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Chat log from P1 of 2020: Brisbane vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Brisbane vs Port Adelaide, P1 of 2020

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Pokerface: slow down Hugh, need to keep you under wraps
Baldfrog: Lions pressure is really good
Kidult: houston is usually so clean in de
Pokerface: its preseason kidult.
Yelse: Neale slow down gonna make my decision harder now
Kidult: yeh but he is the almost the best kick in the game might be rushing alot more as a mid
Baldfrog: Yelse just pick him and forget m8
m0nty: would love the Cannon to become fantasy relevant again
Kidult: keen to see starcevich
Yelse: Had dander over neale but i think might need to change. Danger more likely to price drop
Kidult: itll b down to watts or mckenzie for b6 spot
Pokerface: again?
Baldfrog: If Danger goes forward next week I won’t touch him
Kidult: any1 even consider boak as gen mid?
Kidult: 1% ownership
Baldfrog: Na way better options kadult
Kidult: disappointed mead had hammy problem few weeks back
Kidult: in a crows fwd line who do u pick as 2 keys out of walker, frampton, himmelberg, fogarty with 2nd option having to
Kidult: relieve ruck duties
Kidult: and fogarty is only 193cm so more himmelberg, frampton
Baldfrog: Himmel will be backup then frampton
Baldfrog: Don’t think Frampton gets a game tho
Gandhi: Was just about to ask that Baldfrog. Was checking Frampton out as backup in my keeper
Kidult: i reckon zorko will beast this year
Baldfrog: I’m scared to many Brissy mids will take points off him
Kidult: shouldnt get the tag atleast after neales 2019
Kidult: georgiades looks a rd1 lock
Baldfrog: Georgiades looking a rookie chance
Kidult: id autopick ladhams if lycett was long term injured
Baldfrog: Andrews is only 449k in SC hmm
RooBoyStu: Neale a lock
Kidult: andrews has been a yoyo tho
Kidult: but he is only 23 so coming along
RooBoyStu: Martin also POD Ruck2
Baldfrog: Yeah but had a broken jaw remember was out for a long time
Kidult: martin has played all 22 3 yrs in a row aswell but a 33 yr old
RooBoyStu: Kidult sometimes you need that durability to save on trades.
beerent11: Not much opposition for Martin today
Kidult: all depends if gawns knee will be managed at stages
Kidult: can see weidman taking alot of Q4 contests coz dees rucks are injured to get gawn through week to week
Baldfrog: Do Gawn and Grundy have the same bye again this year?
RooBoyStu: Won’t be picking Gawn this year. Too risky. Better options cheaper eg Goldy Marshall Martin etc
blonde0na: every year everyone says the same thing during pre-season about gawn, yet he’s always R2 by eoy
RooBoyStu: Baldfrog yes Round 13
Kidult: yeh they do rd13
Baldfrog: OK thanks guys
Kidult: and if u got cameron at ruck 3 u stuffed
Kidult: but so are 99% of teams
Kidult: grundy and jacobs could b the go until rd14
Baldfrog: Dunno think Marshall for saints has massi
Baldfrog: Ive upside*
beerent11: Grundy / Marshall for me. Ceglar ruck forward and comben r3
Kidult: yeh ryder will play 2
Kidult: i still think if u pick a money ruck ROB is the pick
Kidult: but no competition for his spot he doesnt need to prove much
beerent11: Why not goldy if worried about a 2nd ruckman?
Kidult: i like the ceglar idea
beerent11: Age?
beerent11: McEvoy chb lots of coverage with a ruck/ forward r3
Kidult: english looks appealing 2 me now but a biased dog
Kidult: id pick goldy over martin
RooBoyStu: Anybody got a fixture? Have a look at Round 12 Queens Birthday on a Thursday going by the AFL muppets we skip 4 days lol
RooBoyStu: Goes from Sunday June 7 to Thursday June 8 lol
Kidult: not for me says rd12 us june 5 to june 8th
Kidult: rd 13 is then thurs june 11
Pokerface: my afl fixture says monday june 8.
RooBoyStu: If you have the $9.95 AFL Record mag the 2nd last page it is
Kidult: i decided on jacobs at r2 gws mids could take good advantage of taps more so than crows mids
Pokerface: why would i pay 9.95 for a fixture that is on the website for free
Kidult: should make some coin and swap a usual upgrade elsewhere to ruck if needed
beerent11: Long way to get from Jacobs to a Gawn/ Grundy if that’s the plan. At least two downgrades.
beerent11: I like the idea of trying something different though. I’m
Baldfrog: With no good rookie rucks we may be stuck with who we start with unless injured
RooBoyStu: $9.95 the pre season bible every year. If you haven’t bought it you’re missing out
beerent11: I’m punting against Gawn with goldy or Marshall and stacking the mids with the 100k
Baldfrog: Is Gill Jesus rooboy?
Pokerface: prospectus will do me. don’t rate the afl folks.
RooBoyStu: Reckon a Primary School Kid could get the dates right lol
Baldfrog: What Poker u don’t rate Sam Manure
beerent11: Rozee is a deadset gun
Kidult: for players around 348k jacobs has the highest ceiling for avg and the 700k from gawn can b a prem mid
Pokerface: devon smith disagrees
beerent11: Who plays in ports midfield this year? Rozee a chance?
Kidult: devon is injured plagued so different point of view
Pokerface: i think its houston, houston, houston, with houston rucking
Baldfrog: Doubt it will be Rozee Beer
Kidult: rozee and butters have been doin a bit of mid work
beerent11: Devon will break down and you’re stuck with 340k sideways trade to a pile of shit
Kidult: being in sa u cant escape port or crows news
Kidult: devon into steven lol
Pokerface: dev is fine. good to go.
Kidult: always good to have 100k up ur sleeve tho
Baldfrog: Boak westoff Ebert will retire soon then younger ones will take over
beerent11: Hope so poker. Not for me though
Baldfrog: Who picks Bombers players anyway
beerent11: Anyone buying the petracca hype?
Kidult: westhoff’s body doesnt break down so if hinkley is gone new coach will cut him
RooBoyStu: TV icon Ah Chee
beerent11: Didn’t see the game
RooBoyStu: Petracca in mine
Kidult: i have d.smith and cutler selected atm but cash to upgrade if needed
Baldfrog: Poker is Beer has him for Brownlow
Kidult: bigger question is did goodwin buy it to play him mid
Pokerface: lol
RooBoyStu: I have no bombers in my team agree Baldfrog
Pokerface: i do not.
beerent11: Can’t get any worse at the dees
Baldfrog: Petracca is one id wait till rd3 before getting him
frenzy: waste a trade baldfrog
beerent11: Fair
Kidult: he jumped from 2% to 7% ownership
Baldfrog: Who knows frenzy they said yesterday he has lost weight so if his tank improves he maybe worth it
Kidult: only trade id waste b4 rd5 is for a rookie pick up
frenzy: save the trade and start him, if ur not sure then dont start him
bones351: Good quarter for Starc? Can’t watch unfortunately.
Kidult: birchall played more than i thought
Kidult: 200 for neale btw
Sixty656: Rozee big numbers per TOG
Kidult: neale likes port adelaide
Baldfrog: There’s a week off

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