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Chat log from R5 of 2022: North Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs, R5 of 2022

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frenzy: doggies how far
cmperrfect: Let’s go Captain Jack.
Migz: Ahhhh here we go, here we go, here we go! This timing before full teams sucks
frenzy: nothing fancy today roos
circle52: Happy Easter All
PJ39301965: Good afternoon everyone happy easter
Migz: is english dean cox v.2?
Ash777: They compared english to cox in his draft year.
zadolinnyj: Sorry but randomly put c on dunkley so don?t expect much
Migz: oh cherry you dummy. easy 10 points given up!
Hazza09: Geez Xerri
Raspel31: Eh Macrae lad, don’t thee be shy.
Migz: i traded in english from cripps 10 mins before bounce down. seems nice so far…
wadaramus: Happy Easter Friday, come on Macca!
masterhc2: north should honestly fold
Ash777: No bont in the mids no problem
Migz: could you imagine bont and dunkey as fwd/mids. the dream haha
cmperrfect: Cmon Macca. The yellow thing son.
original: Ziebell in draft league. Ffs noble thanks buddy
Badgerbadg: norf should not be given a good friday game
Migz: didnt they not play on good friday before north organised it?
Ash777: It’s a charity game like norf is badger lol
Migz: as in any AFL games
m0nty: North getting crucified
Hazza09: Ffs Macrae
wadaramus: Stop it m0nty!
masterhc2: norf are genuinely not afl standard
m0nty: you could play this game for three days before North could resurrect itself
StuL: Can you buy beer in Victoria today or is it nanny state everywhere?
Badgerbadg: maybe they should play on the sunday, might see a rise from them 😉
wadaramus: Perhaps the Doggies are just too good?
dipstick: @stu of course you can
zadolinnyj: 50 lol
pcaman2003: I wonder how many games will be decided by absurd 50 mtr penalties?
zadolinnyj: keep it coming monty
Badgerbadg: bring in 25m pens
mattmac24: Really need English to do nothing!
m0nty: poor old North fans, they have a cross to bear today
Ninty: Anyone know Norths score? Doesn?t seem to be updating here
snake_p: enough Dad jokes Monty
StuL: Thanks dipper. I’m a heathen
wadaramus: Alright m0nty, finished with the Easter puns?!
Cottees: yay they got one lol
dipstick: whats with the insulting remarks m0nty?
wadaramus: Whoa, Macca up to 30 in a flash!
StuL: Macca surely will go huge. It’s only norf
m0nty: that Weightman free was a real spear to the guts for North
pjw1234: took the berry score last night over horn-francis so mater of time before he comes good
Hazza09: JHF in the minuses?
Stu7: Go Trekoar good stuff buddy
Stu7: Treloar
StuL: No alcohol allowed in nsw today. Too many “Christians” in charge. I don’t believe. Beer me
banta: Weightman needs to be fined for his acting. It?s a blight on the game
Migz: how long till norfs coach is crucified
m0nty: Weightman’s Q1 is a real kinder surprise
AlsoGmax: Richards doing his best to drop in value before he gets traded out next week.
StuL: Poor North fans. They have to rise again one day
Silz90: Is Baz playing fwd? Handy pickup if DPP
Stu7: Come on Treloar great start don?t ruin it by slacking off
Stu7: What?s going on With Horney?
Ninty: At least they?ve kept Bruce quiet so far
Stu7: AlsoGMax I ditched the nuff nuff 2 weeks ago
wadaramus: Hmmm, JHF not living up to the hype 🙁
Raspel31: 4 kicks 4 goals Weightman. Roos in a spot of bother?
Stu7: Great quarter Treloar well done mate
Wahab_18: That last play made my day, English to macrae back to english for a shot on goal
masterhc2: this is embarrassing. born norf from good friday for 10 years
AlsoGmax: Stu, he’s definitely been on the chopping block, and escaped every time.
wadaramus: Horney just too soft.
StuL: Had to get English it looks like. Too late now
pcaman2003: Happy with English, Macca and Treloar so far.. 3more qtrs like that boys.
cmperrfect: Does a negative score count as a zero scoring player?
Stu7: AlsoGmax ditch him brother he?s a boat anchor
Hazza09: Grundy to English isn?t to late
mattmac24: Unfortunately not cm
Badgerbadg: norf need to go to tassie
Stu7: Cmperrfect yes mate
AlsoGmax: Stu, I promise you I will keep trying.
pjw1234: 16 nth with 2 or less disposals only 1 for bulldogs. Long afternoon unless they pick it up
Stu7: Sorry what I meant was you are stuck with a doughnut
Stu7: Sorry what I meant was is that you are stuck with that score
cmperrfect: Your turn to get amongst it Dunks.
TheOnyas: Onya Smithy
hinsch: hopefully JHF can get to double figures lucky 70% of people have him
Migz: has 3 players from a team ever finished in negatives in quarter before?
Silz90: Nathan O’Driscoll WILL PLAY on Sunday. Ben Hobbs debut for Essendon, too.
thesilentl: Feel bad for north with JHF. The lack of junior footy in vic made them vastly overrate him
Silz90: Source: Phantom
a1trader: This is hard to watch
Ninty: Source is Sunday teams just released.
beerent11: That?s rubbish thesilentl
StuL: North fans look like we once did. Sad looking people
Ash777: bad call silent1 Hard to play in a team of witches hats
Silz90: Didnt realise teams were annouced so early ninty, just sharing the good news sorry mate
pcaman2003: Maybe English should stop tackling if he keeps giiving frees away.
Water: the cone on bosenvulagi is a bit stiff, blokes trying his guts out
Hazza09: English giving away free kicks and still scoring
StuL: Where have you been? The Isotopes are on fire. Now they’re in the championship game!
Ninty: All good buddy
Migz: great team goal roos.
Raspel31: Hmm- never thought I might have to loop Xerri in.
beerent11: Game on!
m0nty: NOrth’s game has come back from the dead
mattmac24: The one week I play an opponent that doesn’t have JHF… Damn
beerent11: Dogs are so soft this season. Norf shouldn?t be able to do this.
m0nty: The Roos are playing on wholly spirit
Fatbar5tad: Great stuff Roos
Stu7: Off the pine Treloar
Fatbar5tad: need a lift from junkley
Migz: if the roos win i might have to reconsider believing in jebus
beerent11: The teams swapped jumpers
StuL: The wind is going to the left of screen
Stu7: Horney. Will come good
Raspel31: Well, I must say????
BigChief: North kicking to the scoring end. Must be 6 goal wind
duckky: Seems appropriate for my year. … JHF on the field and Xerri on the bench and not E
Ninty: Of course HORNE has same amount of disposals as BONT but CD only loves BONT #bias
colin wood: Lol Ninty Bont has kicked 2 idea
beerent11: Do you have Rachele on field dukky?
mattmac24: You serious Ninty.. you missed Bonts 2 goals and Horne’s 29% DE?
StuL: Xerri will still end with 70-80 ducky
Ninty: Stop kissing his shower colin
BigChief: Ninty trolling again I see.
Ninty: Good to see people still pick up sarcasm on here
beerent11: That?s great bigchief. All we need
Raspel31: zado- you cursed Dunks by capping him and then did a runner?
beerent11: Sorry I meant stul.
Ninty: Dunkley? More like Drunkley ye #gone2pub
thesilentl: Problem is @ninty the average take in here is so poor that your comment seem reasonable
beerent11: Dunks doesn?t matter. Most have him anyway
Ninty: That?s why I do it @thesilentl
Stu7: Smith is having a great start to the season
oc16: captain bailey is looking the goods
BigChief: Hall injury strikes again?
beerent11: Let me show you the door silent
BRAZZERS: hall red cross
Oddsy5: hall hammy sheesh
m0nty: Hall definitely not one of those one-week hammies
Fatbar5tad: Why did i bring in Hall
Stu7: Wooo hoooo my opponent had Hall as Loop VC
Silz90: hall is owned by 13k ouch
BRAZZERS: gotta get English in my forward line, clearly a prem
thesilentl: Why beerent11? You’re up there as one of the best for awful takes
StuL: There goes the inevitable Hall string
wadaramus: Good fight back Norf.
dipstick: i remember when treolar was rolling around like a fish when he did both hamstrings. still chuckle when i think about it
cmperrfect: Dunkley. Wow.
beerent11: I guess ziebell goes back now
beerent11: Ok mate.
duckky: Rachelle is on field
dipstick: half time video- goYoutube and search ‘dancer pulls hamstring’ form hey hey
m0nty: Turner would go back before Ziebell
Raspel31: Just in case anyone is concerned- I don’t have Hall.
dipstick: sorry-Todd Rixon – Pot Luck. Best hamstring pull in history
frenzy: Sum CD luv for Xerri would be nice
banta: Don?t think I?ve ever seen an opponent go near Bailey Smith. Roams free
beerent11: Gave away a few frees frenzy
frenzy: must be something silly beer
Wahab_18: frenzy sadly Xerri’s name isn’t Bont or Dunkley 🙁
Wahab_18: 4 handballs 4 tackles for 40 hmmmmm
BRAZZERS: hey spuddy kebab
wadaramus: Potato!
MrWalrus: I think I’m glad my internet is down and this game’s not on free to air in SA
duckky: Don’t be mean…
cmperrfect: Cmon Dunks. Get amongst it young man. Sheesh.
Raspel31: Mr Hippopotamus- I’ll never be rude again. Living in SA? You poor sod.
pcaman2003: How was that not HTB against Bont. So obvious.
pcaman2003: Onya English. Keep it up.
Stu7: Off the wood Treloar
pcaman2003: Stu7. He heard you and got off his lazy bum.
Stu7: pcaman2003 – yes mate happy about that 😊
Stu7: English you gun good stuff
thesilentl: You ok @mrwalrus, north had 7 more free kicks, can’t believe they get looked after like this
pcaman2003: English ton already. Great! Macca and Treloar to ton up now
kascadev8: hall pain 🙁 lets go xerri macca dunks
pcaman2003: Bont scores faster on the bench. lol!
Raspel31: I must say one is rather more chaffed by capping Macrae than Cripps last week.
beerent11: Don?t care about his sc score just like the way jhf goes about it.
Migz: that was a duck from macca. i have him so no worries there but thats bull
BigChief: What no 50 against Weightman for putting arms out?
Cottees: fantastic stuff macrae!
Stikman35: Macrae capt, xerrie on ground jhf too sadly
Raspel31: Luvs ya Macca.
pcaman2003: Looks like Macrae is C this week.
Cottees: no concussion please macrae 🙁
beerent11: Don?t count your McRae chickens just yet
BigChief: Macrae better not be out of game.
dipstick: ohhh, so theyre going to cotton bll macrae are they
beerent11: May as well keep McRae off for the rest of this game. Just to be safe.
dipstick: i mean moth ball… they gonna moth macrae
cmperrfect: Dunks on the ball now please for the last.
Raspel31: Macca will be back beer.
thommoae: Nearly dipstick – they may put him in ‘cotton wool’.
Pav300: Great to see Treloar back in form
Stu7: Great qrt Treloar
m0nty: tbf that vision of Macrae was a bit worrying
BigChief: Not looking good for VC Macrae 🙁
Ash777: They’re not going to let him play on with that vision
m0nty: I can feel a Dunkley garbage bin icon looming
weca: tbh macrae has been looking tired all game. it looks like he just was trying to get some breathes
cmperrfect: Yes please m0nty
beerent11: Probably for the best ash
mattmac24: I have captain on Macrae, glad he had a good 3 quarters
BigChief: Ugly-Hagan getting junk points now.
Thomas1234: ugle hagan is easily the most overated player in the afl
weca: if macrae get ruled out, does everyone know he cant play next week
Raspel31: Well, doesn’t look like concussion- they may rest him but hopefully Macca back next week.
Oddsy5: to be overrated people have to rate ya first thomas!
Thomas1234: macca on now
beerent11: I submit cam Raynor thomas1234
Ash777: No he cant weca
rupertmarn: If it’s concussion he misses next week
BigChief: What about Lachie Plowman? Surely he is up there for overrated.
BRAZZERS: fuck, i need 3 more possies from macca for my multi :/
kascadev8: go hall get to 70
StuL: Macca is on
pcaman2003: Macca back out . Yes!
BRAZZERS: hes back on now
beerent11: Is McRae back on?
BigChief: Not sure beer, he could be.
Ninty: Got to give key forwards time.. only 20 years old. See what he?s like in a few seasons time
banta: Is Macrae on? Hard to know
Raspel31: Hmm- now Macca sorted- do we loop Xerri for Rachele or Martin?
pcaman2003: No need for rest Treloar,so get cracking.
weca: yes. macrae just looks like hes tired 24/7 especially when he tries to get up.looks 49
beerent11: Someone in the chat will let us know bigchief
poolboybob: Cleaver for Horne-Francis
banta: Lift by simpkin
BigChief: Hope so beer as I need VC Macrae to go big.
Stu7: Macrae is already big BigChief
Stu7: Come on Treloar ton up buddy
Fatbar5tad: Live up to your name Junkley
pcaman2003: Stu7. I think he’s put the cue in the rack. Gone very quiet.
BigChief: Not enough yet Stu7 LOL
dipstick: yeah do something junkley youre my C ya flog
cmperrfect: Larkey more worried about his comb over than winning the ball. Haha.
BRAZZERS: treloar ying yang? lol. he was on 38 at 1/4 time lol
Torz: Just call him Junkley
BigChief: Treloar on had a bad 2nd 1/4. Just like most of the Dogs.
TheLegend6: JHF got no points for that HTB before. Harsh score with 10 CP’s.
BRAZZERS: i agree he had 17pts in the 2nd quarter, doesnt deserve the ying yang tho
BRAZZERS: was 55 at half time, on pace to get that in the 2nd half
mattmac24: JHF has had a terrible game
BigChief: There ya go Kasca. Hall hit 70 LOL
pcaman2003: Dunkley way behind Treloar at half time and now about to pass him. FFS Treloar,pull ya finger out man.
kascadev8: put the score on myself BC, ha!
Raspel31: pcaman- remember to take the pink pills before the green ones.
m0nty: Junkley rides again
BigChief: Macrae what are you doing? Only 142 SMH. 🙂
pcaman2003: Raspel. About to take the whole bottle. Like Dunks HB’s out of bounds,but no clanger. Inconsistency reigns
Wahab_18: Junkley go drink some water the games over
Pav300: Rasp lol – some of your best work
Jukesy: Give JHF the spud icon surely
beerent11: It?s game
beerent11: It?s game number 5 for jhf ya nongs
pcaman2003: I think CD hate Treloar.
BigChief: Apart from the clangers JHF has been okay.
MrWalrus: Jesus died for this!?!
Jukesy: It’s game number 5 for Daicos and he’s averaging 27 disposals a game heh
beerent11: Funny how CD hates all of your team pcaman
thommoae: Nah, MrW – Jesus died for you!
Ash777: Daicos is playing in the easiest position on the ground jukesy lol
BRAZZERS: JHF would too if he played in the back half getting cheap kicks heh
beerent11: Moot point jukes
BigChief: Jukesy Daicos playing HB not mid. I think JHF has been better so far.
Ninty: JHF only 10 points less than Grundy this round. Gun
beerent11: And diacos will have a sub 50 game too jukes
Wahab_18: How Dunkley got to that score only god can give an explanation for that..
Jukesy: Why doesn’t every half back average 27 a game then
thesilentl: Lol youre kidding @bigchief, daicos is streets ahead of jhf thru 5 games. Anti pies garbage as per usual
Jukesy: JHF is a turnover merchant from the little ball he gets
BRAZZERS: wahab you muppet, you should have him. that’s why your team is garbage every season
beerent11: Time wasters
MrWalrus: JHF has impressed me, Daicos too but i reckon Rachele has been best
Ladbrokes_: daicos is kinda empty with his disposal though, that too from a lot of uncontested
RenoMan: Daicos in R2 got a 53 only 11 more than JHF today
BigChief: Silent when Daicos plays mid and actually gets a hard ball he may be better
BigChief: JHF plays mid and gets in and under. Daicos just get the cheap kicks.
Jukesy: Daicos also averages 12 SC more
JockMcPie: yeah nick daicos should already have a statue, its an unfair comparison for JHF really
Jukesy: And as we saw in the NAB league he can rack it up in the midfield
Ladbrokes_: not you mentioning SC avg when a player like lloyd has been a lock for years
BRAZZERS: lol you you using sc points and practice games against shrubs to prove your point? lmao im dead
BRAZZERS: scrubs*

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