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Chat log from R7 of 2020: Adelaide vs St Kilda

Chat log for Adelaide vs St Kilda, R7 of 2020

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missmagic: late changes?
missmagic: geez afl website and here are slack,i want to get to a sportsbar and watch the game,but need to know if any late outs
snake_p: no late changes according to Twitter
shaker: AFL twitter is pretty reliable for late changes
Gotigres: Shane Tuck was a good warrior for the Tigers when we struggled for success. RIP
CozzieCan: Laird & King in this one , RIP Shane Tuck , will be missed
feralmong: U serious gotigres. Oh no.
lairdniqqa: boys 9 minutes to go, i’m ready to score 200, get the C on me if you havent used it yet
Gotigres: Just saw it on the afl website feral. If he was his old man he would still be playing.
CozzieCan: @Laird just a nice ton will do .. about time you moved your flowering ass this season
Gotigres: It’s your 150th Laird. That means a big game for you. You have priority for kick-ins, and cheap possies.
feralmong: Shit just read it gotigres. So sad for his fam.
pcaman2003: On 2008 with King, Kaird and Dodee
amigaman: That ump is afool. No way that was deliberate
feralmong: Puts stuff in perspective gotigres. What I score this week isn’t I
Gotigres: Too true feral
Apachecats: My wife taught Shane Tuck in grade 2 ,he was a nice kid ,cousin of Gary Ablett RIP.
pcaman2003: Grow a pair Laird. Backing away is not on.
bhg26: Wouldn’t mind all three of your blokes pcaman getting nothin so i have a competitive score
lairdniqqa: i just had a nice tackle guys! cheer me on
bhg26: Only player i have in this game is king carrying the bench
pcaman2003: @bhg26. Hopefully the’ll fire up a bit. Slow start.
StuL: I can see King getting nothing today. King v Laird. Lead of 95. Close.
bhg26: Took Curtis Taylors 76 so don’t score Kingy
Grimes Jr: King + Mcpherson vs laird + 32. don’t think im winning
StuL: It was King or Budarick for me. Buda mighty 42 looking ok
casey22: All done at 2254 & lost as neither have players in this
bhg26: I must maintain my rank pcaman, wouldn’t mind the three of your players smashing their heads together
Dead_Ned: how on earth is Doedee only on 7
bhg26: Need laird, Doedee and King combined to get less than 200 to win
pcaman2003: @Casey22. That’s stiiff ! That’s a reasonable score to
zadolinnyj: Courage
Kidult: Laird isn’t even playing back he is up the ground must be backing in Hamill, Mcpherson, Mackay run out the back
bhg26: Actually met the king brothers, they are bloody tall
casey22: Will finish with 3rd highest score in my league & a loss
bhg26: Even was with King brothers mum and dad when Ben King won the grand final sprint
sMiles: @BHG26 I need King and Doedee to score 50… I’m not that confident
bhg26: Looking good so far sMiles
lairdniqqa: coach has me playin up the ground… gronk
zadolinnyj: Laird in midfield, b crouch half forward
pcaman2003: Doedee will lift soon
Bezzina: good boy king
StuL: With king its a mark-goal or zilch.
wadaramus: Crows are insipid.
Legix: Got Brodie Smith 15+ in my multi. Sorry guys
frenzy: have’nt played us wada
wadaramus: Not sure I could watch that trash frenzy!
pcaman2003: sMiles. Nice bonus at the end of the qtr. Start smiling.
bhg26: We miss you Zak attack, please come back
wadaramus: Hard enough watching this tripe!
jfitty: McPherson >> Laird
blashtroko: Get that wing next to lairds name!!
frenzy: a race to the cellar wada
pcaman2003: @Wada. You sound as harsh on Crows as I am with the Hawks. Very frustrating!
StuL: You got it now Wada. Only playing StKilda. You’ll win
Yelse: B crouch need you for 20 possessions
Donzoes: Same Yelse, and Clark for 15
bhg26: Bugger off king and Laird, stay down Doedee please
FlyinRyan2: thanks king
Gotigres: Yes King and Laird!
Ash777: come on hamill
pcaman2003: Onya Laird. Now c’mon Dodo and follow Lairds example.
StuL: Laird will go huge damn it
lairdniqqa: get around me boys we’re on for 200 here
twinpeaks: Brodie Smith any danger
nick2397: Finally some good luck in SC, with Laird and Steele.
pcaman2003: How did Hill not get pinged for HB.,Disgraceful umpiring
wadaramus: We’re winning frenzy!
Bezzina: need 60 from McAsey and King, i’m terrified
wadaramus: Not so sure StuL!
Kidult: Worst non-call of the year
wadaramus: The criticism is warranted pcaman!
NewFreoFan: Don’t think I’ve seen a Crouch have this few disposals
zinger97: hello i am new to the afl why is my player pick timas membrane on 1
wadaramus: B.Smith gonna cost me a win in SC 🙁
Bezzina: hasn’t got a touch zinger
Switcheyes: Doedee from fire to farts to fire again?
pcaman2003: @Zinger. Because he’s what’s known as a spud.
frenzy: lol timid membrane
wadaramus: The Crows have no skill or nous.
zadolinnyj: B couch killing me
nick2397: Tough decision this week – downgrade Starc to Day or McPherson?
Donzoes: Please Crouch, touch the ball
Gotigres: What was Smith thinking?
casey22: @zinger; I;m hoping he’s not your best player!
Kidult: I’m going day myself
Kidult: 19 disposals and 8 marks for a second game
Silz90: I’m in the same boat nick
nick2397: Cheers Kidult
jfitty: @m0nty – the photo of Tom Doedee on his profile is Luke Brown FYI
CozzieCan: Laird on fire , yipeee
wadaramus: A tackle from behind is NOT a push in the back.
pcaman2003: @Cozzie. Shh! You might moz him.
original: Great dive by gresham. Yuck
bhg26: Laird, just stop please, dont let this be the week you finally decide to play footy
pcaman2003: You can start playing now Dodo. Siren went earlier.
Kidult: Gresham actually buckled fwd as he always does.
CozzieCan: Hope not pca
pcaman2003: Several shocking umpiring decisions.
NickR9: cmon hamill
Pokerface: perhaps i shouldve taken budarick’s score rather than mchenry after all
The39Steps: B grade umpires, officiating b grade sides in a b grade game in a b grade city.
wadaramus: B Grade city is going a bit too far 39Steps!
spdysaint: @39steps a b grade team that beat the tigers
Jolles: Would think Melbourne is a F grade city then.
casey22: @39 steps; very generours with the ratings there, especially for the city!
wadaramus: Ignorance is bliss I guess?!
Gotigres: Not sure what you’re doing King but love your point scoring
The39Steps: True @wada, has improved significantly.
pcaman2003: Dodo 1 touch for the qtr. Need more big fella.
nick2397: Melbourne not F Grade city, just has an F Grade premier/government
spdysaint: Geez I wish I had Steele, would have him if I had greater rookie job security
wadaramus: Why would you want to go to Victoria?
Struda: nicks a moron everyone
Jolles: You elected him.
Baldfrog: Victoria the home of family transmissions leave ya sisters alone
pcaman2003: And then he suddenly gets 2 more. lol
CozzieCan: Smith spudding it tonight
ausgooner: stop getting your news from the murdoch media
nick2397: I don’t vote Labor/Greens, so nothing to do with me!
Breezey: Nice up here in QLD at the moment. A Grade everything
The39Steps: Anyway, new subject. How many trades have u folk got in SC?
spdysaint: A lot of salty people from Adelaide
amigaman: Jeez this has been a bad weekend. You blokes would argue aboput which way you cast a shadow in the dark
casey22: One sneeze in Adelaide & everyone gets a cold!
Struda: again, nicks clearly a moron
Trade Bait: clearly the S in SA stands for Salty… sheesh
wadaramus: Nowhere near enough 39Steps!
wadaramus: Me salty? Not. I live in paradise 🙂
The39Steps: Number left @wada?
frenzy: have the saints fixed their 2nd half fade
boxy36: Evening all, huge start from Steele! Spewing I didn’t start him this year
nick2397: Struda cheers c**t. Keep going Laird and Steele, thank christ for you two
wadaramus: 2000 Falls Festival, Great Ocean Road.
boxy36: @The39Steps I’m in trade trouble, only got 16 left
wadaramus: Mornington Peninsula, Casey’s last ride at Phillip Island.
wadaramus: The Streets at Prince of Wales, St Kilda. Oasis at Festival Hall.
furphy: Gee whiz you notice the home team umpiring bias has returned
wadaramus: Linkin Park at Rod Laver.
Struda: wear a mask, dont be a fuckhead nick
wadaramus: Probably don’t need to go back to Melbourne again!
CozzieCan: Butler low for 7 disposals & 2 goals ??
The39Steps: @boxy, reckon you are better than most. If you get a week off in the finals you are in great shape.
Trade Bait: Butler has 5 clangers buddy
wadaramus: Nineteen Ninety Seven GF was good, as was GNR at Calder Park in Ninety Three.
boxy36: @The39Steps yeah but I’ve still got at least 6 upgrades to make – so at least 12 without injuries
amigaman: @CozzieCan would love to agree, but the 5 muppets kill him
frenzy: hmm wasnt it the palla theatre in stkilda wada
NewFreoFan: Greshams score seems high for 37% efficiency
duckky: Battle concussed. Ryder to get a week
wadaramus: Was a while ago frenzy, pretty sure it was a the pub though!
wadaramus: The point is Melbourne is not so visit!
The39Steps: Missus watching MC. Who won?
pcaman2003: Tha Palais would be too small for GNR.
BigChief: Wow I log in and 1st msg I see is terrible.
wadaramus: 75 thou at Calder Park m/
wadaramus: Which one BC?!
amigaman: Hi BigChief. Hasn’t improved from the other night
CozzieCan: B.Smith 3 wtf
Smac34: Just tuned in, why is smith on 3
pcaman2003: They took a tackle off Lird. Then haven’t paid one from 5 mins ago. 2 Owed.
amigaman: 7 Muppets
wadaramus: 7 clangers.
Seb78: Lol Ned are you flowerin serious??
pcaman2003: Daamn! Laids dropped from 69 to 61 now. BS!
Apachecats: 9 Brownlows to be given this year guys.I can feel a rage trade coming on.
pcaman2003: At least Doedee came back strongly this qtr
Kidult: Saints will be lucky to play finals after last week and this weeks effort
Gotigres: Come on Laird and King. The second half has started
Donzoes: Crouch to go massive in the 4th with 12 disposals
Kidult: be funny if they lose to the bottom 3 sides Fremantle,North and Adelaide
Apachecats: Don’t ask me how that last post happened.
wadaramus: Too many small forwards who can’t kick over 45m.
Ash777: ffs butler
frenzy: where the flower has Laird gone
CozzieCan: Butler wowee spudding it
amigaman: Umps don’t like Butler much
Kidult: wow Doedee jumped right up
Apachecats: Get Butler off the ground ,NOW while hes still got a few points left.
Kidult: on track for 4/6 tons might grab him for D6
Kidult: Confident paying extra for Gawn and less for Doedee than Goldstein and a 500k defender
pcaman2003: @Kidult. He jumped from 38 1/2 time
frenzy: him or Corr, kidult
Kidult: I don’t touch GWS players so Doedee or someone else for mine
wadaramus: Kick it backwards, sideways, to the boundary, to the about up the middle!
frenzy: understandable
Donzoes: Agree now Kidult, too inconsistent
pcaman2003: These umpires hate the Crows
pcaman2003: King went to a party 1st qtr,didn’t come back.
thommoae: How come, Kid? They haven’t crossed the border have they?
Gotigres: I need another 30 pts from King and Laird for a victory.
Silz90: I think doedee might be my d6 if I run out of trades. Brought him in before round 2
Kidult: Worst game for umpiring of the year. Umpires must hate Monday work aswell
LuvIt74: on 2090 with Laird & King so thankfully i hit 2200 now
wadaramus: Different HTB rule every week.
frenzy: hurley for the extra game kiult
Fatbar5tad: Crap umpiring. The advantage rule has been shithouse all season. No commonsense!
frenzy: *Kidult
Donzoes: Week? Every game is different HTB rule
Kidult: @thommoae always been hurt by any GWS player being dropped or injured and the most Yo-yo scoring club out there
shaker: The HTB rule is officially a dogs breakfast
boxy36: Clarkson has ruined the interpretation of HTB, absolutely zero consistency between games and umpires
wadaramus: Does anyone watch their state leagues or local footy?
wadaramus: Footy at this level is still good!
wadaramus: Why is AFL so shit?
MercAm: Gonna be tight in my multi need Billings and Crouch 15+ and goal from Membrey. Please…
wadaramus: Is it just the defensive pressure? Umpiring isn’t great, but is this because of the pressure?
Kidult: Might even have a sneaky look at McKenna scored 103 with that hand of his and had 87 in the first game plus has an extra
Gotigres: Smith 10 possies for 7sc lol
beerent11: This’ll be 4 tons in six games for doedee. Might be a keeper
NankTank: Cape for doedee 54 points that quarter
Ceema: Need mcpherson to get 4 more than king
Gotigres: Think Doedee put the cape on didn’t he?
Str1k3_M95: Ade to Win, King for 4 goals
Kidult: Doedee also is 380k with a BE of like 2 and another ton on the cards
wadaramus: So now, you can’t even take the ball, no prior these days.
wadaramus: Players won’t want to take possession of the ball soon.
Ash777: doedee is acting captain this game so he’s pretty much a premo now.
wadaramus: They’ll all stand there looking at it waiting for someone to pluck up the courage to take possession!
beerent11: Doedee will still be value if he goes up 30-40k
boxy36: That call on Kelly was crazy
wadaramus: Only to be then pinged for HTB!
Legix: Umpiring has been disgusting tonight
CozzieCan: Wow B.Smirh what a dud
pcaman2003: On 2218 now with Dodoee,Laird and King
Str1k3_M95: smith for the mare 100%
CozzieCan: @mOnty B.Smith , Mare icon for sure
The39Steps: Worst umpiring performance of the last decade. Sunday papers used to rate the umppies. Perhaps an independent CD rating.
The39Steps: …is needed.
Bezzina: I’m at 2170 with king and Mcasey
Vinazzi: Holy fuck
casey22: I’m normally non biased on umpires but this lot are pathetic
Ash777: when you think the umpiring couldn’t get any worse there’s that
Str1k3_M95: here we go.
amigaman: Haha Howard -12 for a bad spoil
Kidult: Steele avg 117 and counting with this top score
boxy36: This umpiring is revolting
beerent11: Not great signs for the saints in this.
casey22: Tex looks only marginally better without the mullet
Donzoes: highly entertaining match lmao
Silz90: Laird is frustrating. Comon son junk it up
StuL: Im sensing something Wada.
beerent11: Lots of saint passengers
Kidult: cmon crows!
Gotigres: 11 more points from Laird and King required. Do something lads.
Vinazzi: Laird held himself
StuL: King the highest scoring 3 touches ever
pcaman2003: Where is King? Not sighted since 1st qtr.
beerent11: He’ll be scaled up too stul with those early goals
CozzieCan: Laird no where good this year , keep or trade ?
wadaramus: Smith at HF, great coaching Nicks..not!
pcaman2003: @cozzie. Soon as u trade him. Bang! He’ll go big
StuL: Omitted. All 3 umps
Gotigres: 8 more points King and Laird. Go for it.
wadaramus: MOre pathetic umpiring, they have literally got no idea how to adjudicate.
masterhc2: ffs anyone else forced to field hamill lol. Somehow despite him and townsend im getting 2300 sc
beerent11: Trade to doedee cozzie. Make some cash probably
Kidult: Gresham tagged and low efficiency and still tons up…
CozzieCan: @pca , 1 of my most consistent last year in my sc ..
Breezey: Thankyou linesman
beerent11: That’s where his points have gone
Kidult: Yup Doedee and Gawn for me this week gonna pass on Day now
beerent11: Haha. Nice humble brag master
CozzieCan: Thanks @beerent great idea
Justavrage: chose to field hamill over williamson
masterhc2: bereent my premos and gawn (c) killed it haha just ridiculous i end up with a score with 2 blokes confirming for 30 haha
Silz90: Did u win gotigres
Breezey: Smith more possies than points
pcaman2003: Game well over now.
beerent11: Goldy and doedee for me can’t bring myself to pay gawns price
pcaman2003: Laird 69 at half time. Done little since.
Gotigres: Need 3 more points Silz
Donzoes: Gawn/Goldstein and not sure if i upgrade DEF or FOR yet
Kidult: Rather pay the xtra for Gawn for the C and extra game highscore
beerent11: Nice master
frenzy: SC taking the pee with B.Smith
CozzieCan: If laird tons he can stay
beerent11: I have Grundy and Neale so not worried about captaincy
wadaramus: Crows got no skill.
Donzoes: I always consider Steele, but never pull the trigger
Ash777: FA for butler ew
Silz90: I’m nervous for you lol good luck
Kidult: if it ends up being best of 18 with bye rounds I think C is important
pcaman2003: Starc and Piito to Goldy and Day for me. Fits the budget nicely.
Ash777: hamill did something!
beerent11: The game in hand is a factor though kidult. Forgot about that.
Gotigres: Thanks Silz
Apachecats: What price is Steele for Brownlow?
Breezey: Keays big score.
scboy123: shocking sc week for me but turned$75 into $7,000 on bets so i guess that makes up for it. up the fucking sainters!1!
Kidult: cya in a few hrs (thursday) hehe
pcaman2003: Bye fellas. Back on Thur. Cheers!
Kidult: nice @scboy
boxy36: @scboy123 that’s mint, congrats on the win mate – enjoy it!
boxy36: Bye all, see ya thurs
MercAm: Dam missed by 1 disposasl, dam you billings

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