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Chat log from R3 of 2022: St Kilda vs Richmond

Chat log for St Kilda vs Richmond, R3 of 2022

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cmperrfect: cmon Baker
Gelly: fox sport running out of commentators
m0nty: this bloke sounds like he’s calling the fifth at Sandown
m0nty: it’s Seven btw not Fox
Gelly: that it is
Migz: my favourite thing about matty parker is i scored an And 1 against him in my local rec league 🙂
Gelly: im not sure reiwoldt is in our best 22 anymore
DEESareSAD: Steele 1 touch?
Gelly: parker may take his spot
zadolinnyj: Those were weird final sc scores in last game. Have to change.
Fizzy343: hows he on 16 SC the better question
bhg26: And what a touch it was apparently dees
zadolinnyj: Can Hayes keep playing with Marshall and ryder
Fatbar5tad: Ha ha he is dead set a racing commentator
DEESareSAD: Yea big hahah, carn shorty
cmperrfect: Is that Kenny Calendar commentating? haha
Gelly: there must of been a late out in the commentary team
Legix: Steele just got robbed of a possession
Social: it’s certainly not the accurate one
Fatbar5tad: There’s been a late change at Marvel……
zadolinnyj: Good call monty. Hope there is a massive sprint chase as it will be exciting in the last furlong
Catatafish: Just a quiet game and Hayes out you’d imagine.
zadolinnyj: Daryl east lake?
cmperrfect: Go Silver Sovereign, Go !
MrWalrus: Riewoldt easy best 22 still, that’s crazy talk Gelly
DEESareSAD: Wouldn?t be surprised to see gibcus given a week in the vfl soon
Gelly: agree to disagree then i guess
zadolinnyj: Who is Richard aka numb nuts in ff SuperCoach. Great score
pcaman2003: Steele 3 touches ,a tackle and 1 clanger for 27pts. Lol!
zadolinnyj: All I know cmperfect is summer sizzler is 6 to 1
MrWalrus: Hayes going nowhere, he can play anywhere and is seriously talented, just watch him.
Pokerface: thats matthew hill commentating
bhg26: CD has steele captain
Catatafish: I hope he stays put, he’s been exceptional
zadolinnyj: Hope so MrWalrus because his DP is awesome cover
BigChief: Damn 12 goals in the 1st qtr.
amigaman: Honestly have zero respect for CD any more
zadolinnyj: Where?s apache lately
MaazRover: Steele – 5 pos (3 contested, 100% DE), 2 tackles. That’s why. People complaining about CD should just go and play DT
Torz: Umpire called him Ben King hahah
Pokerface: he actually has more possessions than that. a possession is not a disposal. he had 3 contested while he on 1 disposal.
amigaman: @MazzRover have a look at Dylan Moore in other game, then nod off
MrWalrus: Maaz, CD are a bit random, DE is very subjective as is clangers etc
Migz: dont forget a tackle leading to holding the ball is worth like 10 points alone. + another tackle is 14.
Pokerface: plus 2 score involvements, 3 inside 50s
Migz: add on 6 touches with score assists and it can climb very quickly
zadolinnyj: Good game
Pokerface: clangers are well defined. they have multiple people around the grounds making the decisions. discrepancies between any
Pokerface: are reviewed at the quarter breaks
2Ph0nes: gibcus 1 kick 1 tackle 20pts lol
BigChief: This commentator sounds like a race caller
Pokerface: he is, its matthew hill. best racecaller theres been in last 30 years
zadolinnyj: Does cd have a stats person per one or two players? What?s the ratio
Pokerface: he did some of the olympics too
zadolinnyj: He?s better then BT poker
Pokerface: dont know if its changed but it used to be 5 people around the ground taking stats
Migz: they have 2 teams zado. one at the ground and 1 team watching
Pokerface: zad yeah i reckon he’s great
BigChief: BT is a flog. Wish they would get rid of him.
MaazRover: Walrus – so are the official AFL stats keepers. Just the nature of the beast when a sport moves as fast as ours does.
Social: sweet scaling, thanks CD
zadolinnyj: It?s pretty impressive really all be it sometimes perplexing
BigChief: @Poker he is really good. I like his calling.
Pokerface: he’s so clear and informative. he took over when greg miles retired
a1trader: so many mistakes by St Kilda
Fatbar5tad: It’s calling without opinion. Quite refreshing really
Pokerface: should be easy for him though.. he only has two colours to memorise for this :p
zadolinnyj: He makes it exiting to be honest. Give him a full time gig
MrWalrus: I’m just saying SC scoring is subjective and can throw up odd results sometimes
DrSeuss: Rioli getting ignored it seems – gets open, runs for the bal, ignored.
navy_blues: guess ppl keeping hewett now? lol
Migz: zado – google the youtube video called – Access All Areas – Champion Data
Migz: its old now but it explains basically how it works
BigChief: Now that Ryder is back is it time to trade Marshall?
Pokerface: sounds like a general theme for the family Seuss
zadolinnyj: Long season navy. Doubt anyone was going to trade with stillnlow break even and cash on table
a1trader: Cant havr Ryder, Marshall and Hayes in the same team
zadolinnyj: Awesome Migz. Legend
zadolinnyj: That blokes amazing migz
MrWalrus: a1 that’s ridiculous, drop any of their not king big forwards first
Pokerface: membreys not going anywhere walruss
Migz: yeah i’d actually prefer to watch that over listening to BT ..
zadolinnyj: Correct Migz. He?s amazing
Social: hopefully he can squeeze in a call of the third at Dapto dogs
Pokerface: all those talls has pushed wood to the wing. would think he’d be too slow for there
a1trader: reckon Hayes will get dropped next week
Pokerface: i fear you might be right a1
zadolinnyj: Would just retire Ryder and let Hayes develop
DrSeuss: Rioli runs past out of defence for handballs – ignored.
Stu7: Who knows what possessed me to change my tip to StKilda – they break you heart every time!!
Hazza09: Hayes clearly lost his role
pcaman2003: Would I be mad if I traded Crisp to Short?
MrWalrus: Try and watch Hayes’ defensive work off the ball, couldn’t drop him
zadolinnyj: Sensible to me pc. Crisp lost mid time
Ash777: Should move hayes to the backline
Pokerface: too sideways. those trades will disappear quickly
Hazza09: Might trade Hayes
zadolinnyj: You mean it is not just about sc scores MrWalrus
MrWalrus: Doesn’t matter anyway, Ryder will be injured in 3…2…
zadolinnyj: Not till he has finished making money Gazza surely or is he on ground
Pokerface: bloody hell, just looked at twitter, so many people sooking about Matty Hill o.O
MrWalrus: Zado, didn’t you know? SC scores is the only way to judge a player
Pokerface: cant go using your trades on every rookie who loses their spot either.. youll run out quicker than sideways trading 🙂
bhg26: Hayes on ground not ideal at the moment
BigChief: Seriously @Poker? He is really good and knows what he is doing. BT and Lingy have no clue.
Legix: Don’t mind Matty Hill. He is actually calling the game. Not just rambling about
zadolinnyj: Negative 135 break even
zadolinnyj: Matty hill amazing. Give him a contract
pcaman2003: Pokerface. Concerned on huge BE for Crisp next round and performance first 3 rounds. Looks shaky to me.
Pokerface: yeah BC, i am reading these comments thinking wtf
Ash777: Exactly poker. Use him as the loophole if dropped.
Pokerface: pca yeah can understand, he is different to people wanting to trade steele etc as he moved position. hope he goes back
dipstick: how do i hear matty hill calling the game?
Pokerface: by taking your tv off mute
wadaramus: Jack Hayes another two game wonder?!
beerent11: No real surprise there now that paddy?s back. Still a decent price rise coming
MrWalrus: Hayes will be fine, watch the game and not the numbers
Pokerface: its not so much the numbers/his performance – its overall team structure walruss
2Ph0nes: you’d think Hayes would get dropped, altgough Ryder not very good today either
Pokerface: marshall, ryder, hayes, king, membrey..
Catatafish: Where’s hayes playing?
MrWalrus: Thats what im saying, he’s a key to their structure
Pokerface: these twitter folks are right. would be better if JB was there and he and BT talked about each other instead of the game
zadolinnyj: Navy are you still Tarrant on ff sc
pjw1234: Hope hayes playes again next week and then maybe a straight trade to Preuss
zadolinnyj: Still yarran
navy_blues: tarrant??? im Dominator
LuvIt74: all i need is Dixon to be sub & not play & i’ll be fuming although seeing Hayes score now i wish i had dixon on field
zadolinnyj: Not in ff sc
BigChief: LuvIt he can’t be sub as he is named in the starting 22.
beerent11: Sinclair on track for third straight ton. Worth watching.
pcaman2003: I always thought an uncontested dropped mark was a clanger? If so, then Steele not penalized
Torz: Nank the tank
Gelly: lol nank the tank
MrWalrus: Nank just killed a man
MrWalrus: Subjective PCA
BigChief: Marshall looks like he doesn’t know what he is doing up fwd
Danstar: Hayes laying Centr half bench
MrWalrus: I’m trying real hard but be warned, a spray aimed at the umps may be incoming
pcaman2003: Walrus. A bit like some tackles paid,yet similar ones not. Bit like the rules and lots of grey areas.
bhg26: Hayes having a nap on the pine
pjw1234: grimes hammy
Catatafish: Put Hayes on the field Ratface
bhg26: Not Grimey pjw!
wadaramus: All the Saints talls are sucking.
zadolinnyj: Worst kick for goal ever
Pokerface: here lies grimey
MrWalrus: Exactly pca and therefore worth complaining about!
wadaramus: Come on Jack, turn the icicle into a flame!
bhg26: Proud grimes owner for the last few rounds last year
navy_blues: grimes could be big out
MrWalrus: Lol poker, this game has been very entertaining so far, kind of want saints to keep up with us, it’s frantic
Pokerface: uh oh. hayes with the icicle
Pokerface: surely dollar symbol > icicle symbol!
MrWalrus: Balllllllll!
pcaman2003: Definitely turning Crisp to Short now. He gets it too easy and rarely has an opponent. Good enough for me.
Pokerface: probably need $ for gibcus too
bhg26: Gibcus very solid
MrWalrus: Double ballllll!
MrWalrus: Triple flowering ballllllll! Rigged!
pcaman2003: Was that a massive throw from Gresham?
kascadev8: think im on that boat too pca, not even tiktok could help crisp
2Ph0nes: few good throws there
zadolinnyj: Wood ball for sure
MrWalrus: Flowering umpire flowerers! Flower!!
Catatafish: Hayes lives!
navy_blues: icicle melted!
pcaman2003: As bad as umpires can be, I thought the umpiring Hawks/Blues game was good.
zadolinnyj: Hayes good 4 mins
Gelly: put the pumpkin on soldo, hes a liability today
Pokerface: P plate for NWM as well
wadaramus: Lets go Hayes, time to redeem yourself yet!
navy_blues: put short back on
zadolinnyj: Where are jones and billings
wadaramus: Obviously was annoyed at m0nty giving him the icicle.
kascadev8: Hayes is coming
zadolinnyj: Monty zapped him into gear
Gelly: would prefer balta as r2 rotating forward
a1trader: Ryder has had 17 hit outs and has 15 SC points
MrWalrus: Hayes didn’t need redemption, he’s fine
TheOnyas: onya broady
navy_blues: omg muppet kickett!
Ash777: Muppet pickett lol
bhg26: Pickett you fucking idiot lmao
pcaman2003: Apart from Norf yesterday, The games this weekend have been fantastic.
MrWalrus: Muppet Butler
zadolinnyj: Massive collapse by butler
MrWalrus: What a dog flopper
a1trader: Butler just fell over then, Pickett hardly touched him
Gelly: nice dive
zadolinnyj: Hate for a slight wind to blow him away
Pokerface: walruss pls
a1trader: But he learnt that at Richmond so probably ok
kascadev8: dumb from pickett, weak from butler
italz: sniper in the building
MrWalrus: Hope the umps give themselves a few votes, been massive this quarter
zadolinnyj: Correct kasca
MrWalrus: Staging is the worst, if it’s allowed footy dies
pcaman2003: Good to see Gresham make up for his shocking game last week.
2Ph0nes: lol mr Rance says hi Walrus
navy_blues: riewoldt stages all the time
bhg26: Gibcus 56, lovely stuff
zadolinnyj: Set up for a good last quarter. Umpiring horrible whole round but games good
MrWalrus: Yep, no excuses, ban em
MrWalrus: Gibcus is a gun, love his work, Grimes like but springier
zadolinnyj: Gibcus with cash still to give at negative 4 BE and this score
beerent11: Reckon the umpiring has been ok. Same as always.
Pokerface: you quietly agreeing that mayes tackle wasnt head high there zad?
navy_blues: we dont want umps to decide the game here
MrWalrus: & that quarter is the reason Hayes won’t be dropped,
BigChief: Saints should drop Ryder. He is not better than Marshall and Hayes.
zadolinnyj: Very quietly
MrWalrus: That Mayes one was a free 4 different ways
kascadev8: Hayes too good
Pokerface: think we all agree on that Chief. but they won’t.
zadolinnyj: Marked with legs
beerent11: It?s Steele o?clock
MrWalrus: Throw s are ok now yeah?
bhg26: A lot of comebacks this round
kascadev8: clarry does it all the time walrus, so my guess is yes
zadolinnyj: Umpiring is like Mario cart. You get behind and all of a sudden you get red shells and star power from umps
navy_blues: get off bench short
beerent11: Fair dinkum the umpire whinging on this site is getting ridiculous.
MrWalrus: Lol zado, I don’t know if I can be annoyed anymore
zadolinnyj: Think short got injured in the non htb tackle on wood in 3rd. Hope he?s alright
StuL: Whose the race caller on Fox?
beerent11: The bullets the best zad
kascadev8: you ever save the bullet till u catch up to first beer? op move
zadolinnyj: How good beerent. You know ur behind a lot when u get that
MrWalrus: Did you see that last quarter beer, it was awful and all one way, game killer stuff
Fatbar5tad: Short is on the bench and I’ve lost my match ack.
pcaman2003: Had Rachelle on field and Gresham on bench. Please kick me
beerent11: Nah I?m never at the back kasca
bhg26: “A terrific start to the year the umps”, good grief
DrSeuss: Back involved again please Rioli
zadolinnyj: Lol beer
MrWalrus: Holding! He was flowering, flower!!! Floering flower!!!!!!!
zadolinnyj: Rioli a good unique DrSuess
MrWalrus: Still going
Fatbar5tad: Short lives! Need points Shortman
wadaramus: Get Hayes off the bench!
navy_blues: grimes big loss to backline game turned then
beerent11: Was you on the screen then walrus?
zadolinnyj: Short back
DrSeuss: Agreed Zado – just needs to stay involved and get used more by team mates
BigChief: Tell us how you really feel Walrus.
Ninty: Grumble grumble umpires
kascadev8: do u want some flowers walrus?
m0nty: it’s like a flower show in this chat
MrWalrus: Flowering flowers
BigChief: Tigers look very slow.
duckky: What’s the Batman symbol on Marshall mean?
zadolinnyj: Lol. Sinclair 100. 3rd in row
Protocol: king has so many years ahead of him, cant wait to watch him mature more as a fwd
Pokerface: very good m0nty
Gotigres: Another 76 please Hayes
beerent11: Reckon Sinclair might be worth flowering picking over flowering Rioli. Without flowering knowing flowering prices.
Pokerface: it means he is Robin point
kascadev8: grimes is batman
MrWalrus: Finally call a few throw and it was on us for a handball!
BigChief: What fucks are in yellow? Are they pansies?
zadolinnyj: Nice poker
Pokerface: tornado tears is batman
MrWalrus: Nah umpiring has been great
MrWalrus: Balllllllll!
Ninty: Can we give walrus a sunflower icon
duckky: Black-Eyed Susan stands for hope. It?s also the best flower to be given to someone who needs encouragement.
zadolinnyj: That was ball
MrWalrus: This is actually cheating now
Social: do it for Australia sainters
BigChief: fucks incoming from Walrus?
kascadev8: wahab the potato and walrus the flower? wowee
MrWalrus: Are any of you watching this!?!?
navy_blues: saints home
Pokerface: give him a pirate with a patch icon
BigChief: Nope we are watching chat for your responses.
MrWalrus: Hold WAS there, ball shouldn’t have been, this is sickening
Social: the league giveth and the league taketh away walrus
pcaman2003: Tigers getting touched up good and proper.
duckky: That should have been a free to Marshall.
dipstick: not watching but how is someone so skillfill like Hayes being so useless?
Dredd: Looks like the tiger will go back its natural habit of being out of the 8.. hehehe
zadolinnyj: Lol Chief
MrWalrus: Losing I’m ok with but this is farcical and it ain’t the players fault
bhg26: This is getting out of hand
duckky: Three rucks in a team at the docklands is a bit hard to accommodate.
bhg26: Youre right, its the saints fault for being too good
beerent11: Reduced role dipstick. Played well when around the footy.
Pokerface: 9thmond?
navy_blues: last 58 points scored all saints
beerent11: Thank walrus. You?ve been as entertaining as the footy.
Number 8: Not sure we want games over-umpired. We’re on track for 50 frees for the match
BigChief: Hayes has actually played well today, just not had the same chances.
Grimes Jr: What was the grimes injury??
Pokerface: all 58 are due to the umpires navy
dipstick: hmmm thats strange. youd think with the game over theyd give Hayes some freedom
Fatbar5tad: Our Girls undefeated World Champions!
Social: the league’s got it’s richmond revenue stream back online, time to be treated as equals again
BigChief: Hammy for Grimes
Ash777: your dad got a hammy grimes kr
bhg26: Junk time Hayes
navy_blues: hardwick on the phone to dusty right now
kascadev8: great to see Fat, well batted from Sciver too
zadolinnyj: Who hear said put a bet on Healy to make 100. She did today. Good call
DrSeuss: Off the bench Rioli
Pokerface: seems steele was the uber i should have captained
pcaman2003: Damn you Gresham for lazily sitting on my bench. Shame on you.
Legix: Good man Hayes
kascadev8: Hayes too good x2
bhg26: Junk time Hayes!!!
BigChief: Should have put C on Cogs 🙂
beerent11: 64 to 0 run. Bloody umpires.
Pokerface: true. or english
Fatbar5tad: Cannot win an opening round game.
BigChief: Damn umpires cost Tigers today.
Catatafish: Hayess
Dondeal: Has got 1 point for his 3 touches including a goal
navy_blues: lol
MrWalrus: Chucking out the late cheap ones, 4 in a minute once all over, absolute maggots
Dondeal: Sorry, 4 points
MrWalrus: Disgusting
Social: Umpires Chris Donlon (1), Daniel Johanson (6), Brendan Hosking (16)
Napper: Mega scaling for Hayes coming for that goal. 80 points
beerent11: Jack Steele in close last quarters is bloody good
Dondeal: Hayes that is. 3 points for his last three touches
BigChief: Anyone have the tissue box?
beerent11: The points will come dondeal. Always slow in the last.
BigChief: @Dondeal have you not learned yet the sc scores are not updated straight away in last qtr
Number 8: Feeling frisky are you Big Chief?
Social: Much like our praccy match with the tiges where we ran over the top
MrWalrus: Need a toss chief ya great flog
Social: that was a pretty sexy final qtr
BigChief: @Number 8 just like seeing Rich lose is all 🙂
Pokerface: sorry Chief i think walruss used them all
wadaramus: Got some Kleenex BC.
BigChief: here fishy fishy fishy. Reeled in a huge snapper today.
BigChief: Send them to Punt Road @wada
zadolinnyj: Sorry pies but happy to win with 2334
wadaramus: Oz ladies won the CWC, fukn well played.
Dondeal: Hayes finished with 5 points from last 3 touches including a goal
Pokerface: will pickett get MRO for his hit on Butler?
Pokerface: they were junk touches don
BigChief: In all seriousness, well done Walrus for staying here for all the ribbing. Hats off to you.

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