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Chat log from R6 of 2020: Richmond vs Sydney

Chat log for Richmond vs Sydney, R6 of 2020

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cmperrfect: Cmon Pickett.
BigChief: Swans should attack Lynch’s hand at every chance.
scboy123: big game pickett dusty and aarts come on boys
circle52: Soft free though – Pressure there
Dead_Ned: cmon Pickett. 65+
Chelskiman: Yeah, I was surprised Jack was awarded the free. I’ll take it though!
bhg26: Swans just need to kick it low, no one in our side has any height
BOMBRBLITZ: Need Dusty to go large 150+
MrWalrus: That is just low chief
Haydo: Dusty looking very good early🤞
BigChief: He goes onto the field so he is 100% fit Walrus. You take any advantage you can.
bhg26: I agree chief, thats the only way we’re winning
Raspel31: Agreed- not on BigChief
Chelskiman: Dusty could go big today.
Chelskiman: Exactly the start we needed!
scboy123: pickett first touch a hand ball goal assist
bhg26: When Jordan Dawson is in ruck, you’re not winning a clearance
cmperrfect: I remember when Lloyds hand got whacked in the glove
Snarfy: I have a feeling that the Swanees might get a touch up today!
MrWalrus: That’s stupid chief, why not just punch the opposition’s best player in the knob each game?
scboy123: the sydney player had the ball in his hand and gets a holding the ball call. these new rules are absolutely ridiculous
bhg26: Someone give our rucks a stepladder
Raspel31: Parker not touched the pill after 12 minutes- not looking good Swans.
BigChief: Swans in trouble on scoreboard and now JPK getting knee looked at. They gone.
bhg26: our outs are a lot worse than richmonds right now
beerent11: Marlion may not last, missed 3 or 4 tackles already. That gets you dropped at Richmond
MrWalrus: But if Kennedy comes back on they should definitely target his knee
bhg26: Walrus, we are already flowered as it is
heppelitis: Where Aart thou?
casey22: Chol thinks he’s a bomber
BigChief: What a stupid comment Warlus. Lynch has a know injury to the hand so why would the Swans attack it? Every contest Lynch
Gotigres: JPK done
BigChief: cont* is in Swans should exploit the injury.
NankTank: Got $50 on Kennedy to get 22 disposals fml
sammyo7: Kennedy done
frenzy: Aart garfunkool oh
Gelly: you’re an idiot bigchief
Chelskiman: Bolton has looked smooth today.
BigChief: Seroiusly Walrus? Do you even know anything or do you just want to cause fights? Must be nice to be a keyboard warrior.
Raspel31: An aart by any other name is a fart in the wind.
shaker: Papley the new duckwood
MrWalrus: Chief, just the same, it is low & stupid, just like pinching fantasia last year
beerent11: Kennedy out should be good for Parker now raspel
Grimes Jr: simmer down chief, great man!
bhg26: So thats JPK, Buddy, Reid, Naismith, Sinclair, Brand, Melican, McCartin and Ronke
amigaman: @BigChief let it go. He’s just a trouble maker
DrSeuss: Pickett – I just need you for 1 game – pick it up
beerent11: Is Stephens the cheap swans debutant or the expensive one?
pcaman2003: Got Haynes and Aarts this week. Oh well!
Raspel31: Haven’t got Parker beer- just a comment- but thanks.
Grimes Jr: jeez, umpiring very average todau
MrWalrus: I know attacking opposition players with the sole purpose of injuring them is a low dirty dog act
Chelskiman: This new htb rule is absurd. Lucky the Swans have been inaccurate. They’ve been on top last few mins.
BigChief: @amiga I think you are right.
cmperrfect: Clearly Picketts GF performance was a blue moon.
Roksta: geez sydney reserves almost making a game of it
MrWalrus: I’m not the one advocating assault on opposition players, but sure whatever, go tiges!
Snarfy: Great quarter Heeney – “Mr. Consistency!”
Roksta: cmperrfect just like dusty he has his money now can relax
Grimes Jr: florent disappointing this year, thought he would go to another level
frenzy: pickett handball getting better by the minute
DrSeuss: 6 Tigers with 1 possession or less and still on top
Ash777: not a single hitout for swans yet only down by 2 goals.
bhg26: Ash, thats because our tallest ruck isnt even 2m tall, and our second ruck is Dawson
cmperrfect: Any1 got Mills this week?
feralmong: Heeney was off with the boot off. Lot of strapping
Snarfy: Look at Callum Mills, not a touch. Give him a run in the midfield Horse -especially with Kennedy down.
bhg26: Richmond should be ashamed they aren’t up by 4 goals
Apachecats: yeah Big chief I’ve got afew of them on full ignore ,don’t get sucked in ,just s**t stirrers.
StacksOn: Shorts a great chance to score well next few weeks if he really takes on Houli’s role
feralmong: Sydney just said tweak in heeney ankle but ok
Apachecats: yeah ,good point Stacks on.
cmperrfect: I’ve had Short from the start, avg 90. Good POD like Ridley was back then.
Raspel31: Grew up with rugby. Of course you target an injured player’s weakness. You just don’t talk about it. Enough already chap
Apachecats: Tigeswith 4 who haven’t had a touch.
MrWalrus: Couldn’t work out who D Smith is… It’s egg!
Ash777: pickett tv
bhg26: Do it yourself Paps
Chelskiman: And as always we just let teams right back into it. We need to be more ruthless.
Grimes Jr: pickett looks like he’s going to be cleaning some blokes up today
cmperrfect: Why did I start Aarts this week. Ffs.
Gotigres: You are actually allowed to take possession of the ball Aarts
pcaman2003: Wherefore Aarts thou
Raspel31: They’ll be saying that about Rankine next weekcmper
Silz90: I’m probably the only bloke that started starc, young, taylor and aarts
cmperrfect: Every rook I get in does F all @raspel lol
Gotigres: I must be playing you then Silz90
DrSeuss: Has Pickett had a clean possession since the Grand Final?
scboy123: has Jaarts even played since his 2 early tackles
BigChief: @Silz I had Starc, Taylor and Young until he wasn’t picked rd 1. Never had Aarts.
Chelskiman: Since we went 3 goals up Sydney have been the better team. Just wasteful going inside 50.
pcaman2003: Revised Proj now down to 2,222. How is everyone else going?
bhg26: Chol just killed himself
CozzieCan: Cmon Pickett flower me
Silz90: Sorry, I mean playing rookies this week BC.
frenzy: yay Aarts is away
Raspel31: How rude to ask pcaman. Disastrously.
DropCox: m0nty, Stephens and Warner need L plates
Ash777: pickett should have 2 frees against.
cmperrfect: 2210 for me @pca, I’ll be out of the top 50 this week
pcaman2003: @Raspel. I’m curious
Raspel31: Lyoyd, Lambert, Dusty and Heeney- so far, so good.
MrWalrus: Llyod seagulling early
bhg26: Lloyd seagulls every week walrus
Chelskiman: Lynch may as well not be out there.
DropCox: Mills has surged this quarter
Chelskiman: Why do we keep hacking it in, ffs.
pcaman2003: @cmperrfect. Yeah! It’s one weird season of SC.
nick2397: Motivation would be a problem for Pickett, after getting a flag in his first game
frenzy: Stepens could get a good run with JPK out
BRAZZERS: geez stop sooking muppet
Silz90: Should I bring in Haynes or seagull? I regret starting laird over lloyd 🙁
Snarfy: Mills, a 50 + quarter!
MercAm: Right now im sitting around 1500 ranking, probs gonna go down to 10000, just had a shocking weak of sc ahhh
cmperrfect: My proj always looks nice every Thursday night, then slowly declines…
Raspel31: Well, you didn’t exactly leave Lloyd on the bench Silz.
Chelskiman: Hey, Brazzers mate! Great to see you again! I’ve missed you. 🙂
MercAm: @cmp think that is everybody lol
DrSeuss: How is Pickett playing on the ball but still not even looking like getting a touch ffs
pcaman2003: Get going again Dusty.
bhg26: God BT gives the swans nothing
Lekdog: No L plates on Stephens?
cmperrfect: What was ur proj Thursday @Merc ?
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Having Aarts and Pickett in this week will be my Achilles heal
Raspel31: Despite not touching the ball Lynch is looking very dangerous.
Dead_Ned: what is Pickett doing!!!
Grimes Jr: jeez the swans getting the rub of the umpiring
amigaman: Could someone please remove the statue from the tigers forward line
Grimes Jr: @bhg, BT gives u nothing because you play a boring brand of footy
Donzoes: had parker getting 20 touches, good stuff
rupertmarn: Pickett not suited to cold wet conditions in the middle of winter.
pcaman2003: Dead Ned . Sweet FA so far
cmperrfect: Mills been to the Lloyd school of chippery, just plays backstop every game.
shaker: This is a crap game so was the one before this what’s going on what’s changed?
scboy123: gone from 2250 projected to barely reaching 1800-1900. what a mare
MrWalrus: BT hates tiges too despite playing there
Snarfy: What a waste of a player @cmperrfect
Raspel31: Bout the same as me scboy- mare round.
pcaman2003: Huge drop off scboy. You won’t be alone there.
hinsch: our league normally go 2100+ this week 1900 will be a winner crappy week so far
pcaman2003: On 1755, with Dusty,Picket and Aarts,then Macrae and Docherty.
frenzy: projections lol, they never get close
Raspel31: Looking at m and Cripps, Docherty and Macrae to go- but only on 1500.aybe 2200 pcaman. Got 3 in this
bhg26: You’re probably right Grimesy, but BT is no good
pcaman2003: @Raspel. At 2200,that would be a good score this rnd I would’ve thought.
Raspel31: A great score. My mistake- on 1300- will crack 2000 with a bit of luck. Good work pcaman.
bhg26: Considering i have curt taylor, Grundy with the c and a player down, ill take 2100
StacksOn: Looking like I should’ve t6aken budaricks 52 instead of play pickett
Raspel31: Ps- my keyboard stuck on last message which made no sense, 2200 very good this round.
Grimes Jr: pickett just needs to land some tackles, i can see him hitting 50
frenzy: barring anymore carnage, should go high 2100’s
MrWalrus: Budaricks 52 looking elite but plenty of time left yet in this one
CozzieCan: M.Pickett most traded out , I.Rankine most traded in
softwhitee: hopefully marlion can scrape a 60
pcaman2003: Be interesting to see this weeks winning score
Pies20: Rankine Simpson and stephens most traded in starc pickett most traded out
Snarfy: Well, he’ll only have to get a few touches to get there @softwhitee
Ash777: I wouldn’t bring in simpson.
bhg26: Did that count as a kick for Tom Lynch
softwhitee: Yep, started well too @Snarfy
Pies20: 102 in dt why not?
Grimes Jr: here comes pickett
frenzy: pickett up
sMiles: Aarts??? Kick that mate, don’t pass to a harder shot!
Ash777: because his job security is shakey.
pcaman2003: Onya Aarty farty. Keep going and drag Pickett along with you
Chelskiman: How was that deliberate? lmao
Dead_Ned: BT is so annoying
casey22: Kick smothered, kick oob = 6 dt points. Go figure?
Pies20: With Duncan out maybe not @ash
Grimes Jr: i think this sydney performance has been one of the most boring of all time
pcaman2003: Wake up Dusty.
bhg26: Bit hard when you have 9 out and you lose your captain in the first minute … and were boring every week
Grimes Jr: macintosh has been excellent today
MrWalrus: No kidding Grimes only interested in stopping goals with no intention to actually score
Pies20: How’s everyone’s rdt looking this round no this is a mainly sc chat just wondering
StacksOn: Did BT just call rowbottom paddlebum?
Fatbar5tad: Richmond let the oppo have one extra at the back and expect them to kick it gave to them. Hardly exciting stuff that.
Ash777: lol yes
Searly34: He always does stacks
tdarian: @stacks i heard it too!
casey22: Yep, I heard paddlebum which is very derogatory. Something for the primary schoolyard
pcaman2003: Did BT just say dark? Is that racist?
scboy123: Dustys been a cancer
StuL: Oppo has Dusty and JK. Sucks to be him.
Ash777: there’s also been a couple hawks calls too.
Kidult: Rowbottom is his nephew
pcaman2003: @scboy123. I think we overrated Dusty this year. Well down!
scboy123: the injury didnt help pca
blonde0na: couldn’t imagine having BT as your uncle, would be a right nonce at parties
tdarian: wheres martin?
tdarian: mills is having some game
scboy123: rowbottom was 2 years below me at school lol
casey22: @kidult. You mean its “hi, Uncle Brian” then “Hi, Paddlebum!”
exatekk: Parker isnt playing inside mid!?
pcaman2003: tdarian. Cops looking for him as a missing person.
bhg26: These blokes are getting paid for this shower
MrWalrus: Mills and lloyd been useless except for fantasy scoring.
Grimes Jr: its hard for dusty to get involved when the swans are just playing keepings off
bhg26: We get it Grimes, we’re showerhouse
amigaman: That’s the highest 1/2 time score I can remember
amigaman: Whoops 3/4 time
Grimes Jr: bhg, ur club is one of my favourites in the modern era, its so frustrating to see this being produced by them
Pies20: would love art vandaley too do something
Kidult: Parker annoying spent 588k to bring him in and produces this
Snarfy: Mills has got all of his 136 pts. in 2 quarters!
Kidult: Mills has a be of 46 going into this
bhg26: I agree Grimesy, but the last 2-3 years have been grim, we haven’t adapted to fast footy its hard to watch
Kidult: 4 Kermies and still at 136 haha
sammyo7: we need a ruckman
Kidult: Cmon parker 50+ qtr pls and ty
bhg26: injuries dont help either
bhg26: we have ruckman sammy, but they are all made of glass
Kidult: This D.Smith will outscore D.Smith and he is 200k cheaper
pcaman2003: Aarts only 4 touches. So much for the hype.
scboy123: jaarts and dusty 50 pt quarters come on give me a shining light
CniglioSsn: WOO go Stoddart!
sammyo7: bhg and it’s bloody frustrating
Grimes Jr: classic, no holding the ball for us
NewFreoFan: That was htb all day long
Snarfy: Martin has only had the 1 touch since half time!
pcaman2003: How did Dusty become so useless? Ave of 94 and dropping further .
bhg26: Did Aarts have prior other than those 5 minutes
wadaramus: Why doesn’t Dusty seem to get as much time in the mids anymore?
wadaramus: Is he unfit, or does he just lack enthusiasm?
MrWalrus: He handballed it
Kidult: Parker the Captain needs to lift his side
Snarfy: Dusty has a BE of 120 in Supercoach, so he should be well under 500K after this.
Stu7: Sore ribs
bhg26: No he didnt
Gotigres: Heeney injured. Ankle.
bhg26: If heeneys out, just cancel the season
bhg26: If heeneys out, just cancel the season, we forfeit
CozzieCan: Now heeney ffs , this year can suck it
scboy123: get fucked back to back FA on dusty fuck this for a joke
Gotigres: Martin single handedly keeping Sydney in the game.
Chelskiman: How is it only 8 points? We should have been out of sight by now.
DrSeuss: Come on Lloyd get to the 100
softwhitee: #dropdustin
bhg26: Papleys kicked 2/3 of our goals
MrWalrus: Nice comeback Pickett, aarts could have been worse
pcaman2003: Bringing in Aarts this week was a shrewd move.,
Cotchin8or: I hope the umpires of this game get hit by a car on the way home
Snarfy: Dusty’s come on for Heeney!
Dead_Ned: papley is a gun
MrWalrus: Umps having an influence this qtr
bhg26: Are you sure about that
bhg26: You cannot take 30 seconds for a shot, and then not take the shot
softwhitee: sure ya can
sammyo7: what the fuck was that
NewFreoFan: Yes you can bhg
TheLegend6: Not like it makes any difference here BHG
Grimes Jr: stick your rubbish football up your arse swans
scboy123: i thought bringing in aarts was a good idea and now i suffer massively as a resulkt. thats on me
pcaman2003: I was looking good until today. What a shower day.
Cr1ck3t33r: Rubbish football almost won them the game Grimes
bhg26: I know you can take the 30 seconds, but there needs to be something that stops players from doing it
wadaramus: Another high quality game of AFL football…not!
MrWalrus: That was 2 teams in the wet with one hell bent on playing negative footy
Fatbar5tad: Another boring Richmond game where it was the oppo’s fault lol
Stu7: what a sh1t game
spdysaint: What will the average be this week?
MrWalrus: Agree bhg, that 30sec rule is a joke
bhg26: So thats Buddy, Reid, Melican, McCartin, Naismith, Ronke, Sinclair and now Kennedy and possibly Heeney
MrWalrus: Lots of scaling to come, will boost mills even more, worst 160+ ever!?!
Migz: What was wrong with martin?
bhg26: He was no good Migz, 58 is very generous
bhg26: 66 is even more generous

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