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Chat log from R13 of 2020: Essendon vs Richmond

Chat log for Essendon vs Richmond, R13 of 2020

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valkorum: Do I get purple name if I was closest?
valkorum: mayes was 52, I got 51
TgrTime: Someone guessed 53, not sure if you have to be outright winner
valkorum: Just refreshed the page – yeh motdog had 53
Woodie22: Scaling in that match still to come
Avarax: no. done already
Woodie22: Not on my screen it wasn’t lol.
Kidult: It is scaled now Boak got massive chunk
Kidult: Wish I took him instead of Shuey
m0nty: the PNG is about the coinflips mostly, the player guess is just a tiebreaker
Kidult: Boak has 360 pts in the 3 games vs 179 from Shuey from 2 but 2 extra games to play
navy_blues: lynch will be a good lil boy tonight
Water: do i take woodcocks 60 odd or risk aarts?
kascadev8: lynch will be a good lil boy? are you feeling alright @navy_blues ?
snake_p: take the cock water
navy_blues: he would of been spoken to im sure
Water: haha okay
CozzieCan: What channel is freo vs Sydney on ?
don key: go tiges
bhg26: Ridley, Saad and Parish for me
Kidult: my messages aren’t coming through but take the 62 and Boak is 375 not 360 after scale
navy_blues: 503 i think cozzie
CozzieCan: Cheers bud
navy_blues: foxtel
Kidult: fox2
Kidult: sorry foxsports 3 my chat is playing up
Water: Should i field aarts or liam henry tho
navy_blues: im looking frwd to seeing henry play
TgrTime: Aarts is probably the safe option @Water
kascadev8: i went with georgiades over aarts, please dont burn me too much
Kidult: take a punt on Henrey as Walters and co will get him revved up for this round and probably pass him a few goals
CozzieCan: Dusty+Shiel looks like the ladies in Bali offering extra services haha
kascadev8: ridley, mcgrath, short, dusty + draper/aarts on the bench for me. lets go
navy_blues: he shoulda kicked 3 goals kasca
Water: yeah fuck it im risking henry over aarts
Kidult: slippery as hell up there as you saw last night will probably make Aarts bad
kascadev8: navy he shoulda had 4 haha, first 3 misses were terrible, but he got there in the end
boxy36: Evening all. Rookie question – but if I have 2 emergencies on 1 line and one DNP do I get their 0 or the one that plays?
CozzieCan: Humidity 67% here in Palmerston , Darwin .. warm night tonight
navy_blues: so your decisionwould of been correct if he converted
boxy36: Last minute panic because Clark was not named and using him as vc loop, but had the e on Rivers
Coutzy: @Boxy You only get the one that plays.
Kidult: Lowest score unless the other ones don’t play
boxy36: ok, such a relief haha I hate this day before team announcement
Rathain84: Anyone have a punt on Mozzie?
CozzieCan: Still 30 degrees here in Darwin , aircon on & cold beers flowing
kascadev8: whats the beer of choice tonight Cozzie?
navy_blues: u in darwin cozzie?
yablettt: Tippa to ton up boys
CozzieCan: @Kas Corona with lime , you m8
navy_blues: love going to casino for all u can eat there yum yum plus a great view
kascadev8: i was thinking of doing the same Cozzie
Social: Perfect warm weather choice Cozzie
Social: Mine’s a Kirin Megumi
Rathain84: I would love some humidity right now. Every winter I regret moving home from Brissy
pcaman2003: Can we have a Caucasian round with Go Go dancers?
Gotigres: Best welcome to country I have heard
Rathain84: Has Draper and Big Tom played together yet?
Water: that welcome was great it made me smile
CozzieCan: @Pca choice of song will be YMCA
Social: ‘Frosty was terrific tonight’! Don’t think Clarko gets SC at all….
heppelitis: Abbey Holmes wearing a 1970s tablecloth
Breezey: Don’t care Heppelitis. I still love it
pcaman2003: @heppelitis. Thinking exactly the same. Not fashion conscious obviously.
Breezey: How many here brought in the Mozzie.
TheLegend6: Lynchhyyyy
heppelitis: i did Breezey,,,needed cash
Stu7: No mozzies here
pcaman2003: Cozzie. Or perhaps Working Class Man by Cold Chisel
DrSeuss: Dusty, Draper and Shiel – lets go tonight lads
Stu7: Dusty, Smelling, Ridler, Smith & Saad
Kidult: Damn Ridley been on Lynch twice now
pcaman2003: Just Riddles and Dusty in this.
DrSeuss: Shiel – why run to the bench after 4 minutes of doing nothing??
Silz90: Only Riddles and Draper for me tonight
CozzieCan: @Pca no Land down under by men at work ?
CozzieCan: Great Southern-land from ice house for me
sikkem: its becuase you know fuck all drseuss. interchanges are pre determined largely and have been for a while
pcaman2003: @Cozzie. Thought of that one too. Good choice!
Catatafish: Was expecting Pickett to get +12 for a turnover. CD love child.
tdarian: seems a lot have brought in shiel this rnd – why the love for shiel?
Rathain84: Where are all the other Boomer supporters? Did they pencil this game in as another bye?
Breezey: Cracking response Sikkem
DrSeuss: Haha thanks for your wise contribution sikkem. Try spell check and grammar next time champ.
bhg26: Sounds of Then (This is Australia) by GANGgajang?
BigChief: I can see this being 10+ goal win for Rich
CozzieCan: Essendon might sweat out there drug problem this game ha ha ha .. just kidding lads
sikkem: haha you’re kidding
Nuffman: @Rath: we know when not to tune in lol. We’ve all scheduled family night
CozzieCan: Dusty into the fridge literally haha poor blokes nuts are stuck up his behind
sikkem: you can have the wisdom for free you clearly need it
Apachecats: I’m lurking in the background Rath.
Rathain84: Nice one Nuff. I might have to borrow that one off you come finals time if that’s ok
StuL: Footy gods.
sikkem: Hey everyone, look at me. I’m DrSeuss and worry about spelling and grammar on a hobby site.
Nuffman: Go for it mate! Watching “This is us”” lol
drfrazzll: cozzie dont forget that dank was at the cats too hehe
Nuffman: What is it with north supporters thinking they are it and a bit? Go back to hiding under your rocks.. geez
pcaman2003: Keep it nice boys. No squabbling!
BumSniff: Does any poor soul still own Dev Smith
DrSeuss: Yes Mozzie – nice start young fella
Gotigres: Mosquito has a bit of a buzz about him
heppelitis: best6 smile in the afl get around the mozzie
pcaman2003: Happy with Dusty and Riddles so far. Keep going boys.
Social: Ha ha Mozzie!
Foursuits: Beautiful Mosquito
Silz90: apache how u going mate? did you accept the redundancy package yet?
Badgerbadg: How long was mozzis 30 seconds?
Fatbar5tad: drfrazzll dribble: Dank was never employed by the Geelong Football Club. The Weapon wanted him in but the club said no
Rathain84: Good thing he is at the other end of the ground. Lynch might give him a swat
Nuffman: @Badger: countdown stops once run up is initiated
Apachecats: haha silz , I think I’m on jobseeker.
Fatbar5tad: I’ve got Dev. What a gun! 4 points in the first he’s off to a flyer compared to usual standards!
sikkem: lynch is one of the biggest cats ive seen
pcaman2003: Ended up putting the C on Lloyd. Hope I don’t regret it
thommoae: Dev was a gun at GWS; often the way when they leave – not many have shone elsewhere.
Water: shitload of scaling incoming
boxy36: @pca I’ve got the VC on him… let’s hope for a big one!
heppelitis: good boy curtains you filthy unit
thommoae: Maybe Shiel has maintained some form.
Nuffman: VC Martin adn C on Neale
pjw1234: vc on merrett fingers crossed
kascadev8: draper as the r3, thats some nice lookin cash.
TgrTime: Mozzie gives the bombers a nice sting to their lineup
StuL: Good start. Draper gett
kascadev8: good start from short ridley and dusty for me, need mcgrath to lift
StuL: Draper looking like a no. Q
DrSeuss: Got the VC on Lloyd @pca – hoping he goes big
Neonleon82: What do you call an abo who stutters ? A Cocoon
Catatafish: Treloar, Adams, Steele aren’t doing too bad. Setters getting better.
sikkem: full stops at the end of sentences drseuss thanks mate
heppelitis: yeah mcgrath normally has 8 possies by now then dies
Apachecats: Just crossed a line there Neon.
Stu7: Nuffman nice hand 🤚
CozzieCan: @Neon abit racist m8 .. no need
pcaman2003: boxy36 and DrSeuss. Good luck! Fingers crossed on Lloydy
Raspel31: Neon- not on at all.
Nuffman: Thanks Stu
kascadev8: @Hepelitis maybe he is doing the opposite tonight, slow start followed by a massive 3 quarters
Kidult: cmon Draper a 4 qtr performance
exatekk: see yourself out neon.
heppelitis: Hope so Kas I have him too
pcaman2003: neonleon82. That’s reprehensible and has no place here.
BigChief: Stupid racist comment Neon. Enjoy your holiday.
Breezey: Some people have no brains.
CozzieCan: @Neon what do you call a simpleton that’s incompetent ? The front door hope it hits you on the way out moron
pcaman2003: m0nty. Please take note and ban NeonLeon82. Thanks!
kascadev8: no real need for that neon
Gotigres: Why did I start Cameron ahead of Draper?
kascadev8: as long as mcgrath outscores smith ill be happy
Cottees: @Gotigres, I changed Cameron to Draper last minute. Thank god!
heppelitis: same but somewhere near 100 as i have both
Stst1001: Let’s go Riddles
kascadev8: ridley looks so much better this week compared to last, very happy
Raspel31: Almost annoying not to be able to use Draper’s score.
heppelitis: 2 goals for us and 2 goals that are a first for those players
CozzieCan: How much did Essendon pay the umps before the game ? NTPU
Kidult: Damn Francis out means Ridley probably have to play KDP
kascadev8: @Rasp yeh i was just thinking that haha, but ill take the cash increase when i can
Gotigres: @Cottees, I’m hoping Cameron or Xerri don’t play then I can loop his score in
Cottees: you might be able to, surely one misses.
Breezey: This is like a test match where’s been 10 maiden overs in a row. Deadset nothing happening.
pcaman2003: Draper proving to be a good pick up for his owners.
Breezey: Where their has been 10 maiden Overs in a row.
Raspel31: That’s the idea Kasca
kascadev8: ridley playing key defender on lynch (if it happens) aint the worst, lynch gets hit up a lot by tiges
Breezey: The crowd is abuzz
boxy36: Mosquito looking like a decent downgrade option next week?
upweydons: Mozzie
DrSeuss: Mozzie most traded in this week?
BigChief: Cmon Essendon.
Badgerbadg: I feel like the Dreamtime game belongs in Darwin
Stu7: Mozzie’s got some sting hey
kascadev8: im dropping aarts to mozzie or bergman next week, just need that +200k, draper gonna make enough anyway
navy_blues: mozzie aint no sucker lol
heppelitis: flopper
Kidult: I hear a Cheap Cheap here, a Cheap Cheap there, Here a Cheap, There a Cheap, everywhere a Cheap Cheap. MR Houli
Gandhi: Great job channel 7, flogs
amigaman: AFL can p*55 off after that
pcaman2003: Mozzie might be a nice little downgrade at this rate.
TheLegend6: @Badger it does but MCG gets 90k there for these, so money talks i guess
Social: cmon now the bombonieri
Gotigres: Mozzie in for sure next round
Patty19: Stringer you turkey
Fatbar5tad: Absolutely nothing in that push. Enough Mayo on that to make Ward blush.
StuL: Boo. Rubbish. You pay every little touch its free kickball
heppelitis: every week
BigChief: AFL can’t have Rich losing.
DrSeuss: Draper and Dusty – thank you very much. Shiel not so much – just standing off the back of clearances.
Woodie22: Do the same blokes sook here weekly?
TgrTime: Mozzie that gift to coaches
BumSniff: Would love to bring in Mozzie but need keen on fielding him for the next 4 weeks
BumSniff: not*
ElstyBoy: Parish, Ridley and Draper (still holding Gawn :/) looking good here, need McGrath to lift tho
Gotigres: Please, Spirit of the Universe, may North not name Xerri (or Cameron out). Please!
CozzieCan: @Woodie well getting the wife to listen is like getting the brick wall to start dancing
Bomber_288: Umps as usual trying to screw the Bombers over
BumSniff: Sorry @Gotigres but I reckon Xerri keeps his spot
Gotigres: is there ntp or png?
Woodie22: Lol cozzie:)
Gotigres: Is Bolton Zimbabwean?
CozzieCan: @mOnty where’s saads logo
Gotigres: Thanks Bumsniff, but that comment is really demoralising for me. lol
PIE WAZZA: Rexy get on board! go Bombers
BumSniff: Could still be a chance. If Tarrant and Majak return there wont be much room for him
kascadev8: go ridles, mcgrath and short, get a move on
MONEY TALK: saad is Lebanese lmao
Fatbar5tad: Come on McGrath. Been good for me this year don’t stop now.
88360: Apache u doing ntp
CozzieCan: Cheers mOnty
Moona: defanition
pcaman2003: Dusty and Ridley,keep going you good things.
J.Worrall: Nothing funny about being Leb atm
Woodie22: I don’t think Apache is here
Gotigres: Get involved Aarts
Kidult: 14 shots to 4 eek nice % boost incoming
TigerNut04: Dusty is the best player ever
Fatbar5tad: If Aarts gets 50 you can’t be too unhappy with that I reckon.
Fatbar5tad: Evening TigerNut!
CozzieCan: Is Saad Egyptian or Lebanese?
TheLegend6: Please no one bite, I don’t want another chat like last week
Raspel31: And TigerNut has gad too much raspberry cordial yet again.
Silz90: Wowza draper keep it up.
MONEY TALK: he is Lebanese
Fatbar5tad: Awesome workrate there McGrath
TigerNut04: Shai Bolton is a gun. He’s become SC relevant. I have him at F5. Will be averaging 90 after this game
kascadev8: tigernut, save some raspberry cordial for me ffs
Breezey: Saad was born in Australia to Egyptian parents.
V@lks: First sensible comment from you Tigernuff. Agree, love watching him
CozzieCan: Cheers Breezey
pcaman2003: Keep going Riddles and Dusty.
TigerNut04: He’s a booming kick. Can kick close to 60 metres on the run
Fatbar5tad: Baulk like an Eygptian!
pcaman2003: What’s wrong with Cotchin? Playing like my old Auntie.
beerent11: Can we pick Houli with no games at the g?
m0nty: Actually Adam Saad is Lebanese and Ahmed Saad was Egyptian, my bad.
Kidult: Which indigenous player was last to be a fulltime mid like Bolton?
kascadev8: ridley been on 68 for 7 minutes i swear
pjw1234: smith playing back may be a good thing
CozzieCan: Who did Ahmed Saad play for mOnty ?
Raspel31: Ahmed Saad played for my football-soccer- team m0nty
Fatbar5tad: Monty flying the flag tonight
CozzieCan: @Kidult A.Goodes ?
heppelitis: curnow
Phasir: Ahmed was a St.K player
Raspel31: Ahmed Saad played for my football-soccer team. Never quite cut the mustard but fit as a fiddle and great guy.
Phasir: Tim Kelly?
Fatbar5tad: Yeah Goodsey in the ruck
CozzieCan: @Raspel any chance from Melbourne ? I also played with a Ahmed Saad
beerent11: Tim kelly
boxy36: Should’ve VCd Dusty instead of Lloyd! On track for a decent score
m0nty: Ahmed Saad was a Sainter.
Breezey: Too baad. so Saad
beerent11: Daniel Kerr
Kidult: Yeh been awhile but he played as a fwd in his last few
V@lks: Probably should’ve gone a silver fern for NZ there m0nty
Phasir: Not sure why we need to segregate players in respective roles by race though?
Fatbar5tad: Yeah Telly. Funny how us Catters forgot all about him 😉
pcaman2003: The Dusty of old is back.
Searly34: Markov’s flag m0nty?
Kidult: True forgot about Kelly
Phasir: There was at least 5-6 indigenous players, playing midfield last year.
TigerNut04: Shaun burgoyne
Searly34: Soldo and Balta while you’re at it
CozzieCan: Cheers mOnty , Tim Kelly from NZ ?
Kidult: Kelly played a bit fwd in Cats days tho
kascadev8: mcgrath starting to move now, very nice, follow dustys footsteps and go 110+
Fatbar5tad: Tim Kelly? Never heard of him.
Cottees: well… looks like we aint trading to mozzie
m0nty: I haven’t got a Croatian flag 🙂
Fatbar5tad: McGrath worked his ar5e off that quarter
boxy36: Dev Smith playing as an inside mid rather than a forward in this one? have only just flicked on
DrSeuss: Get involved Shiel
feralmong: may as well put the union jack or irish flags on the rest.
beerent11: Dusty is giving my league opp hope.
TheLegend6: Soldo croatian
BOMBRBLITZ: No idea why we’re playing Bellchambers with Draper in the side
FinlaySON: grimes is the biggest grub in the AFL
Breezey: The last two indigenous players I can remember us having were Heritier Lumumba and Harry O’Brien.
Bart Man: Umpires have got their Richmond jumpers on again tonight, just for something different
Breezey: Personally I thought Harry was better.
StacksOn: I thought Lumumba was Brazilian Breezey?
CozzieCan: Mozzie shin injury , 2-3 weeks I dare say
Bart Man: FinlaySON he is a close second behind Lynch
Breezey: Oh well. It was a close shave then.
Woodie22: How Bart Man?
CozzieCan: GOD has the VC on Dusty
SC-STAR–: Cozzie he is walking out
Breezey: Mozzie is still out there.
CozzieCan: @SC good news then hope it’s nothing serious
Bart Man: Woodie plenty of missed calls and a few soft free kicks paid tigers way
FinlaySON: good point bart man, can someone tell me how daniel rioli gets a game?
kascadev8: devon smith scores annoy me now, had him and he slowly got worse, eventually got rid and now he scores good. yipee
Kidult: Not too bad Martian, Draper and Ridley
heppelitis: go devon 2 tons in a row
kascadev8: devon smith has burnt me hard, not happy
Moona: how many incorrect disposals called play on, then a high tackle called HTB. F&%k the umps
Kidult: Devon highest is 105 x 3 for the year he can’t go over that haha
DrSeuss: First game I have had Shiel – any reason he has been so terrible?
kascadev8: mcgrath, on ur bike. dont u dare do a devon smith and just stop scoring when i need you
Gotigres: Dusty sitting in a fridge
TheLegend6: Hurley milking it off Lynch
CozzieCan: Dusty 150+ here possibility
Gotigres: I had him for five rounds DrSeuss for scores of 76, suspended, suspended, 75 and 56.
blonde0na: if the AFL was serious about stamping out the jumper punch, Lynch would get time on the sidelines
BumSniff: would like to have a feast with dusty in t he fridge
pcaman2003: Ridley and Dusty,very nice lads,so keep it up.
kascadev8: ridley and mcgrath lets go, need you all to cover short for me
CozzieCan: Would love to do a few lines with dusty in the fridge , off tap as the younger kids say these days
Gotigres: What is the flag for Markov
TigerNut04: I’ve got Martin, Bolton, Draper, Ridley, and Shiel in this game. All good except for shiel
DrSeuss: Not Ideal GoTigres – just looks like he stands behind contests – no attack on the ball
Silz90: @tigernut when
TheLegend6: Inside 50’s are 55-18 this is ridiculous
pcaman2003: Is Stringer strung up?
CozzieCan: Didn’t even know stringer was playing @pca
Gotigres: That’s why I got rid of him DrSeuss
Fatbar5tad: More Richmond Mayo. Two goals in this game
bhg26: Big finish from Saad, Ridley and Parish needed
Breezey: Slap on the shoulder. Umps conned
upweydons: Omg
wadaramus: More quality umpiring..
Flat_Track: Richmond players flopping? Surely not!
Nuffman: weak as piss
BigChief: Nice dive Flopstuin
FinlaySON: did richmond employ rance as the diving coach after he retired or something?
Crave: give him the academy award
kascadev8: the mayo… wtf. i would like some mayo with my chicken. selfish
navy_blues: vlaustin staging lol
Moona: expect nothing less from the umps
upweydons: When will we see suspensions for diving
pcaman2003: @Cozzie. Stringer a good buy for the Dons.
MercAm: Legit though is Lynch one of the most hated players in the AFL?
MONEY TALK: didnt someone say freekick essendon before lol
Haydo: 50 was there, outstretched the arm after the mark was taken intention was to clothesline
CozzieCan: @pca which team did he come from ? I can’t recall
TigerNut04: Tigers missed 3 easy goals in the first quarter and kicked 5 behinds in that first quarter
kascadev8: richmond disgraceful. wanna put any more mayo on this, should be fined, but its richmond so play on. smh
navy_blues: lol haydo
TheLegend6: Tigga is boss
SC-STAR–: Haydo get back intoyour hole
Breezey: If he wanted to clothesline him he would of. Ridiculous statement
TheLegend6: Regardless, it’s working isn’t it? They’re conning the umpires for positive outcomes, that’s always been in sport
sikkem: yeah richmond fast becoming very difficult to watch with the way they go about it
StuL: Dirty cheating Richmond
CozzieCan: Cmon Saad
kascadev8: anyone able to spare me a bottle of mayo? richmond used it all up
pcaman2003: Cozzie. Doggies.
MercAm: @haydo intention was to spoil lol
Bart Man: Haydo come over to my house and I’ll show you what an ‘intended clothesline’ looks like
BigChief: I thought this was AFL, not soccer.
Woodie22: 14 more scoring shots. The bombers never deserved to win anyways.
Fatbar5tad: Dev ton! Genius move by the fatman to hold him. 😀
MercAm: Draper is starting ti improve a lot more!
Nuffman: intention doesn’t matter. arm hit shoulder, no free. player dove
satch7: We got a tough guy in chat
Fatbar5tad: I went to Richmond once…it was a dive.
TigerNut04: Typical geelong feral
Nuffman: i’ll be taking Martin’s VC tyvm
heppelitis: held him too fatbastard well done
Kidult: is -100 on ur BE around 50k or Lower drop in price?
pcaman2003: Ridley 100% DE . Going to be a premium backman for years to come.
Fatbar5tad: Not well done. My team is crap and Dev was the least of my worries. I brag it up when I can.
Avarax: me too heppell and fat
feralmong: i resent that TigerNut
CozzieCan: Keep going Saad
Fatbar5tad: Nah…Ferals are skinny!
Ash777: was grimses there Fatbar5tad?
SC-STAR–: can someone teach me how BE works to see price change will be much aprieciated
kano: Bart Man , you are a real bad ass hey
Apachecats: $40k kidult.
MercAm: Draper’s BE is -7 so he should go up 50+k I reckon
Grimes Jr: Haha keep sooking lads. Should’ve won this by 7+ goals
Apachecats: $400 a point over or under ,up or down SC-STAR
Ash777: I’m going to lose my league game because my opp has d smith, draper, lloyd, rowbottom.
Kidult: Cheers @apache Houli atm 528,400 with 160 BE
Gotigres: So it’s the Belarus flag for Markov
Fatbar5tad: If don’t want to fork out to Rupert check out footywire or tooseries SCSTAR. Player has to reach a certain price
BumSniff: merett looks like hes got the sniffles
Moona: Shai Bolton BOG for me
heppelitis: smith, draper, ridley, mcgrath and dusty fielded…great game 4 me
SC-STAR–: Cheers Apache
Fatbar5tad: Dunno Ash. I live in Qld ha ha
CniglioSsn: if cameron doesnt play thisll be the happiest day of my life
DrSeuss: Turned Dan Houston into Dylan Shiel – I guess thats slightly positive
TigerNut04: Ain’t no mayo here
Moona: fielded cameron over draper last week, didnt make that mistake this week
Fatbar5tad: Better to be hated and winning Grimesy. You used to be everyone’s second team. Bugger that for a joke.
Woodie22: Kasca do you go for the cats?
feralmong: Houston to Ryan and very happy
Moona: is cotchin the most overated player in the league, hardly ever see him kick more than 30m
pcaman2003: Scoring great in both games so I’m not complaining over anything tonight.
pjw1234: 2% scaling
feralmong: lol Fat, success means despised. Think we loved Cat flogs.
DrSeuss: Thats a nice trade Feral – Ryan certainly building recently
StacksOn: Houli going to be very cheap soon, potential POD for finals
feralmong: dodgy hammies Moona. he’s almost done.
kascadev8: woodie yeh, didnt say we dont flop tho, we have at times, but not like this
feralmong: And Moona no issue when Bolton slots straight in lol.
StuL: Dusty has enough trophies
Moona: correct on bog. well played shai. well played
Moona: @feral. Boltons a gun. Love the way he plays. Easily BOG. Nobody can tackle him – his evasive skills are amazing
Woodie22: Kasca, danger and selwood do every week
feralmong: Markov’s metres gained for 9 disposals wow almost 50m each possie.

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