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Chat log from R1 of 2020: Essendon vs Fremantle

Chat log for Essendon vs Fremantle, R1 of 2020

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Dead_Ned: should i go with Sturt, Davis, Curtis Taylor, Bedford or Max King
frenzy: cheer home Curtis
amigaman: All of the above
Dead_Ned: i have taylor, davis and king and sturt is now ruled out
frenzy: nothing between Sturt and King
bones351: Hi all, I had Townsend in my team from first draft up till this week. Couldn’t justify price with scoring history.
bones351: Watch him go large. I’ll still be happy. Go Bombers!
Kidult: loving this Metres gained part now
Bevstin: loving it Kidult
dipstick: hows the new global govt agenda treating you fellas. I heard all entertainment/sport will be banned globally next week
pharace: All govts are Dipsticks
Bevstin: Everyone have BZT ?
NoneyaB: no Sc scores?
MercAm: @noneyaB updates ater every quarter
NewFreoFan: SC has been updating at the end of each quarter NoneyaB
Kidult: 48% of teams have BZT
BigChief: SC scores updated at end of each 1/4
NoneyaB: ok ta for that
beerent11: Greetings, Howe is everyone?
Kidult: was going Bewley till i did a reshuffle.
bones351: Go on Towner!
BigChief: Everyone see a Coll staff member has tested pos to coronavirus
bones351: 62 in a quarter. Bloody hell haha
StuL: How is everyone going for toilet paper?
BigChief: Source is AFL website.
MercAm: BZT are you going to wake up???
RGriffen: yep the comp will be called off by the end of the round
BigChief: @StuL we have 11 rolls left.
footyfan88: a staffer BC, not from football dept
lukefield9: @BigChief fortunately hasn’t come into contact with anyone cos he’s just been overseas
Kidult: yeh they come back from overseas and been in isolation and havent actually been around the club
frenzy: why Griffen?
BigChief: @luke that’s the good thing.
dabombers: I think Foxtel fell asleep at the wheel today!
StuL: Haha Chief.
Majump96: Dont mind Brayshaw’s performance
marls: funny how the players can’t high-5, but they are all touching the same ball?
Gandhi: The old Townsend wouldn’t get another touch for the game, probably enough for owners already though
marls: …or are they disinfecting balls at the bounce 😉
beerent11: Had to be in the back
Kidult: They are also touching the ball that the ball people have to collect in the crowd. Need a net around the ground
beerent11: He’s quality majump
MercAm: Nah if will be fine, the article reveals that he hasnt been in contact with any staff/players
RGriffen: why was a staff member overseas 1 week before the season though?
beerent11: 400 million dollar tv contract they’ll be spinning the shit out of everything
Gandhi: Kidult it’s a mystery as to why they don’t use nets
RGriffen: its dangerous to use nets apparently while the actual game is getting played
LMartos: are live SC scores dead or are they just not working early on this season
footyfan88: SC site has live scores
RGriffen: are just quarter by quarter SC scores
Kidult: the AFLW is smart enough to have them atleast behind the goals.
RGriffen: horrible by Lobb
zadolinnyj: Gents and if wends is around ladies
BigChief: @Griff staff member could ba anyone who works for the club, doesn’t mean they are involved in footy
beerent11: Ryan injured?
Preston007: Is Cerra injured… Or just rubbish?
RGriffen: good point I just saw the headline and heard Eddie at quarter time. I got baited haha
Ooost: I think Ryan was injjured going into this game.
Kidult: Had a sore/stiff back after marsh game so sat out the 2nd game
beerent11: Thought he
frenzy: I like Redman
beerent11: Thought he came good.
StuL: Longmuir still a backline coach. It’s not pretty
beerent11: Cheers.
zoomba23: Can anyone tell me why tf Brayshaw is on 65% TOG
BigChief: Shiel’s decision making much improved.
Bevstin: he looks good chief
duckky: Shiel’s disposal accuracy also muc improved
pcaman2003: If Max gets over 130+,then he’ll be my C this week.
RGriffen: Bewley is fire
Kidult: Yeh i had Bewley till rookies got named…
pcaman2003: If it’s Ryan’s back,he’ll be cooked for the day IMO
pcaman2003: Looks like he’s back now
Pokerface: what is this new MG column?
BigChief: @zoomba because he has been on ground 65% of time be my guess.
Kidult: metres gained
DrSeuss: Just checked in – what is up with Brayshaw? Low TOG and doing nothing?
Pokerface: thanks kidult
Kidult: started on the bench coming into game
Pokerface: why do we want to know metres gained again? …
zadolinnyj: I thought it was midgets grabbed
zoomba23: Yeah but why BigChief. Does the bloke prefer being on the bench? That’s stupidly low TOG
pharace: Agree Pokerface……why?
Bevstin: fk Shiel HT ton
zadolinnyj: Super man shiella
Kidult: wow a ton from a mid in a half.
marls: Brayshaw came in when Steven got injured for me. Should have gone MacPherson
DrSeuss: Also has his role changed for any reason? Pretty big fall from killing Marsh series to 5 possessions in a half.
BigChief: Grundy had 100 last night.
Kidult: loving D smiths score too
Pokerface: lol, people selecting on marsh stats.
zoomba23: Pokerface Marsh stats are generally a very good indication of the role a player might play
Ash777: talk about crazy stats
zoomba23: Brayshaw was an inside mid and was getting some ball so people took the punt on him
zadolinnyj: Interesting Eddy said if a club gets one case that affects players the comp stops for 30 days.
bones351: Ok Towner. I know, I know.
zadolinnyj: We will get some sort of season at least
Ash777: I dont think this season will finish.
zadolinnyj: As in like a season that goes 2 years Ash777? Would love afl during Xmas. New Year’s Eve grand final
Pokerface: zoomba, gold coast won both matches. freo won both matches. of course their stats are inflated compared to real thing
frenzy: letting Zerrett off lightly, surely people went him
MercAm: Loving Smith’s work
NewFreoFan: Robbocop has to be the worst thing I’ve seen in footy media
Dead_Ned: fyfe 70+ point second half would be nice
zadolinnyj: What’ do people think of Neville Jetta at a blow price in D
lukefield9: seems we might all have to jump onto Townsend next week solely for the massive price rise – he’s gonna get huge scaling
zadolinnyj: Depends on the second half luke
Pokerface: for that same reason, don’t go near macpherson
zadolinnyj: Also is money going up every three weeks still in sc or weekly?
BigChief: @Zado Jetta never scores well.
zadolinnyj: Ta chief. That was my thinking but interesting
Pokerface: every week as usual zad, except it starts after 2 matches, not 3
zadolinnyj: Ta poker
zadolinnyj: Instead of asking players to give 20% of wage back the afl should introduce a swear jar
Pokerface: lol
Stikman35: Sturtalloto pick. Yeah..
DrSeuss: Might have to swap Brayshaw for Bewley – he is everywhere while Brayshaw sits on the bench
Pokerface: has this site’s maintainers been ordered to stay home?
duckky: Too many very soft free kicks
pcaman2003: Ryan’s number 13 now,not 38.
zadolinnyj: Umpiring been afwul first 3 games. Are they getting paid by goals
Gandhi: Some rubbish free kicks
frenzy: is brayshaw benching again
Macka1230: Not watching, whats going on with brayshaw
duckky: Will Bewley be playing midfield for the rest o the year?
DrSeuss: Brayshaw just came on Frenzy – Not good if Longmuir has him on his ‘Shit List’
Kidult: chf wing role i think on Bewley
pcaman2003: Brayshyaw getting a butt callus
DrSeuss: Taberner you useless knob – leave it to Walters
dipstick: Brayshaw is an ass clown sitting on the bench. knew i shoulda ignored fantasy freako
pcaman2003: Ryan far from his best. Not sure if he’s right.
bones351: Big spray from Walters but I have to ask if he called Taberner out. The old mine, mine.
DrSeuss: Brayshaw doing well now that he is actually on field and on the ball.
BestCoast: Must of missed all the hype on Brayshaw same as his brother last year thank God
zadolinnyj: Walters scoring badly
DrSeuss: Brayshaw was on for 8 minutes and scored 15 in AF – Freo going well – Longmuir puts him back on the bench FFS
DrSeuss: Walters was scoring well in the mids – Longmuir moved him forward – now nothing
beerent11: He’s not flying for marks pcaman
duckky: Ugly game
Kidult: hopefully Roberton can match the gameplay of Ridley/Redman
pharace: Agree Suess, Brayshaw was lively but too little tog
StuL: Longmuir looks like another Lyon. Ugly defensive Freo
beerent11: Brayshaw out smith in before price change
BestCoast: dipstick Brayshaw God father is Basil Zemplis
MercAm: BZT please do something
Baldfrog: Every game needs a streaker just to add some excitement
Ash777: I think rnd1 scoring will be different compared to the rest of the season as players adjust. Dont rage trade.
BigChief: So happy I didn’t fall into the Brayshaw hype.
Pokerface: i dunno ash. with 30 trades you almost treat it like you would AF, especially with only 2 games involved in price change
beerent11: 17 rounds 30 trades = rage away
billnats: The only rage trades should be English/Brayshaw at this stage
lukefield9: Does anyone know why scores are only updated each quarter this year?
beerent11: That tog is a killer
Baldfrog: Plenty of games to go yet billnats
shaker: Bullshower Ash my trade finger is itchy already
Pokerface: rupert asked for a 20% increase in rights from m0nty.
Kidult: Dont rage against English has De koning/Pittonet next week
DrSeuss: Walters at Full Forward again – should end well….
Baldfrog: Rupert has Buckley’s Minty has a Land Rover to pay off
BigChief: Not sure why you would have English when NicNat, Jacobs and Naismith better options.
wadaramus: Is metres gained part of the SC scoring formula?
Pokerface: wada – no, it is not..
Kidult: wada i think in the shortened games the metres gained is impact factor so it could
Kidult: as there is still 3.3k pts to go round impact players scores get boosted especially on winning sides
Ash777: no boos from a score a review is good.
BigChief: How does the behind goals help with scoreline review?
DrSeuss: Devon Smith and Walters both moved forward – fantastic for fantasy
Hadouken: come on spudshaw
frenzy: devon done SFA 2nd half
wadaramus: Was just wondering if this was why it has been added to the grid.
BigChief: is SC updating live now?
zadolinnyj: Surely everyone has smith
Kidult: 41% don’t have smith so we are lucky with his score anyway
Pokerface: we have all been wondering why.
greshprinc: lobb having a blinder
Ash777: smith was always going to have limited mid time.
Kidult: did any1 get the trap of Brayshaw + Parish?
frenzy: correct Ash
Apachecats: 1/2 a trap here kidult.
BigChief: @kidult no and no.
DrSeuss: Smith had pllenty of mid-time in the 1st half though – was doing fine until the 2nd half
BigChief: Can anyone name a better fwd for 335k than Smith?
PowerBug: @wada the length of a kick is factored when it comes to dishing out points for that kick
zadolinnyj: Relton
Pokerface: apparently Bewley.
Pokerface: powerbug no, its just classed as long and short, the numeric measurement doesnt
frenzy: he don’t get a kick fwd Bigchief
PowerBug: @Pokerface, long and short is factoring in the length of the kick
BigChief: Maybe it’s there for this reason. To give us something to talk about in bad games 🙂
Apachecats: Parish leftall his form behind in the Marsh games ,was burning in those.
PowerBug: m0nty had a spare column as he removed the MoneyBall column, and he chose M Gained as a unique replacement
Pokerface: powerbug – how does metres gained help us – is 304m 15 long kicks or 40 short kicks?
Ash777: walters putting on a last qtr clinic
LuvIt74: Are these scores correct as they haven’t budged for a while my end?
beerent11: Sonny superstar
Apachecats: SAF Hurley.Stupid as
NewFreoFan: Loving this quarter but bloody hell where was this all game
Pokerface: HOTA, 1%ers would be good 😉
BigChief: @LuvIt SC updated at end of 1/4’s
Apachecats: Hurley reported now ,will serve those games in 2021.
DrSeuss: Longmuir genius – Walters killing it – move him to Full Forward – Essendon wins it in the middle – kicks a goal
Apachecats: I’m glad the games have been shortened.
wadaramus: Thanks for the info Powerbug 🙂
zadolinnyj: All reports are 1 week in china
Gandhi: Where is metres gained? I don’t see it on any of the columns
BigChief: Happy with Sturt today. $$$
NewFreoFan: Column called MG Gandhi
Kidult: went cavarra over sturt.
Bevstin: Brayshaw butcher
zadolinnyj: Bradshaw has not got Bradshaw in sc.
BigChief: @Gandhi it’s after G.B column
Pokerface: CBAs or kick ins even would help more 🙂
beerent11: Handy point
Apachecats: Smith shoulder
NewFreoFan: Jesus Fyfe’s black eye
Kidult: 1% with shiel they gonna be giddy
beerent11: Bombers very ordinary
Danstar: Gg freo. Lol. Kick it towards goal bit sooner next time
zadolinnyj: Happy with walters and smith
wadaramus: MG’s are interesting stats, there are more than just one type, I presume those shown are raw?
NewFreoFan: We’ll learn from that, happy with the late effort
wadaramus: BZT on the chopping block for me already!
Dead_Ned: didn’t pick sturt 🙁
zadolinnyj: Zerk was pretty quiet
Pokerface: oh they are very interesting wada.. but for a fantasy footy site, theres a stack of others more useful
Bevstin: BZT to Macasey
frenzy: zerrett Lol BS
wadaramus: Over to the Crows v Swans game 🙂

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