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Chat log from R13 of 2020: Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn, R13 of 2020

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scboy123: With houston suspended just got Titchell and Georgiades in this one
Yelse: georgiades or take rankine score?
kascadev8: im stuck, georgiades against hawks with no sicily. or aarts against ridley. choices choices
scboy123: I think georgiades has a big one against Hawthorn personally Yelse but 58 isnt bad for rookie score
kascadev8: got woodcock, georgiades, day in this now, rip sicily
CozzieCan: Only Titch & day on the bench for coverage .. easy game for myself
VodkaHawk: Calm down Hawks, we�re going for pick 2 in the draft
navy_blues: site went down?
FLAG: dt live aint as good
Raspel31: We’re back- thought I was banned again.
CozzieCan: Site crashed
Rathain84: Carn the pear!
amigaman: Think I had a win with Macrae 134?
Apachecats: NTP result for Macrae.
DrSeuss: Ok Titch – time to get back on the ground mate
Apachecats: Equal 1st satch7 and thommoae on 139 , both 1st time winners well done.
Apachecats: Macrae was 141 after scaling.
CozzieCan: Wouldn�t surprise me if hawks won this , Clarko has been infuriated for the past few weeks
pcaman2003: C’mon Clarko and give Titch more TOG.
2Ph0nes: where is the flog that said without sicily in the team Day is a D6 lmao
amigaman: S caling killed me. 141 now
Apachecats: Equal 2nd were SadBoyBlue and The39Steps on 138.Well done to all who had a go.
satch7: Thank yoy Apache. My heart is beating at a hundred minutes a second
Apachecats: Keep trying Amiga -getting closer.
Apachecats: Two more wins for life membership satch7.
CozzieCan: @2phones 57 tog for Day , can�t expect much more m8
Raspel31: Good work Apache.
GroupOne: Titch, Woodcock traded in for Mayes, Georg on pine.
Ooost: Mac 141 has the vc for sure
pcaman2003: 2PhOnes. I can’t recall anyone saying that. A bit delusional at best though
Apachecats: TY Rasp ,glad you are feeling better today.
88360: Cozzie did u say titch in the bench?
88360: How does life membership work?
BumSniff: How many weeks out for Mcpherson and Simpson?
CozzieCan: 88360 nah m8 haven�t said anything yet , I will say move your flowering ass thou haha lol
pcaman2003: Get a kick Titch. Worth more points bud.
Social: STandard hammy for Simpson, probly 2 more
88360: Simpson at the moment 2-3 weeks
Apachecats: Sooo glad I benched George.
Apachecats: 3 wins in NTP = life membership ,5 wins gives you legend status in Hall of Fame.88360
SilverLion: Heya m0nty, when ya ISP had its weekly scheduled crash and ya fixed matchcentre, ya forgot to fix the forum. Pls fix it.
pcaman2003: @BumSniff. Forget those 2 .Upgrade them into finals players while you can.
Yelse: georgiades disasterrrrr
SC-STAR–: life membership to what apachecats
SilverLion: I’ll keep posting the same message until ya fix it btw
Napper: I still have Gawn do you think that was a good idea?
Apachecats: life m’ship of NTP SC-STAR.Don’t take it too seriously .I’m making it up as we go along.
CniglioSsn: who’s the NTP candidate this game?
cmperrfect: Is Ben Stratton the most useless AFL Capt of all time? would he even get a game otherwise?
satch7: Might need to buy some more donuts Monty
Apachecats: Patience Grasshopper son.
navy_blues: how can titch go at 100% when he has a clanger?
BumSniff: @pcaman2003 was hoping one of them would magically recover
m0nty: things are still a bit tender on the site but I have an announcement
BumSniff: atleast you didnt swap gawn for ladhams
Breezey: Go Georgiades Apache.
satch7: ill grab the popcorn
m0nty: I am going to bring the purple name game back for this game only, as a test
Social: uh oh
Apachecats: Will call it late 2nd quarter CniglioSsn,you are on 2 wins.
cmperrfect: do tell m0nty… is your App ready to go ?
CniglioSsn: gotta love it <3
Apachecats: Thats good with me m0nty ,I’ll take a break.
satch7: Apache looks like you’re out of a job
88360: Surely u give it to Apache
m0nty: I have been working on the (very old) code, hope it’s going to work
navy_blues: hows that work monty?
SilverLion: Fix the forum first m0nty
J.Worrall: png you beauty
m0nty: the link will come up at half time if it’s all working
BumSniff: Strattons leading the charge with his 0 disposals
Gandhi: That’s great m0nty. Always loved the PNG
pcaman2003: SilverLion. Where you been? Haven’t seen your name on here for agaes.
SilverLion: Been lurking pca heh
kascadev8: georgiades come on, went little brain and kept you over butler. dont ruin me
scboy123: Georgiades making me proud with a -2
AuroraBore: whats the purple name game?
SilverLion: I’m all for some games m0nty, but I’d like to be able to check my XVs team on the forum first thanks
pcaman2003: Good to see you back on board anyway lIon
FLAG: png, not seen that since 2011
satch7: Monty picks a player at half time and we guess what their final score will be. Winner gets a purple name in chat
heppelitis: Georgie responding to a spray
StacksOn: georgiades good boy
SilverLion: Cheers pca
88360: Poor Apache
navy_blues: ty satch
pcaman2003: Don’t pick on Georgi,as Howe has 1 clanger and that’s it.:)
CniglioSsn: surely ntp wins count for the png
kascadev8: can bergman just debut, i wanna get him in 🙁
Silz90: does anyone play in a keeper league? would love to find out more about it 🙂
heppelitis: Oh I was going to guess Purple’s name was Damien Barret and I was going to win
CozzieCan: @2phones day is progressing slowly haha
pcaman2003: Strats needs to be dropped for a while. Does very little these days
amigaman: I do Silz
The39Steps: Silk is now a liability. Should retire him.
Breezey: Come on Wobbie. .
bhg26: Keep going Day and Titch
kascadev8: only 60 points to go georgi
pcaman2003: Gray gets given too much space for my liking. He can hurt us.
88360: Wow where did day come from? Woody need u to do the same
amigaman: What do you want to know
Rathain84: that was a beautiful chain! forgot I was watching Port for a second there
88360: Silz what is a keeper league
pcaman2003: The39Steps.. I’m afraid you’re right. Burgers should retire at years end. Great servant,but now finished.
kascadev8: is day playing midfield? or just playing well off halfback?
pcaman2003: Is Dixon Spartacus?
wadaramus: Dixon with the peoples elbow.
Silz90: I think its a draft format for SC, but you pick players and can keep them the following season?
CozzieCan: @Wada can you smell what the dixion is cookin
Cottees: anyone have mcevoy. Huge
wadaramus: The Hawks player could smell it!
Gotigres: he just got involved in the play on the wing/half back kascadev
navy_blues: wow mcevoy
CozzieCan: More than he bargained for , got the whole hog
amigaman: Nice to be ignored
kascadev8: georgiades is gone next week. woodcock u r a good player
Donzoes: why did i choose Hartlett for 15 touches
Raspel31: Perhaps Georgiades has outlived his usefulness?
Apachecats: Happy with Day for a rookie $$
Silz90: @amigaman do u know if website or somewhere else to find more info ? ive heard a few people talk about it lately
pcaman2003: Oh well! At least the Hawks are putting up an effort with a depleted high grade of players.
kascadev8: thanks @Gotigres, havent seen him, forgot what he looks like
Gandhi: Howe without a stat to half time
J.Worrall: png?
Water: is it time for this purple name game?
FLAG: ntp
m0nty: Name Game link incoming
SilverLion: Forum pls m0nty
Rathain84: Boak must have gone nuts when I was busy watching Charlie’s gun show
CozzieCan: Beauty mOnty
pcaman2003: Georgiades you superstar.
amigaman: @Silz90 probably nowhere to read about it. Just need to talk to people who play it. There are a lot of variations.
kascadev8: im hoping charlie got those registered
amigaman: Build a list, trade and draft. Every player is unique. Every comp has it’s own rules.
Silz90: Cheers! Ill need to ask around. Do you enjoy it?
feralmong: 12 of your players are imports pca. hard to build a side like that. amazing still dangerous.
amigaman: It is superior in every way imho
CniglioSsn: something tells me breust wont make his BE
kascadev8: good start will, keep it up champs
Water: this is quite cool m0nty i like it
satch7: Works good monty on pc
TrainMan10: That is a good addition to a great system, well done m0nty
pcaman2003: @feralmong. It’s worked okay over the past 50 years. Can’t complain. Seen 13 premierships in my lifetime.:)
SilverLion: One day m0nty will actually see my messages. _.
88360: Apache are you going to continue yours
SilverLion: Forum monty or nah?
88360: Would prefer a sc and dt version
m0nty: I am dealing with that SL, one thing at a time
Apachecats: Nah 88360 ,have accepted a redundancy.
scboy123: starting Georgiades was a stroke of genius by me. well done
SilverLion: Aye thank you
Gotigres: Thanks for the game Monty
bhg26: Where will you go now Apache?
satch7: Well done Apache, last winner takes all right?
armalitemk: @m0nty What a legend! Thank you!
Silz90: thanks monty – love your work
scboy123: what was added monty, missed it. Also keep up the good work monty
navy_blues: so just click coinflip button and thats entered
SilverLion: How do we know when our coin flip picks have been submitted? I’ve clicked submit but no confirmation appears
Apachecats: Where all good Apaches go bhg26.
m0nty: I am seeing lots of entries submitted.
Apachecats: yes satch7 yours was a historic victory as it transpires.
bhg26: I will always be happy being one of the winners
heppelitis: lol @The Hawker
scboy123: oh damn i missed it just, shame
Water: muppet fro georgiades
kascadev8: georgiades wtf is this
CozzieCan: Kermit for Goerg
cmperrfect: m0nty Ess v Rich game is 7.45 not 7.10
kascadev8: dont let georgiades take this extra kick
CozzieCan: Georg double Kermit for sure
Gandhi: Georgiades needs to fix his routine badly
Yelse: how has he missed his shots seriouslyyy
pcaman2003: How the hell is Breust on 80?
kascadev8: if georg had of kicked the 3 goals, what would his score likely be?
Kidult: Thought Port would get back up to 138%+
Social: Who is this so called ‘Frost’?
kascadev8: well, frost has gone cold this game
CozzieCan: Cmon Titch move your flowering showering ass you flowering donkey
JRedden: Where are the day haters now?
pcaman2003: Cozzie. Calm down mate. He’s on track for well over the ton
BigChief: Probably the same place you have been @JRedden
BumSniff: there are day haters?
pcaman2003: Day will be a good player given some time
DrSeuss: Titch done nothing for the last 10 minutes though
Avarax: he’ll continue to get a run pca
kascadev8: ive had day since he debuted. been very happy
CozzieCan: @Pca need him to get 20 possies for my multi
JRedden: Yea a guy was saying Day will suck without Sicily.
Gotigres: icicle for Frost?
pcaman2003: Avarax. Most definitely as in our best 22 at the moment.
Water: should i loophole woodcocks score for liam henry or aarts?
pcaman2003: Avarax. You degenerate gambler:)
Avarax: what?
Gandhi: Only heard good things about Day. I reckon he will be a gun with time too.
Kidult: Aarts
Gotigres: my 79 for Mayes is not looking good
Avarax: why am i a gambler?
pcaman2003: Avarax. My mistake,meant CozzieCan:)
CozzieCan: @pca good choice of words mate , you legend haha
kascadev8: cant believe i went georgiades over aarts as my F5 this week, im disappointed in myself
Avarax: oh. not saying it isnt true
heppelitis: The Hawkers 33 might take the chocolates for Mayes lol
pcaman2003: Onya Cozzie. All in the SC family
The Hawker: People underestimate Day so much, hes a gun with his boot!
CozzieCan: Mayes hasn’t moved since half time … boy o boy
Raspel31: Avarax- incessant gambling will destroy your home life.
TigerNut04: When there’s a Will there’s a way
wadaramus: Nil all at 3QT, carn the Hawks!
Cottees: Loving Hawks tonight! giving there all
BumSniff: Has Titch moved in the past 10 minutes? Thought he was on 77 mid q3
CozzieCan: @Raspel no need to be so disrespectful to Tasmanian’s
pcaman2003: Will laugh my head off if the Hawks win this. Surely they can’t,can they?
Raspel31: Had no idea Cozziie- my bad.
Cottees: Pca, I hope they do! Imagine if we played like this every game
The Hawker: Boys I picked 33 for Mayes for a reason 😉
CozzieCan: @pca , more than a chance .. PA still look abit shaky after losing two good players & the loss to the cats
TgrTime: Will Port still make the four if they lose this?
wadaramus: Just a sixteen minute game now pcaman! Go hard!
kascadev8: mitch, any danger of kicking a goal, youve had the easiest possible chances man, keep ur head up tho, make a few more
Kidult: Wingard to destroy Ports hearts
CozzieCan: @Raspel sorry thought you meant incest gambler haha
BumSniff: Close back in.
wadaramus: Oh, very nice call Kidult, go spudgard!
wce18: Mayes is def getting upgraded from my team
snake_p: Mayes went home at half time?
Gotigres: Close and Butts in. Laird and Bytel named on the ball.
Kidult: Fullarton debut for Lions
wce18: Thought he was gong to make me a lil coin though
Kidult: Clark is managed from the saints if anyone has
CozzieCan: @Snake receiving a happy ending in the change rooms
Raspel31: I’m happy with Woodcock so far but surely his name is tautology?
hokkien34: Delayed team announcements really screwing me over. I miss when teams were all announced on thursday
Woodie22: Kasca, he said he’ll try harder this qtr
Kidult: Wth Yeo is emergency haha
hokkien34: and Friday for Sunday games haha
Woodie22: Agreed hokk
CozzieCan: 800sc point qtr coming up .. huge
Water: when does it get anounced if there are no late changes before a game
FLAG: @rasp, like hardwick?
Avarax: 1hr and then 30 min @water
Raspel31: Indeed Flag.
Kidult: up to 60 minutes before the game unless its a warm up late late change
kascadev8: hunter clark out rested, thats good for me, opponent has him
Water: thanks kid and ava
CozzieCan: Cmon hawks !! Let’s go
Raspel31: Might be able to afford to bring in Georgiades next week.
pcaman2003: C’mon Titch! Rockliff is beating your alps.
Trindacut: Fuck, 8 tackles but titch already
kascadev8: yess georgi good boy, keep going
Avarax: 1 or 2 more please georgiades
The39Steps: I know we say this every week but the free kick discrepancy in Adelaide and Perth against visiting teams is staggering.
SilverLion: Still working on the forum monty?
tdarian: can’t wait for the syd freo game. brought in gull and fyfe – yeahhhhhh
88360: U ever gonnna stop
The Hawker: Umpire hates us…
FLAG: so excited about this forum, so many references
kascadev8: free kick hawthorn complaining about umpires hating them :/ btw im joking
The39Steps: Patton and O’Brien need to be stronger and more desperate in the contest.
CozzieCan: Huston very quiet tonight
navy_blues: if i was m0nty i think i would put forum to bottom of list of to dos esp if im getting nagged at
The Hawker: Kascadev8, its 2020 btw just incase if you didnt know 🙂
Kidult: Cmon woodie pull a 70
BumSniff: Patton at a cheeky 100%
BumSniff: hasnt touched it since half time tho
pcaman2003: If Hawks lose they can at least hold their heads up. Fought it out well.
Cabri44: Those Day haters might be back soon
kascadev8: hawker, i know, will day stopped after half time tho 🙁
Raspel31: Fat lady not even warming up yet pcaman.
Kidult: Motlop to quiet weeks in a row so bring in Bergman pls
SilverLion: Not a bad kick for a 37yo
Donzoes: 2 more hartlett touches and we have a winner
CozzieCan: Carn the hawks !!!
Gandhi: Classic Burgoyne there
LMartos: Day lost so many points for the FA wtf, even with the kick outside 50 he lost 8…
tdarian: anyone tempted by rocky?
Raspel31: Not even with a free bottle of Chateau Margot tdarian.
cmperrfect: Boak over Rockliff anyday @tdarian
kascadev8: i wanna see bergs play 🙁
Donzoes: well that was unfortunate CJ, lmao
tdarian: i’ve been burnt by rocky too in the past. those scars never quite heal…
heppelitis: Thanks Boaky
dipperD: Jiath has been great. Until that
The Hawker: Connor Glass who you playing for hahaha
Avarax: same heppel. boak has done really well
pcaman2003: So close and yet so far.
Woodie22: That tap work was mint
tdarian: wow that play was insane
kascadev8: that tap to butters was dirty
Thomas1234: lots of scaling to come?
Woodie22: Port fans do carry on over there a bit hey.
Gandhi: Woah a lot of negative corrections there
pjw1234: need to see the free kick count in that one
pcaman2003: Onya Titch for helping me retain top spot in my league. Champion! Just need as few more now. Proj at 2504
heppelitis: no one had 52 for mayes…great going valk and motdog
The39Steps: 18-8 free kick count. Disgraceful.
DidgiePie: wonder what rule clarko will change after this game
navy_blues: poor defence cost hawks
valkorum: monty – ess rich game not loading
hokkien34: 20-8 free kick count in the end
Cottees: but hawks made so many silly mistakes in the last few minutes.
kano: haha. blaming the umpires? muppets
tdarian: good to see sholl shoenberg wicks and bytel all getting games
kano: your players kept being caught holding the ball..thats the umpires fault?
CozzieCan: Ease up Kano , was a great game
pcaman2003: @kano. But it hasw to work both ways,not one.
88360: Yay, first ever ntp win. Pity it couldn’t be on Apache’s system
The Hawker: Players pushed in the back constantly and not called is not umpires fault?
88360: Never mind looked at something else
The Hawker: Kano, if your team went 0-14 free kicks in the 2nd half, you would be spewing too mate. Youre the same too
J.Worrall: who won png?

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