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Chat log from R4 of 2022: Port Adelaide vs Melbourne

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Melbourne, R4 of 2022

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J.Worrall: Go Dees!
Swans Star: hello
zadolinnyj: hi lads
navy_blues: hi all
Protocol: hello hello
m0nty: geez Port is under the pump
frenzy: howdy
Protocol: got oliver and wines tonight, hoping for a good fantasy game
Raspel31: Zado- just pipped you in FF comp. Won’t last I assure you.
PJ39301965: Evening all
m0nty: Gawn (vc) in SC tonight, got a feeling
beerent11: Got a good feeling about this one
DEESareSAD: Big night for the dees, sc, Bowey butters.
PJ39301965: Good evening all
BigChief: Got a feeling this will be ugly for Port.
dipstick: angus brayshaw a BARGAIN as a DEF pick
wadaramus: Thursday Night Footy, yeah baby!
Raspel31: Slow start from Gawn m0nty
MrWalrus: Evening gents
Hazza09: Stephens dropped I see
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
mattmac24: Slow start for Gawn.. it’s been 3 minutes…
Yelse: went Oliver VC lets go boys Gawn Bowey
bhg26: Rightfully so Hazza
beerent11: Stephens is now Tom green in my team
wadaramus: Holding the ball and 50 metres, joke!
m0nty: Drew on Clarry, ranga on ranga action
MrWalrus: I’m happy with him dropped, gives me a loop if needed or add the 450k sitting in the kitty and get in a heavy hitter
BigChief: Obvious 50 there @wada
Protocol: wines VC looking good atm
beerent11: Google facetious meaning mattamac
Hazza09: Stephens to Xerri looking good
cmperrfect: Why on earth would Wines be on the bench already
Protocol: wines is on the becnh all the time, small tank big burn
beerent11: Google ranga on ranga action m0nty
MrWalrus: Dipstick, worst Def pick ever on account of not being Def
cmperrfect: Got nothing on Nic Nat proto
bhg26: Butters looking like he?s going to get grounded after the game
Raspel31: Important handball before Butters was benched.
dipstick: @walrus pretty sure he’s a DEF next week
DrSeuss: Maxy done nothing in 10 minutes, Jackson straight on, mark and shot on goal.
BigChief: dispick he has played 1 game in def, can’t see him being a def yet.
MrWalrus: Isn’t it 2 more weeks for DPP too?
fruity: Oliver was on 9 sc points then gets a kick and goes back to 7 then gets a handball and is now on 5..l’m confused
BigChief: dipstick even. Damn my typing terrible already
beerent11: DPP changes announced after rnd 5 before rnd 6
MrWalrus: And Angus has only one monster score which you’ missed alreadyand 2 poo ones
dipstick: yeah, the week after my bad. i thought it was 35% of mins in the position
MrWalrus: So 2 more weeks
cmperrfect: Wines on the pine for 8 minutes so far. Cmon.
beerent11: Dispickable typing big chief
MrWalrus: For a guy who may suck once he gets Def
ajconodie: Melbourne have no weak line.
frenzy: Lol beer
BigChief: hahaha Beer. That’s good.
dipstick: anyway, i brought Angus in. he better get DEF
MrWalrus: That said if he keeps this up and gets D is worth a look at least
BigChief: Isn’t Angus playing wing tonight?
original: Was the 50 against lycett or SPp?
BRAZZERS: gawn on fire!!
dipstick: Ollie Wines might get dual position MID/BENCH
MrWalrus: Gawn just went 20 points in as many seconds there
duckky: Go Maxxy!
Yelse: oliver looks like a disaster pick for VC and he my point on diff in 3 paid league
cmperrfect: Gawn goes bang.
MrWalrus: Lol dipstick, just made wine come out my nose
zadolinnyj: lol Dipstick
Raspel31: Hmm, you might have been right after all M0nty. Step up Ollie and Butters.
Silz90: I think jordon and langdon started on the wing tonight BC
Protocol: wines on the pine again lol, every week man
Yelse: wines unreal for the amount of TOG he gets
bhg26: Houston is so bad lmao
cmperrfect: Everyone except for Hinkley knows not to bomb to May and Lever.
navy_blues: lol ump
poolboybob: Port’s entries and forward line are hopeless
navy_blues: viney touches it 1st but drew gets the mark
SwaggyP: Butters got 2 points for a mark and eff kick. Thx I love it.
MrWalrus: Agree Yelse, a worthy Brownlow winner
bones351: The umps have lost the plot lately. That was Vineys first touch on that mark.
beerent11: Luke Jackson is so good
Crowls: brayshaw and ollie swapped possies?
bones351: And there have been a heap of in the back contact let go tonight. They?ve been calling those more this season. Not toni!
MrWalrus: Agree there too beer
Crowls: almost started butters on bench with E but would have needed Hayes guaranteed out for it to work
Protocol: bowey around the ball but not getting much
bones351: Has a great mentor teacher beer
Crowls: CAn someone tell PA not to kick down the line to Melbourne. Bloody feast down there at the moment
MrWalrus: Bowey reverting to type
Hazza09: Well done Max
Social: port are still in this 😉
pjw1234: port miss charlie bad. need someone to contest those long bombs
navy_blues: butters not impressing
pcaman2003: Same for next 3 qtrs Jacko. Love your work rate
pcaman2003: Dumped Butters for English this week.
dabombers: Butters to Gawn next week. Madness or genius??
Lodgy: Such an exciting first quarter, 12 points scored, lets hope for more of the same
beerent11: Butters will come good yet
MrWalrus: Madness, Butters will ave 100+
MrWalrus: Also, just read the chat rules, thanks for not banning me 20 or so times mOnty
cmperrfect: Been 2 minutes. Must be bench time Wines.
MrWalrus: *per match
Protocol: LMAO on the bench
Protocol: nic nat still worse? lol
SwaggyP: So when butters hits a target do they just refuse to allow him to accrue points?
Migz: imagine calling him mOnty and not m0nty you scoundrel
beerent11: Gawn dpp?
JohnHoward: gawn and jackson the new nic nat and cox
beerent11: 35pc is less than 50pc I think
pcaman2003: Ton up by half time Jacko. lol!
MrWalrus: Oh damn Migz, I never miss that either, now that’s banable
Raspel31: We might get a decent rugby score by half time.
original: Lycett in my 11 man draft team. Great
dezlav: Clayton Oliver just not turning up tonight
BRAZZERS: whats wrong with wines? tog laughable
beerent11: Sshhh pcaman don?t jinx it mate
ajconodie: How does SPP get a game?
Migz: oh maxxy i love your intercept marking
beerent11: Less ads at least
MrWalrus: Wines always low TOG
poolboybob: Someone gonna offer Jackson a dump truck full of cash after this season
DrSeuss: Naked pics of Hinkley Aj – it?s the only reason surely
pcaman2003: Just a bit of encouragement beerent. Just hoping!
Raspel31: Might upgrade Hayes to Maxxie next week.
dezlav: Best Mistake I made in SC History. Put the VC on Oliver, but forgot to take the C of Gawn.
ajconodie: DrSeuss – Or pics of Kochie and Kenneth.
Migz: i just look at the power team and see nothing i like.
wadaramus: Well, this is a pretty fukn shit game of footy!
MrWalrus: I reckon i might get him back via Hayes in 2 or 3 myself once bottomed out Rasp
pcaman2003: Agree Wada. 1 goal in 1/12 qtrs is pathetic.
Stu7: @dealav not if Gawn does a hammy in the next few minutes 😂😂😂
Pies20: Keep going big maxi
wadaramus: Not like it is pissing down with rain.
zadolinnyj: yes jackson. worried me last week
m0nty: Mayes-May it’s Thursday
Stu7: Come on Bowey
DrSeuss: Port have some decent talent – just seem to have no direction or strategy
beerent11: Seems like a few of us have Jackson
pcaman2003: Opponent has VC on Ollie and has Butters. Not a good start for him. Shame 🙂
Crowls: well said DrSuess.
Gotigres: Just got home from the pub. Looks like not much scoring.
Spifflicat: Go back to the pub Tigers, this is shite
MrWalrus: Where’s Baldy? Unfortunately for me he has Jackson
navy_blues: shows how much port rely on dixon
Protocol: i got butters oliver bowey and wines VC, not a good start for sure
dabombers: Port have a strategy its blitz or bust. Doesnt work against discipline or bully teams.
Raspel31: Quel semaine terrible. Oliver, Bowey and Butters- groan, simply groan.
Torz: Nice flop Spargo
DrSeuss: Lol Spargo dived forward into his arm.
DrSeuss: Butters is a great example of Ports issues – always running into space, always bombing it over his head
MrWalrus: Oliver & Butters getting ripped off by CD too, especially Butters, Bowey may just be poo
navy_blues: its raining in adel
Spifflicat: Port for the Spoon
Badgerbadg: hinkley gone by May if this continues
Spifflicat: Getting close to witches hat time
kascadev8: broom broom hello all
beerent11: You?d only have Bowey for a quick price rise anyway wouldn?t you?
Hazza09: 2 weeks in a row now from butters and he?s a unique in cash leagues
dabombers: Did someone say Jackson was un-contracted and rumoured to be linked to a move to EFC? #fakenews
cmperrfect: Wines still Centre Half Bench
Spifflicat: C?mon M0nty, bring out the hats
dipstick: pretty sure Jackson would move to a super club….like Carlton
ajconodie: Port’s I50 Disposal is at 17%
beerent11: Getting goals now
Pies20: Port are shower ajc
Torz: Butters looks like he has no idea what to do on the wing
upweydons: A belting
ajconodie: To think they were Premiership contenders a month ago.
navy_blues: butters is burnt
dabombers: Ahh ya dipstick. Save that for round 12
Migz: West coast should go after jackson. they will not have kennedy or hurn next year so big money. Gives a pinch hit
Migz: to an ageing nic nat, and provides another tall forward to replace kennedy
beerent11: Seems butters is tonight?s Whitfield.
ajconodie: Butters is toast
DrSeuss: Butters gets into space, Port defenders kick it over him or away from him. Need to push him back for some run and carry
dabombers: Trade plans going down to 5hitter if Gawn keeps going like this. Will smash his BE of 160
Gotigres: Stupid Butters
Hazza09: Unbelievable Butters
beerent11: He?s a freo boy migz. Might look good in purple.
Ash777: butters you muppet
Migz: also, i VC’d gawn and just found out durdin is out providing a nice loophole. keep going Big G
duckky: Butters gave away a free to ensure Ports first ever goalless first half
SwaggyP: Butters is done. Put a fork in him. Off to the bin
DrSeuss: What even happened?
Hazza09: Butters can go
Spifflicat: Hats please M0nty
Migz: lets be honest beers. nobody looks good in purple haha
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Zak Butters just got sucked in by Jake Bowey. BUTTERS!!
Ash777: First ever rage trade coming up
Pies20: Does he get points for thay ducky? Butters been shower last 2weeks, so have power,
duckky: Kermit Yaaaay!!!
MrWalrus: Nope, another umpire Muppet, got sucked in yet again by the flopping instigator
DrSeuss: That?s a BS free if being honest – pushing and shoving – one player takes a dive like a b****
duckky: Did Port go on the same pre-season camp that the Crows did?
kano: yep muppet for the maggot
Ash777: what about Prince?
dabombers: Has a whole side ever been on Kermit?
BRAZZERS: lol seussy clearly has butters haha
SilverLion: Clock for wines
Migz: i think ive seen an entire team be witches hats or potatos, never kermits
Crippa9: Is Ollie wines carrying an injury? Played half of that half
Ash777: so far wines has managed to ton upto now
DrSeuss: I totally do Brazzers – dumb free, but still only a free because umps fell for Bowey taking a dive
Social: damn you butters
Crippa9: Wines may have hit the ton but did it with way more game time
dabombers: Think MFC have found Butters softpoint and targeting him out of game. Good work MFC.
MrWalrus: Yep, Bowey is a floppy disgrace, umps are just dumb as usual
Hazza09: Butters to English or Jackson
dabombers: @Seuss. Ya messing with my mind. Saw Brazzers and free and had flashbacks.
MrWalrus: Dabombers that’s not clever, it’s dirty and low, I hate it
Crippa9: Love the donuts monty, probably should be brown/poo colour
Spifflicat: Love the donuts
wadaramus: Chocolate donuts Crippa, nice 🙂
Pies20: Who is Benny’s all stars and who dares wins in this chat?
kascadev8: omg i love donuts, broom
Crippa9: Can smell those donuts hey?? lol
dabombers: Isnt this like A.A. No names??
PowerBug: Wine subbed out
wadaramus: Dizziness?
PJ39301965: I?m who dares and bhg is Benny?s Pies
wadaramus: Lift Oliver and Bowey!
frenzy: nausea, wada
Ash777: nooo wines out 🙁
Hazza09: Wines subbed
Pies20: Playing you guys this week pj flower me 🙄
BRAZZERS: wines had too many donuts
Hazza09: You have a half to save yourself Butters
Yelse: is bowey playing a shut down role?
exatekk: Port is even making its own players nauseas
mattmac24: What’s butter’s Kermit for?
Migz: wines might have to be the first upgrade in about 3 or 4 weeks. thanks dude
Pies20: Need bowey to lift
VodkaHawk: He gave away a stupid free kick at the end of q2 when Port was going for goal on the siren
PJ39301965: Anything can happen Pies. Just look at Gawn and his turnaround
kascadev8: Pies is back? boy oh boy wowee
MrWalrus: No, he was the victim of a flopping dog and an idiot umpire
Pies20: I’m loving the turnaround pj 140please maxi
Water: love kozzy pickett
Pies20: Bt a favourite of your
beerent11: In theory no wines should be good for butters
Pies20: Yours kasca?
Yelse: ffs oliver and bowey do something
upweydons: What?s your decision
Ash777: the only port positive here is bergman is a good player.
DrSeuss: He started the qtr well beer – then to the bench for some reason
kascadev8: i dont mind some interesting sayings
AlsoGmax: omg
Raspel31: Ditto Yelse- with Butters added to the creamy mix.
Pies20: That’s crazy they can’t get a goal
BRAZZERS: lol hero ball
Oddsy5: omg port! thats killed me thats so funny
Tangent: This is comedy
Amare: Hahahahah Port
PJ39301965: Where?s the muppet
Pies20: Same kasca I’m a fan
zadolinnyj: not watching. What?s with Butters
Spifflicat: Is this Hinkleys last game as coach?
pharace: Que Benny Hill music please
Hazza09: Huge Gawn!!
beerent11: Goalless night? No rain? At home?
BRAZZERS: love having gawn and him being a unique in every league matchup lol
pcaman2003: zado. He’s melted!
Oddsy5: hope yas all traded gawn! what a beast
Ash777: port tearing themselves apart
dipstick: @beer wines and dairy definetly dont mix. it leads to curdles or nausea
zadolinnyj: lol
Pies20: Keep going maxi lift bowey
BRAZZERS: surely port will get a snag at some stage tonight?
Yelse: Gawn has gone nuts huge score coming
MrWalrus: Zado ripped off by CD & getting targeted off the ball
beerent11: Gawn getting the port monkey off his back big time
zadolinnyj: CD shower
beerent11: 102,87 and 87 Max?s last three vs pp
casey22: Max is back
Hazza09: 2882 traded Gawn this week
pcaman2003: Get back on please Jacko.
beerent11: They should rest Gawn fwd for the rest of this game. It?s in the bag.
DrSeuss: Another dive into the arm of a tackler
casey22: Kept Max & got him looped
MrWalrus: Port don’t have a ruck tonight & Max only really got going after Lycett’s injury to be fair
Oddsy5: gawn :?) that was beautiful lol chasin like a madman
m0nty: I have him looped but no red dots to put as (c)
beerent11: Oh wait. I have him in draft. Strike my last comment from the record.
MrWalrus: Max Muppet surely, hilarious
Tangent: Lol Gawn
DrSeuss: Butters in space – ignored 3 times as defenders turn over kick to Melbourne
BRAZZERS: wrong gawn was on 35sc before 1/4 time when lycett got hurt. Good try tho to be fair
MrWalrus: Agree Seuss, way to much rewarding staging going on this season
bhg26: Bowey 🙁
MrWalrus: Soooo going at over 50 a quarter since, I’d say that’s really getting going… To be fair
Ash777: phew what a long time to for a goal
frenzy: bronx cheer
clint briz: What happened to wines
clint briz: What happened to Ollie.
Yelse: oliver disaster 🙁
SydneyRox: wines subbed off with nausea
kascadev8: felt unwell clint
Yelse: ollie was subbed out as not feeling well
SydneyRox: my happiness over gawn is being crushed by butters and bowey 🙁
bc__: Rozee groc
pcaman2003: Onya Jacko. Great game so far.
Spifflicat: Bye, bye Kenny, Kenny bye, bye?. Apologies to the Bay City Rollers
frenzy: yes Jacko
ausgooner: everyone has butters and bowey so enjoy big maxy’s performance
Gotigres: At least you have Gawn Sydney 🙁
Raspel31: My 3 -Bowey, Butters and Oliver seem to have developed an allergy to the ball.
beerent11: Good boy Luke j
TheFlagger: not watching the game what is wrong with butters
MrWalrus: Butters hasn’t been great but his SC should be equal to his fantasy score at least I’d have thought
beerent11: Nope ausgooner, only 22% have bowey. I?m one of the 78%.
Crowls: Butters looks like he is playing hurt. Unable to tackle avoiding all contact.
original: Flagger, he plus for port
Yelse: i amshocked with oliver 1 possession whole quarter
beerent11: To be fair, dees have the best midfield in the comp by far. Young mids like butters will struggle against the big boys.
DrSeuss: Very little link up play so Butters doesn?t get much – Port backs playing kick to kick then bombing to Melb intercepts
frenzy: nice up grade target Yelse
Pokerface: @ausgooner – everyone has bowey?? hardly
Yelse: his my VC @frenzy lol
Pokerface: skinner wouldn’t have let this happen Kenny
frenzy: uber mid under 600k, take my money
StuL: Vc oli fail
MrWalrus: Also getting ripped off, Butters effective contested intercept, 2 points boo CD boo
Raspel31: Who is this Max Gawn? Hmm- perhaps will shift captaincy from Oliver.
Pokerface: hardly clutch points now Walrus
duckky: Come on Butters – at least overtake Wines
BigChief: Isn’t 22% of teams everyone @poker? LOL
pcaman2003: How does Ollie not get a clanger for kicking it straight to an opponent?
Oddsy5: bowey drop mark and turnover. fark lol
Pokerface: lol chief. Certain sc bubbles are convinced teams are like theirs
ausgooner: geez fellas, was just trying to make sydney feel better, cheers for the pile on
Yelse: ollie get to 90 and bowey to 60 cmonnn
Pokerface: any time gooner 🙂
MrWalrus: Still poker that’s not 2 points regardless of situation, if so may as well stop scoring now
Social: nausea ha no kidding
Pokerface: yeah gotta admit i didn’t see it walrus, just putting it out there that what they get now wont be worth much
pcaman2003: Off the bench Jacko. You’ve rested enough
TheFlagger: lets hope port are this dogshit next week
Pokerface: you have him pca?
Raspel31: Port still in this.
TheFlagger: 10 clangers and still on 148 is insane
m0nty: Houston good DTer in junk time
pcaman2003: Poker. I sure do.
DrSeuss: Viney – throws the head back – Free Kick – Umps need to get better at players throwing their head around
Pokerface: very nice get. Really looked at him, would have jumped on too if English didnt have dpp
pcaman2003: TheFlagger. And only 58% DE as well.
pcaman2003: Poker. I just swapped Butters for English this week.
Pokerface: his taps must be down the throat of his mids. love to know his HTA ratio
dipstick: how can oliver be sooo fucking useless?
Raspel31: Might swap Hayes to Gawn next week pcaman.
Catatafish: Love CD – Oliver contested clearance kick inside 50 gets same points as Mead’s FA
duckky: Oliver does well in fantasy when the opposition is takling and forming packs
pcaman2003: Raspel. Nice choice!
Catatafish: Oliver usually always in right place, just isn’t happening this evening
duckky: Tackling.
TheFlagger: bowey crack 50 at least. as long as he outscores mccartin
Pokerface: these ‘mystats’ on afl site are useless. all hta stats are empty
Catatafish: usually always, give me a muppet..
Yelse: first 4 rounds all ,y players that have [layed port low scores 🙁
MrWalrus: Seuss, you are Bang on, last few weeks it’s like they’re trying to reward BS staging, ducking & flopping
Spifflicat: No witches hats?. Really?
Pokerface: stop .. fishing.. for an icon
Social: que
pcaman2003: Bit disappointed Jacko won’t double ton. Might have to trade out.
Catatafish: @Pokerface directed at me?
Crowls: Brayshaw understatement, powell pepper kicking letting him down tonight
Pokerface: ya
Social: Motlop is very good in this situation
Pokerface: i would have let it ride if you werent a fish though
Catatafish: I was having a go at myself for a grammatical clanger, not fishing for an icon you pillock
pcaman2003: Finally Gawn gets benched.
MrWalrus: Pick any mid to trade in, don’t need a loop for Oliver
Pokerface: it was just some fish stuff more than anything else
MrWalrus: Did you mean pollock catafish?
Catatafish: Do like the fish pun though
pcaman2003: Smells fishy to me.
Social: special from motlop
Catatafish: Haha your jokes are like shooting fish in a barrel. I’ll show myself out now.
MrWalrus: Also usually always not a grammatical error considering the context I’d have thought
beerent11: Just doesn?t matter for boak. Gun.
MrWalrus: Also Butters pretty stiff I reckon but decent comeback nonetheless
zadolinnyj: this is the week my team died. oliver and butters
Yelse: disappointing game SC wise for me ollie and bowie butters even though Gawn did something
dipstick: look-sign and hinker
Pokerface: noone got the gun
Pokerface: its ok Yelse. everyone has all those.
Pokerface: guys no need to carp on with it
beerent11: Cheers Luke j
BigChief: Well that game was terrible to watch.
beerent11: Take it out of the fridge then walrus
MrWalrus: Poker on fire after the siren
BRAZZERS: not stiff butters was rubbish butched the ball all night what u expect ? lol
Pokerface: lol beer
MrWalrus: Did you watch brazzers or just look at the subjective stats? Hit just about every target
MrWalrus: Haha beer
Pokerface: i watched brazzers
zadolinnyj: did drew tag oliver or just bad game
beerent11: Butters 65% de
MrWalrus: Both Zado & I know that’s what it says beer but I reckon he got penalised by team mates sucking, it’s subjective
MrWalrus: If you handpass to your team mate & he fumbles it’s not your fault but sometimes CD decide it is
Pokerface: pumpkin bowey
zadolinnyj: correct MrWalrus

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