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Chat log from R2 of 2022: Richmond vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Richmond vs Western Sydney, R2 of 2022

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TheLegend6: Fully expecting to get well beaten today
DrSeuss: Whitfield, Cogs and Rioli in this one. Bring it home gents
bhg26: I dont want another subpar whitfield game so get a move on whitters
DrSeuss: Do GWS even look for Shit field any more? Or is he still just running around for little reason?
bhg26: Just keep kicking points richmond
zadolinnyj: whitfield testing patience. Happy with kelly though
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Rioli ffs
pcaman2003: What’s with so much ridiculous hand balls? It’s killing the game.
Tig-Train: Who has rioli in their team? lol
mattmac24: A 200 from Jelly would be nice since I chose him over Neale
pcaman2003: Kelly only 30 pts? Seems very low.
spdysaint: thought proccess when picking Kelly over Neale?
Torz: Rioli is an option now that he?s down back
zadolinnyj: I?ll take that mattmac24 as I have him and Neale
DEESareSAD: Short cogs and Whitfield for me.
DEESareSAD: Surely short goes 110 with that sort of start
DEESareSAD: Whitfield too crippa looking likely
beerent11: Whitfield has to be one of the most overrated players in the comp
spdysaint: dont think he actually gets talked about that much other than Supercoach Beerent
mattmac24: If Whitfield flunks today, straight to Doch
Blaircam: Whitfield is killing me. The only upside is my opponent has his too
navy_blues: whitfield stay low plz
BigChief: Happy I took Cumming over Whitfield.
circle52: Whitfield to Hewett and possibly Berry to Cripps if Whitfield stays down
DrSeuss: I have Whitfield – opponent has Kelly and Ralphsmith – gotta love it
beerent11: Good boy cogs
bhg26: Lovely cogs
Jukes82: this commentators balls haven’t dropped yet
wadaramus: Cogs, Short, and the C on Dusty 🙂
BigChief: Get off the bench Green. 24% on your arse is too much
Ooost: Cogs, Whitfield, Kelly and Short
Ooost: @gibcus on bench
beerent11: Why do we need to know who has which players in each game?
feralmong: i’m booking an eye check. Nankervis with 3 FF, 0 FA
Jukes82: gws shoulda played preuss
DrSeuss: Short going for one of his big games it seems
Torz: GWS chipping the ball around endlessly and Whit still not getting involved
wadaramus: It gives context to the chat beer, now you know how invested I am in this game!
Jukes82: lol beer, no one actually gives a shit about the players each other has
Yelse: whats whitfield score that will save him from getting traded out
Yelse: maybe whitfield needs his long hair back
wadaramus: Gotta be 3 figures doesn’t it Yelse?
beerent11: His be is 112 yelse.
bhg26: showerfield is shower
feralmong: his BE is 16 Yelse so I think he gets another week.
BigChief: WTF is Cameron thinking? Green rucking against Nank is just dumb.
kascadev8: stay low whitfield 🙂 back on the bench gibcus
pcaman2003: Short dropped a mark before. Is that not a clnager? Just wondering.
Pokerface: but nobody will have a clue when it scrolls off the page wada.
feralmong: SC has him at 42. so not sure where 31 is from
Dondeal: Cotchin true to form
wadaramus: True Poker, but those lucky enough to be reading as it travels from the top to the bottom of the page, they are richer.
feralmong: haha lol, ignore me i was looking at coniglio. i’m old and sick ok.
Jukes82: deboar tagging Short now
Ooost: A lot of Whitefield bitching today 😀
BigChief: Great goal Cogs.
bhg26: yes cogs
spdysaint: whitfield is in 53% of teams. It really isnt that bad
Ninty: Cogs is back. Jet
bhg26: His name is showerfield ooost
kascadev8: go Cogs
Pokerface: id be happy for you to throw us a couple of bucks to feel richer
feralmong: our usual story. give away some 50’s and start losing momentum.
cmperrfect: earth to Baker. Come in Baker.
BigChief: Eat shit BT. Not even close to a goal.
navy_blues: wow
beerent11: Why is Haynes taking a chest mark on the goal line?
navy_blues: bs deccision
DrSeuss: Time to get back involved Rioli. Too much time on the pine.
MrWalrus: WTF was that?!, Justice after a shocking call
beerent11: Big risk
pcaman2003: Kelly only 5 pts this qtr. Gone to sleep.
wadaramus: Haha, hopefully my generous humour goes some way to enriching the chat!
BigChief: FFS Green. Get off the fucking bench.
beerent11: Nah jukes deboer is on Ralphsmith.
Jukes82: ahh cheers
bc__: Whitfield even interested?
Ash777: Call was right. Marked on the line.
zadolinnyj: what happened to kelly this quarter?
pcaman2003: 17 frees to 5 is very telling
arbel: Geez umps giving Richmond a good run. Should have been free for Kelly and then get one themselves. 17-6 frees
beerent11: Go Noah!
Catatafish: I want a do over with my defence, fucking hopeless
Jukes82: great umpiring, other than the goal review. gws had 6 frees too many imo
beerent11: Everyone that picked Whitfield knew the risk
MrWalrus: Yep umps been a bit rubbish, stoked it’s going our war for once, so much less aggravating
pcaman2003: Zaddolinnyj. Only 2 touches that qtr and just not getting near it.
navy_blues: agree beer
BigChief: Goal review was correct call. #freekickrichmond.
MrWalrus: Whitfield will be fine
Ninty: Shouldn?t have reversed Whitfield to Hewett
MrWalrus: Good idea chief, I’m on that #freekickrichmond
pcaman2003: I ended up going Hewitt ahead of Whitfield. I feel vindicated so far
Number 8: GWS second to the ball, getting bossed in the contest. Hence free kick count
MrWalrus: Looking at 2400+ this week, Dusty on bench and all
Pokerface: in what universe should free kicks be the same? its more indicative usually of an undisciplined team
bhg26: I need 240 points from Short, Whitfield, Coniglio, Brodie and Hayes to get 2400
DrSeuss: At least Preuss should finally get a game next week if this continues. Not sure why he didn?t play against dual rucks
MrWalrus: I dunno poker, I reckon today we’ve had the rub of it, when those 50:50 ones all fall your eay it makes a difference
Pokerface: you may well have, but comparing raw free kick numbers is meaningless. Doesn’t say if they were there or not
DEESareSAD: Yea surely preussy gets a game next week now
MrWalrus: Don’t know why Preuss didn’t get a run full stop, was dominant in the praccy
Ash777: I wouldn’t touch preuss even he does get games.
Pokerface: at his price he’ll be a good cash cow Ash
DEESareSAD: I started him with English. Will field sometimes when he plays weak oppostion
frenzy: traded preuss out this week
DEESareSAD: And then swing English forward
Pokerface: who for frenzy?
frenzy: Xerri
Pokerface: well that’s fair enough!
BigChief: Traded a ruck for a fwd frenzy?
bhg26: For flowers sake whitfield get involved
Legix: Jelly causing me grief
kascadev8: where the xerri owners at?
MrWalrus: Is supercoach doing position changes this year?
pcaman2003: Legix. Same here. Was having a good round,but he’s killing me.
beerent11: Yep after every 6 rnds
frenzy: moved Dixon to R3 bigchief
arbel: Did Kelly get subbed off at qtr time?? Barely been around it since
Ash777: Kelly having a shocker
MrWalrus: We’re just monstering them in the centre
MrWalrus: Kelly hardly having a shocker, will probably ton up
BigChief: On your arse again Green???? Get off the damn bench.
kascadev8: have a rest whitfield
Legix: Good boy Kelly. Get involved my man
Catatafish: You’re dead to me Whitfield
bhg26: Just get 80 whitfield
m0nty: Whitfield is the biggest fantasy whipping boy
Gotigres: Very dodgy handball by Soldo
bhg26: And its deserved m0nty
beerent11: I can just see it. Whitfield most traded out and scores 140 next week.
Gotigres: Whitfield will be permanently rested from my team, but what premo defender to bring in? A lot of them have been crap.
bc__: Xerri owner here bruda
kascadev8: ridley to short me thinks
Pokerface: 2 weeks ago Heeney would have had that title! things change quickly
beerent11: Hall if you can do it gotigres
kascadev8: lovely bc
StuL: I can’t. Beer. Whitfield used to get mid time when he was super premo. Stay at home Def now
sMiles: Please about Whitfield. I can now move him on for spewett
beerent11: Ridley got a ton yesterday
Raspel31: Going to some monster scores- even more than last week.
kascadev8: Rasp r u still going bad this week?
bc__: Whitfield 50 point last qrt. Gets em over the line. A Tribute to Xerri first SC 100
BigChief: Cumming same price as Whitfield GoTigres and he takes most of the kick ins.
MrWalrus: Whitfield will be fine if you’re going sideways on him after 2 games you really have no idea
bhg26: Lovely seagulling Short
Raspel31: I’ll be near 2500 with a donut kasca
beerent11: Very unlike you to play that game raspel
Pokerface: sounds like you missed neale or cripps captain rasp.
mattmac24: Whitfield is obviously not playing the same role or as well as he did during the 2019/20 seasons. Too inconsistent now
Gotigres: Cheers for the advice.
Raspel31: Slowly learning beer but the Dusty donut hit.
kascadev8: poker, neale was his c
Gelly: i still think we will lose the free kick count
Gelly: can tell the umps are trying to balance it out
Pokerface: must have had xerri on bench then. rough
kascadev8: jelly has earnt a serious rest in the last quarter, same with whitfield
NickR9: free kick count doesnt mean anything
LuvIt74: Whats the Average looking like this round?
beerent11: Why don?t we have a frees against column?
bhg26: So whitfield got 1 point for a mark and kick. Sweet
Pokerface: ive tried Nick. like banging your head against a brick wall
MrWalrus: Whitfield will be fine, getting his hands on it, just not his usual silky self
banta: what’s par this round? feels worse than last week
MrWalrus: That’s because frees can make a difference and sometimes it can absolutely impact the outcome
MercAm: Feel like average will be 2100, and top 10% maybe around 2250. That seem far?
MrWalrus: Par 2300ish, lots of big scores
LuvIt74: I had a mare last week but should get 2300 ish this week hoping that’ll move me up a bit this round
banta: 2300 is very strong. I’m way off that. Well played
Gotigres: I’m only predicted for 2220 atm
beerent11: Heading for 2501. One more than raspel.
Pokerface: another one. o’driscoll named as sub for debut. should be outlawed
Jukes82: driscoll medi sub
Raspel31: I;m crap at this but 2500 with a donut- lucky break.
feralmong: 2290 last week, projected just over 2300 this week. 0 trades yet.
MrWalrus: I’m predicted 2430ish
beerent11: Not really.
kascadev8: im projected 2500ish, realistically Hayes wont get a 127 again tho, so ill say 2400
Raspel31: Agreed- same kasca.
feralmong: we gotta get 2 early goals here. otherwise giants will overrun us.
Drak: Its easy to get a great score when every man and his dog VCd Neale
kascadev8: if he wants to get a 127 again i wont say no
sMiles: Heading for a little over 2300, but there will be done Monster scores with vc Neale
bhg26: I will be very happy with another Hayes 127
MrWalrus: I had Crippa VC
sMiles: *some not done
Raspel31: Was conservative and stuck with Macrae- sigh.
LuvIt74: im currently on 2274 with Short, Coniglio, Gibus scores up to 3/4 time and have Steele as my last player so might 2400
beerent11: Freo have a decent ruck and backline
LuvIt74: wish i VC Neale but i had VC on Macrae and took that
feralmong: ok 6 scoring shots ahead. now i’m feeling confident.
Gelly: baker has been pretty high impact today, surprised his score is so low
bhg26: Why does short always start the quarter on the ground then goes off after 5 minutes
Harambe: Flynn been demolished, Preuss in next week surely
TheLegend6: I’m never confident @feral
beerent11: Nice off break tarantula
BigChief: Gelly Baker has 2 muppets and only 55% DE. Thats why sc score so low.
feralmong: see then they get one. if we didn’t get the first it’d be close.
Gotigres: For some reason I started Gibcus ahead of Hinge. Will cost me 50 points
navy_blues: need 1 more coniglio poss plz
bhg26: Whitfield been quiet but that was a beautiful kick
beerent11: Remember when 2000 was a good round 1 or 2 score.
Yelse: who to get for whitfield?
MrWalrus: Not playing Preuss probably cost the game presuming they don’t win yet
feralmong: bloody hell here we go
sMiles: In think this year is the year to sideways trade early. Whitfield out for me until he A) gets fit and B) Toby returns
Legix: that kick by Whitfield was lovely
Raspel31: Surely your bum is getting numb by now Short?
feralmong: steady the ship tigers
beerent11: Jelly looks good forward. Should play him there more often.
feralmong: phew
MrWalrus: Can’t trade Whitfield unless you’re content risking him dropping 180 the very next week
kascadev8: speaking from experience rasp?
BigChief: Should have been a free to Cogs there.
TheLegend6: Cotchin superb today
Raspel31: Funny you should ask Kasca. Definite hold on Cogs.
BigChief: Green on the pine once again and Rich get 2 clearances.
MrWalrus: Vintage Cotch Legend
Dogs5416: Guess Cotch was good after the cheap slap to the face earlier
kascadev8: slow down whitfield
Gotigres: Get to 80 Whitfield and I will keep you.
Ninty: Whitfield ain?t dropping a 180
Raspel31: Set Tom Green free!
TheLegend6: Balta a gun up forward
Tig-Train: We are back!!! Lol
Ninty: Whitfield ain?t dropping a 180 next week, be lucky to get that in total over the next 3
beerent11: Good boy Noah
kascadev8: Ninty, i think he meant get to 1 80
Schillaci: Trading Whitfields ass getting Cripps
beerent11: Whitfield has 267 mentions in today?s chat. Not all of them complimentary.
MrWalrus: Whitfield has never been consistent, he is a high ceiling guy
TheLegend6: Pickett that’s unreal
kascadev8: i dont have whitfield, he can stay down today, everyone sells and ill pick him up
Tig-Train: Massive by Pickett
Gelly: when gws win he will score better
MrWalrus: Pickett just does stuff no one else can, really is a freak
fruity: whendo players prices go up. At the end of this round or round 3?
kascadev8: round 3 fruity
Torz: Gibcus finally hits his BE lol
beerent11: After they play their 3rd game
bones351: Cogs making very hard work out of reaching triple figures
fruity: Thanks …time to drop whitfield and bring in Neale
Hazza09: You?re a joke Shitfield
MrWalrus: Gibcus BE will be minus Torz
beerent11: It?s funny how much power a one with two zeros after it has.
bones351: It gives a much better feeling beer
beerent11: I know bones.
TheLegend6: Ton up Conigs
LuvIt74: I dunno why there was so much fuss about Whitfield, i couldn’t have him at $500k
MrWalrus: I reckon Gibcus is going to be a very handy player, beautiful kick, great competitor
bhg26: reckon whitfield has been shafted a little bit, 23 possies at 78% and 4 clangers isnt too bad
beerent11: That should do it bones
bones351: Waiting?..
navy_blues: well gws dont look that good
bhg26: GWS weak this game, just looked slow and that they didnt give a shower
Gelly: early injuries, think they ran out of gas
Hazza09: 70s for a 500k player isn?t worth it
TheLegend6: Whitfield to Rioli this week! haha
LuvIt74: The players GWS had as a new side and celery cap and still haven’t won a flag is sad, club needs a serious look at…
frenzy: celery lol
beerent11: What about
beerent11: What about a 675k player hazza?
bhg26: at least whitfield got me 88 fantasy
beerent11: A 69 fantasy would be better
Catatafish: If they’re getting paid in celery that might explain the poor performance

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