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Chat log from R1 of 2022: Geelong vs Essendon

Chat log for Geelong vs Essendon, R1 of 2022

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frenzy: arvo
MrWalrus: *tips hat*
Ooost: Greetings
zadolinnyj: howdy
PJ39301965: Afternoon
Gotigres: Hi everyone.
Baldfrog: Bombers by 6 goals
PAFC4eva: hi all go cats
duckky: Gidday Gidday
Gotigres: Hi everyone
missmagic: damn abc australia,got the womens on and switched this game with hawks tomorrow
Gotigres: 127 please Baldwin to make up for not starting Hayes
pjw1234: De Koning, Martin, Caldwell so only cheapies in this one
zadolinnyj: good starts hawkins
dabombers: feels like a real saturday today not a pretend covid one like last 2 years
PAFC4eva: ridley late change for loydd kone and martin bench
duckky: We gave up 2 first round draft picks for Shiel. Can he start playing like it?
original: Dropped Stewart for Sicily. Whyyy
Hazza09: Can see Crisp to Stewart being a popular trade in a week or 2
pcaman2003: Arvo peeps! Only Stewart on ground and De Koning on bench
The Hawker: Danger danger danger
tdarian: shouldve started danger
original: Do prices change after 3 games still? Or 2?
duckky: Ess hasn’t turned up … FFS – they are playing Dalhause into form
m0nty: De Koning not needed
Ninty: Danger Brownlow form. 🔫
hinsch: Anybody else got more points sitting on the bench than on the field.
tdarian: shouldve started shiel
SwaggyP: Dons in for a very, very long season. Saw this slump a long way out. All part of the build.
navy_blues: only 1st qtr of season swaggy
navy_blues: blues were down in 1st qtr fri night
zadolinnyj: i went parish c. sorry guys
duckky: Put a tombstone on langford… If he was a horse they’d be putting the screens up
mattmac24: Geez I wish we had a good ruck..
m0nty: Hawkins is the best ruck at Geelong
zadolinnyj: correct monty
PAFC4eva: why isnt cegler playing?
Arpod23: Hawkins is the only ruck at Geelong
mattmac24: Currently injured PAFC
Ninty: Hawkins could play until he?s 40. #finewine
PAFC4eva: surely gets a game before stanley matt
Ooost: The Bombers aka GWS rejects
navy_blues: get cam guthrie back on
robbieg: Danger with full preseason and full mid time is still top 5 in the league easy
mattmac24: I would think so PAFC. I’m looking forward to him being fit
duckky: Looks very familar – trapped in the Don’s back 50.
navy_blues: dont think so robbie
PAFC4eva: anybody got danger
bhg26: Ffs Parish
Ninty: Danger (c)
PAFC4eva: nice
Ooost: Ninty well done
Ninty: I chucked a team together for the first time in years. Didn?t realise people did anything different now 😬😄
StuL: Shiel is taking Parish’s points
Tangent: Verry Elleegant goes down!
StuL: Danger to raise the bat at half time
duckky: How many of the bombers put money on Hawkins for the Coleman?
dabombers: time to drop a greenback on bombers to win at 11’s
DEESareSAD: Why tf would I change my tip minutes before the game started
frenzy: money for jam
pcaman2003: Put Tommy boy down for 10+
duckky: Monty – witche’s hat’s please
dabombers: comeback time
navy_blues: snooze time
HelloJack: training drill
StuL: Parish is a mistake. Nowhere near it
Gotigres: So glad I started Baldwin ahead of Hayes and Martin
MrWalrus: This is embarrassing, also not helping Stewart, hard to get a touch when the ball lives at the other end
NewFreoFan: Cats midfield costing Stewart points, balls not getting down to him
NewFreoFan: Well timed observation Walrus
The Hawker: Devon still stinks haha
2Ph0nes: Martin and Hayes on my forward bench lol ffs
SwaggyP: We really are that bad huh?
MrWalrus: Great minds Freo, this Martin is lively, one of the bombers making a proper effort
dkeating48: What did Laverde do?
Dondeal: Took a fucking bounce!
bhg26: Parish you grub
MrWalrus: When it does go near Stewart he is always involved, great pickup a few years back
DrSeuss: Looks like Baldwin over Martin wasn?t a great choice.
Ooost: people picked Parish 😀
pcaman2003: Stewart reads the ball better than any other full back IMO.
phivee: ridley wtf
NewFreoFan: Hasn’t Cam Guthrie dropped off, he was a disposal machine last year, barely sited
Tig-Train: @DrSeuss I did the same lol
MrWalrus: Not sure about “better” but he’s the equal of May or McGovern
NewFreoFan: Higgins SC is hilarious
2Ph0nes: he’s not a full back lol, never has an opponent
zadolinnyj: stewart has a great frawley punch in defence. he does have an opponent but works hard
NewFreoFan: Stewart hasn’t had a direct opponent for years
BigChief: @NewFreo 3 FA and 7 muppets. Looks about right.
NewFreoFan: Right on cue kicks a major
NewFreoFan: Still 5 SC hahaha
pjw1234: Prestia or Shiel guess which one i picked.
Karlpov: Should I bet on bombers at 100-1?
MrWalrus: No Karl, just no
frenzy: ur a disgrace danger, no ton at half time
Danstar: What?s wrong with parish?
dabombers: gone all in with 7 2 offsuit and put a pineapple on the bombers at 100
pjw1234: Better bet is Healy to make 100 in ODI against India. Due and the pitch is fast
m0nty: do you guys not like money or something
frenzy: he’s got a PH, danstar
dabombers: getting the betting out of my system in round 1 Monty. Live the regrets the rest of the year.
dabombers: just gotta up my appearance fees @frenzy
duckky: It is gonna be hard to not do some rage trades this week
_Wang_: Hi all
Karlpov: Dabombers – Sportsbet has Essendon 1-39 at 301-1
TheFlagger: lucky i paid up for stewart over ridley
dabombers: im tipping over 39 Karl
frenzy: should I put the C on Touk, feel a dbl ton coming
Karlpov: Love the confidence in a 100 point turn around
mattmac24: It’s round 1 Frenzy, go for it. I am
TheFlagger: i had darcy so got macrae’s vc and emergency on hayes. touk will go massive though
frenzy: done, thanks mattmac
hinsch: Who had the C on Hayes last night.
Ooost: I looped Hayes in as well as loopholing JMac, good times.
PJ39301965: I?ve got Hayes on bench but not even emergency. I can?t do anything.
TheFlagger: here come the bombers!
Crippa9: Draper might be having a rest..ordinary
MrWalrus: Captain Touk for me, on track for easily my best start ever
mattmac24: Not smart by Draper but nothing in it
bones351: The whistle was too late on that Perkins mark
MrWalrus: Should go 2300ish so long as no-one really stinks it up and Touk goes 130+
mattmac24: I’m looking at around the same Walrus. Good way to start the season
TheFlagger: lift stewart
dabombers: ridley just not interested in game today
MrWalrus: Really flagger? 110 odd not good enough for you??
TheFlagger: has been no where near it this quarter
TheFlagger: anything over 105 is amazing
MrWalrus: Well I reckon you’ll be a happy man
MrWalrus: Not having Martin is my only real mistake so far, easily fixed too
DrSeuss: Only DeKoning and Baldwin in this game. At least they are on the bench I guess
BurtCocain: flower jordan ridley
Hazza09: Nice Martin
bc__: Just beat Crisp’s score Ridley
pjw1234: Is De Koning a red cross for concussion?
Migz: i havnt watched the whole game but martin score feels a little low? 20 touches and 2 goals. only 60 points. @85% no T/Os
2Ph0nes: the score is exactly where it belongs, no tackles and all basically uncontested footy
pcaman2003: De Koning looks finished
PJ39301965: Knee pjw
m0nty: De Koning will miss next week undere concussion protocol you’d think
Crippa9: If dekoning off with concussion, 12 day protocol. Miss next game
TheFlagger: ah well. hes a slow burn anyway. d8 most of the year.
pcaman2003: I thought he went off with crook knee?
Raspel31: Yep bc- stuck with both Crisp and Ridley-sigh.
pcaman2003: Is Stengle a goer,or a trap?
Hazza09: Looks like SDK will rot on the line at D8
m0nty: MMM reporting De Koning was concussion
MrWalrus: Stengle is neither, will be ok but not every week will be vs such lackluster opponents
PJ39301965: 100 point loss coming up. Brisbane next week will be interesting
pjw1234: small forward trap for stengle i think
mattmac24: Stengle is impressive but don’t think he will be consistent. Much like 95% of small forwards
MrWalrus: Martins score caught up Migz, feels about right to me now
zadolinnyj: premiums been horrible bar a few
Raspel31: We can pull it back from here- go lads.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Come over to the dark side and follow the Hawks.
Raspel31: I have some pride pcaman- not much though.
m0nty: cheap junk time stats at full back, onya Martin
Yelse: just got home now de koning.. scott now won’t put him in all year.
BigChief: Raspel as soon as Malthouse picked you for the flag you were screwed
MrWalrus: Which Zado? Crisp and Gawn are my worst 2 out of 10 played, Daicos next pending Stewart
Hazza09: Well done N Martin!
Raspel31: I am told Ridley is in fact on the field but damned if I can spot him.
PJ39301965: Stengel with be Geelong?s Fantasia
Yelse: wtf martin on my bench not even E
Gotigres: My bench is staring this week
Hazza09: Wow
Gotigres: Wow Martin
MrWalrus: Martin has just fixed his JS issues, first move after lockout will be Baldwin to Martin
pcaman2003: Keep going Stewart and ton up.
pjw1234: have martin on the but hayes last night on the bench no E
Gandhi: What’s with Martin’s SC score? Someone doesn’t like him lol
mattmac24: Picking Baldwin over Martin sucks..
snake_p: Martin the Micky Barlow of 2022!
valkorum: Hayes and Martin on the bench – go me
Hazza09: So got Martin on bench E, thinking of trading Rachelle for Ned Long lol
Gotigres: I’m sure new players take longer to receive their points
Oddsy5: man essendon suck, at least martins having a good debut game
biggs2dujj: I had Martin and Hayes on the field. Got smart trying to get Durdin’s score 🙁 Now both benched
circle52: SDK to Martin next week easy correction trade
The Hawker: Just traded Dixon to Sam Skinner to get Martin’s score
rupertmarn: What’s Ridley’s story?
dabombers: Fair few points to be scaled up today
TheFlagger: bombers will bounce back
navy_blues: me too
Oddsy5: dusty martin beast
Haydo: no way
Gotigres: Oh wow, Martin
biggs2dujj: @rupert They’re not bombing it in! No Intercepts
Tig-Train: Why did I have to choose Baldwin over Martin 🙁
rupertmarn: Cheers biggs
pcaman2003: For a player only $102k. I’m in!
MrWalrus: Martin for Coleman, could be leading after R1
biggs2dujj: @Tig-Train I had a good feeling about Martin. 16 touches in a half. Had bigger upside than a KPP
2Ph0nes: idk why did you? he was an obvious pick based on his lead up games
DrSeuss: OMG Martin – why did I pick Baldwin over you
Ninty: Glad I picked Martin over Baldwin.. but on the bench 😬
Hazza09: Hough to N Long incoming
biggs2dujj: Any chance SDK gets back into the side?
MrWalrus: It’s a one trade fix Seuss, you wouldn’t have fielded him would you?
mattmac24: Cameron going to hospital. Doesn’t look good
pcaman2003: Easy choice this week. SDK to Martin
MrWalrus: SDK will play a lot I reckon
circle52: same Dr Seus went Baldwin over Martin – Easy correction maybe.
PAFC4eva: glad i picked martin but such a waste on the bench
navy_blues: martin leading the coleman lol
mattmac24: Watch everyone get Martin and Hayes in and put them on the field to make 30 each next week
TheFlagger: what was martin’s averages in the wafl?
Raspel31: One handball this qtr Ridley-guess we all had Martin on the bench.
frenzy: went Durdin E hayes no E and took Martin out before kick off
Migz: i had baldwin on the field and martin on the bench, but changed my squad last night to get rid of baldwin and put martin
hinsch: I got 480 point sitting on the bench this week so far 720 on the field
Migz: on field. I read last night baldwin was coming off 3 ACLs so that scared me off
MrWalrus: Wish I’d read that Migz
Raspel31: Good work Migz.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Riddles is wearing his invisible cloaking device.
Tig-Train: Yehh wish I had that info yesterday lol
Ninty: SDK will be back, he?s essentially taken Hendersons place. Unless if they go small moving forward with Bews back.
frenzy: he aint kicken 5 next week mattmack
TheFlagger: martin had 40 in a half in the aami game so i went him over baldwin for scoring rather than js with baldwin
mattmac24: News comes right back into the side, SDK should stay in when fit over Kolo but I don’t think that’ll happen
Yelse: who did martin replace from rookie list to come in
J_Herer: Eagles delisted Nick Martin…..
Ninty: Selection panel love Kolo though
TheFlagger: dylan clarke i think?
Fatbar5tad: Both teams hanging for the siren here
pcaman2003: J Herer. Is this Martin’s way of giving WC the bird? Lol!
mattmac24: Exactly Ninty, has his good moments but I think SDK is better. Kolo won’t get dropped though
JCal66: Eagles delisted Nic Reid, different bloke
Yelse: thanks @ninty
Raspel31: Well it’s worked wonders pcaman- one touch this quarter.
frenzy: Evans done sweet fanny adams thou
Grimes Jr: is sam skinner likely to be medi sub. want to use him as loop for hayes and c macrae
BigChief: Eagles didn’t delist Martin.
MrWalrus: Lots of scaling, expect a nice Stewart ton, D tons are my 2nd favourite after Rookie tons
Fatbar5tad: Tomcat tons up
bhg26: Eh, if parish scores more than Steele that?s a minor win
Napper: Do points get updated after the game? Ridley got nothing for a couple of stints in the last 5 minutes
mattmac24: Not worth it for Grimes. It’s only Round 1, you don’t need the higher score
zadolinnyj: parish horrible day but good last quarter
pjw1234: Healy on 50 that bet is looking ok
Yelse: so how did essendon pick martin up draft or through top up
dabombers: Hopefully a better bomber game next week
MrWalrus: Thought Parish really picked up as the game went on
duckky: Eagles never signed Martin. He trained with them in 2020 looking for a spot
MrWalrus: Pre season supplimental Yelse
bhg26: 34 touches is a good sign, hope he becomes a good POD as he has served me well the last couple years
duckky: Along with Wanganeen’s kid
TheFlagger: 103 for stewart is solid considering crisp and ridley
frenzy: that hurts Nicholas
duckky: So Martin or Daicos for Rising Star this week?
pcaman2003: Stewart ton! Thank you!
bhg26: So I think I?m going Baldwin to Martin next week, I dunno think I like the look of Martin more
frenzy: half a chance the roos dont lose by 66
duckky: 27 touches at 86% bodes well for a rookie
MrWalrus: Hope not taking Danger works out, was tempted, looked great in the praccy and again today
frenzy: and the bombers are mother less
Yelse: who you tipping swans giants
pcaman2003: Frenzy. As well as rudderless.

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