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Chat log from R10 of 2020: Adelaide vs Melbourne

Chat log for Adelaide vs Melbourne, R10 of 2020

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BigChief: #26 Harry Schoenberg missing from Adel team @m0nty
Water: i dont even wanna look at my scores from the geelong game so im on here already
exatekk: Shoenberg also missing from the player hub on Sportsbet too BC LOL
bhg26: Gawn, Viney, Trac and Schoenberg for me
CozzieCan: Cmon laird & Gawn big game lads
kascadev8: gawn laughing at rob before the bounce lmao. go tracca
Donzoes: was going to go 15 disposals on him exatekk
Breezey: It’s all about Oliver for me in this game.
boxy36: All about petracca and Gawn in this game – though hoping Gawn doesn’t beat Neale
exatekk: yeah me too and a goal Donzoes
navy_blues: oliver is 1 of the worse kicks in afl
navy_blues: and paddy dow aint far behind him lol
bhg26: Go Viney you good thing
88360: Let’s go Viney, tracca, Gawn
heppelitis: Are the Fogarty boys brothers?
pcaman2003: Where to start. Have Viney,Ollie,Tracca Dodo and Laird.
Raspel31: Game of The Titans- who can topple one of these monoliths?
Yelse: oliver gawn viney and laird need min tons from them all
DrSeuss: Just love it when Tracca starts forward
Poliyagon: want gawn to ton but not much more than as my opponent has the c and I had Neale
HugeHead: need petracca to have a stinker tonight, want him to drop in price so I can bring him in for finals.
Donzoes: A solid 130 would be nice
Pies20: if the deez don’t win tonight against this crows line-up geez head’s will roll surely
thommoae: When was the last time Maxie won 1 of 9 h/o … at any stage of a game?
Silz90: cmon oliver just brought you in tonight
thommoae: Wuldn’t want to be the Coach that watched his team give the Crows their first …
hokkien34: Hugehead please don’t let him have a stinker haha *cry*
BigChief: If Melb lose Goodwin needs sacking.
DCmate: settle down sweetheart
kascadev8: was bullen reported? deserves to be
rupertmarn: Dunno why they played Gawn
Avarax: neal-bullen misses next week atleast
softwhitee: opp doesnt have gawn this week, here comes a 60 haha
Raspel31: Just watched Dumb and Dumber- and immediately replayed.
DCmate: ysm
Ash777: Was hoping for a good game from Hamill. Not going to get that now ffs.
DCmate: yeah mate
kascadev8: tom lynch is now no longer my least favourite player, that belongs to neal-bullen. hope he gets knocked out
Napper: Great Hamill concussed and that little crap McHenry non stop punches Gawn
StuL: Not great Melb
AuroraBore: Man hamill looks legitimately braindead after that, hope he’s ok
Avarax: you dont ned to be kascadev….MRO watches entire game anyway
CozzieCan: Neal bullen to get 3 weeks for that
Gotigres: Nice goal Viney
Pies20: great commentators tonight pff not about to put it on mute
pcaman2003: Onya Viney.
wadaramus: Crows I50’s are so ineffective, opposition I50’s result in easier scores.
hokkien34: I had Hamill
kascadev8: @Avarax so we can guess player scores but not player suspensions? bet you’re fun at parties xD
heppelitis: ffs doedee take the free kick
casey22: Pies: the com team has dermie who is a wanker
hokkien34: I have Hamill 🙁 hope the little guy is ok!! Didn’t look good at all
Pies20: you just watched dumb and dumber @raspel I’m listening to shower and shower
amigaman: Yep Fox commentators very good. Ch7 a joke
Pies20: agree @casey
Raspel31: Come on captain Gawn.
Avarax: @kascadev what the F you talking about. I’m saying whether you’re “reported
DrSeuss: Any time now Tracca – fortunately nearly everyone has you
Avarax: @kascadev what the F you talking about. I’m saying whether you’re “reported” or not, they review the games
Collywoble: the chinese government live in a democracy
Pies20: showerer
pcaman2003: Dodo Tracca and Laird,get your acts together.
Avarax: he’s goign to be suspended no doubt, you are just not making any sense. derp
rupertmarn: I traded Gawn to Draper accidently and looks good for me
Collywoble: Bill Shorton was robbed of being presidant
Collywoble: Chinese Government created the Chinese Virus
The Hawker: Sholl looking good but he needs to hit the weights
StuL: Max needs a rest.
Avarax: @kascadev, i bet you dont get invited to parties
pcaman2003: @Raspel. I thought you would take Neales score for captain. How come the change?
Ash777: talk about the game colly
Pies20: collywobble on the power tonight
casey22: O’Brien towelling up Maxey; so far
BigChief: Are you drunk @kavca? You don’t need to be reported in games now. MRO will do that.
Raspel31: By the way- I didn’t cap Gawn. Stuck with Neale. I’m an idiot- not a moron. Lean weekk?
HugeHead: O’briens supercoach a little disappointing so far.
Silz90: whats the go with sholl? 39 points already
casey22: Trust Eddie to give us the life history of the Weideman family
Pies20: I think collywobble is @big chief
pcaman2003: @Raspel. So good sense does prevail after all.
BigChief: They might be drunk together @pies20
BigChief: Was that Vandenberg deserving of the mupet?
heppelitis: McHenry dirty..Big Maxy and co will clean him up.
Raspel31: pcaman it does indeed but all tipsy as are probably most of us. Nothing else to do here.
Donzoes: For sure BigChief, muppet personified
Napper: How the hell is O’Brien 6 sc and 28 dt
HugeHead: bull shower that Obriens only on 6 sc
navy_blues: whats with ROB score????
cogs94: O’Brien on 6 points is a bit harsh – was better than Gawn that quarter imo
pcaman2003: Happy so far but would like Dodo to improve.
Silz90: vandenberg that is dumb football. deserves a spray
bhg26: Ineffective hitouts, 16% disposal efficiency and 2 muppets dont help ROB’s score
wadaramus: RoB DE not good.
VodkaHawk: I’d like Tracs disposals to improve to 20+
pcaman2003: How did CD proj Tracca to get 144? Bit unrealistic I feel.
Pies20: I’m always tipsy @raspel restricted or not
Patty19: I’m at the game. What did AVB do to turn it over? No replays here
Donzoes: Pushed rouch down while he was getting up @Patty
Kidult: Neal-bullen will go straight to tribunal for a 3 week ban
wadaramus: Shoved McAsey in the back like a flog.
BigChief: @Patty minor pussh to player on ground.
pcaman2003: @Patty. Sling tackle and opponent now has concussion. Gone,baby gone.
LMartos: Crouch gets a free for holding Viney lol
CozzieCan: Whats everyone’s proj ? Mines 2011
Avarax: i think only 2 weeks
pcaman2003: Sorry Patty,wrong person. AV pushed opponent whern on the ground.. Disd a Lynch.
BigChief: @pcaman wrong initals. Vandenberg, not Neal-Bullen 🙂
Raspel31: Good man Pies- burp.
Napper: Given up this round could be worse score in a while, have skinner, close, hamill wow this is going to be a horrible scor
Pies20: you at the game @wada?
DrSeuss: Tracca starting at Full Forward again – Goodwin = Genius
Migz: i dont have him but any demon fans got any idea whats happening with brayshaw. Such low ToG? does goodwin hate him?
casey22: Imagine being a player under coach dermie
StuL: Gawn can’t jump. But he’s still comimg good
kascadev8: y is tracca at FF
wadaramus: Na, not up for mid week trips into the city.
HugeHead: now relying on Viney to carry obrien and dodee scores
GOD: Last chance for a win this year for Adelaide
Pies20: Cheers @raspel
BigChief: @Migz Goodwin is a dud coach.
Silz90: how did he get the dees into a prelim then? if goodwin is a dud, then so is leon cameron
DrSeuss: @Migz – Too many inside mids at Melbourne – so Goodwin just guesses at what to do with him
Gotigres: Only the top 18 scores count Napper
Ash777: maybe it’s a brayshaw curse
CozzieCan: Why is rob so low ?? Lmao
pcaman2003: Love it when my players share the ball with each other.
wadaramus: Fucking lame umpiring.
zadolinnyj: Ridiculous call. Obrien rapped it
DrSeuss: @Silz – I would suggest that Leon Cameron is a bit of a dud. Hasnt done much with all that GWS talent
Avarax: yep, umpireshave been really bad in the last 13 crows games…….thats what it must be
HugeHead: this is just sad at this point from obrien
kascadev8: flowering lame adelaide. any danger of winning a game
wadaramus: Ease up Avarax, not making excuses four our inexcusable performances.
BigChief: Cmon umpires, pull your fingers out.
wadaramus: That free kick was typical of modern shithouse umpiring.
Legix: tracca’s awake
clay007: Brayshaw needs a new club
Avarax: honestly, im just over all the complaining about umpires. Its a soccer/NRL move that is creeping into AFL…..
pcaman2003: Get the ball Oliver. Wake up dude.
Avarax: it is what it is
Migz: bennel might struggle to make his BE of 17…..
Donzoes: imagine beeing to cool to complain about umpiring when its terrible
boxy36: Come on tracca, keep motoring
Yelse: oliver you serious what is this lift your game need 20 disposals and 120 + SC
Migz: wat… people have been complaining about umps since the dawn of time
Water: people need to cut the umpires some slack and just watch the game. Its really hard to umpire afl
Water: especially with the rule changes mid year this year
CozzieCan: Himmelbergs related ?
Migz: my grandad got arrested for punching an ump at half time in a freo derby fucking 70 years ago
Gotigres: Handball and tackle your way to 120 please Laird
BigChief: How did Bennell go from -3 to 7 after giving away a free?
itsduftime: Christ Smith out Hamill(E) and Bennell stinking it.
Avarax: imagine just complaining about umpiring all game, ervery game like a nonce
wadaramus: I know it’s hard, but they over officiate and pick up every little thing.
heppelitis: Eggman to Scholl and JK to someone good.
BigChief: @Cozzie they are brothers
wadaramus: Then because they are paying every little thing, they then pay frees that aren’t there.
itsduftime: Salem gave away that free Chief. They fixed it after
CozzieCan: Thnx @Bigchief
kascadev8: tracca and gawn come on! move, stewart cost me, dont need u 2 doing the same
wadaramus: Imagine begging players to score more SC all game..
Silz90: BC always complains about the umps!
BigChief: Is McHenry nuts? Taking on the biggest players in opp team LOL
pcaman2003: This whole game is an indictment on Footy. Bloody shambolic!
hokkien34: Where’s Viney gone!
Avarax: Awada I’ve never done that
BigChief: @itsduftime Ahhh I thought it was Bennell
Avarax: great one…. :/
Ash777: neal-bullen is going to have to have a security detail after the game
BigChief: @Silz oh really. Want to look at your comments mate?
heppelitis: Hes got dirty lil man syndrome BC
CozzieCan: Gee laird looks good in the middle , thank you Adelaide
HugeHead: vineys disappeared
Silz90: i was dirty on the umps against the blues a few weeks back. no issues just an observation.
Gotigres: Wake up Viney
MrWalrus: Thank you wada, spot on, umps actually objectively bad so why not complain its traditional
McRooster: Tex in Crows forward line is about as effective as taking Panadol for corona virus. Problem though for Tex is he can’t f
wadaramus: Avarax says it’s not OK to point out a bad effort.
Gotigres: Lots of aggro in this game.
Avarax: what does complaining get you? its a dud move…
McRooster: *find the pill
cwall66: Gee glad I’ve got Bennel
Migz: why is this game so spicy
Breezey: Nice little burst from Oliver. Keep it up son.
wadaramus: So we can’t complain when a player sucks then?
Silz90: lucky its bye week cwall
Avarax: I dont have enough time to point out all the bad efforts of the crows….i have limited characters
Legix: give neal bullen the potato
original: Cmon crows and keep going sholl
amigaman: Lots of agro in this chat room :/
wadaramus: I’m frustrated Gotigres!
McRooster: Who the flower is Anthrax?
pcaman2003: @cwall66. Didn’t realize he was playing until you mentioned it. Shocker!
BigChief: @Migz maybe they both think they can win for once? Just a guess though
Breezey: Come on old chap. You can do better than that.
SneakySC: Gawn, Laird, Oliver this game. Safe to say i’m very happy
wadaramus: Don’t tell me I can’t vent, it’s my right.
pcaman2003: Laird, Oliie, Viney and Tracca good. But lift Mr Dodo.
Gotigres: I didn’t mean anyone in the chat wada. I meant the players in the game.
Poliyagon: bennel might get 14 if he pushes!
Breezey: Splendid half young man.
spdysaint: What in the world did Oliver just do?
casey22: At least the troll @gryangoat is not contributing, must have gone to bed
cogs94: Glad I have held onto Laird all year, has been a tackling machine on the ball today
wadaramus: Sorry mate 🙂
stemy1243: How many weeks for the sling T
lairdniqqa: Lazy 74 from yours truly, how good have my contested handballs been
Silz90: did anyone keep devon smith? i still got him 🙁
wadaramus: 2 for the sling I reckon.
BigChief: Laird plays def no tackles, plays mid and is a tackling machine LOL
stemy1243: How many weeks for the sling TA
88360: Lol talking about yourself as laird
CozzieCan: @Laird about as good as wining a game , oh wait can you remember ?
The Hawker: What’s the bet that laird will end up on 99
stemy1243: Yeah is
scboy123: Sholl potential downgrade next week
Donzoes: Yes Silz, has other things to figure out unfort
MrWalrus: Wada mate, you go your hardest, if anyone has the right it’s a crows supporter
Gotigres: No worries
Silz90: tell me about it donzoes. hopefully he can turn the corner soon
BigChief: @Silz I got rid of him this week. Watch him ton up.
sMiles: early days, but Schoenberg looks like a piece of schoenberg in terms of rookie downgrade opportunity
wadaramus: Funny thing is it ws just the one call for what I thought was a shit decision!
sMiles: Seedsman has been putting quite a feg games together… would have been good to get onto earlier
wadaramus: Sholl looks OK though sMiles.
Bezzina: Oliver finally the real deal this year?
pcaman2003: Looks like Dod will be my next upgrade,probably to Lloyd
Silz90: its always the case bigchief. did you upgrade/downgrade him?
Haydo: How does Reily O’Brien have more touches than sc points????
Haydo: Plus equalled Gawn in hitouts
MrWalrus: I know that feeling wada, no perfectly reasonable comments allowed sometimes
Raspel31: Next week Bennell to Neale for me.
pcaman2003: @Haydo. Clangers and horrid DE kills his score
StacksOn: take georgiades score as an E or risk max kings score tomorrow?
V@lks: Haydo, ineffective disp and clangers. H/O not to adv
MrWalrus: @bezzina, oliver hs been a supercoach gun from his second year on, contested animal
CozzieCan: @raspel spare 500k ? Nice mate
Silz90: oliver hasnt missed a game since his first year (im pretty sure)
Raspel31: Georgiades 65- I’d take the punt on King. No real margin of error.
BigChief: @Silz downgrade to Sparrow. Hope it pays off.
wadaramus: Adelaide just have no forward entry game plan, kicking to the tall defenders every time.
Bezzina: @walrus i’ve started with him in previous years and he’s always started slow and burned me. Looks like a package now
boxy36: Tex is a grub
CniglioSsn: gawn, pet, oliver, laird and bennel. 4 out of 5 aint bad this week, also can laird pls be permamid?
BigChief: OMG Bennell on fire this 1/4
Ash777: Oliver was injured all of last year and I dont know what happened the year before.
MrWalrus: Yeah, me to bez, he does have his moments I agree this year looks a real monster
Raspel31: Without wanting to appear rude as I sip a port in my private club- why on earth would you have O’Brrien as ruck?
pcaman2003: I hate it when your player has 2 touches but the score goes back 4 pts without clangers.
kascadev8: gawn and tracca come on, move please
Silz90: good luck on sparrow, scoring not too bad so far. bennell u champion keep it up
Ash777: Need piggy to ton n half to make up for hamill
BigGryan: gawn and trac go u good things
Water: o brien was great last yr raspel so people mustve gotten sucked in for this year
Raspel31: Let us not get excited by any Melbourne scores- this is like a kid’s trip to the circus,
pcaman2003: Laird and Viney scores backwards this qtr. Are the fwd gears jammed up?
McRooster: Chaycw
zadolinnyj: McHenry impregnated without the ball’
MrWalrus: Ash, has not missed a game and ave around 110 or more from 2nd season on
pcaman2003: Good stuff Clarry. Keep it up.
kascadev8: gawns score hasnt moved for 10 mins, same with tracca. wtf
McRooster: Never before has a top ten draft pick (Chayce Jones) who has had a starting position in the centre had only two possies
BigChief: Is Laird playing in def again?
Yelse: ruckman seem to be struggling last few weeks
The39Steps: @MrWalrus, ..and is about as accurate kick as those slug guns in the shooting gallery at your local show.
CozzieCan: Onya laird you beauty
pcaman2003: @Chief. Not sure,but he’s scoring okay,so I don’t mind where he is.
Stu7: Come on Doedee
Yelse: whats traccas BE?
V@lks: cmon Max
Raspel31: They do indeed Yelse. Exhaustion?
The Hawker: Sholl has completely gone dead
pcaman2003: Viney ripped off this qtr. Two possies and a tackle. Gone from 74 to 70.
Legix: 120 yelse
hokkien34: Agree pca!
sMiles: Yep – Viney not rewarded at all for his work off the ball and on… Should be 83
kascadev8: typical of my team now, first couple games puts me in a good spot, remaining games then just leak points
StacksOn: why tf did i hold doedee…. couldve had haynes
Nurfed: oliver the only one scoring apparently, everytime i look its 20 more
Raspel31: kaskadev8- I will hold a sermon in my church of the latter day sinners to pray for you
Kidult: Yeh Oliver now going at just under 120 avg
bones351: Go Clarry Go! Nice to see Laird going well too. Gawn and Trac will finish nicely.
Breezey: Good boy Olly. Go huge son
MrWalrus: Haha 39steps, so true, should only be allowed to handball
pcaman2003: So,at the moment my proj is 2114 which I don’t think is too bad. How’s everyone else going?
Kidult: Projection is stupid tbh as it still adds up more than 18 players in bye rounds
McRooster: Crows playing group need to have a dystopian belief of what was. Ignite the Blight!
Kidult: even a 144 proj on Truc is overkill
cwall66: Oliver going huge
pcaman2003: @Kidult. Are you certain of that? Doesn’t sound right to me.
Ash777: Should of captained piggy
MrWalrus: Midfielder Laird needs to get into my team
kascadev8: thank you raspel, you are a good person
Raspel31: If Gawn gets 200 I might reach 2,290 pcaman.
hokkien34: Wish Oliver would share the ball with Viney and tracca hahaha dang it
BigChief: Oliver saying FU to trade talk. LOL
V@lks: Could be a 2 hunge for Clayton
bones351: Clarry is a Gun. Been a favorite since his first season.
pcaman2003: @Kidult. Just checked and bye players are NOT included in the projections.
McRooster: #gameover
boxy36: Oliver going huuuuuuge
kascadev8: oliver on 164? wtf
Silz90: i think i owe my mate a beer – he told me to bring in clarry instead of treloar this week
Ash777: who was the muppet that wanted dees to trade oliver? Lloyd?
Social: clangas not holding back the ranga this time
Raspel31: God has captained Oliver tonight. Except God is dead and who on earth has him?
pcaman2003: GOD has the C on Ollie.
Kidult: @pca I didn’t say bye players, I added up projections of my league with them 2.2 proj with 22 players
pcaman2003: @Raspel. We must be in sync.
heppelitis: Get to 85 Doedee
V@lks: Gun for tracc, atlas/hulk for Laird
Kidult: Projected 2.2k with 22 players and doesn’t count in the fact its best 18
BigChief: @Ash wasn’t it Kane Cornes?
MrWalrus: I have him too raspel, was going to C him but Neale went too well
LMartos: Doesn’t look like Viney is coming back on
pcaman2003: @Kidult. It’s just that you mentioned 18 players,not 22.
Ash777: Matthew Lloyd has strongly urged Melbourne to consider trading one of their top-line midfielders in order to change thei
Raspel31: MrWalrus- that would have been brave 149 from Neale in a weird week was the sanest bet.
hokkien34: wtf Viney on bench for 10 minutes!!
Ash777: Nup muppet lloyd
pcaman2003: L Martos. Did Viney get hurt?
McRooster: Flower me Chayce Jones, even Chapelle Corby had more possessions
Silz90: dees need a power forward
Kidult: Ok sorry if I did can’t see it anymore
BigChief: Cornes also want Dees to trade Oliver.
StacksOn: @ash melbourne should look to trade one of them, theyre all so samey
Kidult: Projection is stupid tbh as it still adds up more than 18 players in bye rounds is what saved in chat btw
Raspel31: If Oliver can score this against the best team in the comp- we all need him next week. But well done razzer.
hokkien34: He’s not showing as injured… maybe they’re resting him?
pcaman2003: @Kidult. All good!
sMiles: Viney underscored and now not playing?
MrWalrus: 100% I’m banking that every time, it is never worth risking that type of VC score excet as GF hail mary
pcaman2003: Get back on Viney.
Silz90: has tex been dropped this year? would u rather mcgovern (lazy and injured all the time) or text at the club?
runners47: Need more still from you Petracca
Kidult: Viney copped a head bump so probably being assessed now
hokkien34: I don’t think they’re bringing Viney back on. How frustrating!
hokkien34: Scrap that! He’s back!
CozzieCan: Oliver -superman icon
Stu7: Oliver has single handledly destroyed my team
Kidult: but back on at that cba
LMartos: Concussion test
boxy36: No way Oliver doesn’t double ton from here
runners47: Sholl almost qualifies for the Wall in his first game – done nothing since qtr time
pcaman2003: And Viney makes up for lost time. Just Beautiful.
cogs94: That’s exactly what the doctor ordered, nice one viney
Raspel31: Being new to Super Coach can I trade in Oliver now?
Breezey: Come on Olly. Double it up
V@lks: M0nty, getting slack with icons. Petrol for Sholl, gun? magnet?
BigChief: @Raspel for you mate we will allow it.
Ash777: Brown atlas
Raspel31: Lol- cheers BigChief.
heppelitis: thanks doedee happy with that after the first half
Stu7: 15 more Doedee
pcaman2003: So rapt with my players tonight. Be having good dreams now.
Ash777: lmao beep beep
Silz90: tracca most improved player in the comp this year
V@lks: Belt yourself off pacman
Nuffman: Laird and Trac for me pcaman, happy indeed
BigChief: @Silz I would agree with that. He finally got that midfield tank.
runners47: Crows to go through the season with a perfect record?
Raspel31: Still going Titch over Traca next week.
Nurfed: my god oliver unstoppable
CozzieCan: How many people own Oliver
Social: Crikey Clarry
kascadev8: oliver on 199, please stay there itll be funny
pcaman2003: @V@lks. May have to with the excitement.
Donzoes: double ton incoming
boxy36: Double ton before scaling is crazy
boxy36: Double ton before scaling is cray
Breezey: Raise the bat again
Ash777: Thanks piggy for covering Hamill
Avarax: I have oliver. Gun
scboy123: 202 for clayton my god
pcaman2003: Nuffman. Ollie,Tracca Viney Laird and Dodo
casey22: Traded Trelor in instead of Oliver this week
Social: Someone get me a towel
Nuffman: @pca: can’t not be happy
MrWalrus: Not sure about % cozzie but he has been the bright light in my terrible team all year
bones351: Clarry, Trac, Gawn and Laird. Nice game this one!
McRooster: The first team to lose to the Crows this season should be immediately drug tested by WADA
Haydo: A little bit of down scaling to come, that’s new
CozzieCan: Well done to the people who own Oliver , flowering oath
bones351: 13% have Clarry cozzie
pcaman2003: @McRooster. Let’s hope it’s not the Bombers this time!
kascadev8: the first team to lose to adelaide will be an under 9s team
bones351: 562 from 4 isn’t too bad
bones351: Shoenberg and/or Sholl worth a trade in next week?
pcaman2003: @Bones351. I need a bigger calculator.
CniglioSsn: 562 from 4 aswell
bones351: 649 from 5 was it?

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