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Chat log from R5 of 2022: Carlton vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Carlton vs Port Adelaide, R5 of 2022

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a1trader: Lets go Port
bushranger: Houston and Hewett for me
PAFC4eva: no live feed here forced to listen to umpire bashing ans player s underperforming cmon the pear
NewFreoFan: Got a soft spot for Port, hope they can turn their season around
PAFC4eva: you would be one of the few new freo
kascadev8: didnt take curnow long.. far out
NewFreoFan: I live in Melbourne, my best mate follows Port, gotta back each other up
PAFC4eva: sounds like a plan ps good to have robbie back
kascadev8: butters and hewett. do something this week butters
PAFC4eva: carlton hot start
Gelly: might trade hayes for hayes in a few weeks
PAFC4eva: butter balls on bench already must be tired
Baldfrog: Yeah Zac needs a good one
PAFC4eva: should go alright being the only ruck
kascadev8: sam hayes looks good
Hazza09: Is this the last game for Butters?
NewFreoFan: Voss might be the difference, wheels come off Port since he left and Blues fired up
Baldfrog: Too many other problems atm Hazza lol
PAFC4eva: could be last for hinkley
Gelly: well lycett is out for a few months so he will get a good run at it
Baldfrog: We need some roookies making money is hard this year
Hazza09: Looks like the Durdin experiment is over
NewFreoFan: Port is lost, their structure is rooted
Baldfrog: Wow butters had the guy cold and did that
SwaggyP: Port are completely devoid of confidence
NewFreoFan: No on field leadership from Jonas either
mattpanag: por look like a permanently shell shocked team, no urgency whatsoever, it’s kind of sad
PAFC4eva: cooked since prelim
mattpanag: as a doggies supporter i feel partially responsible lol
Gelly: i think all 5 of his hit outs have been to advantage
frenzy: shows how over rated hitouts are Gelly
PAFC4eva: okay blame you matt
BRAZZERS: last chance butters, good start
mattpanag: happy to be the scapegoat PAFC XD
BigChief: Carlton’s def is pathetic. If Port get better in middle they will win this,
TheLegend6: Rowell to Walsh, lock it in
Bluebagg11: Cripps to Walsh looking good so far. Come on!!
BRAZZERS: lol trading blokes missing one game luls
m0nty: agreed BigChief, Blues mids are making their defence look good
amigaman: Did the blues get Cerra just to warm the bench
NewFreoFan: Blue moon for Burton?
frenzy: Cerra has gotta go
Baldfrog: Wish Dwayneo would shut up he yells everything
bc__: Wake up Drew
TheOnyas: onya walshy
TheOnyas: pull your finger out drewy
zadolinnyj: keeping butters for some reason may pay off
Hazza09: Geez Durdin is a useless rookie
Gelly: i mean with wines out you’d hope butters would get more cba’s
Gelly: oof aliir caught ball watching
pcaman2003: Port mids totally smashed. Boak looks hopeless under pressure.
kascadev8: could bowey save port? hes never lost incase anyone didnt know
BigChief: Poor free as Gray ducked.
PAFC4eva: need to offer bowey 7 year deal
Migz: is that the worst kick of the season so far
Gelly: wtf was that
Yelse: how many kept cripps?
BigChief: Hahaha Harry.
duckky: Ports poor form means Doc isn’t scoring well today
Torz: Give Allir the mare already
mattmac24: I did Yelse. Won’t miss more than 2 games
kascadev8: did here Yelse, wont keep Hall tho
Gelly: aliir making tarrant look good
Migz: ill prob bring cripps back in. but got rid of him cause week out + 2-3 weeks of losing money. I swapped him to english.
Migz: no ragrets!
zadolinnyj: bowl killing me
zadolinnyj: boak
pcaman2003: Boak has an average of 138 and plays this poorly. Ports year is just getting worse each week.
BigChief: How is that a block when Hayes gets the hitout?
pcaman2003: Boak has quit and has gone backwards this qtr. Nowhere near being in the contest.
Yelse: yeah kept cripps as well rumour was wasn’t even a tear just a hotspot in his hammy and where precautionary week off
mattmac24: How does a team go from a top 2 last season to this?
Migz: imagine watching the eagles on friday and thinking a team will play worse than that
Ash777: I put the captaincy on Hewett this week
poolboybob: Hinkley should be working on his CV during the match
pcaman2003: I wonder if the Swans want Hewett back. Been enormous this year.
hinsch: WCE vs Port might be the first one to fifty wins, that might be an impossible target as well
pcaman2003: poolboybob. I think so. He should do the right thing and fall on his sword.
mattpanag: feelslike a team that don’t like the game plan but don’t have an alternative. kenny’s lost them
Baldfrog: Who would hire Hinkley lol
PAFC4eva: agree 10 years is enough do the right thing kenny leave the room
duckky: Time for Kochie Watch….
PAFC4eva: lost confidence to take game on just a kick and catch
Jolles: The world is back in balance in S.A. Port are the second Adelaide team way behind the Crows.
Baldfrog: Kochie wont go wouldn’t look good on his LinkedIn profile
circle52: With little ball down back hope Docherty stays around his B/e to make Hall to Doc an easy trade
saintbart1: Have the C on Hewitt. Happy so far
circle52: and yes I kept Cripps as well – Rowell my other ossue this week.
TheOnyas: onya byrney-jonesy
Baldfrog: 2 onyas in one day woot
PAFC4eva: whats the news on sloaney
BigChief: pcaman the Swans would still play Hewett in the backline if he went back there LOL
circle52: Sloane looked like an ACL so we wait and see this week.
PAFC4eva: looks like news in no details shame if acl
BigChief: No confirmed news on Sloane, but it didn’t look good.
TheLegend6: Hopefully Doc kicks on to 100+
Ash777: They were doing the acl test on screen and it didn’t look good
circle52: Just announced Sloane out for saeson
Urbs: Sloane ACL just confirmed
frenzy: stay on the park Cerra
circle52: Adelaide: Rory Sloane (ACL) Out for the remainder of the season
m0nty: Amon tagging Walsh
NewFreoFan: Poor Sloane, warrior of the game
Ash777: well there we go
PAFC4eva: port out for season also team acl
NewFreoFan: Maybe Hinkley cracked the code at half time, Port have come out with fire
duckky: That was Butters first goal of the year
Ash777: go butters
kascadev8: good butter boy
NewFreoFan: How do you let that happen Port
original: Witches hat for aliir. Seen it handed out for less
pcaman2003: Boak is screwing up my score this week. Opponent has Butters and laughing.
Hazza09: Ofcourse I bring in Docherty this week
TheLegend6: Same Hazza
supastarr: Cerra spends lots of time on bench. Is it his tank or what’s the go?
pjw1234: looks like they have butters tagging docherty?
pcaman2003: Can’t believe Ipicked Boak over Walsh. I should sack myself.
frenzy: pack a day smoker, supastar
dipstick: Blues better not stumble to and fro and collapse into a hep like Tucker from Something about Mary
pjw1234: hopefully just while not on the ball
kascadev8: cerra just tired of winning this year it seems
Ash777: boak just having a shocker
hinsch: Are Carlton far enough in front to win this game, they normally get on the bus home at 3/4 time
BigChief: Blues refuse to man up when Port have the ball in forward half.
original: Best game I?ve seen rozee play for a while
TheLegend6: Doc walking around
StuL: Doch not taking kick in so suddenly he’s a mistake too
duckky: Carlton choking /s
Wahab_18: Premo Backs stinking it up this week
LuvIt74: How are you all, do you guys know when the final teams are selected for tomorrows game, i guess tomorrow right?
LuvIt74: Not knowin if Maginness is playing or not is killing me
mattmac24: Already finalised Luvit
duckky: Final 22* named on AFL website (pendning late changes)
duckky: Maginness looks like he will be medisub
BigChief: Carlton as gone. Port will win.
mattmac24: Maginness listed as one of the four emergencies
mattmac24: Worpel or Maginness will be the sub probably
PAFC4eva: hope your right chief bit of a pulse
LuvIt74: Yeah thanks guys i hope Maginness doesn’t get named as i want to take Hayes score as he is my E or do i field Martin
duckky: Can only make that decision tomorrow Luvit
duckky: WTF? Has Hinkly promises to streak down Rundle Mall if they win?
TheLegend6: Wake up Doc!
mattmac24: May not be worth the risk Luvit with how average maginness is. I’d play Martin
pcaman2003: Get the ball Boak,wherever you are.
zadolinnyj: who turned the power on
Baldfrog: PAFC if port win Ken is saved
mattpanag: this is more spirited footy, glad to see a pulse!
PAFC4eva: burton 2 in his 100th dare to believe
Ash777: looks like hinkley is getting another week
PAFC4eva: for now baldy but surely long term has to go
BigChief: Port will win by 4 goals. Carlton let the MCG at 1/2 time.
mattmac24: Imagine if Carlton could play four quarters…
Urbs: pretty sure burton hasn’t switched fwd monty
Hazza09: Awesome Doch! Hopefully you outscore SDK
pjw1234: looks like they changed jumpers at 1/2 time
Baldfrog: You would think so PAFC
PAFC4eva: 3 goals in it just hit the pause button on microwave
pcaman2003: Hate you Boak. Stop giving points to Butters.
Baldfrog: Shhh pcaman
kascadev8: go butters
pcaman2003: Baldfrog. SWuffering the ultimate frustration because of that muppet,Boak. I give in.
LuvIt74: A lot traded out butters this week, glad i held him and chose Rowell to go
Baldfrog: Don’t sound like Walrus pcaman
Baldfrog: Pcaman have Grundy and jacksons scores so need butters to have a decent one
kascadev8: here come the power
duckky: And Butters raises the bat
BigChief: They have been coming for a qtr and a half Kasca.
Ash777: lol blues
duckky: The stewards need to drug test the CFC team
duckky: They have been nobbled
Gelly: ohh no carlton
dipstick: win or lose this game Blues finals chances are done. Still cannot play out a whole game. Ridiculous and frustrating
Baldfrog: U guys forget Keeny taught Voss everything he knows
pcaman2003: What’s happening? The Blues on their death bed?
Swans Star: what the hell happen in this game?
kascadev8: and we’ll continue it bigchief, good game of footy
Swans Star: Last I looked Carlton were up 40+
pjw1234: amon to walsh was a good move
dipstick: sad but true. no cripps no carlton
cmperrfect: 1 large chips to the Carlton HBF please. Owner. S Docherty.
Stu7: Great fighting by port
kascadev8: order intercepted cm 🙂
Baldfrog: Why is Butters still on the bench with the game for the taking ?
pcaman2003: Get off the pine Boak and do some work
mattmac24: Hewett is the best supercoach pick of season
Stu7: 8goals to 1 disgraceful Carlton
Baldfrog: Dunno Matt cogs will make us alot of money
Gelly: aliir still gonig to cost them the game
Swans Star: Boak and Butter back on!!
BigChief: Neale, Cogs and Hewett top 3?
kascadev8: you can stop now doch
pcaman2003: Just noticed Boak and Butters not one tackle
zadolinnyj: game for the tanking Ballfrog
Stu7: Off the bench Hewett
Swans Star: What a game!!
duckky: Aliir to kick the winning goal
Gelly: the irony if he does that lol
mattmac24: Wow.. DBJ definitely dropped that
Swans Star: Coast to Coast?!
original: Holding the man. Go home umpire shockin call
Swans Star: Incredible Football!!
Stu7: Port to win by 1 point
Swans Star: Heartbreak for Port
mattmac24: Very lucky win
BigChief: Blues oh so lucky. Port deserved that.
poolboybob: Carlton almost completely Carlton?ed that up
TheLegend6: Blues will be found out against the better teams
duckky: You shouldn’t win for playing just a half od footy mattmac
beerent11: Great game for my draft team
bones351: Haven’t been able to watch the game. How the hell did Amon not get 20 disposals and stuff my multi?
mattmac24: Hence why I said it was a lucky win Duckky. They didn’t deserve it but they held on
robbieg: walsh locked in next week for me
Napper: Doc should scale for that kick out and spoil in the last minute
frenzy: Cerra 32 posi, for 81SC garbage

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