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Chat log from R6 of 2020: Geelong vs Brisbane

Chat log for Geelong vs Brisbane, R6 of 2020

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BigChief: Damn I was hoping L. Fogarty was a late in.
amigaman: Evening BigChief
BigChief: gday @amiga. Lions to win by 22 points.
amigaman: Should be a really good game
BigChief: Yeah it should be.
Yelse: VC and C everyone?
Yelse: all these outs again have screwed my trade plans
BigChief: OMG Idiot Eddie Maguire can’t help himself. Coll not even playing and he has to mention them.
BigChief: VC Neale and Grundy C
hinsch: Neale into Gawn
Chelskiman: VC Neale and Grundy C
Gotigres: Same BigChief
Ash777: hehe mcluggage n neale standing side by side
amigaman: Same here
amigaman: Who did everyone trade Rowell for
amigaman: Duncan for me
CozzieCan: VC on Dangerfield
Kidult: Starc following Ablett eek
frenzy: big one Starc pls
Ash777: traded Rowell for Whitfield.
bhg26: Traded Rowell for Bailey Smith
Kidult: Henry looks like Scarlett 2night
ajconodie: Clanger for Chamberlain for that report.
Arminius: rohan having a mare
Raspel31: Neale to Grundy for me. Holding onto Rowell till sure Fyfe plays.
zadolinnyj: Neale vc
upweydons: Rowel for Boak
BigChief: I went Rowell to R. Clarke to try make some $$$
amigaman: They were offering $23 for Ablett to kick 1st goal
beerent11: Whitfield and Neale/Grundy
Kidult: @BC not a bad move i had a sneaky look at Clarke
Kidult: Will see if I make my trades tomorrow
heppelitis: Rowell to Perryman for a pod for me
duckky: Rowell to Maynard for me
Arminius: 17 points for neale in 30 seconds
frenzy: mare Rohan
DrSeuss: Rohan with 3 headshots already
poolboybob: Rohan must be looking to take a month off
Kidult: Dangeous tackle
wadaramus: Rohan is a flying spud!
duckky: Does Rohan go home if he is suspended?
MrWalrus: Rowell to Neale (finally) Neale into Grundy.
Yelse: neale on 26 SC for those possessions? ridiculous
MrWalrus: Rohan on the angry pills
bhg26: 27 sc for neale
DrSeuss: Terrible start for Brisbane – rushing everything
BestCoast: Go Cats
Kidult: Duncan checking his groin
MrWalrus: @yelse, totally, it’s kind boggling really but for the 1st time This season no complaints
bushranger: Rohan a record negative score coming?
duckky: Anyone else gets 5 HB with one clanger – it’s 6 sc points
wadaramus: Self examination Kidult?
BigChief: Cats could be 2 down already. WOW
amigaman: I give up. As soon as I draft someone they’re injured
wadaramus: Neale deserves every point CD affords him 🙂
BigChief: Where is the clanger?
Arminius: learn the points system, duckky
BigChief: CL = clearance not clanger
ajconodie: Brought Duncan in 30 minutes before the bounce. Sums up my year.
Kidult: was sprinting the boundary with Bolton saying groin but looked like he was touching back of his hammy on bench
Apachecats: Ducky CL = clearance.
duckky: Sorry about that Chief
amigaman: @ajconodie feel your pain
Nuffman: Rowell to Duncan this week… Sorry guys
frenzy: narkle gone
BigChief: Amiga Duncan or Narkle? Or both?
wadaramus: Haha duckky, you quoting Get Smart?!
JCal66: surely you would learn the scoring system before criticizing it
MercAm: Please Duncan… got a multi on ya haha
Yelse: injury galore this year
Arminius: why are the fans not spread out the stadium?
Raspel31: That’s rough those who brought in Duncan- injuries galore- building hard.
gdshifty: i was so close to bringing in Duncan. Baulked at the last minute
zadolinnyj: Looks like Duncan coming back
MrWalrus: Lay off ducky, scoring system is still subjective, Neale gets a lot of love from CD
DrSeuss: Ok Starc – time to get back involved
BigChief: 1.4 to 1.6 is rubbish
Arminius: those fake rebel sports logos are off-putting
AuroraBore: Me too Shifty, went with Treloar instead
DrSeuss: Neale just got caught holding the ball then HB’ed to Starc heading out of bounds went 43 to 57SC
JCal66: Would be looking at a huge Danger score if he could kick straight
Kidult: nice scaling at end of qtr
circle52: Agree BC – But we are Lions are worst for accuracy so had to keep it up.
MrWalrus: Just got 15 pts getting caught HTB then 1 handball, welcome to my team!
Silz90: Dam! Is Duncan coming back or not? Multi not looking good 🙁
wadaramus: Sure is BC, more quality elite AFL Aussie Rule Football.
duckky: That would have to be a record response for one of my posts – I’ll have to remember to say something stupid more often
wadaramus: If you’re questioning Neale’s score, it’s because you don’t have him!
duckky: He is my VC Wada
Kidult: 4.5 points for a looseball or contested ball get then more for score involvements and clearances and effective diposals
ajconodie: Duncan heading to the bench :/
zadolinnyj: Correct wada
BigChief: Duncan done also
Bezzina: Neale may be singlehandedly carrying my supercoach
JCal66: Neale 8 disposals at 100% and 5 contested possessions seems about right compared to other players
amigaman: Jacket for Duncan
wadaramus: Damn straight duckky, me too! Let’s hope he can go on to 200.
Arminius: duncan done
MrWalrus: Neale does defend at least, Lloyd is the one who really gets me @ ducky, not stupid at all.
Searly34: I’ve got him Wada but that score is truly absurd
Kidult: Duncan done also
Raspel31: Good call wada.
duckky: Shhh… don’t jinx him
amigaman: Done with SC. Concentrate on keeper league team now
Bezzina: If you don’t have Neale you’re in trouble this week
wadaramus: When you’re AFL elite, like Neale, high scores aren’t absurd, they’re normal 🙂
CozzieCan: Hope Chris Scott brought extras the useless coach
MrWalrus: 100% efficiency, he grubbered a handball into a pack & set up starc with a hospital hp
pcaman2003: VC Neale….such a good insurance policy
Silz90: come on starfish need 60+
CozzieCan: Vc Dangerfield , good scores against Brisbane
jbjimmyjb: dangerfield will go big with having to play full mid with 95% tog
Kidult: Must be something wrong with Neale he is off the ground haha
Bezzina: how do i set my favourite team for an icon?
wadaramus: Carn the Cowboys!
CozzieCan: @jb him & Selwood you’d think
Yelse: is duncan done for the night?
DrSeuss: Need Starc to get off the bench and on the ball a bit more
Breezey: Seriously the Lions should win from here with Geelong 2 players down.
Migz: you need to sacrifice your best mate to the avatar of your team
duckky: Who the heck is O’Connor
Apachecats: Parfitt -pffft!
feralmong: Ffs just got Duncan in for Rowell
CozzieCan: Cmon starc 70+ for BE plz
Apachecats: Red cross on him Yelse.
frenzy: Lol Apache
duckky: I remember when Parfitt was “the next big thing”
bushranger: Putty tatts in twouble
amigaman: @duckky O’Connor is a Star
BestCoast: Best crop of rookies this year all time
Bezzina: @migz think i did it
cmperrfect: I did the same thing feral, then reversed it. Phew.
BigChief: Where is everyone’s fav Parsons? LOL
Apachecats: Funny scoring tonight ,Parfitt goes from 7 to 24 with a handball?
Bezzina: scarified my poor mate 🙁
BigChief: That’s a big call @BestCoast
Migz: RIP bezzas ex mate
Apachecats: Go Parfitt you wee rippa.
MrWalrus: @ vezina, not sure about that, showing as hawks
Raspel31: Think we put the mozzer on Neale.
bhg26: That was beautiful
BOMBRBLITZ: whqat a great Goal Lachie NEALE!
Raspel31: And bingo.
pcaman2003: Hey Kidult. Still laughing at Neale off the ground? lol!
gdshifty: and thats a reverse mozzer Raspel!
DrSeuss: Now that was worth some SC points 😉
Ash777: neale brownlow leader
CozzieCan: Cmon cats the flowering is that shit
BestCoast: Was joking BC most are crud
Apachecats: i should have shut up ,they just took a few off Parfitt.
Kidult: Was only kidding around because hes played 98 and 99% the last 2 weeks
wadaramus: Deadset, Lachie Neale is ridiculously good.
beerent11: Has anyone ever got to 800k in sc?
Kidult: I have him as VC
pcaman2003: @Kidult. I figured that.Cheers!
Kidult: Jono Brown got over 800k
duckky: I think Titch 2 years ago came close beerent
MercAm: Neale you flowering freak
amigaman: Simpson kid a bit of a goer
pcaman2003: @beerent. Not that I’m aware of.
Kidult: well jono was the highest cant remember wat exactly
DrSeuss: Come on Starchy
cmperrfect: Keep going VC Neale
Breezey: Not 15 must the rule of the week.
beerent11: Wonder how Carey would’ve gone in sc. those 8 goal games 25 Touches . 10 plus contested marks.
BestCoast: 800k would blow the budget out Browny smashed some massive scores in his day
AuroraBore: Neale was paying 2 dollars for any time goal scorer, great odds
BigChief: @cmperfect agree with you mate.
BestCoast: Beerent as Kidult mentioned Jonathan Brown only player to reach 800k
wadaramus: Ablett, Swan, both got up there?
Arminius: crazy scores in this game!
Ash777: brown 2006 my guess
Migz: wtf happened to starch. He had like 16 in the first minute
BestCoast: JB the only one wadaramus
Kidult: Simpson needs a Learners plate
Apachecats: C.Judd reached $789k in round 7 2006
BestCoast: Zorkonater
Kidult: nvm didnt know he played 6 now
beerent11: Where is that info apache?
casey22: Bris shaping up to be a very, very good team
cmperrfect: Any1 think Danger will win a flag ever?
frenzy: played 6 games kidult
Apachecats: Google beerent ,that was the highest up to 2015.
BestCoast: Apache Judd was another fantasy pig with his scores
beerent11: Not with Geelong cmperrfect
gdshifty: long quarter by todays standards
Ash777: mccluggage nooo
beerent11: Ah google I think I’ve heard of that. Cheers apache
MrWalrus: Why isn’t Neale getting double SC this 1/4, I didn’t get him in for this
bhg26: Feel very bad for who had mccluggage
DrSeuss: How do you miss that Tuohy hit?
Migz: what was cousins like back in the day? and kerr? Didnt even know SC existed back then
beerent11: Zorks been a star since day dot
jbjimmyjb: Mccluggage possible AC joint
frenzy: done nothing Starc
Bezzina: More collarbone I think jimmy
beerent11: Gazza snr would’ve been a handy sc scorer too
BestCoast: Migz not as prolific as some others
cmperrfect: Bye bye Starce next week
Kidult: LETHAL probably be the cream on the top of SC
StuL: Starc hasn’t had a bowl yet
cmperrfect: Does Kouta hold the CD record?
wadaramus: He’s a new ball bowler
duckky: Starman needs red cordial
frenzy: haha StuL
StuL: Time to get Danger in I think.
MrWalrus: Dunstall and plugged in those 150 odd goal seasons
duckky: Lions forwards are useless. All their goals are from their midfield
bhg26: whats everyones projected score?
nick2397: Penguin for McCarthy
Ash777: umm rayner n cameron n forwards
StuL: Good to see Menegola playing well. Simpson looks good. But like always not quite good enough.
frenzy: 1/2 time penguin McCarthy
twinpeaks: Birchall into the side has definitely shifted Starc role. Bench or trade out for me next week
duckky: Well apart from Cameron and Ryner, ther rest of the Lions forwards are useless (ever seen Life of Brian)
CniglioSsn: what about the toilets?
CniglioSsn: WELL aside from the toilets
duckky: Double donuts for McCarthy
duckky: Now I feel like some lark’s tongues
Kidult: 5 CP and 1 CL to Neale and jsut about his normal half time score thanks to the 1 goal
Ash777: phew mccluggage back
MrWalrus: Neale slacking off, score didn’t move over half time.
Kidult: Cheats putting on oil
Apachecats: Just lay off the bats wings duckky ,look what happened last time.
Mandolor: dodge a bullet nearly went Mcluggage over Whitfield.
Breezey: McCluggage looking like he’s done now
cmperrfect: Spoke too soon @Ash
Bezzina: nick my projected is 2337
Dead_Ned: keep going Danger. Love your work!
duckky: McLuggage being taken out behind the stables
bhg26: holy shower bezz
nick2397: Need 200 from Neale to make up for Duncan, who I replaced Rowell with!
BestCoast: Anyone heard from three captain GOD
Apachecats: You there dusty?Past your bedtime.
cmperrfect: Where are you ranked @Bez?
BestCoast: Starc is a spud
yablettt: On ya yabbby
Kidult: Don’t think I’ve seen 1 blue supporter in this year
Yelse: neal seriously just stooooppp
DrSeuss: Need to put Starc into McLuggages role. Brisbane about to lose this if they dont stop this momentum
CozzieCan: Geelong look hungry
beerent11: Rookies are mostly shithouse this year bestcoast
beerent11: Dipstick is normally around kidult
StuL: Gaz is back! Play another 5 years!
MrWalrus: Not high scoring but if you don’t reckon this has been a good game you don’t actually understand football
CozzieCan: Nice vc on Dangerfield very happy
beerent11: Danger 61%de. Pretty good for him.
Apachecats: GOD might have gone to God.
BestCoast: Beerent11 totally agree my Premos are to
Kidult: probably talked to a few but I don’t remember haha
Kidult: Starc giving away frees when he gets some points just b4 it
The39Steps: Lions have given up tackling. And when they try, they’re pretty feeble attempts.
Breezey: Luggage back again.
beerent11: Chest mark on the goal line.
bhg26: wheres everyone ranked?
RooBoyStu: I want to see how Rankine goes. Fwd rookie
cmperrfect: Cmon Neale, don’t make me choose a Capt
BigChief: Did Bris go home?
CozzieCan: Dangerfield 180SC coming up
Mandolor: Starc has just stopped plus got the vc on Neale tonight come on boys…..
pcaman2003: S Martin has a big fall this year. What happened to him?
BigChief: @Cozzie I wouldn’t think so mate.
NugzNiggle: Surely this is the Broncos in Lions jersey’s after half time?
beerent11: 2350 bhg. Was 461 before carnage last round.
Apachecats: I’m a lance corporal
Mandolor: bhg26 ranked 6530
CozzieCan: @Big chief just you wait lol
bhg26: where are ya now beerent?
DrSeuss: Haha looks like it Nugz
V@lks: m0nty, heart <3 for Mc Luggage
beerent11: 2350 bhg dropped nearly 2000 after last week horror luck
V@lks: for McCluggage
DrSeuss: Gotta hate how much Selwood and Danger flop around looking for free kicks
MrWalrus: I’m ranked around 60k, copped almost every bit of carnage including a very low C.. worst season ever!
bhg26: Actually benefited from last week somehow, jumped to 751 cause i had barely any injuries
CozzieCan: G.Miers terrible SC but such a great player for Geelong
cmperrfect: I’m ranked 50 overall @bhg26
BestCoast: Start
CniglioSsn: top 20% in my second year. i’ll be happy ending in the top 10%
beerent11: Nice bhg26
BestCoast: Starc straight to the slaughterhouse
duckky: Robinson gone
DrSeuss: Whats up with Starcevich – low TOG and not anywhere near it all night – get him near the ball Fages
CozzieCan: Feels like a grand final game watching
NewFreoFan: Was that Neale’s first touch this quarter?
DrSeuss: Heroes = Fagan
Gotigres: Kick for McCarthy
duckky: Robinson will outscore Starcevich for the resst of the night
DrSeuss: Faygan
Kidult: Spud Starc
Silz90: Good one starfish.
Gotigres: Muppett for Starcevich
Silz90: Muppet lol
BestCoast: Brisbane won’t win the flag to many passengers
bhg26: Good kick starc
NewFreoFan: Oof, Starc having an absolute mare
duckky: Muppett for Starcevich
Yelse: honestly talking who do you think will win the flag this year?
ajconodie: Need Danger to ton in the last quarter to get me back on track.
cmperrfect: Fagan will drop Starce next week anyway.
CozzieCan: @ajcon Danger already has a ton ? Lol
mark621: my multi’s are failing on game 1. between McCarthy’s allergies and lyons….
NewFreoFan: Flag race is wide open this year, hard to say
DrSeuss: Nearly every Lion playing their worst game of the season in this match
beerent11: Trappagola back again
Donzoes: for some reason i had J Berry getting 15 touches and Cameron 2 goals, great
cmperrfect: Nice win Cats… Come one Neale ffs
ajconodie: @CozzieCan – I mean another ton lol
BestCoast: Yelse not us
CniglioSsn: hope neale continues to flop, with dutch on him next week i could get him in!
beerent11: As much as it hurts to say,your mob
Kidult: De boer didn’t tag Titch last week he went to Worpel
MrWalrus: @ Yelse, still feeling pretty good for Tiges repeat
Yelse: u be surprised with WC home games coming up could be huge
CniglioSsn: @mrwalrus itll be a repeat of last year with a flipped scoreline 😛
NewFreoFan: Jeez, imagine trading Neale and Menegola out of your AFL team. Would hate to support them
casey22: Martin has certainly fallen a long, long way!
beerent11: You’re pretty good when 99 at 3qtr time is a flop
frenzy: yep the ferrari for the flag
BestCoast: Neale wanted out
NewFreoFan: I know BestCoast, doesn’t make it a better pill to swallow 🙂
CozzieCan: Arguably the best game from Geelong this year .. let’s be honest
BestCoast: Agreed was gutted when we lost Juddy
MrWalrus: If not us @cnig then your lot would be who I want to see get it
Ash777: no team is a stand out for the flag. in the top 15 atm.
Ash777: It’s anyone*
Kidult: Judd won you 1 flag and Kennedy won the other so not a bad result @BC
StuL: Need Danger, Menegola and Sel all of a sudden
NewFreoFan: 45-1 in that quarter, how does that happen in an otherwise close game
MrWalrus: Agree fozzie and Ablett looking sharp as
CozzieCan: G.Rohan hand injury doubt he’ll be returning
duckky: Carl/Nth/Freo/Melb/Adel wont be there Ash
BestCoast: Would love to see GWS get to the granny and get flogged again lol
tolerant16: Has a player ever been reported but been suspended for a separate incident re:rohan
beerent11: Won’t be Richmond this year
NewFreoFan: Wouldn’t mind seeing Port reach the final, enjoy watching them play
StuL: Little Raymond. Go back to Tuggeranong
beerent11: Happened in 1914 tolerant
Breezey: Rohan is out there.
BestCoast: Agree Kidult wasn’t a total catastrophe
duckky: Do tell Beer
Kidult: Simpson has to be a lock with Duncan and Narkle out next week
DrSeuss: Starcevich get a touch FFS
Kidult: @keep complaining pls Seuss
beerent11: Suspended in the the same match for tomfoolery
Bezzina: Brisbane can’t win away from home
Silz90: Neale struggling since ht
cmperrfect: Steven will come back in Kid
beerent11: After being reported for uncouthness earlier
DrSeuss: Haha it worked once @kidult
Apachecats: I was at school with a Tom Foolery.
BestCoast: Spudavich
beerent11: Albert McGuinness ducky
MrWalrus: @beer, how do you figure tiges no chance? Just curious
tolerant16: Must’ve been tough work for the MRP without cameras back then
beerent11: Played for melbourne
beerent11: Hard to go back to back when things go well walrus. Not good signs so far this year .
NewFreoFan: This is just a rolling scrum
Kidult: I had Selwood in my team till teams dropped tonight and had to keep Starc
Apachecats: I give up beerent ,who was it.
Silz90: Starfish got robbed … Did they forget about his handball
Ash777: who knows what scott will do with simpson.
beerent11: Surely Grundy goes 130+
casey22: Strange when Hawkeye can get to the top dt score
BestCoast: Starc 28 last week 29 this week flower lemon
beerent11: Albert McGuinness apache # 19 in 1914 for Melbourne
NewFreoFan: Gee that was a rough deliberate
MrWalrus: Fair enough beer, I reckon we get better when things aren’t going our way, guess we’ll see soon enough
shaker: Simpson eyecatching
nick2397: You’d think Grundy would be up near 150 tomorrow against Ceglar & Big Boy
StuL: Simpson looks a ready made mid. Just what we need. A kid who can play
Breezey: Blicavs coming up on a SC ton
Yelse: any of you win the 80 mil? only one person lol
Apachecats: thanks beer ,I’ll note that down.
beerent11: Will be happy just to get a gf this year walrus
MrWalrus: I’ll be locking neale been burnt twice not taking VC this year, not worth it for 30-40pt max gain
NewFreoFan: Would you be on FanFooty if you just won 80 mil Yelse?
cmperrfect: 5 more touches Neale, cmon.
Kidult: Simpson is everywhere he will be in for me
MrWalrus: @stul, 4-5 years on your list, where’s he been?
beerent11: Hmmmm where is raspel?
duckky: Strange Beer, Demons wiki says #19 was Bill Allen
BestCoast: If I win 80mil I would give m0nty 1 mil for the effort
Apachecats: you looking for a girlfriend beer?
StuL: We dont all mature the night of our first root walrus
nick2397: Simpson willbe very stiff to get dropped next week
m0nty: I always said you were a good egg BC
Raspel31: You rang beer?
gdshifty: give Simpson the $ and gun symbol
casey22: I had 80 mil in m0nty coins once
MercAm: Loving the Simpson trade, ya gun
beerent11: Thought you might’ve picked up 80 mil tonight rasp.
Breezey: I have it on good authority that GOD has won the 80 million. He just told me
beerent11: Stacks on
frenzy: m0nty money Lol, still waiting for me toaster
shaker: one winner in the 80 mil from vic
Arminius: CD really counts that last kick by Tuohy wow
Harambe: Simpson could be a sneaky option next week. Arguably under-priced at 160k
beerent11: Trent rivers skippers the yeahnahs this week
BestCoast: m0nty I’m a good scrambled egg
SilverLion: No cape for J Berry?
MrWalrus: Brander for me
benzammit: Arguably get outta here a lock for downgrading

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