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Chat log from R23 of 2019: Sydney vs St Kilda

Chat log for Sydney vs St Kilda, R23 of 2019

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original: Get a touch swans lol
original: Heeney v Billings sc match up off to a flyer
thiccgucci: Used my last trade to go from heeney to lycett. thought why not. watch heeney kick 8
The0Grrr: He’s gotta get a touch yet Gucc
thiccgucci: all he needs is 8 😉
original: Not today Heeney not today
The0Grrr: My opp has him as 1 of our 5 only PoD’s
StuL: Come on Heeney. Not today you dud!
Apachecats: That might be trade of the year gucci.
original: StuL u and me always in the same boat. Great Heeney, what a way to end it ya spud
arbel: Where the hell is heeney?
BRAZZERS: stay down heeney you legend
Jackwatt$: The scoring shots are equal! This is anyone’s game folks
arbel: Thought Franklin back in would free heeney up to go to midfield more
thiccgucci: I may have dodged a bullet here.
Hadouken: hopefully Marshall outscores Gawn
original: At least I have JPK in my draft gf
original: Heeney moving to the never again list. I know he�s young but you can�t cop this surely
penguins00: Heeney being ignored by his teammates for buddy
Hadouken: @thiccgucci good trade with Heeney!
Sloan4Pres: where the hell is heeney?
brent_007: Billings + Heeney = Farewell RDT season
arbel: Yeah swans just getting hard ons for buddy. Kicking for him all the time
arbel: Guy I’m playing in finals has players like vogue and answerth yet a good player like heeney dishing out this
Ash777: Cant wait to pick up heeney next season. will be cheap.
Jackwatt$: Here comes the Saints! It’s game on biatches!
original: For the love of GOD do something Heeney
arbel: Is heeney being tagged seriously never seen him play this bad
thiccgucci: Dawson is absolutely the reason for Lloyd’s late season ‘slump’
original: Ash Heeney won’t be that cheap
lukefield9: picked up hannebery for walsh for the last week as a hail mary – good so far
Jackwatt$: Sorry about the language fellas and thought m0nty would have changed it to bowers
original: Watch me fall in love with Heeney if he beats Billings
thiccgucci: heeney on fire here…
Ash777: I suspect heeney is moving clubs
thiccgucci: is he out of contract?
Ash777: nope. ends at 2022. signed it at the end of 2016 tho.
StuL: Heeney keeps running to where the ball has just been
original: StuL he snags a goal and we are back in business. Cmon isaac
StuL: Heeneys playing Ross too. Like who has Ross?
jocka: Both games level at the half
thiccgucci: lift marshall
BigChief: Stay down Marshall please.
Hadouken: agree gucci! marshall needs to get moving
Raspel31: Phew. McCartin as cover for Greene was looking a disaster.
Pinkman: Green for Marshall/ Worpel. I went Marshall. Poop
thiccgucci: not like marshall is playing bad. will still get 110
original: Get a goal Heeney cmon lad
BigChief: My opp has Marshall as C so 110 is good for me.
Seiya: Nice JPK, keep going!
megawatts: had jpk as vc, and grundy as c 🙁
Pinkman: Your right @gucci, just wanted 140 to justify my selection.
original: Heeney cmon man
thiccgucci: fair enough jesse pinkman
original: Heeney don’t let Billings catch you
StuL: Heeney just jogging around like he doesn’t want it that bad
Apachecats: McCarten best red cross game ever.

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