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Chat log from R23 of 2019: Collingwood vs Essendon

Chat log for Collingwood vs Essendon, R23 of 2019

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Yelse: who’s everyones VC and C for the GF of SC
amigaman: VC Grundy. C Macrae or Dunkley
Yelse: thats what i was thinking @amigaman. app has Goldy as his ruck no grundy
Yelse: got one trade left do i get rid of sicily for houli or will gawn be a late out
amigaman: Haha which Sicily will turn up?
amigaman: I have 2 trades but need to use one already so hope Gawn plays
J.Worrall: Lose Greene for Merett or Zorko?
Yelse: lets hope not a lot of late outs don’t have bench cover anywhere
Yelse: prob merrett pies don’t tag but zorko been in great form
amigaman: I have bench cover except Rucks
m0nty: Zerrett (vc) for me. And I am ranked 109th in Dream Team!
Yelse: amigaman who is the second trade saved for
amigaman: @Yelse Greene -> Dunkley. Missed him early.
Ash777: ew, dons team looks shockingly bad this week.
Ash777: tonight rather
Yelse: and the other trade?
amigaman: We’re taking no chances. Pies should win so saving everyone for replay 1st round of finals
amigaman: @Yelse that’s the problem. Need to dump a spare bench player to get dollars for Dunkley
amigaman: If Gawn doesn’t play then I guess a slightly cheaper ruck and then Dunkley
Ash777: have crips vc and neale c
frenzy: danger VC into Lycett
dipstick: is that your team name the hairy beanbags
Ash777: I think pies will be hoping lions don’t play defensively again like most of last game
wadaramus: Gotta be Grundy VC, hopefully into Bines.
OhSoRozee: wonder wat eddie would have to say about that coin toss from his own supporter
Apachecats: Evening all ,my season over ,let me tell you how.
Ash777: has crisp been moved to the midfield?
BRAZZERS: vc grundy into either Marshall or Whitfield
Apachecats: Last round did the perfect loophole VC job with dander (141SC) or so I thought.
StuL: In to Macrae?
Apachecats: Only problem was I used Rotham as stand in C ,and he was a late in.Can any one top this as a way of destroying a season.
Apachecats: *Danger
dipstick: you cant use VC. so it is straight C on the big B G
Ash777: ok he has. Crisp is attending the center bounces.
amigaman: I’ve just checked SC and my VC has been changed off Grundy after the start of the game. WTF
dipstick: @amiga i set my team at 6am and 3 times i had to chuck the E on Quaynor.
Ash777: slow down grundy!
amigaman: If Grundy kills it I’m out next year. Not copping that crap
dipstick: 1/3 chance Grundy goes 140+
StuL: Opp didnt vc grundles. Yes!
Apachecats: Grundy will go huge ,esp 2nd half when big Tom gets tired.
samdiatmh: Tom was tired before the opening bounce
original: Was so hyped as saw grundy and +7 but it had already been added lol
phivee: went with merrett as my final trade, have a feeling i’ll be regretting it
dipstick: i would wove to see cowingwood woose
Gotigres: Nice start vc Grundy. Keep it up, but i hope bombers win
Apachecats: Welease Wodewick.
OhSoRozee: might not get this matchup in finals didnt think dons had a chance
DrSeuss: Glad I have Grundy as Captain because Treloar and Zerrett arent looking great
Yelse: pies will still win by over 6 goals once they stop spoiling each other
VodkaHawk: Come onnnn Bombers, Hawks, and Crows 🙂
Grimes Jr: hoping the dons win and the dogs knock the pies out week one
VodkaHawk: Then Hawks get to play Pies in week 1 of finals =))
Gotigres: Pity the Americans can’t root for Cox
phivee: merrett looks completely uninterested
original: Grundy ruck work should be more points hehe
VodkaHawk: Then Hawks play loser of Cats v Eagles (Cats =)))
beerent11: Evening all and good
beerent11: Evening all and good luck to anyone in a grand final this weekend
BRAZZERS: lol no guy laughs like “hehe” sums you up
wadaramus: Luck beer 🙂
Pusti: Gotigres: They can root with Cox in the stand.
Tig-Train: Didn’t V/C Grundy… maybe he can get injured? What kind of ruckman gets 10 disposals in first 1/4 seriously beast
Ash777: I would you want your team to play finals based on the outcome of other games?
thesilentl: Is it just me or have the umps put the whistle away a bit the last 2 week’s?
Sloan4Pres: This’ll be the first draw of the year
wadaramus: Grundfos is king!
Grimes Jr: root out for nought
Tig-Train: Oh Yehh Grimes
StuL: Yea the hawks will be playing, golf on their end of season trip.
wadaramus: Get rooted!!!
Gotigres: Do they have Cox with them Putsi?
dipstick: says a guy whos named after a female undergarment
Ash777: If pies, tigers, hawks win and dogs win we could be looking at eagles vs dons for finals.
Sloan4Pres: Hawks won’t win. Have a feeling the crows will though
Pusti: Gotigres: I’d be surprised if they ddin’t have Cox with them.
Tig-Train: Another one for the aussies!!!
beerent11: Great catch Warner
wadaramus: Hopefully clipping the bails.
Tig-Train: Ohhh get fooked
wadaramus: Flower, going over.
beerent11: Shit
VodkaHawk: Hawks should win, but worried about the Crows being crap
PowerBug: Stick to Footy thanks lads
beerent11: Gee the umpires have been horrible all series. No confidence. Review everything.
VodkaHawk: Who here is hoping for a big Pattinson bouncer right at Archers head first ball faced ? 🙂
Danstar: Good evening gents
Gotigres: lol Putsi
wadaramus: Raise the bat for a half century Grundy!
Danstar: Ash. Funny you said dogs v wce. Put a bet on that @ $51 lol
BRAZZERS: red cross for shrenberg, he’s done for the night
Danstar: Oh you said dons. I’m thought you said dogs
beerent11: Can manage two things at once powerbug. Sometimes 3.
Yelse: Roughhead been terrible i reckon fwd
Sloan4Pres: Grand final will be Bombers v Eagles
Danstar: Roughead has been avg. just looked good she pies were plying good early
Danstar: Bombers to lose by 100 points in elim. Final lol
BigChief: Gday all. I am guessing all made Grundy VC.
beerent11: Haha sloane4pres
dipstick: if noble tons it would be as good as a trade so can sub sloane
Danstar: Yep bigchief. Only have 4 different players against 1 opponent lol
Gotigres: I think you need your medication Sloan4Pres lol
Yelse: Grundy get a move on geezzz need 80 by ht
original: Grundy done nothing this qtr
Yelse: ladder predictor shows pies vs eagles GF
Tig-Train: Good lol
dipstick: i love watching pies lose GF’s. its like a win
Gotigres: Superb Grundy
original: What a tap out. Criminal that’s only 1sc
Yelse: grundy getting robbed
VodkaHawk: Ladder predictor show Hawks v Brissy
Ash777: Grundy is playing like he’s got no opposition
HawkTalker: seconded, dipstick
Ash777: hawks vs brisbane? a lions flag would be cool to see 😛
HawkTalker: hodge vs hawks in a GF would be mint!
beerent11: 3fah!
Gotigres: Hurley Down
BigChief: If Hurley is done, so are Ess
Ash777: Ouch that looked bad for hurley
BigChief: WTF was Varcoe doing there?
Gotigres: Varcoe brainfade
Ash777: There goes Francis too.
beerent11: If it had come off he would’ve been a genius
Yelse: if a colombia gangster had pies winning at HT Varcoe would be shot
Danstar: Bombers won’t have 22 players to field in 2 weeks
Danstar: For a running half back. Saad actually sucks. 4 touches
amigaman: SC robbing Parish
Ash777: I don’t know how dons expect to win a finals with some many changes to the team
Yelse: anyone know if Scharenberg came back on?
dipstick: seems like the Colombian gangsta had money on ESS at HT so Varcoe did good
benzammit: Good job Bombers,wonder if Stephens had a bet on us leading at the 1/2
dipstick: in Colombia they call me ‘varilla graduada’
Drak: Varcoes effort definitely has me thinking that benzammit
BigChief: Hurley in a t-shirt. Looks cooked.
Ash777: Tombstone Hurley
circle52: Hurley and Scharenberg done for the game
wadaramus: Anyone looking forward to Aug 30th?
BigChief: EJ Whitten game @Wada?
Gotigres: Pendlebury in a tracksuit
Gotigres: Just what my sc team needs
wadaramus: TOOL, fear Inoculum BC, the best album of this century!!
Ash777: grundy about to ton up
beerent11: Can’t wait wadaramus!
beerent11: 7 more sleeps
wadaramus: Fuck yeah Beer, got to restrain myself from overplaying the single!!!
Gotigres: until what beerent?
wadaramus: Grundy you deadset BEAST!
beerent11: See below gotigres
Gotigres: Pendlebury bak on now thankfully
BigChief: @GoTigres Pendles is on field.
Yelse: grundy and dunkley first players chosen next year
Gotigres: oh, EJ Whitten game 🙂
dipstick: @gotigres collingwood fans call them suits, not tracksuits
beerent11: Yeah… ej whitten game.
original: Grundy due for a goal imo
Gotigres: lol dipstick
Yelse: good feeling having grundy VC and opponent doesn’t have him at all
DrSeuss: Treloar taking this quarter off?
wadaramus: Looks like it’s just you and me Beer. Lucky us 🙂
beerent11: Anyone else vc grundy?
Ash777: Look at grundy move about tonight.
wadaramus: Fuck yeah beer, Grundfos VC all the way.
Gotigres: yes beerent 🙂
Raspel31: Whoopsy daisy.
Yelse: need pies by more than 32 for my multi get a move on
dipstick: 40 touches please grundy & 20 HOA
Ash777: I think you have a gambling problem yelse. Haven’t seen you won a bet on here yet.
Ash777: dons in front and ray says not on my watch
Nuffman: Umps inserting themselves into the game
dipstick: I stopped gambling and trade crytpos now. make a killing
amigaman: That pies player in the yellow jersey goes well
frenzy: he’ll need to lift dipstik
Yelse: what u on about they where obvious frees
dipstick: yes. lift. dont stop like you did the other week grunds
thesilentl: Tippa tackling the pies player in that last goal…play on hey nuffman
beerent11: Stop it you two or I’m turning the car around and were going back home
Nuffman: Lol… Wanna talk about manhandling… sure
Yelse: if i was a bombers fan ill want to lose as if you want to play the giants in sydney
SwaggyP: At the corner, drunk watching the dons attempt the upset. This can only end in tears.
Drak: Not a bad call Yelse
beerent11: Aussies
Drak: Pies top 4 instead of West Coast though. That could be a scenario. Prefer GWS
beerent11: Aussies on fire
Raspel31: Fat lady not singing yet SwaggyP
beerent11: 6fah!
Stikman35: Pies did well to knock out only remaining backman save him from injury before finals.
tommy10: Sort of agree Yelse…although GWS have injuries too
Dondeal: Fuck you Pies.
Grimes Jr: fuck of bairstow
wadaramus: Bust ’em up Aussies!!
SwaggyP: Far exceeded my expectations raspel. The boys are digging in. Rapt with this effort tbh
Ash777: I think dons want to face giants
tommy10: Prefer to rather beat Pies haha
dipstick: hurley must have just given Razr some lip. just lost 6 points
Dondeal: Damn straight SwaggP. Good effort so far.
beerent11: Hazlewood was built for English
beerent11: *conditions
Stikman35: Follow on poms
wadaramus: Root not so stiff now….
BigChief: LOL Stikman. That’s impossible mate.
Raspel31: Very rude to talk about the cricket- when I’m English!
beerent11: Can’t happen stikman
beerent11: Ah that explains a lot raspel:)
wadaramus: RASPEL, too much information!!
Dondeal: Walla is a goddamn superstar.
frenzy: lol beer
BestCoast: It’s coming home
beerent11: Hope Adams gets a run
wadaramus: To be fair according to Ancestry says I am English too.
beerent11: Without injuries for a while now
Raspel31: Sorry wada-spilled my guts.
Gotigres: Go Grundy and go Bombers
Dondeal: Goddamn fucking legend
BigChief: High fend from Adams not paid.
thesilentl: Tippa is a jelwood level ducker
wadaramus: It’s OK brother. We are who we are.
Gotigres: How was that fendoff not a free against
dipstick: tipper increasing the cost to go to the doggies
wadaramus: I was born at Glenelg in SA, loud and proud.
Sloan4Pres: i wonder if the “experts” in the media will ever stop overrating outs for the reason a team will lose
Nuffman: How was that not front on contact?
Ash777: media going hard for dons nearly all game.
wadaramus: That’s our session, go Aussies!
Dondeal: Fuck you umpire
Raspel31: Golly Wada- I’d rather be Irish or even Scottish than from Glenelg.
BigChief: Because he didn’t touch him Nuffman. But it should have been paid as a mark.
Drak: this umpiring… thats 2 brown marks and francis mark. 2 front on contacts 1 chopping the arms
DrSeuss: Do something Treloar – maybe a goal and a few tackles.
frenzy: Africa? wada, lol
Yelse: @nuffman coz he didn’t touch him was all ball
Gotigres: just noticed McKenna’a score
original: Grundy dropping points with that non mark ffs
Nuffman: @BC: either way, should have been a shot on goal for us…
Yelse: if pies kicked straight this game would have been over ages ago
wadaramus: Seriousy???!!! Best Palindrome in Australia!!
BigChief: @Yelse and if I had the correct lotto numbers I would be rich.
tommy10: Yelse how much has Eddie paid the umpires
Ash777: dons playing themselves out of the game.
beerent11: Nice, wadaramus
Yelse: for FFS moore injured again
Gotigres: Only people from Glenelg would know that Wada
BigChief: Moore done also m0nty
dipstick: Montgomary Burns would destroy Moore in a 1 0n 1
beerent11: Love a good palindrome
original: Treloar gotta stop going for these glory chances at goal. Just hit a free man as they’ve been there pal
Yelse: grundy not getting any points
wadaramus: Deadset, I am 47, and I love posting stupid shit on fan footy 🙂
Ash777: Neither of these teams look very convincing finals teams
frenzy: lol, had to google palindrome
original: If grundy doesn’t get to 160+ I’ll be disappointed
Apachecats: This will be a great rematch in a couple of weeks.
Ash777: Saad has given up.
dipstick: as long as pies dont get double chance
Drak: I think Bellchambers lungs are going to explode
beerent11: Paraparap victoria
Drak: Grundy is so mean
Raspel31: Madam is a palindrome too Wada- so, goodnight ladies.
Apachecats: Madam I’m Adam.
wadaramus: Don’t say good night just yet Raspel
Ash777: who would dons rather play? pies, eagles or tigers?
Tangent: What happened to Hurley?
dipstick: pies with their outs in
Apachecats: Pies for sure Ash.
OhSoRozee: mihocek reminds me of quinten lynch
wadaramus: Love the chat team, is that legit beer?
amigaman: Pies easily
BigChief: Hurt shoulder Tangent
Apachecats: Hover on the red cross Tangent.
beerent11: Arrawarra nsw
Ash777: Even with sidey and degoey back?
wadaramus: Grundy you beast…Go Australia!
dipstick: Sidey has a punctured gonad. ouch. dont think he’ll be back
Apachecats: Stringer ,Fanta and Heppel back.
Raspel31: My golly- when your ruck dominates possessions. Go Grundy- and England.
amigaman: If I lose on “C” SC is dead to me
Yelse: sidey degoey and stevenson in , out moore 🙁
BigChief: Don’t forget Stevenson will also be back.
beerent11: Taylor Adams first picked next season
Raspel31: Heppel won’t be back Apache- surgery apparently.
wadaramus: Stop it Raspel 🙂
Breezey: Sier back this weekend too
Breezey: Phill Inn
Raspel31: Collingwood supporters can’t even spell their own players- it’s Stephenson.
wadaramus: I admire the grammar police Raspel 🙂
frenzy: Lal Lal
BRAZZERS: yelse you muppet lol
BigChief: <— not a Collywobble supporter DUH

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