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Chat log from R3 of 2020: Western Bulldogs vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Western Sydney, R3 of 2020

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Yelse: who’s everyones VC C
amigaman: McCrae
sammyo7: whitfield VC Neale C
amigaman: Macrae VC Grundy C
Ash777: Titch vc, grundy c
Yelse: thinking grundy into gawn but risking the emergency playing
Yelse: georgiades
BRAZZERS: VC Grundy, C Gawn for me
Crippa9: Grundy VC, Neale C
circle52: I am going Neale into Gawn for something different
circle52: but like Yelse banking on Georgiades not playing
Yelse: how many kept dusty?
circle52: I just benched him as I had already done trades Neale and Sturt in
Ash777: I traded out bont n brodie for howe n bailey smith.
sammyo7: I traded him
exatekk: Im goin VC Cogs and C Gawn or Neale, I was going to VC Neale but then i had no non scorers to loophole.
amigaman: Fingers crossed the real Macrae turns up tonight
frenzy: wots Bevo got for us this week
wadaramus: Grundfos into Neale.
Ash777: why isn’t ash not got the L on him
wadaramus: Why hasn’t Ash got the L on him? Sorry for the grammar police Ash 🙂
BigChief: Bont in for a long night.
jbjimmyjb: Macrae starting on the bench, ffs beveridge
wadaramus: What is it with the push and shove ethos of AFL footy, so lame.
Ash777: with libba there she should be ok
Ash777: he I mean
Apachecats: Mark ,kick and goal must be worth 31 SC this year.
poolboybob: everyone is sexually frustrated from being quarantined away from their girlfriends
Radzi3216: it’s the weighting @apachecats
Yelse: wtf macrae get into it. where he playing tonight? wing?
Apachecats: Its BS Radzi
BigChief: @Yelse bench
beerent11: Fuck that’s a killer mullet
FLAG: going great woth cogs, whitfield, macrae, dusty and jelly…epl on later…
Radzi3216: yeah it’s annoying sometimes Apache
wadaramus: That is a seriously good mullet beerent11.
beerent11: Takes a committed man wadaramus
dipstick: that mullet right there is pronounced moo-lay.
wadaramus: Indeed it does beerent11, this aint the late 80’s!
Ash777: Libba back makes a huge difference
wadaramus: LOL dipstick, I concur with your enunciation!
DrSeuss: Whitfield with a great start
dipstick: Ive got the Bushnells out and I think I can see a penguin or 2
wadaramus: Oh fuck I hadn’t noticed Whitfield DrSeuss!
Baldfrog: The blokes in green are loving the doggies so far
Radzi3216: macrae bringing it tonight, beautiful!
BigChief: I put VC on Whitfield.
beerent11: Was only a matter of time radz
wadaramus: I don’t get a word of that dipstick, care to elaborate?!
DrSeuss: Then he gets a bunch in a row. Now just need Cogs and Jacobs to get a touch or 20
wadaramus: He’ll come good BC 🙂
Baldfrog: You should self ban Chief for that
Yelse: whitfield and cogs struggling
wadaramus: Not that serious of a crime Baldfrog!
jbjimmyjb: Macrae playing a lot more on ball this week, good signs
Apachecats: Doc had a look at Whitfield.
Baldfrog: Who were the ones last night saying I shouldn’t VC McRae?
wadaramus: Still 3 x 15 minute quarters to come!
DrSeuss: All of GWS struggling. Terrible quarter. But Whitfield, Cogs and Big Sauce certainly didn’t help.
wadaramus: VC is a punt we all like to have a flutter on!
Baldfrog: Sadly I listened to them Wada so Grundy better score well
BigChief: Whitfield done?
SpookFraser: whitfield in the rooms
Apachecats: Whitfield hurt now ,I give up.
twinpeaks: Whitfield concussed
wadaramus: Grundy will go well, Rucks are the dominant force in SC since the scoring changes.
Baldfrog: Lucky we have lots of trades Dusty now Whitfield
Apachecats: So Whitfield probably out next week as well ,ffs.
Stu7: Needed Whitefield to be taken from the game
Apachecats: and his price will be hammered.
V@lks: Brought Whitfield in this week..
wadaramus: Lift Whitfield!
twinpeaks: Out for the game
StuL: The season is offically all over the place. Good for us.
BigChief: With Whitfield out Naughton gets a week?
Radzi3216: Whitfield isn’t playing anymore lol
circle52: Whitfield gone for the night Wada
MercAm: Far out Whitfield gg
Ash777: accidental head clash bc
DrSeuss: I have Whitfield – League opponent has Corr and no Whitfield. Who has Corr FFS?
Baldfrog: Didn’t see the incident Chief
StuL: Dunk and Macrae need to go insane to give me any chance with whit out
DrSeuss: Naughton wasn’t even looking at the ball – he should definitely get looked at
poolboybob: English is such a bum
DrSeuss: Ok seriously – I dont think I have ever played someone with Aidan Corr until today
pcaman2003: VC Macrae off to a better start this week. Fingers crossed!
wadaramus: Another crackerjack high scoring game of AFL footy..not even watching it, rather watch NRL!
wadaramus: AFL footy is deteriorating, something needs to change.
Baldfrog: The Vics have wrecked it Wada
Yelse: they need to get 20 mins quarters back its pathetic shorter season and less game time. only sport in the world to do tha
Pies20: Totally agree @wada
wadaramus: Fucken oath Baldfrog.
wadaramus: What the fuck can we do about it people?!
MrWalrus: AFL footy is fine, has been a good battle
wadaramus: AFL footy used to be exciting! Now it’s boring as bat shit!
Pies20: how @baldfrog? You mean the afl ?
Yelse: Cowd makes it more exciting. AFL just soft with the 16min QRT
wadaramus: Watching the archive games during the break, fuck me AFL was top notch in the 90’s, 2000’s!
exatekk: 16 min Q is pelican poo
BigChief: @MrWalrus what game are you watching? This is terrible.
wadaramus: If we’re happy to just keep digesting the shit AFL dishes out then fine.
wadaramus: BUt if we want better footy we have to rise up!
tommy10: Wtf Bont
DrSeuss: English beating Jacobs all over the ground – GWS have been horrendous
tommy10: Tag Dunkley u knobs. Clearly their plan is not working
Pies20: My $league is what is keeping this season interesting but understand it was never going to be a good season under the c
wadaramus: Irregardless of the state of the season.
Pies20: Circumstances
cmperrfect: Nice 1st half Tyrion
Pies20: agree @yelse
wadaramus: Where are the superstars, the players we go to see?
wadaramus: AFL is homogeneous.
wadaramus: 22 midfielders.
Pies20: There unfit maybe @wada wait another week
Ash777: Jacobs has slowed right up. Crows were eager beavers to get rid of him.
MrWalrus: Wada you’re trolling yeah?
wadaramus: Understand Pies20, just disenfranchised with the current state of play over the last few years.
wadaramus: Trolling walrus? Can’t be any more honest.
MrWalrus: Players are fitter, faster, stronger and more skillful than ever
MrWalrus: The game is tough as ever too without the thuggery
dipstick: I stopped watching fooy years ago. Just listen to it on radio now. It drove me insane.
wadaramus: That doesn’t equate to a better game.
Ash777: fyfe going to go big this rnd after having a surf 😛
Snarfy: Great to see English performing so well after I JUST TRADED HIM!
BigChief: And the game is the worst it has ever been. This is bullshit.
wadaramus: Constant scrap and contest is boring.
pronga: Crap game to watch
wadaramus: Rise up people! AFL sucks!
m0nty: Surely some leeway has to be given for the rona stuffing up preparations
pronga: Lucky I’m good at fantasy, or I’d be watching simpsons porn
BigChief: @pronga most games are nowdays unfortunately.
wadaramus: Loving the honesty here 🙂
wadaramus: We all love Australian Rules Football, right down to our local comps.
MrWalrus: Can’t agree with any of that, the ball travels further than ever and easily the most entertaining sport to watch
pronga: Defensive manic coaching gone bad
wadaramus: But AFL has fucked shit up properly!
zoomba23: Did all the people complaining about the state of the game just flat out miss the coronavirus crisis?
blonde0na: not being able to train consistently as a group has probably hurt the high disposal teams a bit more than normal
Baldfrog: Some leeway should be given to constant rule changes which makes the game duller
wadaramus: FUCK AFL. I am a paid up Crows season ticket holder.
Pies20: @Monty agree the season is nearly a write off unless you’re in a $league or good at it from a fantasy point of view
wadaramus: I can’t be fucked going to the Adelaide Oval.
RooBoyStu: All the sheep cryinv lol
wadaramus: Good point Baldfrog, constant rule changes suck ARSE too!
frenzy: did the pubs reopen in SA yet
MrWalrus: Rule tinkering for no reason I can agree is bad for the game
RooBoyStu: *crying need tissues?
wadaramus: I aint no sheep RooBoyStu.
Baldfrog: Baaaaa
Pies20: I wouldn’t either if I went for the crows @wada haha
Baldfrog: More atmosphere at the pubthan at the ground frenzy
m0nty: Everyone is lacking match fitness, the spread will increase over coming weeks.
MrWalrus: I wouldn’t go to adelaide oval either but because of how bad the crows are
wadaramus: You’re the baa lamb if you eat up this AFL shit!
RooBoyStu: Whitfield shee.
wadaramus: Stop it Pies20!
Baldfrog: Lol tigers were $hit for 39 years
pcaman2003: Bigger half please Jacobs. You need to make me money.
JRedden: Kelly late out, whitfield captain, yay!
wadaramus: You too MrWalrus!
RooBoyStu: @wada why you here lol
MrWalrus: Yep, I know the pain boys
Pies20: all good @wada just pulling the p##$
Baldfrog: Go the panthers
frenzy: when did they open Baldfrog
pronga: Tim English is so poor in the ruck, whoever’s teaching him needs to get sacked
MrWalrus: Smith’s mullet is the most epic mullet since the weed
wadaramus: Good question RooBoyStu.
Stu7: Ward has stopped who is on him
Pies20: yeah that’s what i rekn @Monty
cmperrfect: Heath Shaw with an own goal haha
BigChief: Muppet for Shaw
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Heath Shaw, what were you thinking?
wadaramus: I like Fantasy Footy, but the current game of AFL sucks.
wadaramus: Been here for a long time RooBoyStu, long enough to see the things change for the worse.
LuvIt74: Far out Whitfield thats all i needed great start to the round
pcaman2003: Work harder Jacobs you slacker.
Pies20: Tell me about it @luvit another 1600 total score coming up in dt for me
DrSeuss: Time for Jacobs to leave my team. Looking disinterested against Tim Beanpole
frenzy: thought you were good pies20 Lol
pcaman2003: @Seuss. He did the same last week too.Just stands around half the time.
Pies20: Either suck it up @wada or have the year off mate
Pies20: maybe 1700 @frenzy no not good at all
JRedden: giants are hopeless without kelly, whitfield and greene
Yelse: lift cogs and macrae
DrSeuss: Yep @pca has looked rubbish since returning – just plays lazy
wadaramus: Year off? Coronavirus has nothing to do with the state of the game, eat up the shit the AFL feeds ya.
pronga: And no Taranto too
Gotigres: I traded out Jacobs this week so he will ton up.
MrWalrus: Top game though
Pies20: OK mate you obviously have got bigger issue’s with the game talk to your mates about it not on a fantasy site maybe?
Pies20: @wada
wadaramus: Fair enough.
kangablues: This is shocking
MrWalrus: How can English and sauce be scoring so well?
Gandhi: Dunkley has slowed a fair bit
kangablues: I really expected more from the Giants
pronga: Bevo looks like a gay cowboy with no horse
Yelse: how come the dog players sitting so close to each other
Raspel31: Just home- guess not alone in losing Whitfield- but Dusty too. Carn Macrae.
pcaman2003: Yeah! Bring back the biff. At last some excitement
heppelitis: crowd loved the biffo then lol
DrSeuss: Cogs scores in bunches – then goes to sleep
frenzy: is Macrae on the bench again
BigChief: Oh finally some action.
pcaman2003: Need at least 60 from Macrae last qtr.
poolboybob: Gee there are a lot of tossers on GWS
blonde0na: that was a little rough on cogs there, tackle initially was fine but player fell into him
DrSeuss: Pretty sad that a bit of wrestling is the most exciting part of this game
wadaramus: Careful DrSeuss, criticism of the game can see you ostracised.
Pies20: Haha @wada don’t be so precious
kangablues: Next goal wins
DrSeuss: Haha @wada – I just hate the ultra defensive game plans – shortened quarters dont help – or poor skills from GWS
thiccgucci: coniglio playing bruise free
BigChief: Muppet for Dale surely
Raspel31: I support wadas protection of us- go Perryman, Macrae and Whitfield.
wadaramus: All good Pies20, it’s all in good fun. But I speak from the heart 🙂
DrSeuss: Coniglio is playing super soft – GWS looking uninspired thats for sure. Umps giving everything to the Dogs too tonight
pcaman2003: @thiccgucci. Has 11 contested possessions.
BigChief: @Raspel I think Whitfield might struggle.
gdshifty: Muppet the midget Dale
thiccgucci: first tackle for the night for cogs. he just been sitting outside of packs waiting
beerent11: Don’t know about that suess been good no help
DrSeuss: @pca – contested possessions but 1 tackle and not heavily involved in contests – just winning 1 on 1s
Raspel31: Nt doing much BigChief
kangablues: Fuck
wadaramus: Right back atcha Raspel 🙂
BigChief: Happens when ruled out of game @Raspel
thiccgucci: hopefully he can still ton up tho 😀
Raspel31: Of this I do believe I was aware BigChief.
kangablues: Whatever
Pies20: Yeah it is @wada speak again in another game mate I’m out go you pies
BigChief: I thought you had your English eyes on tonight @Raspel 😛
Gotigres: Just noticed Jacobs score lol
Raspel31: LaterBigChief, later. Go Spurs
wadaramus: Two thumbs up Pies20 🙂
pcaman2003: @Gotigres. Sauce gone past his proj score. May still ton up too.
BigChief: LOL Raspel. Go Bunnies
Ash777: was going to trade out english after this week. dont think so now.
DrSeuss: SC loves their ruckmen
Gotigres: I traded him out for Pittonet
frenzy: explain to me his score
wadaramus: Has the AFL jumped the shark?
Raspel31: Same Gotigres.
Radzi3216: hitouts to advantage is where it’s at for ruckmen
Gotigres: Let’s hope for a few big price rises Raspel
MrWalrus: CD ruck scoring interpretations/formula is badly broken
Raspel31: Well, Perryman, you’re doing your job this week.
pcaman2003: Nice finish Macrae.
Raspel31: Well, that was short.
beerent11: Yes bailey s another ton
frenzy: Capt Comben
StuL: Woof woof.

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