: he must be injured
StuL: Lynch reminds me of Hannah Mouncey.
DrSeuss: Martin without a touch for 15 minutes.
frenzy: there ya go Dr
DrSeuss: Thank you Nick – that will do. Although feel free to keep going
Migz: what was the illness that killed the bombers? covid?
Gotigres: Back on track now Martin
TheOnyas: Onya Lynchy
pcaman2003: Where is prior opportunity?
Gotigres: Eagles unlucky with the umps so far
DrSeuss: Of course this is the week I play someone with Newcombe
BRAZZERS: hobbs showing some ticker tonight
bhg26: Couldnt have done this last week hobbs?
TheFlagger: go hoks
bones351: Spoil the ball boys. Don’t watch your opponent make it. Smh.
pcaman2003: Is Titch alive? Someone take his pulse please.
DrSeuss: Come on Martin, how about more than 2 possessions for the quarter??
TheFlagger: yes hawks bury em
mattmac24: I just need Martin to outscore McComb as I could have benched Martin for McComb’s score
TheFlagger: i am facing a certain alopecia affected amphibian this week gonna be a close one
DrSeuss: WTF is Sicily doing this quarter – other than nothing?
original: Cmon titch. Junk it up bro
pcaman2003: Kosi you clown. stop trying for speccies and just mark the thing.
pcaman2003: C’mon Hawks! You guys should be killing it.
Cottees: playing so mediocre. Come on hawks
Tig-Train: He just did a mark, 3 handballs, free kick and kick lol
Cottees: we got to be the most inconsistent team omfg
beerent11: Don?t make any poor taste jokes flagger. Might cop a slapping.
Cottees: got given A 50 and nearly stuffed it
BigChief: Will the Hawks choke again?
Cottees: Gunston missing so many easy set shots
pcaman2003: You tell us Chief.
BigChief: Hope not pcaman for my tipping 🙂
TheFlagger: such an unpredictable week of scoring
Yelse: shocking week of scoring half my premiums under 80ish
pcaman2003: Chief. Not sure what’s worse this week. My tipping or SC. Sigh!
navy_blues: well cottees i prob am sexist when it comes to footy
J.Worrall: Peter Dutton? “alopecia affected amphibian”
Cottees: fair call Navy
pcaman2003: Titch averaging under a 100 and not looking good at all.
Wahab_18: what on earth was that deliberate call
Cottees: far out, thanks umps I guess ;/
yeah_nah: Horror patch by the umps in the last few minutes.
duckky: This umpiring is inept
monkebuket: umpires scoring well in supercoach again
pcaman2003: We’re back to butchering the ball to bits. WTH Hawks.
bhg26: The better martin
DrSeuss: Is the ball going to Hawthorn’s backs? Sicily hasn’t touched it for 20 minutes
BRAZZERS: who cares he’s tonned up anyway
Cottees: yeah we are good chokers aren’t we. so bad
pcaman2003: Don’t know Seuss but I sense Deja vu
Cottees: good one Hawks
navy_blues: omg shiel
Cottees: deserve to lose tbh
duckky: Is it Hawthorn who is interested in Shiel? You’re welcome to him
Cottees: lucky
BRAZZERS: great decision umps, ballsy but correct
pcaman2003: Hawks are just bombing it anywhere, no composure at all. We’ll probably blow this.
Gotigres: Great stuff Martin
BigChief: 14 disp for Mitchell? WTF
BRAZZERS: martin xfactor if they get up
bhg26: Merrett you grub lol
Cottees: bad game Hawks, lose to an underman team good one
duckky: Just give the goal already
zadolinnyj: Great to see the excitement ina close one from fans
pcaman2003: Here we go again. Same old same old.
bhg26: Hobbs now has 100 in his last two games
pharace: Don’t give up Hawks, it’s only Essendon!
Cottees: Hawks goes from a top 8 team to a team worse than Eagles way too easily
pharace: OK, give up then Hawks -see if I care?
Cottees: yep gave up a quarter ago. so bad
pcaman2003: pharace. Remember what I said early in the game? It happened. So disappointing to lose this.
Amare: #freekickhawthorn chokers
beerent11: Ahh I see Martin came good. Well done young fella
pcaman2003: And here comes a salty Cats supporter. How was that 2008 GF? LOL!
frenzy: Malthouse will be talking premiership Dons again
bhg26: What is going on
duckky: Martin’s SC score doesn’t reflect the influence he has had on the game
duckky: Whoever gave Lynch concussion is the guy who won the game for Ess
Malaka: Not quite the trainwreck you were expecting, m0nty?
Cottees: Hawks worst team this year. Kane was right. Absolutely garbage fire
pharace: Must be pcaman, I mean Essendon with Shiel etc…
Amare: you’re going back 14 yrs to troll? hahahaha keep crying Karen
yeah_nah: Really impressed with Martin.
Silz90: How is that htb against newcombe. Wow
_Wang_: Bomber looks much better with hind in
frenzy: no CD Draper does not ton up, wtf
Oddsy5: martin been a shining light in a dark year so far! one of our best
pcaman2003: Well played Bombers. Just too good.
oc16: yeah you’re right Amare, we only need to go back 3 weeks to see you guys lost to this
BigChief: I forgot who won earlier this year pcaman between Hawks and Cats. Do you remember?
pharace: @ wang. i think that is called Hindsight
Cottees: yeah Amare, imagine losing to Hawks when they’re like this. Cats are garbage
Olli32019: How the fuck did we lose too these cornes may be right.. sh it c u n t s
Amare: smashed by Essendon’s VFL team LOL
J_Herer: Hobbs for president (yes abused him last week)
navy_blues: lol chief
J.Worrall: Go Bombers! You sameold beauties!
Manowar: well done Hawks! good effort tonight
TheFlagger: frost witches hat
VodkaHawk: Lol oc16. Nice easy way to shut that peanut up.
Malaka: I’ve got Hobbs on the bench but at least he’ll start making some cash.
pharace: And still they play…
Amare: Dawks fans trying to act like it doesn’t matter lol
mattmac24: Lol Amare and what excuse do we have losing to Hawthorn?
BRAZZERS: hawks have many kids in this game too, not as many but still. gonna have games like this hawks will
pcaman2003: mattmac. I’m sure he’ll be searching for some lame exccuse,or just ignore it altogether
Olli32019: Embarrassed

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