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Chat log from R1 of 2021: Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs, R1 of 2021

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Baldfrog: Testing wouldn’t let me in last night
J.Worrall: Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to live.fanfoo
Pies20: Go pies
kascadev8: hello all 🙂
PJ39301965: Or me for the whole AAMI round
Pies20: Same last night couldn’t get on
Baldfrog: Least we are here now PJ
Grimes Jr: good to be back
PJ39301965: Exactly Baldfrog
exatekk: Hey all. This site’s getting worse
Yelse: de grey or phillips has been killing me for 4 weeks
exatekk: On chrome was telling me i wasnt logged in, ive had to try it on edge
Baldfrog: Hawks Phillips yelse?
amigaman: Yeah the link I’ve used for years suddenly won’t work. Had to find a new link
Pies20: Playing sc this year to fit in with your comments haha
Pecks: Footy’s back! wooooo!
Baldfrog: Well this staggered start to SC is BS
Baldfrog: For picking teams that is
exatekk: agree bald
kascadev8: gee whiz may have to drop neale so i can afford this rookies who are gonna play. got 3 who now havent been named
Pies20: Baldy how was semaphore over the summer?
Baldfrog: Quite mild Pies20
Yelse: went with tom phillips hawks due to injury potential de goey
exatekk: i actually dropped McNeil for a donut as i had all green lights on the pine Kas!
Baldfrog: Yelse none of Hawks mids played last week hope your right tho
kascadev8: ive got downiee and ely smith who are emergencies, hopefully scott plays good tonight so i can take the score
Baldfrog: Yeah Kasca heard Downie will wear green vest
stemy1243: Evening lads. So good to have the footy back!
Ash777: Treloar on the wing.
kascadev8: green vest is ok enough, will leave him, will need to find out about ely smith, seems he is already behind on sharp
StarvyJ: This has the makings of a good game. Be interesting to see if energy levels drop in the second half like last night
a1trader: Put $10 on Cox to win the Coleman
Baldfrog: Sportsbet says ty a1trader
Pokerface: surprised to hear you say that starvyJ. I agree.. but only because it has the makings of a bully blowout
Baldfrog: Poker is back
StarvyJ: Quick start, but evened out since then Poker. Pies defence with Howe and Moore will be hard to break down
Pokerface: hey baldy. i am for every 3rd or 4th comment attempt when it doesnt say im not logge
a1trader: Go Coxy!
Yelse: grundy seriously what are you doing
Pokerface: Heretier finally broke through that wall of defence
m0nty: good game for mids, they are waxing it something chronic
PJ39301965: I traded him out tonight Yelse. Gone with two rookies. Just had a gut feeling.
pcaman2003: Grundy62%TOG Cox 100% Something is very wrong
Pokerface: but who are those bulldogs mids.. dunks?
Grimes Jr: get going caleb
Pokerface: m0nty this site doesnt work on chrome any more
Raspel31: I’ll keep the $400, 000 in the bank thanks Grunty. Ah, Chrome is the problem?
StarvyJ: De Goey looking hungry. Tackling machine atm
Pokerface: yeah dont have the same issues on firefox
kascadev8: daniel and grundy, lets go boys get a move on, lots of footy for all please
Nurfed: works fine on chroms for me poker
Raspel31: Thanks for heads up Poker- was driving me crazy.
duckky: DeGooy, Dunkley, Scott doing OK… Daniel 🙁
a1trader: didn’t take Howe long to get back into it
Raspel31: Only got Dunks, Macrae, Bont and Howe in this- not a good start..
MrWalrus: Evening all
Raspel31: My dog just farted- apologies all.
Pokerface: stop blaming the dog raspel
m0nty: stay premium please Raspel
Hazza09: Worried about Daniel, doesn’t look good
exatekk: lol m0nty
Raspel31: Indeed guru.
Pokerface: did anyone go with Oliver Henry?
exatekk: i think i have a man crush on Baz
kascadev8: exa, i think everyone does
a1trader: yep, I’ve got Henry on the bench
Raspel31: I sadly did Poker which is rather pulling down my average.Is is break even 1?
Ash777: Muppet thomas
Pokerface: no break evens for round 1.. takes 3 games. i didnt go with him with so many forward options.
Pokerface: was just curious if anyone did at his higher price
Baldfrog: I didn’t fall for the hype
Silz90: Hey all. Macrae should get a game next week. Played well in the 2nds tonight
Raspel31: Well, i’m obviously more stupid than you Poker.
m0nty: I went Anthony Scott late instead of Brockman
Phasir: Pretty sure I haven’t started a season with a Colliwobble rookie since Dayne Beams!
cmperrfect: Went Adams as a POD. Stunk it up so far.
Pokerface: lol im not saying that raspel. was just curious which forward rooks people went for with so many
kascadev8: think im the dumbest here, dropped dusty yesterday and macrae today :/ kinda grim
Phasir: I’ve left Alec Waterman as a non-playing fwd rookie
Raspel31: Scott a good call Monty- but on my bench.
a1trader: Grundy hasn’t taken a mark yet
GOATdusty: lol wow, comical. delete your team now
Baldfrog: Have Rowe and weaterman on 4wd bench
Raspel31: kasca- if it makes you feel any better I have them both.
Pokerface: yep same. have brockman too
Pokerface: fair enough phasir
Baldfrog: Brockman will get dropped once Gunston comes back
kascadev8: @Rasp you guys havent been in finals for a while, happy to help you 😉 theory wasnt bad but probs should hav cut neale
PJ39301965: Rowe and Brockman
Raspel31: I’m very proud of Olly Henry’s 1 touch- it was magnificent.
StarvyJ: Rowe and Bergman on the F bench for me
kascadev8: howe get back on the ground 🙁
Pokerface: have yourself a plan b to trade bergman once teams are out starvy
duckky: Do they sell mayonaise by the gallon these days?
kascadev8: @duckky they do have a coles logo in the centre circle, maybe they supply it?
cmperrfect: Is it too early to rage trade? haha
pcaman2003: Howe has gone missing in action this qtr.
Yelse: grundy has been robbed bad, so man taps to pies players and only 34
exatekk: they arent getting the clearances Yelse.
Raspel31: Poor, poor Grundy-let’s be honest, he’s done bugger all
GOATdusty: lol most of his taps have gone to the doggies, what you watching exactly?
kascadev8: at least daniel has been good this quarter
Raspel31: My eyes are still rivetted to henry’s amazing grab of possessions.
PJ39301965: Look on the bright side @Rasp. At least he’s got his record possession game.
Raspel31: You just jinxed him PJ.
Ash777: To be fair the ball has barely been down the pies for Daniel to score.
exatekk: Henry hasnt adapted to the pace
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Henry thinks he’s playing 500 and Open Misere. Losing everything!
rupertmarn: This Oliver Henry is a real peach.
m0nty: they took Oliver’s one disposal off him!
Raspel31: He’s a talented youngster and I’m tipping him to at least score 3 point to turn things around- sigh.
PJ39301965: You don’t want him to get a disposal. He might hurt himself and get subbed.
pcaman2003: Henry can take comfort that Ruscoe is not far ahead of him.
PJ39301965: We doing a NTP on Henry?
Raspel31: Good point pcaman- and Henry has run around aimlessly with a great deal of finesse.
snake_p: odds on Ollie hamstring tweak in 2nd half?
kascadev8: PJ ill go -4 + being subbed out
PJ39301965: Lol
Pokerface: Henry can take comfort that Callum Brown is not far ahead of him
kascadev8: howe wakey wakey. adams lookin awful after all the hype for scoring
Raspel31: I can feel a Henry possession coming on…
Raspel31: Perhaps I was asking too much.
Baldfrog: It’s Henry’s haircut that’s stopping him
Pokerface: ‘quietish night’?
PJ39301965: There’s Henry with the ball.
Pokerface: not like BT to understate things like that
exatekk: that was an 8 point possession. wtf
Pokerface: he’s on the move now raspel!!
kascadev8: bailey smith ‘ive gotta stand dont i?” lmao best thing ever
Baldfrog: Bont kick the goal you flog
Raspel31: Henry for Rising Star?
rupertmarn: Grundy???
duckky: Raspel, it will be Rowell
kascadev8: grundy daniel howe, what r we doing tonight lads?
Pokerface: either rowell or henry, tough call
pcaman2003: Sweet FA @Kascadev.
pcaman2003: Howe is busy playing statues.
Pokerface: still considering 3 rookie rucks with the new rules aiming for less ball ups
Raspel31: Henry pushing his case for all Australian- moot point dukky
thesilentl: Pies not getting any love from the umps
kascadev8: just had a kickin. +20 please
Baldfrog: English is going ok tho poker
duckky: Henry wont displace Cox in the AA Rasp
Bluebagg11: Carn VC Macrae. 130 will make up for the Cripps Dow shotshow last night!
Pokerface: as a general rule im talking baldfrog
Grimes Jr: #hotpies
Pokerface: not based off this game
Raspel31: Kind of glad I didn’t go the automatic Maxie/ Grunty double up. The Grunty looks lazy.
The39Steps: I’m with you #pokerface. Trading out Gawn tomorrow and improving mids and backs.
GOATdusty: lmao
Yelse: do i get rid of grundy is the question … what happened to 2019 grundy
Pokerface: with 3 hitouts, english isn’t really scoring based on his rucking either
Pokerface: why lmao GOAT? you base your structure around the best rookies, not premiums
Baldfrog: 1st round of the year and trades flying already lol
exatekk: Haha you guys redy to pull the trigger and go rookie rucks!!
thesilentl: @yelse teams have worked out you just throw bodies at him all game. Pies need to pick a 2nd ruck to help him
Baldfrog: Scoring higher than Bont and Dunks poker
Raspel31: Um- but you don’t want Meek playing against big Max?
Pokerface: its not a new thought based on this game baldy 🙂
Pokerface: SandiWitts was the best. Don’t get cheap rucks they said 🙂
GOATdusty: lol cant tell if ppl are trolling or just muppets
kascadev8: @thesilent thats what the big collosus is for (idek how bt spells it)
Pokerface: goodwins already said max is more 70% ruck this year.. i actually think jackson gets more than 30% ruck in the first 3
Baldfrog: Sandi was SC gold
Pokerface: great way to get him into it
PJ39301965: $7millon @ Yelse. Lol
exatekk: me either GOAT
Yelse: every player bar martin on million dollar contracts gone backwards
Pokerface: hows it being a muppet? the best rookies are rucks. the new rules hamper rucks and favour defs. Whats the issue?
Baldfrog: Problem for Maxy is he needs to avg 147 to keep at his price
Pokerface: exactly baldy. and thats the other thing. uber premiums were ultra scaled with shorter quarters last year.
PJ39301965: But at least Maxi goes back and forward and takes contested marks.
zadolinnyj: gents
Raspel31: Hmm- if I lost Max tomorrow what could I do? Does beg the question.
Pokerface: want more than that for 750k
The39Steps: Coach has already said Gawn will only play max 70% ruck. He is massively over priced given this and new game style.
Pokerface: and cant kick a goal to save himself 🙂
Baldfrog: Not saying he won’t PJ but one bad game he will plummet
Baldfrog: Geebus Bont
PJ39301965: And that’s the risk, as with every Uber premo this year
Pokerface: i wouldnt go meek, he wont hold his spot. currently have flynn and hunter, but happy to put fullarton up there.
kascadev8: think ill be happy with a grundy 60 at this point
exatekk: play your own game lads. but all this is is speculation. Rookie rucks? gimme a spell!!!
Raspel31: I’m still thrilled with Henry.
RooBoyStu: Cut your hair Grundy muppet
Pokerface: new rules arent speculation. 750k isnt speculation.
Raspel31: And Hunter cheap Poker. But only there for a couple of weeks.
kascadev8: thought a fresh cut was supposed to make you better? grundy not get that? howe and daniel lets go
Pokerface: ryder isnt back for a while.. and marshall isnt going to 100% ruck after a foot fracture
Pokerface: hunter can play forward (unlike meek)
exatekk: new rules? please. theres new rules every year
blonde0na: do you really think goodwin is going to play the best ruck in the comp fwd when they need to make finals?
a1trader: What about Hickey?
Bluebagg11: How’s Grawndy looking now?
Pokerface: id rather field Hunter 😀
Raspel31: Unlike exatek I’m liking this chat about experimenting with rucks. Just look at Grunty tonight.
zadolinnyj: yes martin. u were my risk
Grimes Jr: Pies look very pedestrian this year
thesilentl: Been a while since I’ve seen two teams combine for so many blatant throws
Baldfrog: Grundy started slow last year chill guys
blonde0na: Grundy has historically always had a meh pre-season game and underpar R1 though
Pokerface: hickey towelled up by the gws ruck preseason
Raspel31: Well done zado- point in order.
a1trader: Collingwood will finish bottom 4 this year
Pokerface: nice zado
GOATdusty: facts
Grimes Jr: Hopefully trader
thesilentl: Unlikely a1trader, too many decent players, struggle for the 8 though
pcaman2003: Gee! Grundy on the nose big time.
thesilentl: Pies big problem is the squad needs a clean out, and probably a new coach
kascadev8: big stef martin on the 100, not so silly for sub 300k after all, wish i was that smart
a1trader: would be much stronger with a couple of extra guys like Treloar and Phillips
Baldfrog: Na give bucks 5 more plz
Pokerface: they did thesilent.. they cleaned out treloar..
Raspel31: Pies just need more teeth.
Pokerface: martin will do the rucking against the big guys
Pokerface: lol raspel
thesilentl: Phillips was garbage, treloar overpaid
Grimes Jr: Martin has taken the piss out of Grundy tonight. Looks washed up
GOATdusty: lol
kascadev8: howe and grundy junk time?? surely
duckky: Smith for star
Pokerface: when did pendles last have 8 muppets?
zadolinnyj: unfortunately did not have the guts to commit to bailey smith
duckky: Only Buckly thinks DeGoey and Sier >> Treloar and Stephenson
Pokerface: pretty hard to do as mid only zad
Raspel31: Who will keep big Max after tonight- I think not me.
thesilentl: Stephenson has done zero since his betting issues, lucky he wasn’t delisted
thesilentl: Can tell who the battlers are in here rating stephenson and phillips
Pokerface: im finding it to justify 750k on him raspel. i do think jackson will get a good crack in the first 3 games
exatekk: lol poker
Raspel31: I’m on a spending frenzy tomorrow Poker.
MrWalrus: Grundy let down by mids, no HO to advantage
Pokerface: if i dont end up brave enough to go 3 rookies, the other one id consider is oscar
Pokerface: short at d6 does look nice though 🙂
kascadev8: howe only 83?? yikes, take more kickins next week
exatekk: fk me! later
ElstyBoy: Before everyone jumps off rucks Grundy had 39 hit outs, thats enormous, his mids just werent clean enough in the contes
ElstyBoy: Grundy has that same stat line next week and probably scores 100
Pokerface: you will get scores of 100 from 520k players in the other lines. 100 doesnt cut it at his price. its all about value.

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