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Chat log from R3 of 2022: West Coast vs Fremantle

Chat log for West Coast vs Fremantle, R3 of 2022

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Protocol: would love for foley to put together 4 great quarters
frenzy: big game Chappy pls
Pokerface: lets go fre o
Torz: Brayshaw might have a Nelson tag
kascadev8: lets go ryan and brodie, need you both
Catatafish: He deserves a tag, he’s a beast
navy_blues: stay low brodie
StuL: Go Brodie. Junk up my trash loser score
bhg26: Go high brodie
kascadev8: i need a ton from brodie and ryan to beat apache, lol
navy_blues: time for bench brodie lol
beerent11: Chapman highly traded out. Will probably go large
Ash777: yep brayshaw is tagged
beerent11: Are we doing the Brodie tog thing again?
Pokerface: well he was getting the shakes navy, needed a drag
BigChief: Hough has started well.
navy_blues: have 111 lead and my opp has brodie to play
kascadev8: youll be fine navy, let him score 110
kascadev8: ryan you have the pink boots, you have to be good
bhg26: Beat me to it kasca
a1trader: Have 134 lead and opp has Brayshaw
StuL: This ground is probably a bit big for Brodies 50cc tank?
Pokerface: 7 minutes on, 5 minutes off
Ash777: go hugh
m0nty: go young Chapman
navy_blues: kasca this league opp = my son he usually ranks 300 – 400 in sc so good for the old boy to get a win over him lol
Fatbar5tad: I got rid of Chapman for Hall. Naturally Chapman will get 120 today as I lose by 7 points.
a1trader: Taberner will be in my team next week
Gelly: you can have him
BigChief: Good luck having a key fwd in your team.
Pokerface: you really need to change your username
m0nty: Cox hold on Dixon
kascadev8: dixon behind
DrSeuss: So Brodie with more TOG and less touches.
Gelly: lol
beerent11: I was doing that trade this week fatbar
frenzy: hes spent DrSeuss
Pokerface: Darling having a shot
MrWalrus: Right, blood pressure back below dangerous levels
pcaman2003: I hope Brodie gets more TOG each qtr than this.
arbel: Geez can the umpires let the game go a basically every 1 and a half minutes
arbel: @pca… has had low tog every game? Wonder why cos he’s good
Hazza09: Terrible from Brodie
kascadev8: only thing lower than brodies tog is his de hmm
bc__: Why does he do this to Brodie
beerent11: Whitfield
mattmac24: I’d love to see Brodie get much higher TOG, he already gets good scores with low TOG
MrWalrus: Brodie clearly no tank and only good on ball
beerent11: If Brodie had the capability to play big minutes he would. Get over it for fucks sake.
MrWalrus: Extra TOG won’t mean higher scoring unless he can build his running capacity
valkorum: Brodie is clearly a mid pricer who will make you money and then trade him
Catatafish: Brodie didn’t get game time and hasn’t got the tank yet.
valkorum: and just got 2 marks, 1 kick, 1 handball – 11 points thank you
Catatafish: And he’s been scoring very well, I’m happy
marls: Came here to see complaints that Brayshaw isn?t on track for 200
Hazza09: So is anyone bringing in O?driscoll?
frenzy: m0nty cursed young Chapman
kascadev8: probably in for rachele thru dpp hazza. wakey wakey pink boots
pcaman2003: Hazza09. Have him on the bench already.
Hazza09: Trading Rachelle already Kasca?
beerent11: No wa based players coming into my team till after we hit the COVID peak in wa.
arbel: Good to see freo making yet another scrappy game
Ninty: Brayshaw C to finish off the round, tasty 2 touches and has hit the scoreboard early 🤩
kascadev8: possibly Haz, only way itd stop me fielding him over hayes or martin
beerent11: Lol good move kascadev
m0nty: shush frenzy
BigChief: Brayshaw on the move, 3 disp now 😛
Hazza09: Brodie back on the pine ffs
boges11: Can you say something about Nelson then m0nty. Then Brayshaw might get off the leash.
frenzy: I need him m0nty, lol
m0nty: Lord, Nelson only has one
boges11: haha
LuvIt74: Hate to state the obvious but Eagles are useless.
Fatbar5tad: Stay on the pine Brayshaw!
BigChief: Fair grab from Mitch’s brother LOL
m0nty: Eagles have had half a WAFL team the past two weeks
beerent11: This is how Chapman looked in preseason
m0nty: Chapman finding his level against WAFL opponents
mattmac24: What has gotten into Chapman this last week?
Fatbar5tad: Schultz looking like Jeff Farmer ha ha
navy_blues: hard to watch this
Ninty: Anyone know why Brodie doesn?t give 110%? Get that tog up brother
frenzy: did you trade him m0nty, Lol
Fatbar5tad: Tank Ninty tank
NewFreoFan: All our young mids have their tog managed it seems
fruity: Looks like l picked the wrong Brayshaw brother.
rupertmarn: Brayshaw what a joke and what a soft frontrunner
zadolinnyj: HURN trying to catch coaches out. On never again list
kascadev8: can u get the ball to ryan more, please and thankyou
Ninty: Tucker is going ok for only 63%, imagine if he put in
italz: haha brought in Hall for Chapman, gotta love it
MrWalrus: Do half of you guys actually understand how footy works!?
kascadev8: yes Walrus, ball in middle go to ball between goals then yell at umpire
MrWalrus: WCE are a solid WAFL team over the last 2 weeks, last week was a miracle
Fatbar5tad: Be a giggle is the WAFLeagles win this
NewFreoFan: Ah, the patented Fremantle 3rd quarter collapse
Fatbar5tad: Same here italz. Goober alert! Cost me my mine league match by seven points LOL
Fatbar5tad: Every week New
MrWalrus: Coaches don’t go “gee that guy is good, will restrict TOG for reasons
MrWalrus: And umpires deserve all the yelling they coo and then some
NewFreoFan: The sports scientists gone mad Walrus
Ninty: Stick to watching umpires Walrus
BigChief: Hoping Tucker is okay.
Ninty: I cursed Tucker sorry buddy
MrWalrus: Umpires generally umpire because they can’t play
kascadev8: and people yell at umpires because they cant play or umpire?
Ninty: WCE played the worst team in the comp last week, hardly a miracle
MrWalrus: Nah Ninety, you’re right, low TOG is for lazy players and trolling coaches
JohnHoward: will never respect sueprcoach as a fantasy game, to much subjectiveness in the scoring
Protocol: Ollie wines, brownlow medalist and top disposal getter at port at has one of the lower TOG
NewFreoFan: Will never respect your eyebrows either Johnny
Number 8: Plus, JohnHoward, it makes money for that cunt Rupert Murdoch
MrWalrus: Kas just so you know, please troll your hardest I actually enjoy it but….
BigChief: Oh ffs. Anychance of Alex Pearce getting a fair run with injuries?
Ninty: O?Driscal only 56% TOG. Might as well have been the sub
MrWalrus: You very clearly know nothing about the actual game of football.
beerent11: Ex pm comin in swinging hard.
NewFreoFan: Sadly not BC, one of the great “what could have been” players
kascadev8: i havent complained about brodies tog?
kascadev8: nor did i cry about the umps all game when richmond were bad in the 2nd half
navy_blues: stick to cricket then john lol
BigChief: @NewFreoFan. I actually know his dad and Alex is such a great guy.
kascadev8: at least u stayed and copped it, i respect that
Ninty: At least Lobb puts in. 100% gun
valkorum: Tucker has been my POD, hopefully he is ok
Fatbar5tad: Brodie 81 tog today and scoring ok too. Nice.
Catatafish: What’s happened to Pearce now?
zadolinnyj: I feel sorry for Pearce. Really good player with no luck
NewFreoFan: Much loved around the club and by the supporters BC
MrWalrus: Thanks, ghosting is as bad as flopping and umpires combined
JohnHoward: put the tag back on brayshaw fkn
Wahab_18: Ofc the tag is released now that i can’t win as Tucker is done 2 disposals short of 15 🙁
twinpeaks: Brayshaw tag dropped, has had a great Q3
kascadev8: true
valkorum: Pearce back on the bench, ready to come back on – yes
NewFreoFan: Hope he’s actually ok to go and not just pushing through
BigChief: Cmon Longmuir. Put Pearce to FF
NewFreoFan: He injured himself at FF round 1 last year BC, leave him in defence
beerent11: O?Driscoll looks pretty good
twinpeaks: I wouldn’t put Pearce back on now
bhg26: Hes very efficient beer
bhg26: Ryan more clangers than disposals, impressive
valkorum: Just announced – Tucker out due to concussion
DrSeuss: Need Chapman to beat Ryan by 20 – going to be a close finish
beerent11: So at least we know Brayshaw still can?t shake a tag. Good to know.
NewFreoFan: how is that deliberate, there was an eagle right there
MrWalrus: Seuss, I reckon you may be cooked
DrSeuss: Clark ignores Chapman in space to kick to a contest – freaking hack
frenzy: cmon Chappy, you are sleeping again
BigChief: He had prior opportunity to get rid of it.
NewFreoFan: You see that all the time, never gets called deliberate
BigChief: Agreed NewFreoFan but that is the rule.
Number 8: To those watching: how does Erasmus look” Nicely filling the stat line
Hazza09: Erasmus looks good
twinpeaks: Number 8 – he looks very solid. Definitely best 22
Number 8: Jinx, Hazza
Number 8: Cheers TP
MrWalrus: Not deliberate anymore, insufficient attempt now, umps just guess
beerent11: Big day for you walrus. Won?t take much
beerent11: Big for you walrus. Won?t take much rockin tonight
MrWalrus: I tell ya, it took it out of me, dogs still hiding.
bhg26: Theyre consistent
Fatbar5tad: Returned the favour lol
NewFreoFan: at least they’re consistant
beerent11: You took it well mate.
kascadev8: unlike Pies20 beer, hasnt been seen since
Oddsy5: clearly deliberate no pressure
Fatbar5tad: Hiding from us mean catters…..
NewFreoFan: Can’t blame Pies20 after that capitulation
BigChief: Poor doggos copped it Walrus?
DrSeuss: Come on Brodie and Chapman – just a little more please lads
Pav300: Where’s that Dockers mocker StuL? we have another great win for him…
MrWalrus: Never chief, buggers were laughing at me too
Catatafish: Looks like they forgot Dixon was playing and left him on the bench
MrWalrus: Thanks beer, I thought I was very measured under the circumstances.
BigChief: hahaha they just happy the cat like animal lost 🙂
TheOnyas: onya hurny
Hazza09: Ffs Brodie don?t stop now
MrWalrus: Just came back on Hazza, relax
BigChief: Listen to the Freo fans singing.
StuL: Brodie has gone for his usual last qtr pint
Fatbar5tad: On the Turps Chief
NewFreoFan: We don’t get many results like this to celebrate BC
Ninty: Smoko time for Brodie, clocked out
zadolinnyj: Pies also lots to me in sc so not a good weekend
mattmac24: At his price, I’ll happily take anything 80+ from Brodie!
m0nty: tough choice for the medal
twinpeaks: Schultz I reckon
NewFreoFan: Gotta be Shoota
BigChief: I think Cox has been massive in the backline.
MrWalrus: Brodie is going great, what could anyone have to complain about RE his game?
DrSeuss: Chapman to the bench just when I needed him to outscore Ryan by a couple more
MrWalrus: Hurn, been a lone rock resisting the purple tide
kascadev8: lets go ryan, junk it up with brodie
twinpeaks: Brodie goes up ~$48k in AF with this score, so it’s good either way
Ninty: No Serong, no Fyfe, no Mundy. He needs a ton Walrus
pcaman2003: Brodie ave 88 over 3 games,so no complaint from me.
kascadev8: walters u hack, why would u advantage just to do that
Yelse: I think this shows brays haw has come a long way and can be classified a premium
MrWalrus: Going to be close Seuss, surprised you’re still in it needing Chapman by 20
MrWalrus: Nonty you clearly have no idea and I shall now disregard all else you have to say
Catatafish: Naish done well, was sceptical on job security.
JohnHoward: brayshaw will avg 150 this year if he dosnt get a tag
DrSeuss: I know Walrus – have had a rubbish weekend, so 1 league win due to Chapman would be nice
Protocol: i feel like smothers should get some points in fantasy
NewFreoFan: Big if Johnny
BigChief: Let go of little john JohnHoward.
StuL: Darling? That’s a funny name for a Chap
Catatafish: Brayshaw will definitely find a few tags this year
MrWalrus: One more week before we get $ from Dixon
NewFreoFan: Didn’t have Port Eagles and Bombers fighting for the spoon before the season started
Yelse: @cattatafish all premiums will prob get tagged look at miller trac this weekend its the scores they can get out
Pav300: Lmao so funny NewFreo
Catatafish: Port will recover, Bombers are garbage
Catatafish: @Yelse absolutely they will, just depends on who they’re playing.
NewFreoFan: Not sure Port will, Bombers have at least had a tough early draw
Hazza09: Lost all league games this week
frenzy: spoons ours, hands off
bushranger: Don’t count out North , spoon battle is funny
Ash777: Bombers overachieved last year
MrWalrus: Eagles get a pass so far, have lost the entire club pretty much to protocols and injury
Catatafish: I’ve been struggling to find a lot of fight with either team to be fair
BigChief: No chance frenzy Eagles have it sewn up.
Catatafish: North win it for sure haha
TheFlagger: bombers will bounce back. eagles have a wafl team.
Fatbar5tad: Crows a massive spoon chance
NewFreoFan: Crows have got some fight in them
TheFlagger: equally some teams start hot every year and fall apart.suns for example
StuL: Best: Team effort. But probably Schultz if you have to pick 1
DrSeuss: And there it goes – Ryan with his kick to kick soft possessions to end it 🙁
Ash777: So far it’s eagles, crows, norf,
BigChief: 90 is good for Brodie at his price.
pcaman2003: Stiff Seuss and I can relate
MrWalrus: Seuss by 3 pending scores finalising
DrSeuss: Just been one of those weeks Pca – rookies made money though – so not all bad
DrSeuss: Will see Walrus – last play by Chapman might have just kept me ahead
beerent11: No one spruiking scores this week?
Catatafish: Brodie going very nicely
MrWalrus: About 2200, not too bad I think, Touk C hurt
kascadev8: lost the best coast matchup by 1 point 🙁
BigChief: 2222 for me, so not too bad.

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