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Chat log from R2 of 2020: Gold Coast vs West Coast

Chat log for Gold Coast vs West Coast, R2 of 2020

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mattmac24: I swapped between MacPherson and Greenwood so many times.. will be interesting
Kidult: no love here m0nty?
Dead_Ned: 3 clangers to greenwood already. very annoying
Kidult: haha hurn is on 3
pcaman2003: I thought Greenwood would be better than this.
Apachecats: WCE obviously enjoying Queensaland , bit of time beside the pool.
DrSeuss: Need to get MacPherson into the actual midfield rather than forward pocket at least he tackles and runs
pcaman2003: Seuss…would be better than Greenwood at the moment.
Kidult: Hurn looked to go up in price with 61 BE gonna end up losing money
DrSeuss: @pca – played great there in pre-season – then Dew puts him forward. Put that on a platter for Greenwood
Dream Big: Geez this camera editing is horrible. They keep showing replays then cut back to live and the ball his already cleared.
pcaman2003: Rowell is such a star.
StuL: Go Suns. What a shame it would be if the toast lose.
Kidult: Could end up with Rowell at M9 just b4 finals
Kidult: mid8*
pcaman2003: Greenwood anther clanger. Not his night.Hurn having a mare too
Ash777: that’s more like it dmac
LuvIt74: bloody hell Hurn wake up son
Gotigres: wow Rowell
LuvIt74: Took out Macrae, Rich, Mcasey, BZT & Green and brought IN Hurn, Howe, Viney, Rivers & Robertson bloody hell
DrSeuss: DMac needs to get back in the centre – runs hard, tackles and clean hands
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Absolutely! Greenwood butchering everything.Swap them over.
NewFreoFan: West Coast losing to the Suns? You love to see it
pcaman2003: Shuey takes his legs out,but he gets high contact free. I can’t keep up with the rules.
StuL: There’s an awesome souvlaki shop in Freo. Yiu know it NFF?
MercAm: I mean like he got knee-ed in the face @pcaman
NewFreoFan: I live in Melbourne StuL
LuvIt74: wonder how many tipped GC
StuL: Lol
MercAm: far out Rowell has 65 tog and 102, this guy is a bloody gun
StuL: Well. If you go to Freo, you need to go there and to Little Creatures
CozzieCan: Rowell for rising star or what ??
NewFreoFan: Will do
MercAm: @cozziecan Rowell for Brownlow???
pcaman2003: I wish the Hawks had a few Rowells last night
BOMBRBLITZ: Rowell Wowee
NewFreoFan: Forget M9 for Rowell, he’ll be about M4 at this rate
Ash777: he
Ash777: he’s got rising star locked down
CozzieCan: @Merc if Gold Coast make top 8 the way he’s playing hey
StuL: Nice kick Sexton. Peanut
MercAm: @cozzie I mean like Suns aint playing too bad atm, question is can they keep it up for the year
StuL: Rowell. What a freak. Best on in g2 against so mamy guns.
MercAm: @stul bloody oath
mattmac24: Big final for Greenwood would be great! Rowell is a freak!!
Apachecats: Lot of newspaper hype about McPherson pre season.Pftt!
DrSeuss: Rowell and Anderson are jets – need to get DMac and Ainsworth back in the middle with them though
Gandhi: Greenwood is a butcher
pcaman2003: Stop the clangers Greenwood FGS.
mattmac24: If he cleans up the clangers, he’ll be brilliant for SC
CozzieCan: Rowell deserves a star mOnty
Misternick: Why is no one talking about Gaff!! Talk about a POD with 3% ownership
pcaman2003: The #$% lady is warming up.
Kidult: Gaff done stuff all since HT
DrSeuss: Even with the Umps helping Wet Toast can’t get onto them
Sixty656: WCE done stuff all since HT
pcaman2003: This one is all over rover.
CniglioSsn: Love it when the cousins win
frenzy: wet toast seagulls
Kidult: Looks like no one will be left in the $1m streak tipping comp after this game
CniglioSsn: what happens then?
Ash777: I would of tipped suns. WCE are putrid in QLD.
Apachecats: Whats the SC game record for a first year player?
DrSeuss: Time to get rid of DMac – Dew putting him forward isnt ideal
Vogesy69: Nice one DrSeuss ya mutt
Ash777: glad I’m not the only 1 with both smith n dmac lol
Coutzy: @apache Barlow got a 146 in his first year. Best I’ve found
Coutzy: Scratch that, Tim Kelly got a 155
LuvIt74: Hurn done better then I thought considering
DrSeuss: Wut Vogesy?
Apachecats: Thanks Coutzy ,new record tonight then.
Coutzy: Maybe. Full disclosure I only looked up the guys I remember being first year premiums
Ash777: rowell already captaining the team lol
CozzieCan: Greenwood 90 , happy with that
frenzy: budda a little stiff i reckon, c’mon CD
SpookFraser: how long does scaling take normally?

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