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Chat log from R13 of 2020: Adelaide vs Geelong

Chat log for Adelaide vs Geelong, R13 of 2020

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Tangent: The Texan to bag 8 goals on his 200th!
Rathain84: lol. wishful thinking. How you doing Tangent?
Cottees: Tex to get no touches
Rathain84: If Brisbane and/or Geelong lose today I will be happy
Bart Man: I’d love to see crows roll
Bart Man: Geelong
missmagic: tex to get plenty,because cats will close down the threats like butler 2 weeks ago,tex aint a threat
FinlaySON: agreed Bart Man, cats are pretenders when finals come around
DamoBurner: pretty incred adelaide wont get a win, 3 years after playing in a GF
Cottees: prediction for Hawkins SC?
shaker: Maybe they need to bring back the power rangers stance?
Haydo: 74 from Hawkins i think cottes
kascadev8: put the captain on hawkins as a joke. forgot to change it back :/ rip macrae score
Ooost: Stewart and Danger, Laird common
NewFreoFan: How good would a crows upset be
GOD: looks like Tex Walker is still in the power stance!
Stu7: I need to help – play Ben McKay for Roos or Jarrod Brander for Eagles?
AuroraBore: I hope for your sake and mine that works out Kas, need him to kick 3 for my multi
kascadev8: @AuroraBore luckily i got an easy league win this week
Water: mckay stu
StuL: We always used to lose to Fitzroy when nobody lost to Fitzroy. Just saying
biggs2dujj: I never realised how bruise free Mitch Duncan played until getting him in SC
Stu7: @Water thanks bro
Yelse: game just started and danger on the pine ridiculous
AuroraBore: theres one
StuL: Laird, Steven, Stew, Close lets go
kascadev8: @AuroraBore 1 goal for hawkins now, 2 more for your multi
Stu7: Come on Duncan get off your A hole
Rathain84: Who won PNG last night?
StuL: Tom another 6-8
MercAm: Laird, Duncan, Stewart, Close, Sholl (bench), Schonebery (bench), lets go
Foxman69: anyone else chuck a cheeky VC on Hawkins?
DrSeuss: Laird good start – keep it up. Stewart – time to get a wriggle on.
Cottees: classic umps
kascadev8: @Foxman69 i put the captain on :/
MercAm: Legit if anyone does Hawkins VC/C, you have balls of steal lol
DamoBurner: dangerfield TOG?
Foxman69: VC is fine still got Neale to play but itll be a wait untill the last QTR when the crows turn to shower again
Raspel31: Keep Danger off- my opp capped him.
Kidult: ever since Blicavs has started playing wing again Duncan loses his role
Tangent: These umps…
Raspel31: Sainters will tag Neale havily Foxman.
navy_blues: i think gee by 40+
thommoae: Get Danger ON – that may be me with the (C).
kascadev8: lets go hawk, get me some big points big man
Stu7: O’Brien good job
DrSeuss: First time I have ever played someone with Cam Guthrie lol
StuL: Neale HS against the Saints is 118
Bluebagg11: Come on Close! You’re my only rookie on field.
pcaman2003: Afternoon all. Have Duncan,Stewart and Laird. So far so good by the looks of it.
Stu7: Afternoon pcaman2003
Bluebagg11: Keep going Duncan Laird ROB and Stewart!!!
Raspel31: Looking nice Adele.
Water: but neale has never played as good as he is right now in his career stul
Ooost: Danger will come alive in the second half, its what he does.
StuL: Tomato tomato. Not much to gain not banking macrae
pcaman2003: Hi Stu7. Hope you’re making a killing
pcaman2003: Thanks Charlotte. Not too shabby yourself.
Woodie22: Afternoon lads. How flowered are trolls with the death threats
tdarian: its not shoenberg’s 2nd game, remove the P
kascadev8: steven on 43?? what! when i had him you did nothing useful so i got rid, typical
Cottees: got laird and stewart! Great start
poolboybob: Crocker potato
pcaman2003: Woodie22. Haven’t heard about that. Where?
AlbySmedtz: Thoughts on Steele or Zorko being given C today?
Woodie22: Dylan Grimes last night received em pcaman
tdarian: whos your VC alby?
Stu7: @pcaman2003 yes mate good round so far – hope you are too 👍🏻
pcaman2003: Okay. Thanks Woodie. That sucks!
Raspel31: Thouhjts are not good Alby- Steele and Ross will tag Zorko and Neale- so no happy endings.
Dexter21: Hi All! Big decision today projected 2600 do I take mccrae loophole or roll the dice on neale?
AlbySmedtz: Danger
StuL: Nice POD Steven
kascadev8: dylan grimes dives all the time, but giving someone death threats for it is disgusting behaviour
Stu7: @AlbySmedtz who’s your VC?
Water: take macrae dexter
Woodie22: Selwood and danger do as well but no way would I death threat them. Dogs act
Stu7: Macrae
Tangent: Nice TOG for Steven.
kascadev8: did Callan Ward cop the same thing?
2Ph0nes: i agree, deff a flopper. but its just a game, these muppets are weak as piss irl
pjw1234: as a saints fan am taking merrett vc and hope steele does the job on neale
Dexter21: That’s my thinking just to be safe hey @water and @stu7!
heppelitis: but if Neale plays a blinder…he might get to 2700 and a chance to win weekly…2600 probably wont win.
Woodie22: Good player Grimes, needs to stop doing it. Bad look
Ooost: Here comes Danger
pcaman2003: I won’t lose top spot in my league so I’m chuffed. Proj today sits at 2542
Stu7: Good choice mate – points in the bank
Nuffman: Yeah, I heard about teh Grimes stuff… Absolutely ordinary
88360: Lloyd, Neale, Adams, Kelly or Grundy as c
satch7: Afternoon all. Thoughts on Grundy or Kelly for c?
kascadev8: cant believe i went the full flower and left the captain on hawk. haha need him to kick 6 now and have a big game
Stu7: Grundy miught struggle against Toddy
zadolinnyj: Liking how Schoenberg looks. Will be good in 2 years with bigger body
Woodie22: Kasca lol you didn’t lol
Water: i would be really tmepted by adams 88360 he had 115 last week with about 5 clangers and 4 free kicks against
Water: he wouldve been over 130 withouts those
FLAG: is minty still doing png?
Napper: Fielded Close over Wicks, Bytel and Schoenberg…
Tangent: I love you so much Sloane!
kascadev8: Woodie i have the captain on hawkins was screwing around and forgot to change back to the loophole
StuL: Never joke brother car
m0nty: not today, maybe next round
88360: Ok. My proj is 200 better than my opponent so happy to take a risk
thommoae: Grundy is on Goldy. May not have things all his own way there.
Haydo: Stewart, Laird and Reily O’Brien looking very nice
FLAG: Thanks, png was good laugh, worked well..i was crap
Woodie22: Damn Kasca. I just left it on McCrae
Water: 58 TOG for guthrie and still going great
Dexter21: @napper why didn’t you filed bytel!
tdarian: lachlan sholl on my bench, not a single touch. lazy bum
kascadev8: yeh, looks like a rookie error so far
Cottees: that was an advantage umps! wowo
zadolinnyj: PNG was great pod
DrSeuss: Took the advantage Ump. That’s a terrible call
amigaman: Umpire calls adv, then recalls it. Fair dinkum crap umpiring
pcaman2003: Bad call ump! Shocker!
Stu7: Butts doesn’t look to be as cracked up 😂
Stu7: Or is Butts the lazy bum
kascadev8: hawk wakey wakey lets go
Dexter21: Can anyone explain why Stewart has had 8 disposals but only showing as 6 possessions? 4 contested and 2 uncontested…
TheLegend6: At least Steven missed, terrible call though
FLAG: lol sholl
BigChief: Footy gods correcting umpire error
Woodie22: Shows nice on my end
Valens: Kick ins dexter
zadolinnyj: Stengel looking like a potential future champ
kascadev8: close didnt want to take the advantage, im so confused
Woodie22: Nine
MercAm: @dexter they dont include kick ins im pretty sure
Tangent: I hate Geelong’s playstyle, nothing against it. Just makes the game so boring to watch
Schillaci: Danger Steven Guthrie all low game time
amigaman: Typical CD. Kick it to a contest. Danger gets +3. My player gets -4.
kascadev8: hawkins score, bleeds points without doing anything wrong, then gives away a wrong free to drop it even more
Napper: Come on Close get to 30 by half time surely
benty691: stop complaining about stats if you dont know how they work
Cottees: I fielded Foot over Wicks and Shoenberg hahahahahhahaa
Tangent: This is insane! The boys are up and about! Crows can win this!
thommoae: You hate it, but you have nothing against it, Tangent – que?
pcaman2003: C’mon Stewart and Duncan. Pick up the pace boys.
Nuffman: argh.. fielded Close over Schoenberg… not looking smart atm
amigaman: benty pull your head in. Didn’t ask for your opinion
Schillaci: Different Geelong team that played the Saints
circle52: @ Cottees feel your pain I fielded foot over Bytel and Schoenberg
TheLegend6: @Thommoae because it works. It’s just boring to watch.
loc1477: Gee Dahlhaus has been stiff only 1 bad disposal, set up a goal and another shot on
navy_blues: we all get frustrated with the “stats”
Cottees: @circle52 yeah it sucks so much. happens so much to methis year
kascadev8: if hawk can get to the 100 then ill be happy, need him to get seperation from hartigan
Rathain84: HTB on Danger surely?!
benty691: Same goes
BigChief: @schillaci Cats don’t need to try as hard to beat Adel.
amigaman: That doesn’t make sense. Moron.
benty691: All stats have an arbitrary definition. An effective kick is 40+ m two a general contest, anything under has to hit
tdarian: who reckons butts has had a decent crack?
kascadev8: danger should of been done HTB about 4 times already, lift hawk lets go
tdarian: will trade him in next week if so
Cottees: far out. Grimes getting death threats same as the other diver. what is wrong with people
amigaman: Another twat come in here looking for a fight. Why don’t you just mind your own business
FlyinRyan2: yeah essendon supporters love their death threats
pcaman2003: I think Butts has slotted right in.
pjw1234: happy got parfitt stewart and schoenberg in the loop
tdarian: i think so @pcaman. reckon butts will explode in the 2nd half
kascadev8: big 2nd half please hawk, coleman medal calling your name
Snarfy: Death threats are so last year. Now, a truck load of manure left at your doorstep,……
pjw1234: butts sure to be eyeing browns spot
Poliyagon: I chose to go McPherson to Thurlow over Ladhams to Nic Nat. Think i’ve ruined my season chances.
Poliyagon: hoping i learn from my mistakes and do better in my 2nd year in 2021
Kidult: Adelaide usually get their drafted KP Defenders right. Talia, Davis, Lever etc over the years
Woodie22: I remember when the Manure thing happened at the RFC
Kidult: even though they left they still are decent
StuL: Vlastuin flop was worse anyway. Throwing your head back when it wasnt touched is so Soccer
Nuffman: @woodie: that makes me feel old lol.. that was about 20yrs ago now
Woodie22: Same Nuffman. Lol.
Snarfy: Hey Woodie22, I think you just dropped a penny!
tdarian: richmond unravelling before our very eyes. their time at the top is over. time for a new king
MercAm: How tf has Lynch not been suspended yet, he has done the same illegal shower for 3 weeks now and still doing it
Woodie22: Did Lynch get another fine?
pjw1234: Lynch last night was nothing just defending his broken hand. Not sure Hurley should get off scott free either
Fatbar5tad: Geelong playing magnificently today. It’s not September already is it?
Nuffman: @pjw: fair, but still low impact, careless. Can’t strike someone regardless. Hurley should prolly get a fine also
Dexter21: I can’t wait for Lynch vs Collins again!
Crave: wasn’t even his broken one lol
pjw1234: great to see someone with fire like collins. sure next meeting will be interesting
Haydo: People really hate the successful hey
MercAm: Stats down?
Kidult: well done Mcadam
J.Worrall: Carna Crows
kascadev8: merch he (lynch) has done it all year. realistically hurley should cop a week too
penguins00: how can you shepherd the ruck out and get a free
BigChief: Great goal from McAdam
Cottees: Hartigan is doing so well on Hawkins
amigaman: @BigChief how do I contact management on this site please
kascadev8: any chance of a hawkins free? should have had 2 FF by now
Grimes Jr: carn crows
MercAm: @kas yep 100% lol
BigChief: @amiga
zadolinnyj: As soon as it’s a free and not just a guy throwing arms in the air he will get 1
FlyinRyan2: is anyone else’s stuck on 3 quarter time
amigaman: Thanks @BigChief
ElstyBoy: champion data down?
2Ph0nes: lift stewart ffs
AuroraBore: i’m torn between wanting the crows to upset and wanting the crows to go 0-17 for the meme
exatekk: nevermind the half dozen calls that crows should have got Kas
BigChief: CD is surprised how well Jack Steven is scoring so it’s frozen 🙂
kascadev8: @Aurora id love to see them go a season being winless, time for geelong to kick to hawk
DrSeuss: Stewart on the bench I think – havent seen him for about 8 minutes
DrSeuss: Stewart back on and involved straight away
Dexter21: @2phones as soon as I read that Stewart had that great spurt lol
pcaman2003: Hawkiuns ya muppet. Cost Stewart a goal.
StuL: We need to play every 5 days or no good
kascadev8: was it touched? i cant see it
FlyinRyan2: I swear champion data is down every week
Cottees: hawkins costing my player Stewart a goal. OMG
AuroraBore: yeah i reckon kas
zadolinnyj: Murphy not AFL level.
kascadev8: parfitt with the muppet please
BigChief: By far the best Adel have played all season.
AuroraBore: need close to kick one and hawkins to kick two
tdarian: jack steven back to his premo best. he’s on the watchlist
Bluebagg11: Where the hell is Obrien!?!
2Ph0nes: lmao
kascadev8: hawkins won a free, finally
Kidult: Muppet to Smith
Catatafish: Any Danger of a touch, Paddy?
GOD: updates way behind today!
TgrTime: Laird starting to get back to his 2017 self
tdarian: butts looking tired and saggy out there, lift son
BigChief: No way that was a free to Hawkins.
m0nty: sorry about that GOD
FLAG: o o o o’brien
TheLegend6: Big muppet Henry
kascadev8: chief, definetly, henry gifted them 1 back anyway
Woodie22: Kasca will disagree
Grimes Jr: henry muppet
Ooost: Danger 6 clangers
StuL: Muppet Henry. Wtf was that?
BigChief: @kas oh please. Take off your cats glasses mate.
AuroraBore: m0nty how do you actually get this live feed? And is it possible to include bench icons in it?
pcaman2003: Duncan,Stewart and Laird nice. Very consistent scoring.
Stst1001: Geez that was ordinary by Henry
FLAG: lift danger or will trade you somehow to lynden dunn
Valens: Henry muppet
2Ph0nes: you feral muppet
kascadev8: @BigChief can you not read?? i just said it definetly wasnt a free to hawkins
StuL: Me: yay mark. That’s it. Henry. Here you go crows.
BallsyBot: thing having mcrouch and stuv this game is a big win so far
StuL: I thought Steven was done in afl. He looks like he was playing massively unfit to start
Cottees: umps have to make sure hawkins wins the coleman
Snarfy: I have the choice between leaving C on Neale or putting it on Grundy. Can’t loop. Your thoughts please.
TheLegend6: Neale imo
kascadev8: steven only 1 muppet?? every time i see him getting a contested, he turns it over
Kidult: I’m going Neale will be fun to watch a tag on him
Kidult: probably get his highest SC score of the year if I don’t
satch7: Im going Grundy snarfy
pcaman2003: snarfy. 6of one and half a dozen of the other.
Snarfy: Is that game televised on 7 Kidult?
TgrTime: Neale or Naitnui?
2Ph0nes: going neale into grundy, unfortuantly dont have macrae yet
Kidult: probably in VIC/QLD
kascadev8: nicnat
Snarfy: Yeah you’re probably right. Murphy says that if I move the C off him, he’ll probably go ballistic.
pcaman2003: Laird always looks so much better when on the ball.
kascadev8: ducked his head murphy did
Snarfy: ….and if I leave the C on him, Grundy will have his best score of the season. Stuffed either way!
Desi: On 7mate in Qld
Kidult: SA has the Adelaide game on 7, QLD and Vic have next game and NSW/WA have tonights game
TgrTime: Grundy has Goldy though, so they may take each other’s scores
CozzieCan: This game is rubbish , unreal
tdarian: sholl has done well to work his way into the game
2Ph0nes: myabe but gawn/grundy have made 150 plus against each other
TgrTime: Do ruckman normally go big playing on Mumford (nicnat’s sake)?
tdarian: geelong doing the bare minimum to get the win
CniglioSsn: mumfords good at shutting dwn ruckmen this year, however feel nic nat tmay be a bit too much
thiccgucci: mummy loves to give away a free or 5
Kidult: One thing going against Grundy nowdays is less experience in the midfield at his feet
pcaman2003: Onya Lairdy. Your turns to ton up Duncan and Stewart.
thommoae: Usually go big with FF, Tgr
satch7: grundy and goldy both got 130+ last time they played each other
CozzieCan: Keep doing danger laird & Stewart !!!
Kidult: Will only have Pendles, Sidebottom this week then just Pendles next week
DrSeuss: Seriously Guthrie – the first time I have played any opponent with you and you have the game of your life?
Catatafish: Get on the fucking field Danger
Kidult: forgot Adams
Nuffman: @DrSuess: same boat.. Guthrie vs Duncan.. argh
AuroraBore: ok just need close to kick a goal to win $1k
penguins00: Hartigan has been great today.
DrSeuss: I have Guthrie vs Stewart @Nuff – not ideal
Nuffman: Ooof
Ooost: Alright Stewart and Danger lets junk it up
Kidult: Guthrie is actually averaging 99.2 with 3 x 120+
AuroraBore: fuck man put your BOOT into it
BumSniff: what did jack steven score last week
Phasir: B.Smith 527 metres gained from 7 disposals. not bad. good size
pcaman2003: Happy now that Laird,Duncan and Stewart all tonned up.
kascadev8: happy with hawkins in the end, not bad for a bloke who had a bad day
Water: phasir, he has 20 disposals?
srj2409: Fk off out of bounds. Cost Stewart an effective 50m kick. Bs umpiring.
DrSeuss: Interesting @Kidult – just noticed that – he has been building nicely. Has been everywhere today
Kidult: still a ton of points cmon Duncan and Stewart 120+
Hadouken: thought that was a tombstone near steven for a sec, had to look twice !
Nuffman: Been stealing points from Duncan!
Schillaci: Danger you beauty…pipped my VC Oliver
Water: guthrie a brownlow smoky?
Ooost: Stewart getting that junk, save some for danger fellors
pcaman2003: And my grin just got bigger
TheLegend6: @Water no
Kidult: awesome Duncan
Kidult: awesome Duncan that just brought a tear to my eye haha
AuroraBore: trash can for Duncan
poolboybob: Crocker has to be the most useless player in AFL
DrSeuss: Wouldn’t go that far Water
BumSniff: what happened to duncans trim tonight
Nuffman: Duncan with that Junk. Beautiful
Woodie22: Lol no Water
satch7: Just copy/paste that blog post monty
Breezey: Crouch 14 tackles.
Napper: Ok Duncan I get it I should of traded u in
MercAm: Duncan you beast!!!
runners47: C’mon Duncan – need you to close that gap to Guthrie as much as possible..
TgrTime: Geelong are disposal pigs
AuroraBore: ffs if Close just didnt fuck up that advantage call
Ooost: some more junk stew and danger
Nuffman: about 200 pts to distribute still
kascadev8: hawk boosted to 100 please, lost 40 points from my mistake (left macrae vc) but a hawk 100 will be good
CozzieCan: We are Geelong the greasiest team of all .. sounds about right
FLAG: danger 7 clangers/3fa, trading you to lynden dunn
Woodie22: Lost 80 points kasca. It doubles.
srj2409: Unless you look at flags won in which case they’re not the greatest team of all
Kidult: nice 138 to Duncs and 120 to Stewart
CozzieCan: @Srj flower off m8 , celebrating my teams win ya flog
srj2409: Does this finally mean Adel don’t have to select tex anymore? Clearly past it
Haydo: Compared with all other ruckmen ROB doesn’t get any help from CD
Thomas1234: no it doesn’t woodie
srj2409: Yes inspiring win against a side on 50%. One goal diff at 3qtr time. Greatest team of all.
MoreMidTim: @flag FKs & Clanger we the same he had 4 disposal & one dropped mark clangers with the FKA he’ll get scaled down
CozzieCan: @Srj there’s the door mate don’t let hit you on the way out
Kidult: nice 14 tackles and 12 tackles to Crouch and Steven
kascadev8: @woodie yeh meant that, was running out of characters haha, but if hawk can get a boost i wont mind
srj2409: Yep time to switch over to the next game. See ya there Cozzie.
Fatbar5tad: Who knocked you out last year
Woodie22: His Captain scores doubles. So he loses out on 80 points by having Hawkins over McCrae Thomas
Lewysport: Add it up Woodie.
Lewysport: Add it up Woodie
Breezey: We got an after the siren flog on our hands

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