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Chat log from R8 of 2020: Port Adelaide vs St Kilda

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs St Kilda, R8 of 2020

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scboy123: Evening Gents, Butler, King and Houston for me tonight
scboy123: Although could live with Houston having a quite one if the saints get up 🙂
amigaman: Good luck scboy. Go Saints
Stu7: Houston, Ross & Butler come on
StuL: Go saints!
CozzieCan: Could anyone please tell me butlers b/e ? Cheers fellas
frenzy: 155 butler
circle52: Assuming Dan Butler B/e 155
CozzieCan: Might jump on him next week , thanks
Stu7: Traded Hill cause of crap scoring – just my luck He goes big tonight
Ash777: bought in steele this week
Stu7: Steele is a gun I mad the mistake of choosing Ross over him a few weeks ago
rupertmarn: Traded out Rozee
Poliyagon: I’ve got steele and butler
beerent11: Rozee looks a bit better
Apachecats: Looks like Parker got a team mate to cut his hair
Yelse: got georgiades playing instead of king and budarik this isn’t looking good
BOMBRBLITZ: Didn’t know a dropped mark counts as a Clanger these days! Since when???
Stu7: Can’t follow SuperCoach scoring these days
Stu7: Duursma’s having a Barry Crocker
BOMBRBLITZ: Happened to Pickett last night and Mayes just now
Kidult: shoulda been a free to pepper
DrSeuss: Has Houston ever had a good first quarter??
tdarian: i have DBJ. honestly that kid gets no love from CD
StuL: King on as many touches as the whole game last week
Stu7: Come on Ross – dudd
Yelse: what a pick by moi georgiades 🙁
spdysaint: Stay low Steele
scboy123: Dtu7 surely u dont have Ross
CozzieCan: @Stul , impressed by king so far , big man getting down & dirty
Poliyagon: Get high Steele
BigChief: That sounds so bad @Poliyagon
Stu7: @scboy123 yes I bought him when he was in form
scboy123: butler sc lower than dt…. rough
Poliyagon: we’ll see, butlers been dissapointing in recent weeks
spdysaint: King super impressive 20 points without a goal
DrSeuss: Keep going Mr Ladhams
Ash777: I bought in king over westhoff. so far so good
Ash777: on the field I mean. I have both
Stu7: Earth to Houston
Stu7: Jackoff is on the way out
CozzieCan: Houston go backwards is a problem
DrSeuss: Make an attempt Houston you flog
Ash777: westhoff was good early rounds then something happened and now he’s putting out really poor nunbers.
beerent11: Keep going king you’ll be Walters next week
CozzieCan: Imagine if M.King tons wowwee
Stu7: Come on Ross flog
heppelitis: Georgiaddes may as well be strutting around in black and white traccy pants and moccasins.
pcaman2003: I’ll get excited if King kicks 5 goals
Kidult: extra height usually kills Ports defence Ben brown kicked 10 against them last year
StuL: Got rid of King after than pain of last week. He better suck.
heppelitis: why does it take a spray to get a response?
Breezey: They normally respond after a roasting on Fan Footy.
circle52: Thanks heppel
Stu7: Looks like Georgiades kicked off the moccasins
Stu7: King will be lucky to hit 50
DrSeuss: Houston – you continue to be a problem
Stu7: Trading Ross next week
heppelitis: sorry georgy boy..i feel bad now.
Breezey: All of a sudden Georgie
DrSeuss: Ok Ladhams – pick it back up mate
jbjimmyjb: well georgiades should have his spot in the team for at least 3 weeks now
Stu7: This will be the beginning of St Kilda’s demise I can just feel it.
Donzoes: go at him again hepp, he might go for 100
Kidult: Wanted Georgiades but had to cover Hill out in Defence
frenzy: give Houston a poke Hepp
Yelse: went to get pizza and georgiades went from 0 to 47 keep going son
Stu7: Go at Houston and Ross @heppelitis pleaseeeeee
Apachecats: What sort Yelse?
The39Steps: Supreme @Yelse?
nogoalo: wtf has happened to gresham
pcaman2003: King is a 2 metre 90kg spud.
Yelse: wood oven sopressa @ apachecats
tdarian: i had half peperoni half marinara tonight from the local pizza shop. so good
heppelitis: Stuff you Mayes doing a Westhoff impression. Move your ass next half
pedsz: King son get it movin
Legix: Boak quiet this quarter
Grimes Jr: georgiades!!!!
Apachecats: A venetian yelse.
Poliyagon: I missed the second quarter. What happened with Georgiades???
pcaman2003: @pedsz. Does he move? I thought he was a tree,or a vegie like a giant spud.
clay007: The scoring is weird-3 kicks 1 hb, 3 marks 1 tackle, 1 goal-57 points wtf?
Apachecats: same heppel just bought him on 115 last week ,lucky to get 1/2 that tonight.
scboy123: good first half sainters keep it up
Poliyagon: yip yip
wadaramus: > took a mark and kicked a goal, but his SC went bananas!
Stu7: @scboy123 don’t hold your breath bro
boxy36: geez Port fans love to boo
Yelse: comparing SPP to Georgie score makes no sense but ill take it
Apachecats: 57 good going for 4 possies ,no tackles.
heppelitis: I dont have him Apache…my son does and he is top 1000 so barracking for him.
wadaramus: Not sure what they are booing at?
clay007: I agree Yelse, bs if you ask me. SC just make it up
boxy36: @wadaramus no idea
Poliyagon: surely theres a mistake with georgiades
boxy36: watch the saints lose by 30 from here – st kilda 2nd half is not good
heppelitis: Poli going 100% a couple of contested marks/goal/inside 50s as well
pcaman2003: CD has had a spasm. Will most surely readjust the ridiculous score.
CniglioSsn: In my trades to gawn and smith this week, i got rid of georgi. I wanted to give sturt another week.
wadaramus: Positivity is what we need boxy, come on mate!
CniglioSsn: Seeing as he hadnt got a game in 6 weeks i didnt think he would this week. I missed lockout, and now i’m depressed
boxy36: @wadaramus you’re right – I’ll lift my game haha
clay007: Georgiades 0 at qtr time, 57 half time. Fair qtr-SC favouring young player.
CozzieCan: Cmon king 70+ big man let’s go
cmperrfect: Hill cooked. AFL has him as injured.
wadaramus: They played a very competitive first half. lets hope they can sustain it.
pcaman2003: @Cozzie. I have him so lucky to get to 30. Sorry!
boxy36: @CozzieCan need him to bag a few from here! Both as a SC owner and st kilda supporter
Kidult: Contested Mark +4, Long advantage kick + 6, Score assist +4 and then the added bonus of shorter games
wadaramus: One hundred percent DE is the kicker, look at Dixon, Bonner & Marshall.
Pies20: told ya last week sc scores make no sense dt scores you no what you looking for
wadaramus: Most of the time, SC scores reward effort, sometimes it is questionable.
wadaramus: DT is flat out reward whether it is effective or not.
amigaman: Warning, I’m trading Petracca tomorrow. Beware
Stu7: Glad I sold that paper weight Hill
frenzy: It’s CD Luv, that’s all
Stu7: Sc scores are over inflated and can’t follow
amigaman: * trading in
Kidult: Did Lingy get the sack don’t think I’ve seen him since the restart of the comp
wadaramus: Trading him out Amiga?
Pies20: Yep simple @wada
boxy36: Hill back out to play is a good sign – just hope the knee isn’t too much of a niggle
boxy36: @amigaman – He’s already cooked, I brought him in this week too, sure thing to score 30
wadaramus: Carn the Sainters!
amigaman: Make it 15 with both of us
scboy123: not the stART to the second half we were after lol
The39Steps: What’s with the lack of social distancing at the Oval? Not a problem if we lose a few South Australians?
frenzy: get a rocket up ya Houston
BigChief: Time to get rid of Houston yet?
pcaman2003: The39steps. Guess where the next big breakout will be.
Pies20: about to say the same thing @frenzy
Ash777: what kind of games is hinkley playing with his players.
heppelitis: ok Houston…You are so crap I dont even have you. Lift for those that do.
Pies20: not here boy’s Vic flogs trying to get in no hope already caught 6of u
CozzieCan: Howard almost purposely looking like he’s trying to let Port win haha
Stu7: @heppelitis thank you 🙏
wadaramus: Going to the game tomorrow, first time I have been into the city for I don’t know how long.
Pies20: tal
frenzy: worked a treat hepp
Pies20: thanks @hep be patient @chief hopefully he lifts
Stu7: @heppelitis and Ross please 😊
Pies20: and he is
Stu7: Hepp is da man
The39Steps: Why put yourself risk @wada? Stay home. stay safe. Remember Port supporters sat in your seats 12hrs ago!
pcaman2003: King is a useless light pole.
Stu7: Just as well Port arent kicking straight
wadaramus: Hahahaha, thanks for your concern 39!
CozzieCan: @pca hahaha so true mate
wadaramus: Got offered free tickets to the Audi club, 3 course lunch and free drinks.
Poliyagon: just need butler to kick another for my multi
clay007: King will be a great player. He is just young and raw.
wadaramus: Hard to decline 🙂
Stu7: King will be traded next week along with paper weight Ross
Pies20: He has a point @wada haha
Stu7: Her Hepp another dig at Houston please!
DrSeuss: That free wasn’t against Ladhams – he didn’t get Ryder high
The39Steps: @wada, possibly worth the risk but make sure you load up on the free food and booze to make it worth that risk.
wadaramus: I’ve been keeping my nose clean down south for many months now.
clay007: Traded Rohan Marshall for Grundy. Hope Grundy plays well tomorrow!
wadaramus: Time to head back to the city for a taste of some footy!
pcaman2003: @clay007. King will be great like Ty Vickery.
cmperrfect: Cmon Butler, get involved in something ffs
Breezey: Come on Wobbie
CozzieCan: Ryder looking good
wadaramus: Even though AFL footy completely sucks arse!
beerent11: Kings be is in the 50’s. Gotta go
Seb78: Move Houston FFS!
Yelse: geez georgie has stopped
heppelitis: Common Mitch just because your initials are embroided on your team mates jumpers does give you a free pass. Do something
clay007: I don’t think so pcaman2003. He shows potential.
wadaramus: He barely started Yelse!
TheLegend6: Boring game this
Breezey: Payback deliberate there
wadaramus: AFL umpiring is bordering on ridiculous. Gonna push me back to the SANFL I reckon.
Stu7: Notthe Hawks
Stu7: Bit like the hawks game
pcaman2003: Stay down Houston,so King can possibly catch up a bit.
CozzieCan: Legend boring ? A little like your grand final against the giants lol
amigaman: Is Peter Ladhams the new Messiah?
wadaramus: AFL is so over-contested with 36 players at every contest!
Stu7: Houston 13 possessions for 40
clay007: Every Georgiades poss worth 5 times the rest
TheLegend6: Wasn’t for us Cozzie. I’m more talking about the state of football atm anyway. Favours negativity.
beerent11: 3rucks over 80.
Ash777: houston the trap of season
original: SPP started with a bang, 7 touches, then had 2 and then 0. Cmon man
beerent11: Houston only 3cp. that’s why stu
clay007: @Legends-Do you get that this is the weirdest season ever for the players. This is a tough season for the teams.
CozzieCan: @Legend just making a joke mate haha , but yeah not wrong .. shocker
Kidult: Would you pay 180-190k for Georgiades next round?
Stu7: Cheers Beerent11
wadaramus: 46% DE on Houston is why he hasn’t had lift off!
Ash777: the restrictions on the teams is killing it.
pcaman2003: Get off the bottom the pile King and FFS do something.
TheLegend6: @Clay there’s too much congestion and negative tactics from coaches. No ones taking games on. It’s a dull watch.
clay007: I hate people who constantly shame the game Find a new sport. I love it!
Silz90: I need port to win and for king to kick a goal.
Donzoes: Me too Silz, we gotta stop having the same bets
wadaramus: Clay, AFL has never been worse!
TheLegend6: @Clay find a new sport? I think that’s the last thing i need lmao
clay007: I get it Legend, but this is not normal times. Training restrictions, hubs, quarantines, less roots
wadaramus: Spot on Legend.
Stu7: Get off your ar5e Houston & Ross
clay007: Watch something else then Wadaramus. No-one is forcing you to watch. Much closer games
beerent11: Steele nearly the best mid in the comp with his defensive capabilities and getting so much of the ball. No one else does
wadaramus: It’s not just this year clay.
Stu7: Goals Butler
Gandhi: Lots of people just enjoy whinging. I find having a beer and ignoring the negative nancies works.
beerent11: What he does
Stu7: Good straight kicking by the saints tonight
wadaramus: I ain’t watching clay, I am just following for SC scores. NRL is 10 time better.
Breezey: Open up the game with some social distancing on the field
Grimes Jr: carn sainters
Stu7: Houston good stuff
wadaramus: Excellent call Breezey, this is exactly what the game needs.
boxy36: jesus Carlisle hurts sometimes
Stu7: Butler has stopped big time
CozzieCan: King & Simpkin flower me
pcaman2003: Wowee! King got leather poisoning then.
clay007: Great call Gandhi!
boxy36: not as much as westhoff
beerent11: Just get to 50 max
Stu7: Go you good thang Butler
scboy123: need houston and steele 20 disposals and saints win for my multi …
boxy36: Ryder has no business kicking goals like that…
DrSeuss: WTF was that free for?
Stu7: scboy123 don’t rely on Houston
clay007: Good night Port. Sleep tight! Wake up Billings ffs!
Schillaci: Oh when the Saints….
scboy123: stu7 already up for the night just my ruffie multi 😛
beerent11: Been a very good player for a long time ryder.
Costanza: top top top…so they stop
wadaramus: But you loved it boxy!
Stu7: scboy123 good stuff
EzyEagle5: Bout time port lose
boxy36: @wadaramus absolutely mate, love seeing the big boys doing stuff like that!
EzyEagle5: Hi
Ash777: lol what a goal
Breezey: That’ll do me
boxy36: and then Membrey kicks that, that’s insane
Schillaci: membrey!!!!
chilipowdr: gee
wadaramus: Saints have maintained the pressure all night, well played.
scboy123: need 3 houston disposals come on
Gotigres: So far happy I went King to Petracca
VodkaHawk: Come on Ebert, 3 more.
wadaramus: GEorgiades 80 sc for doing fuck all.
clay007: Ryder needs to realise that he needs to say goodbye to his hair. Yeah Yeah
CozzieCan: Jumping on Ryder this week
frenzy: how longs Lycett out
Stu7: Ffs Ross injured anyone know what it is?
Stu7: Geo golden child
The39Steps: Port fans are spitting chips, dentures and food all over the place @wada. Don’t risk it!
Breezey: Quad I think they said Stu
VodkaHawk: King kick a goal
boxy36: @Stu calf
Donzoes: Boak could get a cheeky price dip from here
wadaramus: Not looking good 39, it is a clear risk I admit.
LuvIt74: Glad i held on to Georgiades
clay007: King you beauty
boxy36: Come on King slot it!
CozzieCan: Cmon king !!!
Stu7: Thanks boxy36 confirmed trade now – cost me money though
DrSeuss: These Frees against Ladhams are freaking JOKE
beerent11: Max!
Stu7: Thanks Breezy
pcaman2003: More of the same King.
VodkaHawk: Ok, now Ebert get 3 disposals, lol
CozzieCan: 1 more king cmon big boy
Donzoes: 7 more points for $195 win
Schillaci: Oh When the Saints Go Marching In… How Iwant to be at St.Kilda
Poliyagon: Will georgiades get this next week, his scoring seems sus
Patty19: Rozee has single handedly ruined my SuperCoach season
sMiles: The Frees against Port have been bullshit. One way traffic due to one way umpiring. I call for an enquiry… HTere is so
beerent11: Good that’s his breakeven.
wadaramus: Enjoy the win boxy, fucken to effort from the boys.
casey22: Got rid of King ages ago-smart move. Still got Rozee-dumb move!
Breezey: I wouldn’t want to be at St.Kilda Schillaci at the moment
boxy36: @wadaramus cheers mate, really solid effort all game by the whole team
runners47: C’mon Rowan – ton up!
Breezey: But I know what you mean
EzyEagle5: Go saintss
CozzieCan: @casey king still making money lol
wadaramus: Absolutely strong 4 quarter effort. Lucrative two week trip to the fair city of Radelaide!
casey22: Got Marshall in a draft comp = convinced me to go DT scoring system!
sMiles: Booooo. That was BS
beerent11: Not this week cozzie
CozzieCan: King & Simpkin into Walters & Ryder for me
wadaramus: Port suppporters lining up to rip shreds off Port on 5AA 🙂
casey22: No gun, magnet?
wadaramus: Tredders trying to justify the Ryder trade.

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