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Chat log from R4 of 2020: Gold Coast vs Fremantle

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Fremantle, R4 of 2020

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casey22: these pop up ads have to go
amigaman: What pop up ads?
Kidult: other game scaled now
Ash777: got the C on Rowell.
Snarfy: Will Rowell ton up again?
Snarfy: Lovely to see Ash, good luck to you!
Kidult: keen to see 80+ from Serong for next week
thiccgucci: wow rowell already
pcaman2003: Good luck Ash. Brave move,but could really surprise.
Ash777: first year breaking a tackle
Kidult: Rowell would be a good Wrestler with his build and weightclass
Snarfy: And high shorts as well Kidult!
Arminius: rowell and hill go get em
Raspel31: Rowell can have my wife’s children.
Grimes Jr: watching this over the other game easily. Suns exciting
pcaman2003: Need a great score from you Greeny
MrWalrus: Rowell is something else isn’t he, makes Walsh look average
Kidult: Bloody Hill don’t tempt me I don’t want a high injury risk player
AuroraBore: If Rowell can stay relatively injury free over his career he has to become one of the best ever players right?
MrWalrus: Also Hill is auto in next week if doesn’t break down
thiccgucci: Luke Ryan down to Hill next week for me. The POD didnt pay off
cmperrfect: Fyfe off to his usual start
Dogs5416: Ryan as pod certainly isn’t paying off. But Rowell is just fireee
DrSeuss: Want to try and get a touch Walters?
LuvIt74: Bloody hell i had a reminder to make sure Hill was playing coz i wanted to go Berry to Hill coz now i got a donut
MrWalrus: @Aurora, absolutely, never seen a first year rook like this and I’ve been around a long time
Kidult: love my lil Buddha
Gandhi: Hill will almost certainly break down in a few weeks, his body is buggered
LuvIt74: @MrWalrus I concur
LuvIt74: @Grundhi it don’t matter as long as he plays a few he should make good cash trades not a issue this year for most
thiccgucci: brought fyfe in this week sorry fellas
pcaman2003: Walters would be loving that kind of space.
beerent11: Hayden young is starting to get the pace of league footy
MrWalrus: @luvlt, about same vintage and this kid is sp
Yelse: Geez rowell could end up being a keeper outperforms premiums
circle52: Not wrong Yelse. Might save a trade
MrWalrus: … special, better than Judd my previous best kid and those high pants!
Kidult: Young rocketed up after being in the negatives
OnTheRocks: c’mon Fyfe, your ego is too big to allow you to be stuck on the bottom
Raspel31: Brought Fyfe in this week- have every confidence he’ll score 30.
NugzNiggle: Rowell is something else.
DrSeuss: Anderson, Budarick and Brayshaw deciding to stay away from the ball this game
pcaman2003: Don’t hide on me Greeny. I need your score to be huge.
Kidult: advantage Hill owners till he gets injured next week
OnTheRocks: I brought Fyfe in 2 weeks ago for Cogs so any score above that is a win in my books
AuroraBore: the Andy brayshaw experiment might be ending soon
cmperrfect: Any1 sucked into BKing this week?
Grimes Jr: fyfe will still get 120+
thiccgucci: I dont know whats gone on with Ryan this year. I dont even see him on field ever
benzammit: 2 games Hill please I rolled the dice.
MrWalrus: Brayshaw….. he’s no Matt Rowell is he, still been not terrible at least
beerent11: Pearce and hamling injuries change his role thiccgucci. Has to play lockdown defender.
pcaman2003: Dropping a ball in a tackle is okay these days
a1trader: Nice job Taberner, I almost dropped you
Ash777: quack quack
pcaman2003: Head ducking gets you a free as well. C’mon umps!
Yelse: bradshaw’s TOG his choice? or coach
circle52: Thnks ump – Definite duck by Matera
Raspel31: Didn’t put out on a first date a1rrader?
beerent11: Howe to maynard, noble to hill, pocket 90-100k
pcaman2003: Get the ball Greenwood FGS.
mattmac24: So far, I’m very happy that I traded in S Hill 😀
Kidult: Did they remove the point posts or something all goals
spdysaint: Greeny is killing me
DrSeuss: Walters and Brayshaw get involved FFS – You too Budarick
pcaman2003: @spdsaint. He looks slow and not working hard for the ball. Really poor playing
Mandolor: traded Brayshaw for Dan Butler this week….dodged a bullet there.
Kidult: Rowell is complete isn’t that 6 goals as a midielder already
OnTheRocks: I’m tempted to stick with Grundy as VC.
pants42: Whats the matter with Greenwood? Has he got a tagging job or something?
Mandolor: greenwood for simpkyn is looking like a good trade as well
circle52: Greenwood is running with Fyfe.
Raspel31: Irefuse to buy Rowell untilhe’s $700,00. Point of honour.
pcaman2003: Wish Greeny had more TOG.
Kidult: Could well be on 8-9 Votes after this game
The39Steps: Witts BE please?
pants42: Thanks circle52
The39Steps: First time ever two sides have gone to HT without a point?
beerent11: Fyfe crept up to ton pace .. every time
LuvIt74: LOL raspel your kidding you have Rowell right?
circle52: Ching Ching for the AFL.
DrSeuss: Need Brayshaw to score a little more so I don’t have to pay too much more for Butler
Arminius: why aren’t the BE’s on footywire?
MrWalrus: Greenwood = excellent IRL player, not so much fantasy, crows (roo) didn’t see that
beerent11: Hayden young 5 k cheaper than hill. Up for a decent price rise next week though.
heppelitis: If you could have a SC team full of rucks you would win the 50k in a canter this year.
pants42: Got young on bench without emergency 🙁
frenzy: drop ya pants 42, Lol
jiska78: Greenwood lift FFS
wadaramus: Yeah hepp, we need more DPP ruckmen!
Kidult: Winning just cracked 4 eggs and 3 of them were double yolks
Gotigres: History made in this game tonight. First time ever no behinds scored in the first half in vfl/afl history.
Raspel31: I wondered about that Gotigres. Well noted.
circle52: now 2 posters to break the cycle
wadaramus: What about SANFL/WAFL history?
pcaman2003: My players have conspired in secret against me. Cogs, Macrae,Greenwood
Gotigres: Thanks Raspel. Would like to take credit but the commentators mentioned it.
pcaman2003: Opponent has Fyfe and Walters. Must be laughing hard by now.
Gotigres: Not sure wada
wadaramus: Why is it that VFL history is equal to AFL history?
wadaramus: State history is state history. VFL history should not be AFL history.
nick2397: That’s because up until 1989 AFL was called VFL
AuroraBore: Rowell slowed down
BigChief: @wada because the AFL was the VFL prior. None of the other leagues were.
wadaramus: Yes, nick, but once it became AFL, with multiple state teams, VFL history should not be associated with it.
AuroraBore: Fyfe done, hammy iced
Gotigres: Fyfe looks done for the night.
penguins00: Fyfe icing his Hammy
DrSeuss: Fyfe – iced up
Struda: fyfe?
Yelse: looks like we need 5 trades a week
beerent11: Carnage for my team this week Howe now Fyfe
Dogs5416: SC2020 is impossible . Need more trades !!
wadaramus: Oooh, hamstring for Nat the Knife Fyfe
pcaman2003: Fyfe gone and Greenwood will still be useless as TOAB
DrSeuss: Looks like Brayshaw running with Rowell
Dogs5416: Odds on Rowell to win Coleman and brownlow haha
Bezzina: Matt Rowell you star!
DrSeuss: Except at that stoppage lol
nick2397: Really hoping for Neale as captain to go 200+ tomorrow to make up for Fyfe and Ryder (who gave me a donut)!
Raspel31: Fyfe and Howe in a week- aargh. Not alone I’m sure, But simply not on!
frenzy: might teach him a few tricks DrSeuss
Kidult: Just put the kid up for Coleman,Brownlow,Rising Star and Norm Smith
BigChief: Rowell Brownlow, Rising Star and Coleman? Could he also get Norm Smith?
MrWalrus: Hey Wada, you are spot on, Victorians need to pull their head in, when VFL became AFL….
Kidult: @bigchief haha we think alike
beerent11: The only good thing about that is Fyfe is so expensive you can take your pick and make money on all but Neale
BigChief: Well this sucks. I have williams, Howe and now Fyfe injured. Who to trade?
MrWalrus: SANFL and WAFL probably both stronger….
tolerant16: This kills the fyfe owner
Arminius: stephen hill 0 points this qtr?
Raspel31: But beer- you lose both Fyfe and Howe- 2 wasted trades going siseways.
LuvIt74: wtf happened to fyfe
jiska78: Fuck off greenwood. Useless
MrWalrus: VFL became VFA (or something) but yet here we are 30 odd years later…..
wadaramus: State Aussie Rules was what we grew up with. State of Origin gave us a higher level of footy.
Kidult: poor people with all 3 of Naismith,Fyfe + Howe
LuvIt74: did fyfe do a bad hammy?
LuvIt74: whats wrong with Howe?
Ash777: 2 draws at 3qt time lol
pcaman2003: FU Greenwood ya lazy good for nuttin spud.
circle52: Howe did an acl last night
Ash777: Howe did a PCL
spdysaint: Rowell and greenwood useless this qtr
Nuffman: Zero way for me to get Young’s score onto my field.. have both him and Green on bench…
BigChief: @walrus the VFL became VFA now did they? Yeah I don’t think so mate.
wadaramus: AFL gave us a state vs state competition that superseded State of Origin.
Raspel31: Serious Luvit-bad lnee injry. Prob gonefor season.
beerent11: I said the only good thing raspel . That means all the other things are not good. Or bad.
MrWalrus: And they still think it is their comp for some reason.
wadaramus: AFL should not be a modern version of VFL perpetuating all of it’s ceremony.
Raspel31: Thanks beer- so much chirpier now, Neale better get 200 tomorrow.
Kidult: b2b 41’s then a ton. does that feel like a trap?
beerent11: Good season to have to use two sideways trades I guess. Will miss out on hill though.
wadaramus: Is this a national competition, or the VFL that allows interstate teams to maintain financial viability?
MrWalrus: @chief, spoken like a true Victorian, what do you think happened? Everyone joined the VFL?
sammyo7: just got here, is fyfes injury bad
wadaramus: He’s got the red cross from m0nty sammy, that says it all.
mattmac24: The AFL grew from the VFL because it was the only state that could successfully support a national comp
Arminius: Max King 43 or Curtis Taylor?
wadaramus: I do not dispute that mattmac, but should VFL history be AFL history?
m0nty: Fyfe injury was low down on the string so you would think 3 weeks
Raspel31: Can people resist typing until I’ve decided whether to invest in the kitchen knives in the latest pop up ad,
beerent11: Suns one of the best team to watch this season. Knock me down with a feather
CozzieCan: Howe & Fyfe great start
wadaramus: Curtis Taylor, 43 is well worth a punt.
wadaramus: Apologies for interfering with your pup-up ad shopping experience Raspel 🙂
DrSeuss: Where TF did Budarick go?
MrWalrus: Could be NT based, doesn’t matter. That’s what the A stands for
mattmac24: Fair enough Wada. I only agree with VFL records counting when it’s Vic vs Vic
Arminius: so you reckon go with Taylor? i guess it is a 50/50
frenzy: wish Rowell would score like Bont, same game
Gotigres: Matthew Lloyd would be the leading goalkicker in the afl and not Tony Lockett.
MrWalrus: Agreed beer, Suns are playing great footy.
wadaramus: It’s a subject worthy of robust debate mattmac 🙂
softwhitee: Hill had me excited ughh
wadaramus: Brownlow and Coleman should be for the VFL, what should it be for the AFL?
MrWalrus: Taylor 100% Arminus & yes gotigres but with an asterix 😉
nick2397: Maybe the brick wall for Budarick?
MrWalrus: @wada, I’d go Judd jug & primadonna recognition award, defenders would be ok with that
BigChief: Muppet for Wada for that last comment.
wadaramus: LOL walrus, I just think it is about time it became truly national..
pcaman2003: Stuff you Greeny.Insipid!
wadaramus: Stop it BC! I am just speaking the truth!
Kidult: lots of points to come
MrWalrus: Wada in this I’m 100% with you, unfortunately I think we will eradicate racism before Vics thinking they own footy

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