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Chat log from EF of 2019: West Coast vs Essendon

Chat log for West Coast vs Essendon, EF of 2019

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J.Worrall: Go Bombers!
BigChief: Eagles by 8+ goals. This will be over at 1/4 time.
benzammit: Carn the mighty Bombers!
BestCoast: Finals have arrived
frenzy: coasters for me
Sixty656: Wish they’d bring back match day fantasy :/
The39Steps: Do these teams realise it is a final? Both look totally uninterested during anthem.
cobrakai00: they are uninterested.. in the stupid pre-match hype..
Baldfrog: Eagles are doin the eagle Rock
frenzy: get a kick teabag
vartic: We could not hit a target to save our lives
Baldfrog: Seems Aussie post has lost the package has gone missing
BigChief: Game over.
Ash777: getting embarrassing now
Sixty656: So we can turn this off now right?
Sixty656: So we can turn this off now right? Ashes starts soon 😉
beerent11: Got me fucked how ess are even
beerent11: *there
Baldfrog: Ashes been on for an hour
beerent11: Smith has em bamboozled again
Sixty656: damn it they keep changing the channel from gem to 9 ffs
Ash777: I don’t know how worsfold can win games by sling shotting it from the back half
Baldfrog: Worsfold can’t keep his job can he?
BigChief: Whoosha gone, Wish BT was gone also.
Ash777: dodo should get the boot too.
BigChief: Raining again in cricket. 🙁
Baldfrog: Lol chief they said only 17% chance of rain
BigChief: More like 17% not to rain.
BestCoast: Word fold doesn’t give AFF he be at Freo next year
Baldfrog: Lyon to Ess?
BRAZZERS: no one cares about this game, both garbage teams making up the numbers
BestCoast: Worsfold*
BestCoast: Lyon to scrap heap where the flog belongs
Baldfrog: I rekon WC can make Granny
Ash777: nic nat is like a midfielder in a ruck’s body at times.
BestCoast: BRAZZERS you are the biggest flog on fan footy bar none knod end
Baldfrog: They beat pies and only lost to tigers late both at the G
BestCoast: Richmond the new Collingwood
Baldfrog: They better make a statue of Smithy when he gets back deserves one
BigChief: Some of their supporters are worse @BestCoast
BigChief: Wade you spud.
Ash777: Richmond supporters still better than dons supporters
Baldfrog: Why Wade why
BestCoast: Agree BigChief just hope we play them again. Considering they played there last eighteen games at the G
beerent11: Every club has their fuckwit supporters
beerent11: Bestcoast
beerent11: Bestcoast you just gave brazzers exactly what he wants mate
BestCoast: And BRAZZERS is Richmond’s and fan footies
BestCoast: beerent11 I wouldn’t give BRAZZERS the steam of my Pi•• on a cold day
beerent11: Nic Nat 40 points 57%game time
beerent11: Willie Rioli is a deadset gun
beerent11: Ha haven’t heard that one before bestcoast
Baldfrog: They need to bring screw ins back players sliding everywhere
Ash777: dont touch the hair lol
BigChief: Merrett resorting to hair pulling. What a flog.
beerent11: Fuck that was a great goal
Baldfrog: Lingy trying to get nic nat suspended
BigChief: Well he is an ex tagger @Baldfrog. They are known to stretch the rules.
Baldfrog: Nice tackle nic nat
beerent11: Nic Nat looked like 80s predator in that tackle
BigChief: Well done Mr Smith.
Baldfrog: Yep raise the bat son
beerent11: Saad top six def next year
beerent11: Sir Steven Smith
BigChief: Nice handbrake Stringer.
Baldfrog: Saad very inconsistent tho
Yelse: Nat suspended? for throwing him in fence? lucky ferret didn’t get injured
beerent11: All the def were this year except houli
Baldfrog: Ferret should be suspended for doing a girl
Baldfrog: True beer
beerent11: So west coast play loser of bris/rich?
Ash777: no they play the loser of cats/pies
Baldfrog: Actually have no idea Beer
Yelse: will be cats eagles
Baldfrog: Oh Ash no wonder lingy said what he did
BigChief: What Ash said 🙂
beerent11: Ok
beerent11: Lucky to be around to see what smith is doing this series
Ash777: I don’t just see cats winning considering who they beaten after the bye.
Ash777: Ratten just got given the saints job
BigChief: I hate Coll, but I hope they flog the arrogant Cats.
Baldfrog: Good on him Ash
Yelse: sharenberg shouldn’t have been dropped need him back there
Baldfrog: Don’t you like the holy trinity chief with figjam the man
Baldfrog: Was shocked to see that Yelse thought he did ok
Ash777: Eagles should of burried them by now.
penguins00: Keep on hating
frenzy: like Ratts
beerent11: Sheed a bit hungry burnt a couple of teammates now
m0nty: nominations for star please
Yelse: would eagles play cats at geelong if cats lose?
penguins00: @yelse probably be at the g again
Baldfrog: Doubt it didn’t Gil say no to Geelong for home final?
BigChief: @m0nty I think Redden or Jetta been great.
beerent11: Shuey for mine monty
Ash777: Commentators said the G earlier in the game
Baldfrog: Or Rioli
BigChief: Oh come on Bruce. NicNat not BOG smh
Baldfrog: If Cotchin didn’t miss Nic nat shouldn’t
Ash777: Considering both got reported fine would be the likely outcome
BigChief: NicNat has nothing to answer.
beerent11: Nic Nat will be ok. Feel good story of the finals
frenzy: steve smith star mInty
m0nty: I would if I could, frenzy!
Baldfrog: Smith for Brownlow
BigChief: Star not enough for Steve Smith @frenzy.
BigChief: Smith for PM?
frenzy: Atlas
poolboybob: McKernan potato
Baldfrog: Smith for president
Baldfrog: Just no sandpaper allowed
BigChief: How is that an Ess free kick?
frenzy: Cripps star m0nty
Ash777: looks like another overturned free
Ash777: give stringer the burger
BigChief: It had to be Ash. Looked like a high fend from Saad
beerent11: Not stringer’s fault ash
Ash777: every time he got it he burnt it

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