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Chat log from P1 of 2021: North Melbourne vs Hawthorn

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Hawthorn, P1 of 2021

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Water: hello?
ReggieOz: Plenty of players to watch in this game
kascadev8: good afternoon to all, hope everyone is doing well
Avarax: Got keen interest in Goldy this game.
m0nty: Bramble wearing Scully’s old 21
Foxman69: few locks so far in this game
Dommy02: what role is lukey mac playing? is ziebell a concern for his fantasy output?
boxy36: Huge start for Brockman – option?
kascadev8: ziebell going well so far, only a preseason game but looks good for scoring. hopefully.
Water: luke mac playing on HB just not getting any of the ball
Dommy02: cheers water – is he still taking kick ins? bloody aami series not shown on free to air >:(
MercAm: Aight, well Ziebell is an insta-lock. What are everybody’s thoughts on Phillips though?
Avarax: ziebell is a lock for sure
Baldfrog: Ziebel just teases.
navy_blues: well brockman and koschitzke look ok so far and maybe ziebell
navy_blues: dont know whats happening with luke mac not involved at all
kascadev8: phillips looking good on the wing, not sure if id drop dusty for him though
Baldfrog: Without Titch and O meara hard to tell if Phillips is worth it
Avarax: hard to see brockman and koschitzke kicking 3 goals each game. without those, their scoring looks low
navy_blues: im talking bench players/rookie starters
navy_blues: im only interested in the newbies see what they offer
kascadev8: has will phillips played at all yet or just a glitched score? worried about his R1 likelihood
Baldfrog: With only 1 preseason game makes it hard navy
Avarax: phillips to paddy dow almost direct swap
Baldfrog: With only 1 preseason game makes it hard navy picking rookies
navy_blues: well these games all i can go by unfortunately
Baldfrog: Not watching but has norf gone home?
exatekk: Was Impey awful? or just managed? Not watching..
Avarax: both exatekk, taken off at halftime. but also didnt look great
exatekk: hmm

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