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Chat log from R1 of 2021: Essendon vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Essendon vs Hawthorn, R1 of 2021

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kascadev8: whats so hard? dangerfield on ball and we look a chance, when he isnt we look terrible, seen it GF day and now today
pcaman2003: Go hawks. Got Big Boy,Kossie and the C on Zerrett
Pokerface: curious if anyone went cox in no mans land price bracket
Pokerface: you’re on the wrong chat kascadev
kascadev8: nah its the right one, go merrett
a1trader: yes, got Cox
duckky: That hooker kick should count as a clanger
a1trader: Heppell is a SC bargain
zadolinnyj: got impey, kosi, cox and merrett
Silz90: got impey, caldwell, phillips, kosi
MONEY TALK: connor is a flog
Silz90: connor downie? y lol
duckky: a1trader – you are correct. Just the risk of injury
pcaman2003: Get off the ground Howe you useless tool
duckky: I was just about to complain that Ileft Brockman on the ground andRoweon the bench
pcaman2003: C Zerrett going nicely so far.
kascadev8: heppell looked awful in both praccy games so i along with many dumped him. you’re welcome
Silz90: jiath looks good so far. pca what happens when scrimshaw is back?
pcaman2003: Not sure silz. If Jiath goes well, Scrimma will have to work for his spot.
Raspel31: Am I allowed to say I olove you Zerrett?
Catatafish: Moved Impey to Phillips beforehand, might need to swap back..
Yelse: FFS i traded Heppel for dom tyson 🙁
Catatafish: Had Tyson, but changed to Powell, don’t trust with Jed, Froggy and Cunners returning.
Yelse: Merret adding zeroes to his contract this season
Raspel31: I trded my washing machine for Tom Cutler?
srj2409: Jiath goes missing for large parts
pcaman2003: Glad I dropped Gawny for Big Boy based on what I’ve seen. Hopefully I won’t regret it.
pcaman2003: Hawks playing like old drunks. Another long year coming me thinks.
Raspel31: Pcaman- Hawks are my 2nd favourite team after Old Boys Thessalonika- pick it up lad.
kascadev8: mcgrath on fire, give it to main man merrett.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Haha!At the moment Hawks my least favourite.
Baldfrog: Noice Zac
jbjimmyjb: love your work Zerrett
Raspel31: Where’s Nth Melbourne when you need them?
pcaman2003: What an embarrassment. Grow some cohunas Hawks
pcaman2003: Make that Kahunas.
srj2409: Jiath goes missing too often
Malaka: pcaman: ‘cojones’ is the word you’re looking for.
Raspel31: I was told koschitzke would kick 6 goals. Hmm?
duckky: I have McGrath on the field… I also have Cox and Brockman
Raspel31: True Malaka- and thank god I’ve got 3.
boondock: our first blowout of the season
Hazza09: Kosi at D6, just great
Ash777: who jumped off heppell from his preseason game? lol
Raspel31: Love Heppell Ash-but he’ll have an ingrown toenail next week.
kascadev8: i did Ash, been a horror show. wish clear team was an option in round2
navy_blues: from thinking rookies was gonna be a prob this year they are on fire
runners47: Koschitske hitting the rookie wall extra early…
Pokerface: 2 for Kent
Dogs5416: boondock, first blowout? Game on
Baldfrog: Jones is a shocking kick
Raspel31: Koschitzke in Georgian means I am a very naughty boy- I should have picked up on that.
boondock: yeh the new rules are making me eat me words haha
Pokerface: we didn’t really have an option on kozzie to be fair..
Ash777: I got impey, brock, kosi, heppell, merrett, caldwell.
BRAZZERS: phillips is number 21 not 16..
Raspel31: Well we did poker- I left a rookie benched who tonned up.
Pokerface: in the backline?
Ash777: Kosi the only blemish
Baldfrog: Cmon Zach need more for the C
Raspel31: Ash- sounds like you need penicillin now
Pokerface: or clearasil
Raspel31: Me too Bald.
kascadev8: merrett?? where have you gone?
Ash777: day is going to be a star soon
Yelse: this year isn’t for the rucks simple
pcaman2003: Impressed with Phillips. Good ball use
Ash777: Hickey is going well
The Hawker: Oohhhh boy we are on.
Baldfrog: Thought Phillips would suffer with hawk mids back in but was wrong
Pokerface: Newnes did well too Ash, it doesnt mean its a good year for forward pockets
Grimes Jr: #donsfooty
BRAZZERS: happy with my phillips selection
Catatafish: Thought Hind was a silly recruitment, he has been excellent.
Raspel31: Impey and Cox has bothered me for years- but a liberal dose of Zerrett helps.
pcaman2003: Just need Kozzie to fire up and it will be a good round so far.
Ash777: Impey is doing better than daniher lol
pedsz: Shouldn’t be suprised
pcaman2003: C’mon Big Boy and start scoring
boondock: Bombers choking on BigMac
Grimes Jr: go hawks!
Ash777: lol dons what an embarressment
pcaman2003: Game not over yet Ash.
Ash777: yeah but they shouldn’t of lost such a huge lead.
pcaman2003: True,but we should’nt have let them get that big lead.
Raspel31: Pcaman- I thought you were a friend? Hawks- eek.
Yelse: that should be caldwell kick stuff up by umps not smith
VodkaHawk: 24-12 what a stat
pcaman2003: Raspel. The bombers willl win……friend!
boondock: Footy is back boiz
BRAZZERS: bloody hell this a good game for the wooden spoon cup
pcaman2003: I might have learn how to bite nails.
kascadev8: @Brazzers we’ve already got it mate
Raspel31: Too scared to touch Titch- but wow pcaman.
pcaman2003: Yikes! What a finish.
The Hawker: 25-12 is all i can say
Ash777: Titch is back
boondock: This was ATL Falcons @ SB 51 level choke job
pcaman2003: Merrett died on me for the C. Very disappointing.
srj2409: Titch needs 40 possessions to score well tho
Raspel31: Pooh!
Ash777: With hawks mid Titch will get that every week.
Napper: Yep I’m pry loses points for taking an intercept mark and kick nice one

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