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Chat log from R9 of 2020: Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R9 of 2020

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HugeHead: Evening All
Apachecats: Hi Huge.
amigaman: Could be a great midfield battle
Snarfy: Hi guys. Anyone know when the remaining team lists are announced?
amigaman: Led to believe Saturday’s tomorrow & Sunday’s Saturday
lisapizza7: the day before each game
HugeHead: each team comes out at 6.20 on the night before their match
Smac34: Day before each game.. very rough for SC
amigaman: Makes fantasy games difficult
feralmong: i have a solid macrae vc but i’m tempting myself to C gawn against ladhams
Gloryhound: Teams for the remaining round nine matches will be released at 6.20pm AEST the day before they kick off
PlungeMe: do i take macraes 162 or bank on gawn going huge against ladhams
HugeHead: was going to try and make a few upgrades but now I need to keep trades up my sleeve just incase
amigaman: Keeping Macrae’s VC
adgbubba: Hi all. VC Max has to beat Macraes 162
feralmong: tempting fate here that gawn is due a shocker.
feralmong: are brander, xerri or mcinerny guaranteed donuts?
Baldfrog: 162 all day everyday plunge
amigaman: Even if Gawn gets 200, still only costs you 38 points
Smac34: 162 for sure
FlyinRyan2: yeah take macrae’s score
fully_5: g’day all
boxy36: Evening all
PlungeMe: i would say xerri is with larkey back
casey22: You’d knock back 162; you ahve to be joking. Never, under any circumstances. Not worth the risk
Smac34: Brander would have to come back in soon surely. Xerri and mcinerney 0s
Corr_Dad: anyone else have a cheeky multi on tonight?
FlyinRyan2: who we got in this game ?
Smac34: Oliver and tracca lets goooooo
casey22: I’ve taken his 114 in dt as weel
fully_5: i do Corr
Nurfed: Got gawn and ebert in my draft league, opponent had dusty so need max to go massive
feralmong: looped macrae. worse case my loops are playing i’ll downgrade one to a non player
amigaman: Viney & Houston for me
feralmong: still have 20 trades
casey22: Petracca to go big!!!!!
adgbubba: Max and Tracc for me
PlungeMe: houston looks like hes back in defense
feralmong: max viney houston and george
amigaman: And Petracca
Apachecats: Rozee will go huge -just sold him.
HugeHead: Brought in Georgiades for Max King about 20 minutes ago, hope all goes well.
PlungeMe: feral we might have the same team
scboy123: Evening Gents
Avarax: brought in georgie this week. great start
Bezzina: @Huge good start
scboy123: Huge night again for me, C on Gawn, Tracca, Georgides and Houston (passed on macraes 166 … )
BigChief: @Apache Rozee won’t score much if he plays 90% fwd.
Kidult: Wish I knew Lycett’s injury was long term or not as I really like Ladhams around the ground
CozzieCan: Gday lads
Kidult: Site keeps crashing with any action login or commenting
Silz90: wow scboy thats a huge call
wadaramus: How could you not lock in 166?
Avarax: scboy, you gotta take 166 man. even if he scores more, in the long run, thats a bad decision
scboy123: @silz pretty sure im against inactive people in all my leagues so can afford to roll the dice but yeah could be bad
casey22: Big mistake passing on Mcrae score.
Apachecats: hope not Big Chief ,happy with his replacement Georgie boy any way.
Baldfrog: This could get messy for Melbourne
scboy123: Yeah alright my bad boys
Grimes Jr: come on max
Raspel31: Ah Georgiades-you helped me bring in big Max. Keep going lad.
Torz: Gray has 101% time on ground. Still no touches, lol.
frenzy: m0nty fallen off the bike
wadaramus: Didn’t deserve id Duursma.
Gotigres: Gawn nothing for a defensive punch?
DrSeuss: Is it just me or does it look like Port backs actually tend to ignore Houston down back?
cmperrfect: Gawn to go under 100 for the 1st time this season?
TeamRMPG: You never know which Melbourne will rock up
Beast_Mode: lol at the muppet who didnt have gawn in round1 lmao
Raspel31: I never thought of locking in Macrae on 155?. Joking of course.
Donzoes: gawn for 188
Raspel31: 166.. Fat fingers.
frenzy: max shoulder inj, on the bench
scboy123: surely not
Donzoes: I accidentally put the C on gawn instead of the VC
casey22: Max scoring has come to a screaming stop
Nurfed: ya jokin frenzy
Silz90: what score does gawn need to hit 800k? anyone know
cmperrfect: 2nd time I should say.
amigaman: CD crucifying Butters. Hits teamate on chest who fumbles. Score goes backwards
feralmong: Saw ur post plunge but got called away. 2 great minds think alike.
BigChief: False news @frenzy
scboy123: Gawn back out there praise the lord hallelujah
cmperrfect: Max can’t ton up if Dee’s don’t score, always start of scoring chains is his whole purpose
Grimes Jr: gawn back on
Donzoes: He’s back out so idk what you’re talking about frenzy
DrSeuss: Gawn is back on don’t worry
Ash777: got rid of westhoff because of his poor performances for geogiades but I bet he’ll go much better without marshall
casey22: Not cool, frenzy!!! Site rules about that
HugeHead: 160ish I think Silz
DrSeuss: Also Petracca isn’t a full forward ffs – put him in the middle
Kidult: Jackson has a decent Mullett
Legix: @Silz90 131 for gawn
Nurfed: montys already struggling on the bike day 2 of 20 in a row
Kidult: 2 x 50s against George dang it
Silz90: thanks guys!
Raspel31: So much more interesting not being able to see what’s going on.
BigGryan: gawn pick up, need 150 from you
Yelse: seriously gawn oliver viney and georgie what are these SC scores
pcaman2003: Nice work Ollie. 3clangers and 37%DE in perfect conditions. Wise up land wake upad.
Apachecats: Sold Mayes ,Rozee and DSmith .Not too late to pick up DSmith guys ,bound to go well.
Napper: Chose to take Georgiades score over Taylor hopefully it pays off
beerent11: @drsuess trac is just resting forward. Would you prefer he sit on the bench?
BigChief: @Yelse 2 50m against Georgiades hurts.
HugeHead: need Petracca to stay stay low so I can get him next week
Poliyagon: got the VC on Gawn and he’s a unique for me this week…
Kidult: Mayes likes the Gabba think his Ton was up there aswell
beerent11: Keep it up clarry
Napper: 2 muppets for George already great start
Avarax: wont matter huge. his BE is 45….. he’s increasing no matter what
pcaman2003: Got Ollie,Tracca ,Viney and Georgiades. Okay so far.
Ash777: This week was the week to trade out C Taylor.
The39Steps: After McRae (c), Dusty, Pickett and Daniel last night, brought back to earth with this rubbish.
Pies20: Makes it hard trading not knowing all the team line-ups going to be a tough few weeks
Raspel31: Much the same the 39.
HugeHead: Georgie down to 5 sc, got my hopes up real early with that one
Ash777: what a week for westhoff to go big
Yelse: need to have playing players on the bench next few weeks
amigaman: @Ash77 yep traded for Skinner
Smac34: George almost starting over again
kascadev8: can someone explain to me how someone would get a muppet?
casey22: Typical Westhoff; feast or famine
cmperrfect: Gawn 16pts from free kicks, should be killing Ladhams
Yelse: pahhh melb lift ffs
CozzieCan: Georg on 5 sc ? Lol
DrSeuss: Why do they play Petracca at full forward? And why is Houston so rubbish
Kidult: yeh 1 fa and 2 x 50s against for his 3 clangers
Poliyagon: what score does gawn need to get to take his c points, over neale?
Yelse: this sucks both opponents don’t have georgie
cmperrfect: Game over. Dees are no where tonight
Ash777: 140pts
MrWalrus: What the hell Gawn, finally get him in & CD decides no more love
amigaman: Yelse Georgiades score is just wrong
BigChief: @yelse lift as is snow lifts?
casey22: @poliyago: forget it; you’ll be taking Neale’s score.
BigChief: @amiga nope it is right. 2 50m penalties against him.
boxy36: Jesus, get a move on Gawn and Tracca!
Kidult: -4 for fa and -6 against for 50 metre penalties so -16 just for those
Ash777: umpiring is horrible once more.
The39Steps: Subtle humour @Bigchief.
amigaman: Disagree BigChief. CD is far too harsh on mistakes. Poor balance
Yelse: port getting all this love from umps today
poolboybob: What’s Hannan gotta do to get a potato icon?
amigaman: Guarantee Martin wouldn’t be punished so hard
Poliyagon: will neale be getting tagged? he’s due for a monster of a game!
thesilentl: Umpiring has been alright
BigChief: Did Oliver actually touch Ladhams?
Raspel31: Clever game plan Melbourne- Port playing into your hands.
kascadev8: tracca wake up please
Baldfrog: Not against Essendon Neale won’t
beerent11: As a non Gawn owner loving this relatively slow start. Don’t expect it last though.
casey22: Oliver a week
Gotigres: Oliver reported apparently.
Yelse: great i lose oliver now next week
thesilentl: Umps get blamed too much this year, afl changing interpretation week to week isn’t helping
casey22: Elbow, high, intentional
Raspel31: How could you not have Gawn Beer? Had him for one game and my life has changed.
pcaman2003: Damn! Just got Ollie in today.,and he tries to stitch me!
casey22: Lowish impact
feralmong: Glad I took macrae vc over Gawn
Ash777: doubt oliver will get a week for that.
beerent11: Ha, just bought clarry in because of no bye and now he’ll get weeks.
BigChief: Melb won’t kick a goal. Their disp is terrible.
boxy36: Not much in the Oliver report – Finally Petracca getting some touches
Avarax: not even a choice feral
Gotigres: Melbourne’s disposal is very poor.
Kylacham: Yeah same with Macrae v Gawn
BigChief: If Hawkins gets off Oliver has nothing to worry about.
Oscar1968: Oliver no Tom Hawkins
Yelse: problem is he jumped off the ground then hit his head
Patty19: This is so hard to watch
Avarax: how tf is anyone even questioning taking 150+ or not…..what are you all smoking?
Yelse: bullshit 50
casey22: Aah Rocky, remember the good ole piggy days
Kidult: Christian won’t give him any weeks after Yeo and Hawkins getting off will be gun shy
HugeHead: your killing me georgie
DrSeuss: Come on Umps – Port don’t need any extra help tonight. That was weak
Kylacham: Some people will feel ballsy after being served with the same question last week and Gawn paying off…
BigChief: How TF is that a 50? That is poor umpiring again. No wonder us fans get pissed off.
SC-STAR–: Gawn preparing for a huuuuuuuge 2nd half
Kidult: that was below the knees contact not push in the back haha
scboy123: Gawn 55 DT 45 SC what is this horse shitery
bones351: I bought in Clarry for Dev. Better not get suspended. Bought in Georgie too.
Yelse: Gawns score is BS should be higher
Lofty9: Glad I kept George on field…
GOD: Have Adelaide played Melbourne yet? If not the Crows first win is not far away!
amigaman: BigChief you shoot me down re Cd, then rip into umps. I’m done
Napper: Maybe should of went Taylor over George…
BigChief: Here come the Dees.
Raspel31: Still think Melbourne got this.
pcaman2003: Goal Tracca! Yay!
BigChief: @amiga I never ripped into you at all. I just said it was correct with the 2 50m penalties against Georgie.
kascadev8: good petracca. just another 10 goals please
MrWalrus: Sold the farm to get Gawn in, not happy but still time, Mayes is saving my sanity though
Baldfrog: Need Melbourne to win for my multi
amigaman: Missed the point BigChief.
Kidult: should be many frees to Demons
pcaman2003: Where’s Viney gone? TOG very low.
Misternick: Training cones for the whole melbourne demons please M0nty
cmperrfect: Hey m0nty, be great if we could tag our SC players a diff colour in the list
Patty19: Cash out now baldfrog
Misternick: Get out the witches hats for the whole team
Baldfrog: Faith Patty
DrSeuss: I swear Gawn gets paid tackles as soon as he touches an opposing player
BOMBRBLITZ: Happy with Mayes, (It was him or Simson)
BigChief: @cmperfect you can have your players different colour
Ash777: teams are very up n down this season.
pcaman2003: Dees getting stitched up by the upms. Woeful umpiring decisions.
Chelskiman: I had Petracca any time goal scorer, Oliver 20+ disposals and Brayshaw 15+ disposals in my multi. Need Gus to get movin
Baldfrog: Gawn gets points for just breathing
Ash777: Lions n eagles only teams that look good atm.
Stu7: Earth to Houston come on!!!
MrWalrus: I think Gawn is missing his HOs to advantage because his spud mids keep fumbling & dropping his sweet taps
cmperrfect: How @bigchief?
Gotigres: I agree DrSeuss. It seems to me some players get their points earlier than others.
Donzoes: Seems very low odds Chelskiman
MoreMidTim: Has had no hit out to advantage? His other stats look good for a higher score in SC
BigChief: @cmperfect place them in your watchlist under your name at top
MrWalrus: Tiges looked pretty good last night Ash or did you repress that already:P
Chelskiman: Yep, just trying to build up a kitty! I’m not a big better, just having a bit of a go.
Ash777: No they’re just up n down as dogs.
nogoalo: viney should get points for another free if not mistaken
Baldfrog: Same Chelsk I only took Melb 1-39 to add value
MrWalrus: Problem with SC scoring is it often relies on players teammates not stuffing up
kascadev8: think i saw petracca at the airport, not really sure why. would prefer for him to be at the game
cmperrfect: Makes no difference for me @chief
Collywoble: Why is viney tog 60?
The39Steps: Why did the Bomber’s Hibberd get dropped after last week’s game?
Gotigres: Try logging out and back in again cmperrfect.
Social: Why is Karl Amon the leading player?
Nurfed: pigs are flying social
BigGryan: hopefully gawn can rack up some junk points this half
Water: finally after 3 weeks and 3 different emails i can speak
mr gor: I need Oliver to do a hammy
mr gor: or maybe just a corkie, nothing personal kid
Social: @Nurfed no kidding, he’s been around 7 years and I’ve never heard of him
Collywoble: The39Steps better ins
BigChief: @cmperfect you may need to log out and in for it to work.
cmperrfect: what colour should the watchlist players be?
BigChief: Depends on the team you selected for your colours. I selected Bangladesh so mine are green.
Social: Hoping Maxi doesn’t end on a tricky VC score, all or nothing big boy
The39Steps: Thought others would have gone first on last week’s effort @collywoble.
Kidult: Honestly thought Demons mids would smash port
heppelitis: @39 they been playing him on wing…and hes an inside mid. Bit slow and brought in Cutler who is proper wing
kascadev8: come on petraccy. BT called you Petraccy so you gotta lift son
pcaman2003: Ollie and Tracca 5 clangers each isn’t helping much.
The39Steps: Ok and thanks for the insight @bombers fans.
beerent11: Downhill skiers in the red and the blue
Kidult: Looks like Gawn might struggle with the short break games looks knackered
cmperrfect: buggered if i know @chief. Gawn in my watchlist, he looks no different in the player list to me
Napper: Need huge lift from George
Baldfrog: Good Kidult
kascadev8: georgiades been on the bench for a long time. is he still at the game
AuroraBore: demons so sloppy with the ball
beerent11: Clarry the ranga clanga king.
bricci: oliver ignores Gawn and kicks yet another shocker straight to Port!
BigChief: Rozee is green for me and all other Port players are red. Not sure what else to say mate.
DrSeuss: Seems like Houston’s allergy to the football has returned for the 2nd half
Gotigres: no 800k for Gawn.
Gandhi: Even with a dive, Melb cant get another goal
casey22: With haircut like that, Jackson will not do well at the demons
heppelitis: my kid is just outside top 1000..went to bed chuffed. will spew when he finds out he has mayes on benchout he h
Donzoes: My week is already totally cooked
beerent11: Keep it up ladhams sensational job
cmperrfect: only thing i see is zebra coloring, alternate rows, no watchlist difference… oh well… shave those sideburns Jackson
bones351: Wow Georgie is getting going is he
amigaman: Ruck scortes suddenly taking a dive
MrWalrus: I give up on interpreting CD scoring
Str1k3_M95: so wheres old m8 who flew his big diq energy by by-passing Macraes VC score?
kascadev8: thankfully i had dusty. too bad im gonna lose his boost in this game
MrWalrus: Rozee kicked a goal, 9 AF, only 6 SC… what the actual!?! Gawn tonight?
pcaman2003: It’s okay Walrus. I gave up several years back
beerent11: That was horrible
Social: Gotta get Gawm they said, money well spent they said…
kascadev8: @MrWalrus i think gawn has had 9 hitouts for 5 points. not sure how it works
pcaman2003: Lift Viney
Napper: How many points do you get for a free kick??
Yelse: Gawns score makes no sense
Raspel31: My first week with Gawn too Social, sigh- least I kept cap on Macrae.
CozzieCan: Cmon Georg
Jontdawg: @walrus you won’t be able to interpret it, there at least 20-30 ways to score points, spoils, 1%, knock ons, etc.
Collywoble: Why is viney tog so low
StacksOn: of course i chose to get gawn in this week and not dusty
Jontdawg: If a hit out gets snarled by opp it’s -3 points to the ruckman
beerent11: That’s ridiculous social. You can’t whinge about a 150+ averager having a quiet one
Napper: How does George only go to 8 to 13 with a free kick and 2 effective handballs?
Jontdawg: Sharked*
Avarax: napper. points are allocated based on impact
Ash777: yay george
Avarax: with port up by 52 points, the points allocated will be lower as the game is iced already
The39Steps: Dees play Crows next Wednesday – going to be a very very difficult 6 days for Goodwin.
HugeHead: Georgies doubles his sc in 5 minutes
CozzieCan: On ya georg good boy 2 more mate
Social: I know beer, just the timing of it is cruel
Lofty9: You can do it George, break the 30pt barrier
beerent11: Port 1329 sc melb 963 sc. flogging.
MrWalrus: You sure can beer when you finally manage to scrape the cash to get him & he bombs
Tonche: George SC score is a joke. Been good tonight
beerent11: Why pay 790k? Madness. No one can maintain that value.
beerent11: Fear of missing out.
MrWalrus: Thanks jontdawg, I know the rules though. It’s how they decide effective, clanger 1%er etc, is so random.
bricci: oliver’s score is the biggest joke – been absolutely terrible – cannot recall a single effective kick
Raspel31: Not a matter of retaining that value beer as you don’t buy Gawn to sell him.
Silz90: tonche he gave away 2 50’s in the first half
cmperrfect: Looks like Lachie wears the C hat for me this week then
MrWalrus: Because beer no one can afford to not have a guy scoring half again more than everyone else every week
Donzoes: Gawn to Draper locked in
Raspel31: Next week Donzoes- clever move.
beerent11: Takes up a lot of cash that can be spread around
MrWalrus: Don’t get mad but you do say some silly stuff sometimes beer
SC-STAR–: Really need gawn to get 100 or more
beerent11: I’m going ok without him mrwalrus.
Avarax: you’d be going better with him beer
beerent11: We all have our own ideas walrus. Can’t all have the same team.
CozzieCan: I brought Gawn in 2 weeks ago from pitto (useless) luckily dodged English’s trap
MrWalrus: If he’d gone 200 you would not be saying that
beerent11: Takes more than you to get me mad walrus.
beerent11: Not tonight avarax
twinpeaks: Brayshaw to Ebert. Such a spud move
Ash777: gawn should of been the starter over grundy this season. Now he’s very hard to get in.
Grimes Jr: 100 in a flogging isn’t disastrous
Kidult: Wonder if they would ever consider resting Gawn for Preuss for 1 game with them unlikely having a bye
Silz90: guaranteed vc or c option every single week. avg is 153 nobody comes close unless you have neale lol
Nurfed: 4 day turnaround, cant blame the blokes for not going huge
beerent11: He’s not going 200 walrus. I don’t think so anyway.
scboy123: come on gawn 90 pt last quarter
MrWalrus: Is terrible luck to get a guy who will average 130+ on the night he goes under 100
kascadev8: can we get a wake up petraccy in the chat
Avarax: 1 night does not make a season
cmperrfect: where is every1 sitting rank wise this week?
Bezzina: Grundy or Neale Captain
feralmong: What’s up with georgiades SC?
Raspel31: Neale Bezzina- no tags. I stuck with Macrae.
Baldfrog: Neale VC Grundy C and take the best
Avarax: im at around 6100 cmp
Donzoes: i’m gonna get weird with it for the rest of the season
beerent11: 1717 and climbing
Avarax: dropped 3900 last week :/
boxy36: @cmperrfect about 19k… another bad week last week
Baldfrog: Neale should have a field day against bombers they don’t tag
MrWalrus: No beer, he is not, that is exactly the point, try and keep up
Water: im around 2.7k and climbing cmp
kascadev8: im in the top 22k now i think. seems decent
Baldfrog: Gawn BE will be over 200 now so a nice price drop Beer
cmperrfect: i’m 1146.. fallen from grace this year..
Silz90: if u started gawn u might be in the top 1000 beer
beerent11: Settle walrus. We can have a discussion like grown ups
beerent11: Maybe silz. Don’t mind doing something different though. Just a game.
beerent11: True baldfrog.
Ash777: how can someone leading the goal kicking be so low in sc lol
Raspel31: Does Georgiades need a 3rd goal to crack 30?.
Raspel31: Ah, bad timing.
Breezey: There’s chips everywhere Wobbie. Go and get em son.
beerent11: Georgiades is a gun
cmperrfect: brought Gaff in over Viney this week, hope it pays off
Baldfrog: Slow down George
Silz90: do you have grundy? who is your r2?
circle52: Do not agree but CD penalises 50s and George has 2 so would have been close to 50 without them.
MightyDyl: Mayes looks like a good pickup
masterhc2: wouldnt mind if gawn and trac kicked 5 goals each this term
RoughRed: How is George on 36 with 3 goals
MrWalrus: That wasn’t meant to be an insult, just pointing out what was actually being talked about…. I give up.
beerent11: Grundy goldy if you mean me silz
pcaman2003: Get active Viney.
hokkien34: Viney disappointing
kascadev8: surely georgiades score is wrong
masterhc2: maybe CD evening out George from last week lol, no way he deserved the 80 he got then
Oscar1968: viney is not alone, hokkien
Snarfy: How permanent will the Houston playing down back be? Is it time to trade him up?
V@lks: Witches hats or potatoes for Melb M0nty?
pcaman2003: This is a rout. Dees totally outplayed everywhere.
Ash777: petracca is probably being rested for next game
hokkien34: Not wrong there Oscar
beerent11: At least Gawn is probably just everyone’s vc would have worse with a c
hokkien34: Not wrong there Oscar
Ash777: 4 day breaks going to kill sc.
Breezey: @masterhc2. If Gawn and Trac kicked that 5 goals each this term they’d be in front by 2 points.
masterhc2: @beerent he’s my C :/
beerent11: Mercy rule
CozzieCan: Oh georg you beauty
HugeHead: give Georgie the Brownlow votes
Raspel31: Nope- not everyone’s beer.
beerent11: Oh no masterhc2
Tonche: He’s taking contested marks all over the shop. Should be on about 80
Bezzina: gerogiadas to hold his spot easy
kascadev8: is tracca in the forward line?
GroupOne: Georg everywhere 3 goals 2, 7 score involvements, 10 possessions, 2 tackles deserves more
cmperrfect: no Gawn ton tonight, called it
beerent11: You would’ve taken McRae like a smart man raspel
Raspel31: Demon’s might find it hard from here.
masterhc2: would not have thought ladhams would get more posses than gawn…
pcaman2003: Georgi has bounced back well this half. Will still make great money
HugeHead: get rid of the 50’s in the 1st and Georgie would be close to 80
Raspel31: Indeed beer.
RoughRed: If george stands still on the boundary for 5 minutes his score can only go up
CozzieCan: Supercoachers should band together & protest #georglivesmatter
Oscar1968: Calling it Raspel?
cmperrfect: Gun for Gawn m0nty? really ?
benzammit: How does a rookie kick 3.2 n cop a 52?
beerent11: Give viney 30 for that score involvement
Gebs: I don’t call 2 out of 3 a blue moon
Baldfrog: Lol Minty
Ash777: a 50 that results in a point or no score shouldn’t be as heavily penalized.
Raspel31: Lol Cozzie and yep I think it’s time Oscar.
Arminius: gave away 2 50’s Benz
CozzieCan: O.wines for gun
Breezey: Wish I had Ollie and Amon
MrWalrus: Barely got half his average
benzammit: Must have soccored every goal n kickeked clangers all day
poolboybob: Why on earth does Hannon continue to get named?
Social: Mitch seems to be a very popular name these days
beerent11: Gawn might be affordable in a couple of weeks.
benzammit: Obviously cost Port the arch with his 50s proffessional frees
Corr_Dad: watch pittonet outscore gawn this week
Tonche: SC is trash.
GroupOne: With Gawn vc score low whats the thinkling on C. Thinking Neale Thoughts?
beerent11: Grundyvc Neale c here.
Corr_Dad: Neale is going to go off against the dons
hokkien34: How has Westhoff scored more than Boak
beerent11: Other way round sorry
Water: defientely neale for C for me group
MrWalrus: Neale 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice. Lots of points to come
BOMBRBLITZ: Neale or Grundy C?
Social: Spose Gawn still did better than Goldy and Grundy both did last week
benzammit: I’ve got Neale, Bombers don’t really tag.
BOMBRBLITZ: Neale it is then
benzammit: Gotta take Neale or gamble elsewhere if no Mcrae
CozzieCan: Going Grundy , plays well against freo
hokkien34: Boak 8 clearances and a goal… BOG surely?
Switcheyes: Neale to pull hamy
MrWalrus: Dixon 71, wow barely saw him. 5 touches
MontyJnr: The 2 50s don’t justify MG’s score. Absolute disgrace from CD.
Switcheyes: Ess win by 3 goals plus
GroupOne: the way theyre talking about Georg on Fox Footy youd think he got 150 SC pts

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