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Chat log from R7 of 2020: Western Sydney vs Brisbane

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Brisbane, R7 of 2020

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BestCoast: I have Neale but I need him to stay under130 as opposition has the big C on him
amigaman: Every chance with de Boer tagging
frenzy: VC’d Neale
amigaman: Took Grundy VC
pcaman2003: Took Grundy too just to be safe
bhg26: Same, took Grundy VC
Vich: If you didnt take grundy you have serious issues.
Baldfrog: Thanks guys nearly forgot to take C off Neale
boxy36: VC’d Neale into Gawn
BestCoast: Go Lions
bhg26: Interested to see how Neale goes with de Boer on him
Dead_Ned: De Boer not playing that tight on Neale so far
boxy36: Got a close eye on Zorko this game
cmperrfect: No tag on Neale?
RooBoyStu: Coniglio for the Brownlow!
zadolinnyj: is Neale being tagged?
Baldfrog: Go the Clugg
circle52: DeBoer seems to be totating between Zorko and Neale
Raspel31: Phew-justtook C off Neale at the last mo. Grundy it is.
CozzieCan: Starc might hit 50 today lmao .
boxy36: @zadolinnyj yes, De Boer is running with him
scboy123: Is Neale injured?
Baldfrog: De Boer may struggle keeping up with Zorkos pace
pcaman2003: No more clangers Haynes.
boxy36: Is whitfield on the ground? He’s nowhere near it
BestCoast: Zorkonater
Lawls: They were saying trainer’s kept going out to him @boxy
bhg26: Good handball McCarthy!
boxy36: Love the cheap goal by Neale
Silz90: rooboy can anyone catch neale for the bronlow?
BestCoast: GWS getting slapped
pcaman2003: I guess DeBoer is not tagging Neale after seeing the easy goal.
boxy36: @Lawls he looked to cop a decent hit on the GWS half-fwd line earlier in the game – took a while to get up
Bezzina: Cheeky Neale
pcaman2003: Lift Haynes and Cogs.
BestCoast: Showerfield
Dead_Ned: I think De Boer is moving between Zorko and Neale
bhg26: Looks like it Dead_Ned
pcaman2003: Not happy! Opponent has Keeffe and I have Haynes. Not a good start.
Apachecats: Afternoon all ,just logged on ,couldn’t load for some reason a little while ago.
Raspel31: Had same prob Apache.
BestCoast: Greetings Apache
scboy123: the one round my opponent doesnt have Neale he is super quite
boxy36: Desperately need Haynes and Whit to lift from here
Apachecats: mOnty mightn’t have paid his NBN.
BRAZZERS: is birchall injured? or just long time on the bench?
Raspel31: I think the chain on his bike came off Apache,
DrSeuss: Whitfield and Starc not ideal – pick it back up Cogs
bhg26: Come on Starcevich, just one more week
m0nty: there have been some temporary routing issues with the www server, live is fine though
frenzy: its routed
Raspel31: Only round 7 and can’t fielda team through injury- Fyfe and Heeney this week. Anyone else?
Silz90: im worried willamson will be a late out, so i kept starc as a back up
CozzieCan: @Raspel Heeney & Rowell .. was stuck with him from Howe & Williams
Vich: Any danger shitfield?
pcaman2003: Haynes and Whitty doing my head in
heppelitis: I am worried about that too Silz90. It will be 2 doughnuts if it happens for me.
NugzNiggle: Afternoon all
Vich: What is this no swearing auto correct sorcery
Raspel31: Could have covered with Noble hepp but thought he was non starter.
Donzoes: not sure who did what to whit but he’s shot
BestCoast: Silz90 what’s the word on Williamson
Apachecats: Hi Nugz
pcaman2003: A lot better with Cogs in the middle.
BestCoast: Showerfield keeps hearing footsteps
heppelitis: Ouch Raspel. Ceglar/Long/McLean up forward, and wanting that Geelong bloke killed my
boxy36: Whitfield is my worst starting pick this year
wadaramus: What is with Whitfield? Is he playing a different role? Is another player usurping him?
poolboybob: Do something Whitfield you dud
Donzoes: Ceglar, Fyfe and Young for me this week
DrSeuss: Starc and Whitfield killing me – get near the pill
BestCoast: Big Western Derby tonight can’t wait
pcaman2003: Haynes and Whitty determined to ruin my weekend.
Raspel31: Yep- heavy year for injuries lads- hard to field a side, let alone upgrade.
Gandhi: Think you’ve got your days mixed up BestCoast lol
Baldfrog: Lol BC without Fyfe be more interesting watching grass grow should be 100pt win
JRedden: never again whitfield.
CozzieCan: @Baldfrog , Walters is a gun for freo
Arminius: if whitta is your worst pick you’re doing great
Donzoes: Whitfield’s first kick was shower, wow
Jontdawg: The must have DDP forwards have really been inconsistent this year, Whitfield, Martin, Smith, Heeney
Jontdawg: ‘Must’
Baldfrog: Cozzie you think Freo will get near WC?
frenzy: I hate taggers
Bezzina: Please Starcevich do not lose me too much money
BestCoast: Baldfrog we need percentage be no different two ever other shower game these days
oc16: watch whitfield get 80 from here
pcaman2003: Get near the ball Haynes FFS
NewFreoFan: Conigs is trying his heart out this game
StuL: 3 players all around 10 pts. Ffs
CozzieCan: @Baldfrog doubt it , but second best from Fyfe is Walters for sure ..
Baldfrog: Very true BC
Dead_Ned: This is a disaster. Haynes, Whitfield, Starcevich and Neale.
jbjimmyjb: whitfield cant hit a target
Arminius: good work Whitta never in doubt
Bezzina: Whits d/e by foot is what is killing him this year
Ooost: Opponent has C on Neale 😀 forgot about the De Boer factor
boxy36: @Dead_Ned same minus Starc
amigaman: McCluggage disappeared
Donzoes: If you own Andrews and not Whitfield, you’re laughing, gifting him points
BestCoast: Do many still have Stacabitch
GobChuck: What was happening with Williamsonfrom Carl? saw something about late out in this chat
pcaman2003: Haynes you spud.
Bezzina: I do @best, needed simpson and rank this week
Baldfrog: I do BC but have many spuds atm
frenzy: at least he’s playing Bestcoast, not like brander rivers and co
boxy36: @BestCoast 51% of teams in SC still have Starc
pcaman2003: My God! Haynes touched the ball. Yippee!
Baldfrog: I have them too Frenzy lol
BestCoast: Baldfrog and Bezzina same
Raspel31: Never a truer word spakr frenzy.
Gotigres: Starc more points than Whitfield lol
Bezzina: BC – starv down to day or adelaide rook next week and bring in B.Smith
Apachecats: Wait till the marathon starts and they begin rotating players ,you won’t know whats hit you as far as getting 22 on the
Apachecats: *on the ground goes.
CozzieCan: Starc last 2 full game scores in 1 half this week , wowzaa
Valorlonga: Didn’t expect Corr to have the most points for me at half time in this game
Baldfrog: Suspect your right Apache with teams playing every 4 days soon
scboy123: Neale needs to lift against the de boar tag and starcevic big second half lad
nick2397: Penguin for Hill
BestCoast: Starc two of Neale
Jontdawg: Bobby hill forget he was playing today and got the call up
Raspel31: I’m going to trade Neale for 4 players as backup Apache.
StuL: We’ll get players going home too. GAJ gone home. But reckons he’s coming back. Maybe
Baldfrog: Be interesting how trades work with a game everyday
Baldfrog: Think GAJ is a knob but sad to hear about his son hope he gets better soon
frenzy: not as silly as it sounds Raspel
GobChuck: Harris Andrews gonna be averaging 100 after this game
Dead_Ned: Starcevich used some magical powers to get like 25 points in the last 5 mins of that qtr
AlbySmedtz: what’s the lowest score ever recorded for individual player?
Jontdawg: Anyone do sports deck dream team, with eliminator? Wish they did it in SC!
Raspel31: Brought in Simpkins for Heeney this week frenzy- fingers crossed.
cmperrfect: Nice maths @gob
Baldfrog: Hope you haven’t cursed him Raspel
scboy123: Is Rankine a must trade in this week? I can either trade rankine in and concede or trade in a defender to field 22
frenzy: Simpkin is carrying the world, hope he goes well. i have been shocked by him so far
Raspel31: My fear too Bald.
pcaman2003: @Baldfrog. Don’t worry! The whole of SC is cursed this year
StuL: Get rank if you can afford to 0 scboy
Apachecats: Nick can’t find Penguin ,what team is he in?
Raspel31: scboy- I’d look at Will Day from Hawthorn- covers defence, cheap and a handy 92 last week
StuL: Yea. What rasp said
PowerBug: You can still get Rankine for under $200k next week
frenzy: macpherson at the crows
Apachecats: OK gents (and ladies) Nearest the Pin on Neale .Apache goes 92
Donzoes: If nothing else goes wrong, going for a double upgrade
Baldfrog: Rankine does the spectacular but Will he score consistently enough
boxy36: @Apache I’ll say 101
Raspel31: 87 for my money Apache.
nick2397: @Apache – I like the penguin icon, it’s cute
Baldfrog: I’ll say 90 for Neale
DropCox: Neale 83
CozzieCan: Traded Budarick into Rankine .. had to this week
Valorlonga: wonder when the last time someone played a whole game and went negative
StuL: Rare to have all your “premos” stink
StuL: 75 apache
frenzy: 79 Neale
nick2397: @valorlonga – Michael Gardiner from St Kilda had -19 in a game once
Avarax: 71 for neale
boxy36: @StuL gonna send me grey by the end of the year
Raspel31: Can I change to 38 Apache?
GobChuck: Cogs Lyons Zorko good game lads keep going
SpookFraser: Neale 86
scboy123: Will Day over an upgrade to like Lloyd or Mills?
cmperrfect: Media should bag out Cogs every week
StuL: The upside box is we’re all the same boat. My opp isnt faring much better
Apachecats: you’re locked in rasp ,sorry.
Raspel31: Oh come on Spook- I said 87- that’s nudging it.
Donzoes: Neale 75
Baldfrog: Does Josh Kelly have a get out clause? Giants going nowhere
Donzoes: No wait, 75 taken, i’ll go 72
Apachecats: Last call for NTP Neale.
pcaman2003: Can’t believe opponents roughies are beating my premos. Grrrr!
softwhitee: Dont have neale yet, hehehehe
Raspel31: I just won- he’s 38.
GobChuck: Traded in snelling instead of Neale this week… is this gonna nab 400k AND more points?
DrSeuss: Starcevich – get a touch this half?
Apachecats: Not how it works Rasp.
Ooost: Neale 69
Raspel31: Nope- back to 37.
bhg26: Is Neale playing?
Baldfrog: You get Frenzy’s teashirt Raspel
softwhitee: gonna be a good window to jump on haynes now too
frenzy: teashirt, Lol
Raspel31: Oh the joy Bald- such delight. I shall cherish it.
Apachecats: Closed 11 entries.
frenzy: showerfield gonna ton up from here
Jontdawg: 85 for Neale
cmperrfect: Is Starce injured? Benched for 10 minutes
Gotigres: 80 for Neale
Baldfrog: Neale won’t get to 70
pcaman2003: Keep it up Cogs. You may save my bacon yet.
bhg26: I think he’s just shower cmperrfect
Raspel31: Does H Andrews just have to fart for his score to rocket?
Baldfrog: Gotigres you won yesterday don’t be greedy:)
Apachecats: seeing as you where the yellow Tshirt I’ll let you in GoTigres (and Jont) all closed though now.
feralmong: Damn I forgot to take c off Neale
DrSeuss: Looks like Starc will be one of my 3 trades this week.
Gotigres: Ok Baldfrog lol
CozzieCan: We get 3 trades @ Seuss?
Baldfrog: So just like the other 50k of us Dr?
Raspel31: Serious feral?. Got in with 5 mins to spare grace a dieu.
Ooost: Starc + Brander to Haynes looking good for next week 😀
feralmong: Big nite slept in
TheLegend6: Need Neale 20+ for my multi, hopefully De Boer goes to Zorko last qtr
DrSeuss: @cozzie – apparently in AF we do
Raspel31: That’s a damned fine sllep in.
Bezzina: Love you cogs
Raspel31: That’s a damned fine sleep in.
Apachecats: What were you on feral?
MercAm: Need Haynes and Taranto to get another 5 & 4 disposals, please…
Gotigres: Thanks Apache
pcaman2003: C’mon Haynes. Have a massive last qtr please.
Baldfrog: What else’ is there to do in Vic atm but sleep?
pcaman2003: Enjoying my Jim Beam today. Think I’ll need it.
Raspel31: I intersperse my sleeping with annoying bouts of waking up Bald.
MercAm: @Bald also make a few punts that hopefully work lol
CozzieCan: Lots of sc points to come
Baldfrog: Wow didn’t know you had intersperse in you Raspel
NugzNiggle: @pcaman. If the lions don’t continue trying to give me a heart attack, I’ll be enjoying a bourbon myself.
Yelse: need hopper and mcluggae to get to 15 posies to finish multi off
Raspel31: Over the counter now Bald.
Baldfrog: Yelse you’re looking good
NewFreoFan: Robinson playing for too many free kicks
Baldfrog: Well responded Raspel
Valorlonga: Muppet symbol for Keeffe
tdarian: nadal misses
Gotigres: A few possies please Starc
pcaman2003: Is this the new,beaut Cogs? Hope so!
Gotigres: Huge jump up by Whitfield
BRAZZERS: lolwhit gonna ton easily lmao
Arminius: wow hill…popped shoulder. worst game ever
original: Thought shaw 15+ would be a good multi inclusion
CozzieCan: Cmon starc get to 60 plz
Raspel31: One begins to think that one’s call of 87 for Neale might have been a tad optimistic.
Gotigres: wow, 9 pts for starc kick
cmperrfect: Any1 pull the trigger on Mills this week?
VodkaHawk: Thought Haynes 15+ would be too :/
pcaman2003: Keep going Haynes. At least anther 20 pts
Yelse: Mccluggage a worry for 15
zadolinnyj: Same original
NewFreoFan: I like the over/under disposals for my multis, usually good value
MercAm: Nooo they gave the someone else the disposal that Taranto was meant to get. Surely Haynes and Taranto get 15+
Migz: ya’all mofos gamble too much
Raspel31: 2 to go Yelse- fingers crossed.
TheLegend6: Kelly 2 touches and Neale 4 touches for the win cmon
Ooost: Whitfield 😀
Dead_Ned: @yelse. Tick
VodkaHawk: Come on Haynes and Berry 15+
feralmong: Go Neale get some back
pcaman2003: Feel for anyone who kept the C on Neale
MercAm: Come on Haynes needs 3 and Taranto needs 2
PowerBug: Agree @Migz
NewFreoFan: Hell of a closeline
Yelse: multi completed comnnnnn now for next same game one
Ooost: Only fools would put the C on Neale with De Boer about
Gotigres: Well done Yelse
Baldfrog: Migz stop watching blues clues and learn to speak Aussie
Raspel31: Well, me too Powerbug to be honest..
MercAm: Ok nice Taranto now Haynes please get your 15
Raspel31: But apparently fools sleep in Ooost- not me.
boxy36: Come on Neale, more kicks less handballs pls
feralmong: Or you got pissed, slept in and forgot oost
NewFreoFan: I’m saving so much money with the pubs closed, can afford a little punt to keep life interesting
Silz90: I need haynes + 3 and lyons + 4… very frustrating lol
Stu7: Go Coni
pcaman2003: Haynes been very disappointing today. Been totally outplayed.
TheLegend6: Kelly 2 touches to win please!
DrSeuss: Give Neale the trashcan
Baldfrog: C’mon Neale get to 90 I want that shirt
frenzy: shirt lifter
Raspel31: 87 for me Bald- most exciting times since latest lock down.
MercAm: Think it is a gg with Haynes, such a disappointment
Baldfrog: Skirt lifter thank you
Apachecats: You’re out Gotigres ,could you get that shirt dry cleaned please.
DropCox: Haynes unsighted. Getting 70 is good for the output. Even Doc can go low.
Legix: one more from jelly please
Baldfrog: M0nty should acknowledge the nearest to pin with a special colour for our name
pcaman2003: Mummy is hopeless. Is Jacobs injured?
boxy36: @Legix that one good enough from Jelly?
Gotigres: Give away a free please Neale
zadolinnyj: Sound like the old purple name game from years ago @ballfrog
Legix: real good
amigaman: Whitfield challenging Lloyd for biggest seagull in the game
NewFreoFan: I miss the purple name game
pcaman2003: Brissie are the real deal.
Apachecats: wait for the scaling
Raspel31: Just a handball Neale- 2 points?
Avarax: jacobs sucks
jbjimmyjb: after all that, whitfield tonned up
bhg26: Got both of the seagulls amigaman
Gotigres: Will dry clean the shirt Apache
BRAZZERS: any scaling?
Jontdawg: Pretty sure I went 82! Be close
Silz90: is anyone looping starc? i can loop him for willo
Apachecats: We have a draw -DropCox-83 and Jontdawg -85 ,Well done.
SpookFraser: went 86 fingers crossed
BRAZZERS: only a flog would still have starc
goblues1: 14 point second half for starc
Apachecats: Honorable mention Spook for your 1st go at it.
boxy36: It’s not pretty Whit, but I’ll take it… Haynes and Neale hurt this game
bhg26: im 290th and still have Starc BRAZZERS
MoreMidTim: Atleast Whitfield tries to be creative,
Jontdawg: Being a pies supporter I’m already is use to draws haha cheers Apache
Silz90: u ranked #1 brazzers?
bhg26: Starc for Simpkin or Petracca next week
goblues1: wish we had 3 trades this week so i could have flicked starc
SpookFraser: cheers apache
pcaman2003: @Silz90. Yeah! Number 1 flog

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