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Chat log from R8 of 2020: West Coast vs Collingwood

Chat log for West Coast vs Collingwood, R8 of 2020

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Poliyagon: I’ve put the vc on treloar.
boxy36: Have Grundy, Maynard and Noble in this one
scboy123: Grundy and Crisp for me here lads
Nurfed: Pendles and hurn for my draft team in this, hoping hurn perks up
Ash777: oh damn pendles out 🙁
Kidult: Pendle is out late late
Kidult: atu is in for him by the looks
DMS774: Pendles OUT!
pcaman2003: Hopefully better luck in this one. Having Simpkin and Dodo has hurt my round.. Need C Grundy for 150+
Apachecats: Radio says Sharenburg out.
boxy36: Oh that’s a huge late out!
Ooost: Maynard, Grundy, Yeo
Apachecats: now they just woke up its Pendles ,well done 774.
Yelse: pies just keep losing stars anyone know the injury?
Nurfed: well fuck me
Stu7: Grundy, Daicos, Adams
boxy36: @Yelse no idea – very late out, he led them out of the rooms!
Ooost: Cameron on the bench, but nice if he could make me some money
Stu7: Yeo Hurn stay low boys
pcaman2003: And my bench warmer goals. Nice!
Stu7: Go Pies!! Can’t believe I’m saying that
Kidult: Cameron looks a handful for Barrass already
Rilian: Yeah, you must be the only one with Cameron on the bench..
Nurfed: anyone know why pendles was super late out? havent seen anything yet
Stu7: @Yelse no idea mate
Yelse: pendles apparently had a tight hammy
Kidult: Stretching his left leg but then grabbed at his left side after it
DrSeuss: Need Telly, Grundy and Adams to go big to save my round after so many horrible scores
Legix: need Gaff to ton up today
ajconodie: nurfed – Tight hammy.
beerent11: Nice start b shepp
frenzy: c’mon ChiN
yablettt: Grundy has nothing on Nic Nat
Stu7: Yeo & Hurn good boys stay down there
Gelly: i reckon hes booking his flights back to melbourne as we speak
pcaman2003: Need Crisp to stay down low. Oppo has him and I need to catch up .
original: Traded nic Nat this morning so watch him score well and gawn do a hammy
beerent11: Gaff will be off the leash with shuey back
DrSeuss: Umm Grundy – do something?
original: Crisp 44% game time fmd
StacksOn: original that would be my DREAM, i was debating whether to play cameron or nic nat on field lol
pcaman2003: C’mon Grundy.
Ash777: well crap grundy getting smashed.
Kidult: Hurn got a shepard off the ball free but his team played on
Ash777: now he’s on the bench
Poliyagon: lucky I didnt vc grundy figured nic nat would at least take half his points
amigaman: Grundy thrown a challenge today
Breezey: No player on the Pies list yet to replace Pendlebury
StuL: This week has stunk. Of course grundy too.
Apachecats: did reverse changes Thurs and forgot to put the vc back on Macrae ,ended up vc Cripps and C on Grundy ,woe is me!
Poliyagon: would love darcy cameron to gain some cash
Apachecats: Any one seen BestCoast this round?
Stu7: looks like C for Neale for me, spewing I didn’t VC Macrae
Kidult: poor teamwork there by Cameron
Stu7: @Apachecats – don’t you hate that
DrSeuss: Telly and Adams pulling their weight – Grundy and Maynard taking this quarter off
Grimes Jr: bruce loves the pies
Apachecats: only good thing <I've got D.Cameron on the field.
beerent11: Gaff breakeven 151
ajconodie: The more Cameron does, the less likely we see Cox again – which I have no issues with.
pcaman2003: Is it too late to Swap Grundy and Cameron over? Geez!
Apachecats: *I’ve got DCameron on the field.
Ash777: grundy on the bottom and cameron on the top is so bizarre
Kidult: Buckley said this week Cox is now 3rd in line behind Cameron, Reid
MercAm: Noice Cameron please keep it so no more Cox
Apachecats: Yeah ajconodie ,might have seen the last of Cox.
original: Remember debating Sicily crisp and Lloyd after howe went down
Stu7: Grundy 4 who,wu
Grimes Jr: if ur captaining a ruck this year, it has to be gawn
Badgerbadg: Lol Darcy Cameron single handedly ending Mason Coxs career
boxy36: I’m just hoping tracca outscores Adams, chose to bring in tracca over him this week – 2nd week in a row passing on Adams
Bezzina: maxy or neale for captain?
scboy123: Crisp for brownlow
Badgerbadg: Bezzina- Maxy is going to eat Mcinerney alive
pcaman2003: Grundy nailing down my coffin lid.
DropCox: Bucks finally saw my name and pulled the trigger!
Stu7: Maxy
Apachecats: Maxy up against a fill in ruckman.Bezz
ajconodie: @ApacheCat – The less Cox I see, the happier I am 🙂
DrSeuss: Same @pca – had a glimmer of hope in 1 league – Grundy quickly snuffing that glimmer out
Beast_Mode: pheww, glad i put the C on Gawn no Grundy
Bezzina: @Badger – will the lions kick to you him all day like the hawks did tho
Stu7: Get off your ass Daicos and Noble
Kidult: VC Treloar, C Gawn
Breezey: Archie Smith playing as well for the Lions
pcaman2003: There’ll be lots of tears flowing for SC players this week.
Stu7: Grundy about to hit 10 pfttt
Badgerbadg: Never doubt the beard
boxy36: Cameron 46 at qt and grundy 9 is crazy
Stu7: @Kidult – good play
Yelse: i think we need 5 trades a week and 50 total this year, there will be so many outs. playing bench important
ajconodie: I don’t think Gawn will be as dominant as people think.
Schillaci: Look like Gawn C.
frenzy: VC Macrae C Gawn
bhg26: Projected to get 2350, Grundy has shut that right down
a1trader: donut for Crisp, would be a first
yablettt: People forget how good Naitanui is..
V@lks: Yuck start. Got Grundy, Yeo, Maynard and Crisp
Crowls: c – neale
Schillaci: Have Cameron on rucks bench with Gawn/ Grundy lol looks like a fwd switch with Xerri next week.
Breezey: Grundy giving Cameron a 40pt lead at qtr time. How far will Grundy finish in front.
beerent11: Am I the only one with the c on Neale?
Stu7: @frenzy – your mad, I’d stick to Macrae
chilipowdr: grundy and maynard sigh…
Schillaci: Maynard another slow start.
Ash777: I have grundy, maynard & pendles on the field…
Yelse: need maynard grundy crisp noble all to have huge 3 quarters and pies not to stop
frenzy: got till last game to decide, Hill loop
Schillaci: Crispy Creme doughnut
Raspel31: Ditto chiiipowdr- it just keeps getting better, sigh
billnats: I mean having Cameron is great. But not when I also have Yeo
Ash777: I’ll be taking budarick’s score for pendles.
Kidult: Have a feeling Neale will get a tag from Viney/Harmes
beerent11: Want to upgrade to hurn but can’t trust him to get through the condensed fixture
Schillaci: Need cah gen so wrapped with Cameron atm
shaker: Looking like being pretty wet at Metricon
Breezey: Wa there no replacement for Pendles
Raspel31: I captained Budarick Ash-59 is 59 after all.
Donzoes: I have about 15 targets to trade in this week.
Kidult: Yeh Atu Bosenvlaga or wateva
circle52: m0nty need to add Bosenavulagi to Pies list
boxy36: Come on Maynard – lift a heap
DrSeuss: Brody want to do anything at all FFS?
Apachecats: Got Maynard ,Crisp and grundy -any one beat that?
Ash777: is it me or is the coverage of the game in SD
Grimes Jr: kermit for darling
poolboybob: Darling muppet
boxy36: Apache I’m close – Maynard, Grundy, Noble – Cameron on the pine
Avarax: me too boxy
Raspel31: Call me conservative but leaning toward you Neale for cap. Ah, if only I’d trusted you Macrae.
Bezzina: I need a defender rookie, give me some suggestions please
Kidult: Had a dream the other night of 234 to Gawn, hope I have become Psychic.
scboy123: its such a toughy next, C on gawn or neale. Im thinking Gawn tbh
beerent11: With you raspel vCd goldy against pit toner and don’t have Gawn.
scboy123: ngl crisp really worrying me
boxy36: Bez what about McPherson and Day?
a1trader: @Bezzina – McKay from North
Dondeal: McKay from NM Bezzina. On the bubble.
Nurfed: me too kidult, after the late out from pendles my draft team needs gawn for the C
frenzy: lol kidult
pcaman2003: Falling back to 2nd or 3rd in my league. Thanks Grundy.
beerent11: If everyone has Grundy does it matter? Unless you vC him I guess.
DrSeuss: Grundy now getting beaten by Allen – thanks Capt Brodie
Stu7: Looks like Collingwood have gone into choke mode
Raspel31: Day from Hawks averaging 70 and che4ap Bezzina.
hijikata: grundy is having 0 fun
Apachecats: OK gents Nearest the Pin time and its a tough one.NTP on Grundy ,Apache goes 95.
frenzy: macpherson at the crows, beeina
pcaman2003: @beerent. My oppo VC on Macrae. Will kill me.
Grimes Jr: carn west coasttttt
Apachecats: Best Coast has the yellow TShirt but is AWOL this week.
boxy36: I’ll say 103 @Apache
Patty19: Grundy 87
Stu7: I’ve got Grundy, Noble and Daicos what’s nightmare
Kidult: looks like last week in my team for Noble and D.smith
Nurfed: Apache – grundy 114
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Kelly – why is your TOG so low
frenzy: 67 Apache
Raspel31: Whoo- tough one Apache. I’ll call 87 though I would love 150.
casey22: Grundy will get petulant & call it a day
beerent11: Cameron
amigaman: Grundy 78 points for me
Arminius: grundy 78
bhg26: 76 Apache
feralmong: 79 Apache
beerent11: Cameron was still under 150k before this round
Raspel31: Damn- gazumped. 89.
Ooost: Grundy 108
marls: Sorry guys. It’s my fault. Got Grundy back in this week for Pittonet
Donzoes: 94 for me
Stu7: Grundy will be lucky to make 50 at this rate
Grimes Jr: Grundy 64
waymac: Grundy having a shocker
Gotigres: Grundy 80
scboy123: opponent has the c on grundy, finally a week thats not too cruel to me
MercAm: Flower this west coast crowd, just horrible atmosphere
Stu7: Grundy 62
GOD: if you have the C on Grundy then what is your problem? you have already doubled your score to 22….
rupertmarn: Grundy is $150,000 overpriced with a second ruckman playing.
Raspel31: Who might tag Neale?
MercAm: Bloody hell what a cheap shot sheed
Stu7: Viney
Apachecats: Last call for NTP Grundy.
waymac: Cameron my Emerg. Should have started with him
Ooost: Harnes
rupertmarn: Grundy is as cold as a tasmnian lobster
a1trader: Everyone has Grundy so doesn’t matter
Breezey: Grundy 100
Apachecats: lol rupert ,like that one.
GOD: would everyone like GOD to put the C on L.Neale this afternoon?
waymac: Cameron 147.7K before today
casey22: Grundy 68
DrSeuss: Stick a fork in Grundy – he is done for the day. Running round like a lost child. Collingwood in trouble
poolboybob: Cape for Kennedy
Grimes Jr: not everyone has him as captain tho
circle52: Grundy 98
Raspel31: My grandmother doesn’t a1trader.
Breezey: Yeah but not everyone has him Captain A1 Trader
casey22: Fine only for Sheed
Apachecats: Arminius 78 was already taken so you have got 77 for Grundy.
pcaman2003: Grundy turning back the clock to his beginnings.
Poliyagon: who actually has grundy C?
Apachecats: Nearest the pin closed.
Breezey: How many points does Atu have
Ash777: I have grundy captain. It’s killing me 🙁
hijikata: glad i went macrae vc
casey22: Already locked in Mcrae in SC & DT
Stu7: At this rate I’ll néed Neale to score 320 before double points to come close to winning
BOMBRBLITZ: ok so Neale or Gawn C?
Grimes Jr: jeez collingwood get a good run with the umpires, wherever they go
Apachecats: Think I’ve gone a bit high.
Migz: for anybody worried bout grundy C. I had VC macrae score and accidently captained williamson from the blues………..
Poliyagon: Gawn C for me
Bezzina: Gawn C
Raspel31: Didn’t even consider Macrae- down to youhameful. Mr Neale.. And Sheed should go- s
pcaman2003: @Poliyagon. I do as many other SC players.
rupertmarn: Captain Gawn, Stephan Martin out and Oscar McInerny is now ruck
boxy36: Apache you and me both
casey22: Grtundy can’t get a score against any opponent
Poliyagon: @migz yikes
hijikata: gaff will be good value next week, but weagles mids are always sus
frenzy: can I change mine to 47 Apache?
waymac: Cameron won’t get another touch unless he goes into the ruck
Breezey: Archie Smith will ruck as well though
Raspel31: Sorry-old key board froze again. For me Neale- I’d go Gawn if you have him, sigh.
Apachecats: no frenzy ,sorry.
pcaman2003: I’ll get smashed by 200+points this week. Was okay until this shameful effort from you know who.
beerent11: Tossing up between Duncan and gaff next week hijikata leaning towards Duncan.
Smac34: Glad i made a late change to neale as C over grundy
rupertmarn: Damn, should of put Cameron on the ground and Grundy on the bench.What was I thinking?
Snarfy: I have Grundy Capt. but I find this very interesting. It reminds me of the rd. 1 match Coll v Dogs
Kidult: Duncan will be cheaper in 2 games rather than next week
Cr1cketeer: Jeez @Grimes wanna bring it up every single game? I believe u got more frees in our match…
Spifflicat: Raining in Brizzy, does that mean Neale as C?
Snarfy: Grundy V English. Grundy demolished him. English was looking at Grundy before looking at the ball in the ruck.
scboy123: 6.10 has to be the worst time for a night game…
Ash777: I hope grundy isn’t playing injured and just a really poor game.
Raspel31: Apparently Grunty’s aunt lost a baking competition and he’s taken it to heart. Expect him to come back.
Snarfy: Grundy is doing the same here with Nic Nat.
feralmong: i went English over Grundy. Not looking as bad a choice now.
scboy123: pca who do you have left to play
Snarfy: I was never a ruckman but I find it difficult to see how a ruckman can look at both player & ball.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Nice one. Probably a souffle that’s flopped like he has.
feralmong: he has the ears of a bat snarfy. He bounces radio waves of teamates.
pcaman2003: scboy123. Only Starc left unfortunately. I’ve got no hope now.
Snarfy: Nice one feral.
Crowls: noble or starc for d6 today
LuvIt74: Someone give Grundy a bloody jump start
pcaman2003: Lol! feralmong
Raspel31: It was indeed late with the eggs and still bearing the guilt from auntie Evangelina. a souffle pcaman but Grunty was
pcaman2003: @Luvit. No good mate. Battery totally dead and buried.
Gotigres: Of course my opponent has Cameron on field 🙁
Raspel31: Yoy have an hour to hold off on that Crowls.
circle52: For those saying raining in Qld it cleared at lunchtime.
hijikata: its ok Gotigres cameron will probs do bugger all 2nd half
circle52: Ground will be haevy though due to over 100mls in the area
scboy123: whats the general consensus on gawn vs neale as C this week
scboy123: @circle, still looks like theres a lotta water around – how much water left in the ground
Crowls: tks pca, also need two bennel, serong, simpson and buderick
pcaman2003: Big question now is if Grundy will make it to 50.
hijikata: go gawn C for safety, go neale if u need a win in h2h
circle52: Do not know as game at Metricon but suspect will be a bit.
frenzy: Lol track updates
Raspel31: If it’s any help scboy I’m going Neale. The fact I don’t have Gawn is a mere detail.
Beast_Mode: easily grundy’s worst 1/2 in his career
Crowls: was going to trade pitt this week, maybe grundy to gawn 🙂
hijikata: go sam simpson or take budaricks sc
Kidult: Well Richmonds Hub is pretty much underwater. The ground at Metricon was a bit shabby in the Wet on Thursday so probably
Kidult: a horror show of a turf today
feralmong: thoughts on E Taylor sydney as downgrade to cash in and fund trades.
pcaman2003: @Beast. And that’s even going back to under 10’s
scboy123: Raspel you peasant why no Gawn 😛
shaker: looking at the rain radar looks like it’s going to dump down again
scboy123: Need 80+ from Crispy for safety here
circle52: 2feralmong I went early on Close from Freo due to his DPP so can interchange with Budda
Raspel31: Next week scboy- taken me longer than intended- too many outs. But freed up some dosh.
frenzy: go simmo hijikata
pcaman2003: Carrara has had 100mls of rain and a shower band about to hit again.
Pokerface: should i upgrade grundy to pitt??
Ash777: the game at metricon will probably be even more topsy turvy
rupertmarn: Why does Cameron have 90% time on ground and Grundy 80%ground
LuvIt74: Hard pick whether to go Gawn or Neale as C
Crowls: tks hiij
pcaman2003: @rupert. Cos Grundy sucks alps
rupertmarn: Gawn easy
Kidult: The good Hurn,Gaff,Treloar and the horror Grundy,Noble
feralmong: i think both neale and gawn will ton up. So don’t worry. What will happen will happen.
Migz: damn i love allen
DrSeuss: Basically – Grundy deserves to be on the bench more after his first half – hopefully he can make it up in the 2nd
Raspel31: I’m sticking with Grundy Luvit. Expecting a 200 point quarter. Whoops- better go and check.
Raspel31: Did you cap him Migz?
hijikata: grundy doubled his 1st half score
Migz: i wish. i captained williamson on a hunch … 🙁
scboy123: yeah im broke Raspel and need to upgrade 4 mids lol
DrSeuss: Collingwood can’t hit a target – Eagles making them pay
Migz: jokes. i swapped hill and williamson by mistake and will suffer for ever
pcaman2003: hijikata. Awesome stuff!
Grimes Jr: #hotpies
Smac34: Mihocek left in my multi
hijikata: grundy has tripled his 1st half score lmao
Kidult: Its powering down at Metricon look in the live feed
rupertmarn: Look out, Grundy is starting to explode
pcaman2003: Has Grundy put his heart back into his chest?
Raspel31: Tell us the story again Migz- just to cheer us all up.
Smac34: Argh.
boxy36: Lets go, keep climbing Maynard!
Migz: so i was so happy i had macrae as VC i chucked old S hill on d6 as C cause he was out injured. no wukkas.
ajconodie: That goal umpire has bionic eyes.
DrSeuss: Adams gone quiet – get a touch, or a tackle – something
Migz: messing around with some more trades… i put williamson on for hill to check something
Migz: went to sleep and slept in late and didnt bother checking it thinking i had a good weekend
DrSeuss: Grundy getting pushed around like a ragdoll by NicNat
pcaman2003: @Migz. That’s the saddest story ever told.
hijikata: grundy and cameron switched jumpers for the 1st half, its a new strat by bucks
Gandhi: TKelly SC score seems low considering 10 CP at 88%
Raspel31: Thanks Migz- again I feel better with myself.
Kidult: @ajconodie I think they reviewed that wrong touch footage as I think it was the on the line one that needed checking
Smac34: Oscar allan is a star
rupertmarn: Nic Nat is a powerful unit
pcaman2003: @Seuss. I see that too. He’s getting totally outbodied
Smac34: Nat or kennedy replacement ?
Ash777: Pies getting smashed because of grundy.
Yelse: eagles will win the premiership with the home crowd and early needing to travel again
Migz: you are very welcome raspel. if you need any more self esteem boosting i can run a list on my life
Grimes Jr: #hotpies
Kidult: Hard to believe WCE will be 4th on the ladder after their horror hub show
Poliyagon: I love it when collingwood choke
hijikata: i guess this really hurts bailey j williams chances of getting into the side
DrSeuss: Ash – pies are getting smashed because WestCoast mids are winning the ball and hitting targets
a1trader: I thought Collingwood were the team to beat this year. Obviously I was wrong
Arminius: Naitanui playing great but won’t even ton… why i had to trade him
RooBoyStu: Gumby Grundy get a hair cut
Nurfed: Jeez i love following consistent inconsistency
yablettt: It’s easily between Brisbane or WC just depends who gets the GF
Pokerface: hijikata, please refer to him by his name, BJ
Ash777: They’re winning the ball because grundy is not playing his usual game.
ajconodie: West Coast can’t do a thing wrong. Great seeing a team up and about like this, just not against my blokes.
scboy123: bloody mcpherson gonna outscore my crisp
pcaman2003: Oscar is beating the Pies to death.
poolboybob: Pies are missing a lot of A-grade players (Sidebutt, Pendlebury, Howe, De Goey)
frenzy: Beejay
Kidult: horror qtr to Treloar
pcaman2003: @Poolboybob. Don’t forget the ones missing in this game too
amigaman: Oscar Allen going to be a star
MrWalrus: Yeah, poor Collingwood, doesn’t your heart just go out to them
scboy123: grundy shank and a half
Kidult: Allen and Waterman have gone past Darling for mine
Grimes Jr: hahaha walrus
CozzieCan: Got Cameron on the bench & fielded king .. good one cozzie
feralmong: hmm straight swap devon smith for oscar allen.
pcaman2003: I know there’s lower scores,but surely the spud icon for Grundy this game
Raspel31: MrWalrus- you nailed it- I think most of us are magpie fans deep down without the courage to commit.
frenzy: $100k + out feral
casey22: Grundy roving the pack now
hijikata: grundy falling over like bambi against nicnat
Poliyagon: Treloar not getting the points i expecting from treloar but neither is anyone from the pies
casey22: Magpie fan!!!!!! I was taught to hate them when I first became a bomber fan
boxy36: Grundy looks exhausted
MrWalrus: Grundy is no spud, just getting toweled up by a much better ruckman.
Ash777: nah the down arrow or the ying yang
feralmong: thx frenzy. FF stats not the latest it seems.
pcaman2003: Shame Nicnat doesn’t get more TOG.
feralmong: well done crisp now ton up.
Raspel31: casey- there is a thing called irony. Will explain to you one day.
scboy123: come on Crisp 20-30 pt last quarter
Phasir: If you still believe NicNat’s overrated, you’re clearly mentally impaired
Migz: think of the impact on the game, you are telling me grundy is only 16 points behind nic? paleeze
VodkaHawk: Grundy and Crisp projected 240, currently 105
Raspel31: How did you get access to my doctor’s filesPhasir?
spdysaint: should I look to get allen as a Pod?
scboy123: vodkahawk i feel your pain, luckily opphas grundy C so is ok
MrWalrus: NicNat is the reason Grundy is 16 imaginary footy points behind instead of his usual 100 or so in front
Ash777: grundy starting forward…
Kidult: Grundy starting Fwd
CozzieCan: How is Kennedy only 91 sc for 5 goals lol ?
frenzy: someone has dropped the ball @ CD
tdarian: i took darcy cameron off the ground, to take kind’s score. thats how good i’m going
Raspel31: Grundy starting forward. Seemed a popular comment.
Ash777: very touching
StacksOn: with the amount of cash grundy is going to lose for this, are any of you thinking of trading him out and back in later?f
hijikata: StacksOn not worth the 2 trades
Ash777: pies getting played with now ouch.
pcaman2003: Pies defence as bad as Hawks today.
feralmong: 5 muppets cozzie will do that to SC scores.
Migz: some people have more trades left than they can reasonable use hiji
DrSeuss: Pies whole team has been horrible – thoroughly outplayed
Raspel31: Interesting thought StacksOn- shall examine.
pcaman2003: Even Barrass is beating Grundy’s alps
BOMBRBLITZ: No Pendles. no Pies?
hijikata: pies whole team witches hats?
DrSeuss: Turns out Grundy is also a terrible forward as well
feralmong: still have 22 trades
Nurfed: Yeah mare us all tbh
VodkaHawk: How dumb is that Tradie body spray ad.. wtf
pcaman2003: @feral. That’s amazing. I only have 16
SC-STAR–: Lucky I had the vc on macrame and not grundy
pcaman2003: My error Feral. Make that 19.
DrSeuss: Grundy not moved into the ruck yet – Bucks has put the cue in the rack
StacksOn: ive got 19, still dont have gawn, moving gawn, ceglar and nic nat could net me a premo forward, gawn and a low BE player
Pokerface: in a few weeks thatll ramp up to 30 trades left feral
Apachecats: Will give NTP winner in chat room next game after SC adjustment.Stu looking good on 62 then grimes on 64 at this stage.
StacksOn: moving grundy*
scboy123: feral i got 22 as well, so stupid
boxy36: @Pokerface I certainly hope so – with the amount of movements injuries I’ve had, I’m running well short
Raspel31: Yep, Grundy up forward a great move. Not even a point every 5 minutes
boxy36: Apache yeah my 103 looking solid
scboy123: whats NTP
SC-STAR–: Should I go with lloyd or sicily for doedee
Ash777: this reminds me of the wce vs dogs game in 2011.
Raspel31: Lloyd all the way.
boxy36: Star I’m looking at the seagull
hijikata: bring out the witches hats
Apachecats: Nearest the pin scboy
pcaman2003: Hopefully Starcevich will get to 180
Kidult: WCE lose to GCS and almost Crows,Freo then smash the Pies. Football is a funny game
softwhitee: anyone elses team feel like a mess after this week
original: Lol pcaman
frenzy: need a mercy rule
Raspel31: Think thats a done deal pcaman
FlyinRyan2: yeah go for lloyd never know when sicily will get a 40
boxy36: @softwhitee absolutely – though i’ve grown used to it after this year
shaker: Weather report from anyone living on the Gold Coast?
Yelse: eagles just wanted to play home, they were princesses up in QLD
frenzy: wet wet wet shaker
Kidult: shaker look at Melbourne demons Twitter
feralmong: golden showers shaker.
Breezey: There’s flooding on the Gold Coast after some of the rain that’s gone through today. Still raining
Pies20: good comeback from crisp I guess, the only hilight of this geez
MercAm: Sigh what a shower show for the pies
softwhitee: why do I own Yeo *sigh*
Ash777: razer ray putting the throat on pies too.
MrWalrus: @softwhitee, no long term injuries in the 1st quarter, no doughnuts, on track for over 2000 still, this is a great week!
tdarian: should be at the cats kelly
VodkaHawk: Brownlow votes will be tough for this game
Migz: i know its meaningless but damn i love it when a full team gets murdered by monty on this site
satch7: Gawn or Neale for skipper
AuroraBore: does the rain change anything re the C on gawn or Neale?
boxy36: Surely Gaff in after his bye
feralmong: Kennedy 3 votes.
Kidult: Kennedy 3,Kelly 2 and Shuey 1
StuL: Most feral fans. Eagles
rupertmarn: Gawn easy
Nurfed: cant go past gawn, going against backup and is running red hot
Nurfed: whats that symbol on the pies? cant see the key for the icons
SC-STAR–: who should I get lloyd or sicily to replace doedee
feralmong: time for my mid pricer daicos experiment to end.
amigaman: @tdarian would it follow Dangerfield should be at crows
spdysaint: what price will kelly be after this game?
Kidult: @ SC STar go the one who you need to field 18 in the bye rounds.
cmperrfect: Run out of gas nurfed
feralmong: pies % demolished. But with the draw prob won’t matter.
feralmong: lloyd. reliable.
feralmong: lloyd 6 tons in a row.
ajconodie: Thank f this is nearly over.
Kidult: Syd have a bye with Gws so that and what Feral said
Nurfed: lets just pretend this game never happened thanks
scboy123: surely crisp 90+ with adjustments
boxy36: Maynard and Noble :/ don’t care about Grundy as most have him
feralmong: lol 89
MercAm: Had Gaff, Adams, Cameron, Maynard and Grundy

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